Legend of Rainism-HK, Day 2

This entry was made possible through the free WiFi at HK International Airport. I’ve decided that having another meal at Burger King just to blog is not worth it because we’ve been in Hong Kong for two days and I haven’t had my roasted goose fix yet. I wrote this entry after the concert, so the emotions are still preserved; it’s just the posting that was delayed. And yes, I realize that I could’ve just waited until I got home so that I can post this entry complete with photos – not that there’s many – but I have to go to back to work tomorrow so I have to get some sleep.

We got VIP Seated tickets for Day 2, and we were seated at the side. Block 4, 4th row to be exact (actually, it’s supposed to be 6th row but… let’s just say we got lucky). It was not a bad spot at all because we were right smack onto Bi’s direct line of sight in case he goes to the rightmost end of the extended stage. Unfortunately, as in the first night he hardly went there. Although on at least one time that he did, I think he saw my Agent P banner (Hiroko was at A1 and she said she could read the banner clearly so she’s sure Rain saw it, too) but he didn’t react to it. It doesn’t matter though; I’ve had my mission accomplished on the first night and we’re dead sure he really saw the banner and he reacted to it, so it’s all good.

Can I just say… AsiaWorld Expo’s security people should probably be on top of the list of Certified Buzzkillers, aka. People Who Are Guaranteed To Ruin An Enjoyable Concert Experience. :asar: Ok, I know they’re just doing their jobs and following instructions from their superiors, but they should learn to loosen up sometimes. What is up with their aversion to cameras??? I can understand DSLRs or prosumer with super-zoom cameras, but cellphone cams used from 50 feet away from the stage??? You can’t even make a decent output from those. And I can understand if you ask us not to take photos of the show, but prohibiting taking photos of OURSELVES inside the arena before and after the concert??? What the F was that?!? :chair: I managed to take a few photos during the opening numbers but as soon as I saw the security people coming in, I put my camera away. What the hell, I thought, I won’t let these vultures ruin my night just because of a damn camera. I decided to just really watch the show this time. We saw it up close the night before, but we were too close that we have to crane our necks and stand on our toes just to see Rain’s body from the waist down if he’s at the back of the main stage. This time, we had an excellent view of the entire stage. I was able to appreciate the show’s production values, as well as Bi’s performance in all its nuances. I dunno, I think I stood too close to him on Day 1 that whatever criticism I was forming in my head got obliterated every time he does something cutesy or sexy right on my face. :hihihi: Or not. :grin: In fairness to Rain, his Day 1 was really near-perfect.

His energy level at Day 2 was a bit reduced. If I could quantify it, it’s reduced by about 25%, which is still high considering how ultra-hyper he was on Day 1. He still did pretty well, especially compared to his Korea concerts, super-clear fancams of which we are currently watching as I was writing this entry. His performance in Korea can be best described with this ad copy: “not enough vitamins, not enough life”. Last night, he had a lot of bum notes and he seemed to have tired out about 45 minutes into the show, but his mood has not changed. He’s still on his happy pill. :naughty: He was cracking jokes and making lots of cutesy and near-pants dropping – sorry, I meant jaw dropping – moments and he was especially playful during the encore. On a related note: at one time, Bi wiped his face with his towel, acted as if he blew his nose on the towel, and then threw it at the audience. Um… eww? :yuck: Yeah, I know he didn’t really blow his nose on that but still… that’s how aH1N1 gets spread, Ji Hoonie. :ayaw:

Of course, the big highlight of the show was when after he sang Love Story. Some guy showed up to meet him halfway through the stairs and it was Jackie Chan. :whoa: He gave Rain some flowers and he was even carrying a single rose in his mouth. He said he’s on his way to catch a plane to Beijing and decided to pass by because he loves Rain. He even said the words, “I’m gonna give him a big kiss and a big hug” and I had a huge Menudo moment (“a big kiss and a big hug, MWAH!” You won’t understand unless you were a Menudo fan in the 80’s). Thinking about it now, everything was a bit, uh, you know… but we were busy screaming our lungs out at the big surprise before we even realized how awkward things were. :hihihi: It was so funny. The guy came in, his face was obstructed by the flowers, and Bi had this big shock on his face because he never expected to meet a guy with flowers at the foot of the stairs. (Yeah, that sentence doesn’t sound right to me, either.) I was like, WTH?? Then Bi hugged the guy, and we still couldn’t see his face and I was like, who the hell is he? Then suddenly it was Jackie Chan and I was like, “OMIGAD!!! It’s JACKIE CHAN!!!” Of course, the first thing that came into my head was, Charity and Tita Remy would KILL THEMSELVES for not joining us in this trip!!! I quickly sent an SMS to Charity to inform her about it and yes, that was exactly what she replied to me. At that point, I knew I had to take at least one pic for posterity, so I turned the camera on, set up the shutter speed and zoom secretly before I lifted it up and took one quick shot. I heard the guard rushing down the stairs to stop me, but I had already shut the camera off before she even reached me. Hah! :evil:

(c) Agent P for CloudPH
Credits: AgentP for Cloud Philippines

Those guards really killed whatever buzz I had from last night’s show. I had the aisle seat, and my camera was hanging on my neck but I wasn’t using it because I decided not to. But those stupid guards were waiting to pounce at me any chance they could get (which was exactly why I decided to forget about taking photos and just enjoy the show) and one guard was even trying to accuse me of something I don’t even understand what because all I was doing was singing and dancing along to Rain’s song. He called my attention, pointed at something on my feet and I was like, what now??! Am I NOT allowed to even sing and dance along to a concert anymore?? Geez! :asar:

Anyway… the good news is, Earl was able to get away with using his camera stealthily and he was able to take some really nice photos and videos. Hopefully I will be able to figure out how to convert those MTS files without losing the HD quality so that we can share it in its preserved form.

