To anyone, especially those who are watching the Japan concert(s) this weekend (Hiroko, Yukie, etc I would really need your help on this one):

If I’m not mistaken, this is the setlist for the concert:

(credits: as tagged)

Since we won’t probably be seeing any fancams from the concert as Japan is very strict about this, there is no way for us who won’t be there to know how the concert went, except for fan accounts. Now, I am going to be honest and blunt about this: I don’t trust majority of fan accounts, especially if it’s written by super-fans. All you will read are he’s cute, he’s hot, he was awesome, etc even if video evidence says otherwise. But since there will most probably be no video footage of this, we have no way to discern, right?

This is where I’m going to ask for honest commentary from our friends who will be at the Japan concert(s) tonight and/or tomorrow. I am especially interested to know how he will sing the segment from Not A Single Day to I Do. I feel that there’s a little story going on in there. Try reviewing the lyrics of those songs and you’ll see what I mean.


Edited to add:

I’ve been reading some feedback and reports from last night’s concert, and I just want to say this:

I’m probably alone on this, but I really think that he should ‘retire’ the whole Nan routine with the fake rain and removal of shirt to reveal his abs. Three concert tours running, and it’s still there??? Come on, Ji Hoon, show us something a little bit more fresh, please.


Edited further to add:

Some updates and mini-reviews are posted at the Comments section. But I want to reiterate some points that I’ve written there:

1. Granted that I’ve only seen a few shaky fancams taken from faraway, I really think Rain is not 100% in top condition lately. Yeah, I know he’s got nice abs and all that, but muscles do not define good physical health, ok? Listen to him sing. He can’t even hit the high notes. His dance solo isn’t that impressive to me, either. Or maybe my standards are just way too high. I dunno. :shrug: But my opinion on his singing stays.

2. Having said that, despite the not-so-good singing, I like the romantic segment of the show. I’ve listened to four songs courtesy of some audio bootlegs from RainHK. I’ve mentioned before that I think Rain: Unplugged would have been a nice – and cheaper – concept for him and I was right. I did not need to see the video to feel the emotions he conveyed on those four songs. Especially that extended long note on Not A Single Day… god, that killed me. :cry: It’s like he really misses someone.



  1. 2 bikyo TW sis are attending the concerts..will check with them when they are back. For HK, we do not have sis attending the concerts.

  2. Fans account from someone I know…not exactly a bikyo fans now :shutup:

    個衰仔, 今次成日叫大家拍手, 又成日叫人jump , 成場萬幾人, 一齊係到跳, 整個場的震撼程度可想而知…
    Bi kept on asking fans to clap, to jump… (my comments: so it is actually a sports concert :hihihi: )
    搞到我地好鬼忙, 又要舉燈牌, 又要拍手, 又要fing 手, 又要jump, 佢唱完一個show, 我地萬幾人齊齊同佢跳足一個show…哈哈…

    阿仔一點也不瘦, fit 到不得了, 唱I, 撕開背心, 身型正到.. 六舊朱古力 + 胸肌, 我們差點流鼻血..^^
    He is not thin, he torn his cloth when he sang I, the figure was good, 6 abs…
    淋完雨還不退場, 還要繼續唱.. 又要看著大螢幕, 看看自己個靚仔樣, 仲要叫我地一齊看.王子病到…卡卡…

    after the rain shower, he continued to sing and kept on looking at the big screen and asked everyone to look at his face on the screen to see how good looking he is…
    唱唱下, 特然落個一字馬, 又好快彈番起身, 我地睇到O晒咀, (有D擔心佢爆呔)^^
    suddenly he made a straight (not sure how it is called in English :razz: )
    開場無耐, 阿仔跳了一小段MJ 舞, 型到不得了..我地個個叫到癲晒..
    His MJ dance performance was superb
    佢今次扭 pat pat 扭得好勁, 好快. 前所未見的快. 個衰仔, 成日係度引人尖叫…

    He kept on shaking his ass, really fast, the fastest than fans have ever seen.
    阿仔見到我地好High, 佢又好High, 第一次見佢主動唱唱下走落台, 連跑帶掃的和fans 握手, 好羡慕坐在前面的日雲啊.
    Bi saw that the fans were in high spirits, so he has a high spirits too…he even walked down the stage and shook hands with fans.

