Legend of Rainism in HK – The Photos.

I must’ve been really tired after my Hong Kong trip. There are only a few photos from the concert because of the ultra-strict security guards – actually, it turned out we still managed to take about 100+ photos from the concerts but that’s still few compared to my past outputs – but it took me two whole days before I was able to finish sorting and tagging them.

I’m uploading the concert photos here. Personal photos shall be uploaded at my Facebook photo album, but I shall be restricting access to it because there are some faces there that might not want their faces exposed. ;) Please credit Cloud Philippines and the persons tagged on the photos (either Earl or AgentP) if you are re-posting these in other sites. Thanks!




  1. You got some nice photo there!!!! Surprised since I thought you probably couldn’t capture much being how security was so strict!!! Good job!!

  2. Well not me… it was Earl who did a splendid job, with some ‘aid’ from Tita Ruby. Actually, I was kinda irritated because the guards kept on coming back to tell him to stop but he just won’t so I was so close to telling him to stop taking footage because I’m getting disturbed every time the guards come in (I was at the aisle). But when I saw his work, I was like, “ok, Earl. I forgive you.” :hihihi:

    Oh, you should see his super-clear fancams! His camera is The Bomb!

  3. Thanks for posting the photos. Wow nice! And good thing even if security was strict, you still got some good ones.

  4. Wow those pics didn’t look like taken against the will of security guards at all! Good captures there!

  5. He looks a wee bit different on those pics. Probably because these were taken so closely, it feels like that’s the closest he looks in real life compared to pics from news sites. :thumbup:

  6. Gals, do you think Rain has wore a ring during HK LoR when he performed ‘Friends’ ? :think: After the ‘ring’ incident in Jakarta interview…everyone in my forum has started Rain’s ring chasing and rumors about who is the girl that linked up with Rain’s ring are flying all over the forums :hihihi:
    Some said that they heard from JT staff, some say they saw the girl while they are in Korea for LoR, ….oh, so there is Ms. H, Ms. G, Ms……..

    For me, I just hope that it is still Ms. Ssssssssssssssssssssss. :phew:

  7. oh…just got the answer….the ring was wore in Jakarta LoR :smile: , :bop: why he did not wear it in HK LoR…. to let me have a glimpse of it.
    gals who have attended Jakarta LoR, can you please confirm ?

  8. wloi, yea i think he wore a ring during HK LOR too. the ring is visible on his right hand in some of the posted pictures taken by Earl…

    …now I’m just wondering who is that girl. :aargh: should i be pessimistic about this? …i wonder… i hope not.

  9. LA18 this week started airing CM for the Rain Tour in Las Vegas. It’s for Dec. 24 and 25 at Ceasare’s Palace.

  10. Pau is not yet home, but she’ll be here tonight I think. They had an o’night (overnight) at Chie’s house. But I reviewed all the hi-res photos and videos of the rave part (2nd night) by Earl and I didn’t see a ring. Here’s another shot of that same portion of the concert: http://afrmonline.com/posts/fingers.jpg. But…Pau’s eyes are sharper than mine. Don’t know about the first night though because Earl and Pau didn’t get the chance to take much pictures.

  11. Rizza and babyan…it should be Jakarta , Jakarta !!! We need someone who had attended the concert to confirm as the photos are kind of blurred when it’s come to the hand. Here’s another.

    whether I should jump with joy or xxxxxx….. I think Mr. Jung will give us an answer soon.

  12. Can someone tell me how a person who does not even have a girlfriend can get married?

    Aish, Ji Hoon, you’ve been saying that since… 2005, I think? It’s 2009, almost 2010. You’re still single. :phew:

  13. They asked him when he wants to start dating and he took it further and answered, “Truthfully, I want to get married soon. I’m looking for someone. If you’re interested in me, let’s meet. Help me.”

    Rain also shared his ideal woman, “Since I’m getting older, I want a gentle yet sexy woman. Half gentle and half sexy.”

    credit trans : allkpop

    I hope it’s okay to post the trans for the vid here. :)
    so he’s still looking? for someone? who’s that someone…i wonder. hehe..

  14. babyan, I think the sexy part is about himself…not his girl…I saw this at soompi.

    Rain said, “As I’m getting older, I’ve wanted to show my gentle and sexy appearance”

  15. Jihoon..if u wanna get married make some moves :hihihi: …it’s not enough to just say! you gotta act on it! :lmao:

  16. Those are really nice pictures! It’s weird that one picture seemed to show a ring but then the other one does not show anything, it must be the water. :neutral:

    But kudos to Earl! Simply GREAT pics! :arrow:

    Thank you!

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