Sorry if this recap of Day 2 is not as good as Day 1. Blame the prissy Asiaworld guards for killing my buzz. :bop:


As a parting shot to this two-day Aftermath report, me and the CloudPh gang would like to say one big THANK YOU to Winnie and Ida and the rest of BKF-HK for making this wonderful experience possible. We hope we can return the favor someday. (In Philippines, hopefully. :pray: )

Oh, and I should thank Rain and Hye Kyo, too, because if not for them, I wouldn’t even be able to meet such wonderful friends. :smile:

You know what? I was supposed to rant about people who seem to be so bitter about us being bitter about H2 (I created my own place to be bitter all we want, and people STILL tell us what to do. Aish!) but for some reason, my laptop hangs every time I do so. I think my laptop doesn’t want to entertain negative vibes especially since the past weekend has been really fabulous. So I’ll just keep it that way and say this: as far as I can tell, we never denied that we are bitter, desperate about H2 and especially BIASED towards BiKyo. So what’s your point?



  1. Thank you Agent P!!! :whee!:

    Wished I was there with you guys. Sound like a lot of fun, even though the security guards were awful!!! At least you still enjoy the show and get to see Jackie Chan!! eekekk poor Charity!

    Have a safe trip home and get some rest before work tomorrow!!! Thanks for posting so quickly!!! :hug:

  2. It funny that you overseas gals/guys love Jackie Chan…it is just the opposite in his homeland — Hong Kong. :shutup:

  3. Rizza, I am not sure whether Pau has taken any photos of the flower baskets, there are over 30, sending from different groups of Clouds. It’s affordable when you send it by group.

  4. @Winnie: Flowers look really nice!.. Agree with you about JC…But I think it’s because we know more crap about him then other people in different country.

  5. I’m back at home.

    Winnie, I saw the flowers but I wasn’t able to take a pic. I think Tita Virgie did. I’ll ask her.

  6. Yeah those flowers really look nice! lol at the guards! I was picturing you dancing then a killjoy guard carries this Ms. Minchin look. Guyz, why’s Jackie Chan loathed in HK? hehehe care to elaborate?hehe. I thought I read from somewhere about him being a douche in HK or was I imagining things again..

  7. Can I just say: it’s really different if you’re just basing your knowledge and judgment based on the things you read or heard as told by another person, as opposed to seeing videos/pics and most importantly, IF YOU’RE ACTUALLY THERE TO WITNESS IT. Fan accounts can be very misleading. All the more, the press releases.

    Minsan gusto kong sabihing, “kung alam nyo lang kung ano talaga ang nangyari…”

  8. Ella, what is the song name ?
    I heard he sang something like
    do you remember you tell me you love me baby
    say you will be coming back

  9. ref that interview…at some parts, he was playing with his ring finger…just like there is really a ring there… :naughty: Bi, are you missing something ? :hihihi:

  10. …………………i died!……………………………

    for a couple of trips to hong kong since my teenage years…looking for th JC car whenever i am in Hong Kong………….waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
    Behold and he appeared on the HK trip that i was not IN!!!!

    I hate you ONDOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Finally managed to watch the clip (darn internet is so slow…). Wow, that version of Superstar just floored me. Nice! :thumbup: Just wondering how come he sang that one when he could’ve sung his own song.

  12. I just watched that clip and it really makes you wonder why he picked to sing that song?? And I love how the girl asked if it was for someone special and he said “don’t push me” ekekekekekek Love it!!!!

    shinta: JC is known for being womanizer in HK. He is married with a son but he had an affair and the woman got pregnant and gave birth to a girl.. of course, he never admit it..

  13. seen the video, i mean rain’s interview with indiawaves. love it when the intervier ask Rain if it was for someone special and he answered “dont push me”, i was laughing so hard and almost fell from my seat.

  14. this is clip interview with indiawaves (7:40) :hihihi:


    And, this is clip of that song – by Carpenter (1:20) :whee!:


    long ago
    and oh so far away
    I fell in love with you
    before the second show
    your guitar
    it sounds so sweet and clear
    but you’re not really there
    it’s just the radio

    don’t you remember you told me you love me baby
    you said you’d be coming back this way again baby :nyenye2:
    baby baby baby baby oh baby
    I love you, I really do

    loneliness, is such a sad affair
    and I can hardly wait
    to be with you again
    what to say
    to make you come again
    come back to me again
    and play your sad guitar

    don’t you remember you told me you love me baby
    you said you’d be coming back this way again baby :hug:
    baby baby baby baby oh baby
    I love you, I really do

    don’t you remember you told me you love me baby
    you said you’d be coming back this way again baby
    baby baby baby baby oh baby
    I love you, I really do :thumbup:

    :drool: :hihihi:

  15. i think Rain needs to do more interviews in English. He’s pretty comfortable in this one. just a bit more practice :)

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