  3. Been reading nothing but good reviews, so far. That’s good.

    Still want to know how he performed that particular segment I mentioned above.

  4. Not a single day? I wish he wouldn’t sing that song. :hihihi: He can’t hit the high notes :hihihi: .

    A friend complained about the “11 days + I like you again” segment. The pole dance is dreadful. It would be much better if he’s the one doing the pole dance :D . She hates all the remnants from RWT [including “Friends”].

  5. The encore is “Bad Boy” (Tango version), “With You” and “Fresh Woman”. He came down the stage because he wanted to get everyone high with the “club concept” :hihihi: .

  6. Erm… granted that I’ve only seen shaky fancams taken from faraway. But… (1) singing voice is not at par (I really think this guy is not 100% in condition at the moment); (2) erm… I did not really like the dance solo, too. I’ve seen better dance solos from him.

    Or maybe my standards are just a tad too high. :err:

    I like the romantic segment, though. I’ve listened to four songs courtesy of RainHK’s audio recordings. I’ve mentioned before that Rain: Unplugged would have been a nice – and cheaper – concept for him and this proves that I’m right. There’s no video but I felt the emotions there. He, uh, needs to hit the high notes properly, though. :shutup:

    PS: I want to shake the hand of whoever did that guitar solo before Running Away From The Sun. :arrow: Yeah baby, that’s what I’m talking about!

  7. I have a question: why was it considered ‘good luck’ that a curtain was accidentally set on fire onstage last Saturday? :shrug:

  8. Hi, Pau!

    No one came to watch his concert from Philippine, diba?
    I think you made a correct choice. :shutup:

    Of course, there were some positive points and he tried to do something new. :dance: :clap:
    However, the total impression of his footage was not so exciting for me. :hopeless:

    We felt that Rain cut down expenses;
    some parts of stage setting looked cheap (not“just simple”) and he reused the costumes which he wore for the activities of 5th album ,even they were not suitable for the songs. :?:
    It could be said “ economized” or “ environment-friendly” productions.

    The fans who got better seats and new fans were satisfied with his stage on the whole, but the fans who watched the show far from the stage were not impressed at all.
    So, could be said “depend on the seat”, I think.

    In addition, the first live and the second one gave us completely different impression.
    Some of the fan told that the first stage was like “a dress rehearsal run-through” at which an admission fee is charged. :phew:

    Anyway,it is so difficult to summarize the whole productions objectively.
    We were divided in our evaluation of them.

    Legend of Rainism is keeping on making controversial topics in Japan from the beginning as you know. :flaming:

    Give me more time to explain more detail. :smile:

  9. “Environment-friendly” = recycled? :hihihi: (Trust Hiroko to come up with the most colorful words. hahaha)

    I think that’s also one reason why I can’t seem to fully appreciate it. Because the fancams I saw were all from far, far away.

    Take your time with explaining. I’m all ears/eyes. :smile:

  10. Hmm… when one has been following him for many years, he will only thrill if he’s 2 metres away (dancing!) ie. you are near to him – from you.

    I would rather have a simple stage than the flash and splash of RWT. :yuck:
    The RWT performances should be trashed :razz: and the worse to come out of there are the “11 days + I like you again” performances. BORING!!

    Well, whether one likes it or not, I think there’s no denying that he put in a great deal of effort. :cheer:

  11. I think Hiroko’s point is that the stage is not just simple. It’s cheap-looking. Of course I wouldn’t know since I wasn’t there so I can’t judge on quality. But I think, everything would really look cheap if we use the RWT as the basis for comparison. So to make things fair, it’s better to review this show with very little reference to the RWT as possible.

    I don’t know how we could do that, though, considering that more than half of the numbers on this show are rehashed from the WT. :nono:

  12. I think the stage is fine, even with no reference to RWT. It’s just that I hate RWT :shutup: . During the later concerts, it appeared that he was just going through the motions because all the flash was there to distract.

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