About Password-Protected Posts

For the benefit of those who are new to this blog and those who are still not clear about the password-protected posts, I will explain to you how it works.

First off: why am I keeping some blog entries protected?

Three reasons.

One, I am protecting the people involved from probable malicious media reports which could easily be drawn from the contents of those entries. Personally, I wrote those just for entertainment purposes. However, and we have all seen this before, the media could easily twist information they read on the internet just so they could write something about a famous celebrity. I don’t want to end up being the source of rumors that could hurt my favorite stars.

Two, some entries have dealt with really sensitive issues that not everyone will understand.

Three, some entries are really personal that I’d rather limit the access to people I personally know and trust, or the person being talked about in those entries himself.

I am currently using 3 passwords to protect certain posts.

First password – used in posts which are not deemed too personal or too ‘dangerous’ to be shared to majority of the visitors of this blog. These posts contains mainly my own analysis of things related to the Bi and S0ng Hye Kyo tandem, and are written mainly to entertain myself and the Bi-Kyo fans. :D In short, these are figments of my own imagination, based on published material about them. So actually, the media would be stupid if they would use those for their articles, but then again, if someone is desperate…

But why am I putting a password if those are just written for entertainment purposes? Some people believe anything they read on the internet. If I make it available to the general public, it will easily be misunderstood as confirmed news no matter how many times I stress that it is not.

Level of security: mild to moderate
Who has access: Anyone who is a regular visitor of this blog who properly introduced themselves to me and have convinced me that they are not members of the press posing as Bi-Kyo fanatics.

Second password: Used in posts which tackled more sensitive topics. Not purely a figment of my imagination, but have some basis. NOTE: not all these posts dealt with Bi-Kyo, although they have something to do with Rain.

Level of security: moderate
Who has access: People whom I already know either personally or via the internet (meaning, I have known them for quite sometime already and have trusted them enough to give them access to more sensitive topics).

Third password: Used in posts currently marked “Restricted Post No. ___”. Contents shall not be released to the public for now.

Level of security: Extremely high.
Who has access: Me, a small group of trusted people, and if they will ask for it (and I really pray they will), a couple of Korean entertainers.

If any of these three passwords don’t work on a certain post, it means the contents are highly personal and is only accessible to me and the person concerned (just to pacify the curious cats: those have NOTHING to do with Bi-Kyo, so don’t even bother).



  1. Further explaination on the password? I think you also need to mention in what way those Korean couple can get a hold of one, what proof you need from them.

  2. ekekek You are too funny Pau… hey can I have the “third” password!!! kekkekekekeek J/K!!! ^^

  3. Hi. Every morning before I start my work, I visit your blog to make my day and when I see the password protected entry I feel frustrated. Anyway, you have the right to protect your article. By the way, I really appreciate you giving me the two passwords before. Thanks and regards

  4. Hi Agent P. I visit your blog almost everyday and just want to check out whether there are any latest news about bi and kyo. I do have the same believe as you do that maybe they are together. Sincerely, I do wish you could give me the first two passwords. Do be sure I am just an active reader at any blog or forum.

  5. Your blog is so great!
    Sigh… I dun have much direct info abt Rain since Spore’s rarely got news abt him so thanks very much for your blog!
    Maybe if you trust me later on, I would be much honored to be able to acess to your password protected entries?

    Thank you.

  6. hi Paulette,

    I am a newbie bikyo shipper ( one month old cos I just finished watching FH ) and I think this blog is fantastic. Some of your comments are really hilarious. Am always hungry for more ‘signs’ that our fave couple are together, imagined or otherwise LOL. Hence if you don’t mind, can share a password or two with me. thanks

  7. Hey everyone,

    Damn i shoulda came here first before asking away on the chat scroll thingy haha! anyways i’m so desperate for anything bikyo related that i took the time from the last two weeks to read every single page in the SHK thread on the soompi forums. I didn’t even bother with reading through Rain/Bi’s thread cuz he has like 1600+ pages! yikes thats a lot. In short, i have been coming here everyday for those past two weeks and i hope to continue reading more posts about fantasy induced dream!

  8. hai pau,

    wow your blog is so great
    especially for bi-kyo shipper :)
    well actually, i always come visit SHK thread in soompi but i never post something there (coz im not confident with my english). i really2 like these couple since 1 year ago (since i watched FH), and i always looking for possibility about them to be real couple in real life.
    so … if you dont mind, can you give me 1 or 2 passwords. I really appreciate it….. thank you!

  9. Hi Pau

    I am from Singapore and I am a great believer of bikyo. I am addicted to your blog and been reading it almost everyday. I am quite disappointed when there is a restricted post but I do respect the privacy. Hence, I would appreciate it, if you could spare me the password regarding bikyo news only.


  10. Hi Pau, am a true blue Bi-Kyo fanatic. I hope you can share with me the password related to BiKyo. I hope you can entrust it to me. Thanks.

  11. pau..i am a bi-kyo shipper…and I am hoping you can share to me the password on your analysis/theories of our fave couple bi-kyo….pls. pls. pls…..thanks in advance!

  12. Hi Paul
    I love your blog because of all news of my favourite couple Bi & Songhyekyo. I also highly appreciate your analysis about them.
    Please give me your first two password. thanks so much for your acceptance.

  13. Hi, Pau
    I enjoy reading your blog esp. those on BiKyo. I’ll have a pleasant grin on my face reading about their “news”. Hope you’ll be able to share your first two passwords to enable me to read more interesting details about the favourite “couple”. Thanks.

  14. hey paullete,
    first ,i really must say this. . .i REALLY LUV U R BLOG. . i have been addicted to ur blog ever since i found it a few days ago. i am also a bi-kyo shipper like the rest . . .so please,please i beg you can u give one or two of those passwords. . its the only way for me to find out more about the golden couple

  15. Hi Pau
    I am so sad not to receive your password acceptance. I am really love bi-kyo and your blog. I enjoy it every day. Please give me two first passwords, pls….pls…..pls….pls…
    Thanks so much in advance.

  16. Hi Pau
    Thanks so much for your level 1 password. I enter password ( restrict level 1 – of course) but till not access.
    please show me the way
    help …help

  17. hi pau

    i’ve always loved reading your posts in soompi and now i’ve just rediscovered your blog i totally love it, esp where bikyo is concerned. in my opinion, if you’re a bikyo shipper, your blog is THE place to be. gosh i want them to be together so much it’s crazy!! i’d appreciate so much if you can give the pwords (only for the ones concerning bikyo). thanks so much!

  18. Hi Pau,

    I’ve become a big fan of your blog! I really enjoy all opions and insight about bikyo. I’ve came of bikyo fan after watching full house. Please, please give me the password. Thank You

  19. hi pau, just stopping by again..reading your post..it’s one hell of a funny thing..love all your thoughts….finally find time to stop in this PASSWORD protective section and learn the truth..love the whole concepts..and trully believe it’s true like you said..media these days will certainly do whatever they can to get what they need (more like copy and paste) so being protective of some of your thoughts is great..however..i would love to read more thoughtful words from you regarding RAIN…if it’s not that much of a trouble..can i please have all three passwords? (that’s if you’re okay – or whatever password you grant is fine too)
    thanks in advance..

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