Exhausted, frustrated and undecided.

Is there such a thing as sold out in 10 seconds, not counting the times that “the service is unavailable”?

Apparently, in Hong Kong, there is.

So yeah, to answer Rizza’s earlier comment about this ticketing system for LOR-Hong Kong being “fair”, the final answer is… OR NOT. Para naman tayong bago ng bago.

My current dilemma is this: I have the choice to book a seated VIP ticket. The problem with it is that AEG’s ticketing system is in such a way that we will never know our exact seat number and section until we receive our tickets. We are at their mercy. So for all I know, I could be paying for a VIP ticket on a seat that is one step away from being non-VIP. Which was exactly what happened with us in Macau.

So now, I have three choices:

1. Take the risk and book the seated VIP tickets, anyway.
2. Book one night VIP and one night non-VIP
3. Cancel the trip altogether, since we haven’t booked our flight yet.

What to do, what to do…


Sorry, I am being such a bitch today because I’ve had a looong roller-coaster ride of a day thanks to LOR-HK’s ticket selling, so what I’m going to say might sting.

Is it just me or it seems the question about Rain treating his Asian fans differently from US/Europe fans was asked on his interview with CNN? Or it was brought to his attention at the very least?

I don’t know about you, guys, but I am not used to seeing him being this chummy towards fans in Asia. And to be quite honest, I prefer the old grumpy Rain.


Edited to add: Rain at HK airport last night. Posted by wloi at the entry before this one.



  1. Was he very chummy in the clip? It doesn’t look like it to me.

    Maybe it was brought to his attention in one way or another. :phew: . Let’s hope he does not forget. I don’t mind grumpy Rain but if he is gonna be grumpy towards us in Asia, then he should be grumpy to all fans wherever he goes. :phew:.

  2. I just posted the clip to post an update, not to show an example of his fan service.

    I heard from accounts both in Japan and in Hong Kong that Bi smiled a lot, waved a lot and at some point, even allowed fans to reach out and touch him. Very Twilight Zone, if you ask me. :nailbite:

  3. That’s the least he can do for us in Asia (since there are so many of us) … there’s always Mr Kim to block fans if they try to manhandle Bi :phew: . It’s too expensive to bring Mr Kim to the USA :phew: .

  4. Was watching the Entertainment Relay BI interview..and did I hear right? The current tour is going to end in Las Vegas? :whoa: When and where? Now need to decide if I want to gamble on this again. What if the LA fiasco happens again? :think:

  5. Yup! La Vegas is what I read too and I’m wreck already, with only LA premiere only 3 weeks away preparing for that. I’ve been to every US Rain event plus LAX greetings starting in Vegas in 2006, so yeah I will be at everything in the US since I will never go outside the US to see him….RAIN OR SHINE!! whatever happens, I’m THERE!!…until he goes into the service.

  6. love his get up there…thanks winnie…

    the checkered scarf reminds me soooo much of changsa…. :cry: .*turns off BIKYO mode* :bop: :boinkself:

  7. He mentioned “Tei Guk” (Thailand) and Vegas during the press con :razz: . Oooh, it’s gonna be crazy – for the fans – if everything has to be done within the next couple of months or so. :hihihi:

  8. i know…sometimes you can’t help but think about the good old days…. :cry: and i hope we can hear good news about BIKYO soon… :pray: :cheer:

  9. Actually, when I was a new Bi-er, I have heard from some oldie fans that Bi and LSY were rumored to be dating when Bi was still relatively new in the business. I don’t know if that’s true, though.

  10. umm. there was a piece of news that came out regarding Rain dating LSY in 2002..

    [11.17] Bi and Lee So-young a couple?
    Lee Soo-young (age 24) and Bi (age 20) make up just one of the latest stream of celebrity love scandals. They apparently became very close after appearing together on “Kang Ho-dong’s Chun-saeng-yun-boon” on MBC at the end of last month, and fans have reported seeing them on dates. FinKL’s Lee Hyori, who is one of Lee Soo-young’s closest friends, is known to have helped bring them together after Lee Soo-young secretly confessed her feelings about Bi. An associate of Lee Soo-young stated that “Soo-young’s expression has noticably brightened these days, as if she has fallen in love. During any breaks, she whispers into her phone or disappears for a while before coming back,” and Bi’s side thus far is not refuting the rumor. However, their associates say that as it hasn’t even been a month since they started dating, it is too early to actually regard them as a couple.


    the original piece of news i think is from Soompi, back then when it didn’t crash yet.. cause (the old) Soompi also used to have a section for news other than the forum. and it was probably the only site that posted news in english back then. so yea..
    I hope it’s okay to post here… if it’s not, you can delete it. :)

  11. what I know is that KHD sure knows ALOT. As in A-L-O-T! cause he’s always in the same show as Bi ever since Bi started his career.. (and being the juicy-news-digger he is). To me, the Golden Fishery end of last year revealed (or at least hinted) almost everything bout Bi, and showed me that KHD knows lotsa stories… sad part is that the director edited alot. :bop:

    I just wish that they would release the uncut version of everything related to Bi. everyone will go crazy. :phew: but it’ll never happen. not until pigs fly… wait, scratch that. wasn’t there supposed to be a channel on Rain only? releasing uncut version of many ‘unseen’ things?

  12. “uncut version of ‘unseen’ things? Isn’t the material supplied by J Tune? They will only show us what they desire us to see. Or what Bi desires us to see :phew: .

    And I’m not interested in whatever they wish to show us :hihihi: :phew: .

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