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Rain is going to be appearing at CNN Talk Asia again. I said ‘again’, because, for the benefit of those who didn’t know or have already forgotten, he already appeared on that show in 2005 (watch it here and here). I mentioned this because CNN is asking the public to post whatever question they want to ask Rain this time and I think, after reading the questions already posted, so far, a viewing of the 2005 interview is warranted.

If you want to post your own question, you may do so at this link: CNN Talk Asia – Ask Rain. But please, watch the previous interview first because I think some questions posted there have already been asked before. I don’t want another ‘introduction to Rain’ because we’ve been there and done that.

Some questions I wish would never be asked anymore:

1. Rain, when are you coming to [insert name of city or country here]?

No offense to anyone who asked this question, but seriously? I don’t think even Rain himself knows where exactly will he be in the next 12 hours.

2. Rain, when are you doing your military service?

I’m hating this question because, seriously now, how many other Korean male entertainers are pushing 29-30 and still haven’t done their military service yet? Why are they pressuring Rain to do it now, when he still got a good two years allowed of him?

Although to be honest, my psychic actually feels that it is better that Rain enlists right now so that he can re-boot his career and personal life, so to speak. But she’s not a Rain fan, so she won’t understand. (On second thought, I am a Rain fan and I do understand. Am I making sense? :boinkself: )

3. The Megan Fox question.

Really. It’s so old and so over. Stop it already.

Edited to add: 4.  When will you start filming Full House 2?

When will people stop asking this question???? :aargh:

There are some questions there that are :bop: – worthy because they would start with a paragraph stating they are a huge fan and all that, and then ask obvious questions like this one: “Who is your favorite performer?/Is there any artist whom you look up to?” Er… if you’re a huge fan, you would easily know the answer to that one. Do we really have to hear him say the name “Michael Jackson” again?

There’s one contributor there going by the name “frauleinnme” and I really do wish at least one of those questions in her list gets through. Not gonna happen as the questions will be screened by J Tune first, and even if they do get through, Rain – or to be accurate, whoever preps up his interviews for him – would have to prepare a scripted answer to those, especially if he conducts this interview in English. So I’m not holding my breath on that one. But strange things have happened and could happen, so who knows…

PS: This question, “why are you not performing in the Philippines?/when are you going to perform in the Philippines?” cannot be answered by Rain. However, Agent P can provide you with the answer:

“If you can find anyone who is willing to splurge Php100 million (roughly USD2.1M) for his talent fee, then you will see him perform in the Philippines.” What, you actually thought they do this for free???



  1. I read her list of questions. Love them all especially the first one. :lmao: . See how its obvious to everyone except the “special fans”? :shutup: .

    Even if he doesn’t answer them, it’d be good if he could see those questions – if he could understand them in the first place :hihihi: .

    *starts thinking of ways to get these questions to him* :hihihi:

  2. I think she’s the “fraulein” that I see posting in K-blogs too, no surprise.. Anyway, I’m gonna think of questions, I have to see my name there. lol.

  3. Nevermind, I can’t think of anything that does not have a foreseeable/predictable answer to it.. :phew:

  4. I like “Fraulein” ‘s question.
    I hope Rain himself can read it , not through editor or J.tune
    Even Rain does not answear these question, I hope Rain can understand the real situation now.

    By the way, I love this theme.

  5. I’m not going to ask PR related questions. I think whatever comes up eventually, we would have heard before in Korean interviews. :hihihi:

    Rain Rain Rain, please answer the questions from “Frauleinme” … every single one of them. I wanna see how you can worm out from answering/answer without squirming :hihihi:

    Re the first question. I understand that ‘special fans’ envy that fans in Asia can see him more often. Let me just say that is not the case eg. he does not go to Singapore (recent trip does not count and RWT was 2.5 years ago), Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Brunei and he can’t really control where he goes ie. certain cities in Asia, USA … wherever. Money talks in these situations.

