Ahhh, that explains it.

If you’re a regular viewer of Korean movies or drama, you’re most probably familiar with this habit of Koreans to remove the batteries on their cellphones when they want to hang up on someone and they don’t want to be bothered by another call. Most people who are not Korean usually find this very odd as we can just turn off the phone if we want to, no need to remove the battery.

Last night, Thet asked Rizza if in her three-month stay in Seoul, she was able to find out why Koreans have this habit of removing the batteries from their cellphones if they want to turn off their phones. It turns out, all Korean handsets do not have an OFF button. The only way one can turn his cellphone off is to remove the battery.

So the next time you see that scene in Korean drama or movies, don’t laugh or scratch your head anymore. There’s your explanation right there.


A little bit of ranting here: it seems some people really don’t know the meaning of internet respect.

I just saw Rizza’s blog entry about her encounter with Bi at the JYPE office reposted on another forum, which was being credited to another forum. Meaning, one forum copy-pasted the entire thing from Rizza’s blog, then another person reposted that post on another forum, and credited the forum where she got it instead of crediting Rizza’s blog.

While it is ok that they did put the source of the story on the post, what bothered me was I asked Rizza if that forum asked permission from her to repost her blog entry on their site, and she said they did not.

Re-posting from one forum to another may be fine to some pe0ple, but re-posting personal stories from personal blogs, all the more without even asking permission from the blog owner, is an entirely different banana altogether. Did it ever occur to those people that there might be a reason why Rizza opted to post her story on her blog instead of in forums like what other fans did?

C’mon, we’re all adults here. Just a short note informing the blog owner about taking out her personal story from her blog is enough. Is that too much to ask?



  1. Wow really?? no “off” button.. ??? and here I thought it’s a sandard for cellphone.. have to say.. bad design…but it make perfect sense now as I always wonder why they have to do that!! Thanks for clarifying it! ^^

  2. Now it makes perfect sense. No wonder why they take the battery out. They really should fix this, something so simple shouldn’t be left out. But then again, Korean use cell phone like they use land line and if land line runs 24/7 I guess cell phone should do the same right? ^^

    Rizza: Hopefully, you will receive the proper credits.

  3. no off button? seriously??? hahaha man.. yeah everytime I watch a Korean drama and when the actor/actress removes the battery I’m like thinking why do u go through the trouble.. just press the off button damnit hahaha.. cuz I only remove the battery when I’m changing SIM cards… and when I don’t wanna be bothered I switch on to the silent mode… now I wonder do Korean phones have silent mode ? hehehe :P

  4. I don’t know if the new designs now already have off button. I didn’t get the chance to use or observe them. The unit I used in Seoul was an old model and it didn’t have an off button. I was really confused and didn’t remember this scenario when I wanted to turn off my phone one time and the “red button” that I thought would do the job won’t function. I initially thought my unit was defective until I realized…Oh…I have to take the battery off. That red button only serves as “ON”…not off.

    Next time I come back to Korea, I’ll make sure I take a look at some of their latest units.

    By the way, Korea is slowly switching their system to GSM like the rest of Asia and most part of the world. They suddenly realized the high earnings potential of “roaming services”. I realized this when I saw Rain’s latest SK flier and saw the word GSM and roaming. As you all know, Japan and Korea are the only countries left in Asia who has non-GSM system therefore we are not compatible with them. It used to be, we cannot even send text messages to them. Now, we can, and we can also go roaming. So my cell phone will now function in Seoul. Yey!!!

  5. No “off button” ? he..he.. this is something new for me.

    It’s good that now they have GSM system. :)

  6. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that by the time you come back GSM will be the mode so we can text you anytime we feel like it.

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