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I posted this ad at the CloudPH forum and at Facebook, but I’ll re-post this here in case people think I’m not serious. :razz: (Well, almost. Of course, the versions posted at those sites have different wordings. hehe)

As I have mentioned on my previous entry, the K-Pop Convention committee has announced that the final venue for the event shall be at Starmall Alabang, which is literally on the other side of the universe as far as I’m concerned. As such, I cannot take charge of booth set-up anymore because I can’t be there at 8:00AM. Yes, I could make adjustments such as waking up and leaving the house before the sun rises in order to make it to Alabang at 8:00AM, but I’ll say it bluntly: I don’t want to. Nagpapakatotoo lang po. Therefore, I am looking for volunteers who are willing to take charge of booth set-up in my place. Qualifications are as follows:

1. Must be living in the Southern part of Metro Manila, or if not, you must be willing to be at Starmall Alabang at 8:00AM for the ingress. PS: preferably someone who is not a minor. I don’t want to worry your parents over this.
2. Must be confirmed to attend the K-Pop Convention regardless of venue.

Note: when I say willing, as in WILLING. Wala pong pilitan ito.

Each participating fan club shall be allotted 5 members to act as booth committee, so whoever will volunteer will automatically become part of this committee and shall be given an all-access pass. What I’m particularly looking for is someone to take charge of booth set-up; he or she doesn’t have to man the booth the entire day until the event finishes. We can take care of that. What I’m really after is for someone – maybe two or three persons – from CloudPH to be there at the venue at 8:00AM.

Please do drop me a line if you’re interested.


In other news: wow, people are actually discussing something at Soompi’s Rain threads now. Shall I start a countdown on how many days – or hours – until someone will spoil everything and call it a ‘fight’ instead of a ‘discussion’ and complain that it’s a Rain thread, therefore, everyone must only post ‘supportive’ comments? :phew: Let’s wait and see.

Edit: Official count on the Soompi situation: 6 hours, 48 minutes. Wow, that took a while. :shock:

Funny, Bam called Rain ‘dumb’ and she was not accused of insulting him. I said Rain simply lacks confidence in speaking English, and somebody calls me out for it because I “insulted him”. We seriously need a definition of terms here. :ehh:



  1. Funny. Most of the long-time fans know the truth about him :phew: . I am sure that privately, we have said worse things ie. “beyond dumb”, laughed our asses off at him [now this is the real reason why I insult him [most of the time anyways] :nyenyenye: – I get to laugh] and we are still around.

    We must be the dumbest people around. :wall: :hihihi:

  2. I’ve said worst things about him even in public through this blog, and I believe he has read them all.

  3. So now he reads English? :hihihi: .

    Yea, but unfortunately, complaints/insults will only really get to him if it’s from a member of his homeland living in a certain place :phew: or from the press (not Korean).

    The Singapore lesson is a prime example. A friend working for the press said he “made history” and he has “gone down in history” in SG. When Lee Minho was in SG recently, he was praised to the sky – for being friendly – and compared to you-know-who. A write-up (relating to LMH) went like this (in Chinese) “Reporters have experienced Rain’s black face and wooden expression …. “.

  4. I just said he ‘read’ them, I never said he ‘understood’ them. :phew:

    And I believe THAT, ladies and gentlemen, qualifies as an insult.

  5. I am not sure about the reading. Perhaps he can. 1%. Comprehension? Don’t know.

    Maybe that is why all these complaints/insults never get to him. :phew: . And we don’t need to bother learning Korean to tell him. We’re not from the homeland. :phew: What we say does not count.

  6. I think I remember him saying in a talk show (not sure which), that he likes to purposely surf the net to find for insults, and then he’ll be ‘energized’ by the insults or something like that?
    He must be a regular silent reader of your blog then, if he’s constantly ‘energized’. :hihihi:
    but then again…he might not have ‘understood’ them anyway. :shutup:

  7. pau i am really an early riser so i think i could make it at 8:00 there but still, there should be someone there who knows how to decorate or what to do with our booth.

  8. Nah, I think they just Googled that image. :D That page has the most number of random hits on this blog.

  9. oh haha.. anyway, Rain just announced he’s going to do a concert in US this year!

    “The solo concert is scheduled to be held on December 24th and 25th at the Caesar’s Palace Hotel in Las Vegas, in the Colosseum. It’s not 100% confirmed since the contract between us and the venue has not been signed yet, but we’re doing the best we can not to change the date.”

    24th and 25th at LV? ahem… one of the dates sounds familiar…and the venue too. :phew:

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