    BUT wherever he does go, he can CONTROL his behaviour and how he treats fans :phew:

  6. wow…i would love to post a question for Rain…but i wanna ask something very personal..which i am quite certain.he will not answer on TV…. :lol:

    anyway, im quite excited with this talk asia…i hope this time around the interview would now be done in english… ;)

  7. I was chatting with Thu (angelordevil) about questions from fraulien too this morning, haha.. I dont know that you blog abt this. Anyway, maybe someone could translate her questions into korean, keke.. I just love all her questions!

  8. Noticed there’s like a ton of questions for Rain now. Here are Frauleinnme’s in case anyone is interested :hihihi: and a related one below :hihihi: :

    updated October 5, 2009

    Questions he’d rather die than answer :

    Why do you treat fans in America/Europe differently from the ones in Asia who had your back (and still do) when you were down and out?

    You have been criticised for prioritizing your American dream over the Asian market, on a scale of one to ten (ten being most important), how would you rate ” making it in the USA”?

    What is your real relationship with Baek-ga?

    When are you ever going to get in a serious relationship?

    What really went on with Hyori / Lee Ji-ae (KBS journalist) / Song Hye Gyo?

    When will you stop quoting your late mum’s spirit ? (God bless her soul )

    Will you ever perform in the Philippines, Indonesia ? You have fans there who are really really deprived. HK, Tokyo and Chinese cities are not the only cities in Asia, you know

    When will you put your heart to learning English properly?

    When will you grow up and stop acting like a jackass?

    Are you aware your ‘ star ‘ is fast waning in Korea?

    Will you stop hobnobbing with officials in the hope of being exempted from military service?

    When will you do another korean drama?

    Honestly, what is your relationship with your dad and sister?

    Who are your real friends apart from your dancers?

    Hi Rain
    All the best to your coming concerts and Movie, Ninja Assasin.
    1. With your busy schedules, how to you have time to action on your company business?
    2. Do you take your fans; comments and feedbacks seriously and positively and act upon it if necessary personally?
    3. You seems to be more friendly towards your US and European fans compared to your Asia Fans (except Korean fans), Why is it so?
    Thanks, a fan from Singapore

  9. I think no one is in his or her right mind now who is willing to spend that much for bringing RAIN here in the Philippines, especially now after the super typhoon Ketsana. maybe in the near future when the Pinoys recovered from this devastating calamity and when the economy has estabilized.

    of course not everybody can afford the price of his concert tickets.

    still hoping that someday Rain will perform here in the Philippines.

  10. Ok, based on the press release, I guess we shall be expecting the following questions to be asked:

    “When will you debut in the American musical world?”

    “Weren’t you filled with misgivings when you first came to America?”

    “What was your biggest obstacle so far?”

    Meh. B-O-R-I-N-G. :sleep:

  11. Oh boy when I read that Frauleinnme’s comment I was waiting for a few of my friends to ask if it was me…. I almost jumped up out of my chair cheering :rakenrol:

    Recently when MTV asked for questions, boy I let it rip and I got a email back saying that it was not appropriate…maybe to that person, but they don’t know half of the s__t :wall:

    My question was not about his work but more personnel.I’m more concerned about seeing “IF” his attitude changes, he’s been forewarned about it towards us here in the US and if it’s worth being a fan of his. My original Rain friends are dropping off like flies… :neutral:

  12. His fans are dropping off like flies everywhere :phew: .

    I heard he was in a stinking mood after the CNN thing. Perhaps they showed him Frauleinnme’s questions. :hihihi: . Those are the most thought provoking questions on CNN :rotflmao: .

    Rain, welcome to the real world. :lmao:

  13. Really? Maybe they showed him all the questions.

    I remember a friend told me this one time (this friend is not a Rain fan) (ok, this friend is Ann): “If he acts like a snob, fans complain. If he becomes friendly, fans are wondering why. What exactly do you want him to do?”

    She has a point, but like what sgfan said, what the fans want him to do is to BE CONSISTENT.

    On second thought, he IS consistent. He is consistently friendly to Korean fans and fans outside of Asia, and a total snob to fans within Asia who are not Koreans. :phew:

    Although to be fair to the guy, I’ve yet to hear any story of him acting like a snob towards a Filipino fan.

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