Thinking out loud.

Things that occupied my mind today:

1. Why was that link to previous posts in my blog’s footer not working?? ~X(

I swear, it took me AGES to figure it out. I asked my server’s tech support, they said they are “not familiar with the script”. Some help you are, guys. :roll: Though they did give me a lead on what could be wrong. I then referred the problem to WordPress support; it’s been hours and I still don’t have the answer. Thanks to that clue from the somewhat incompetent (but at least, honest) tech guys at AceNet, I did figure out the problem eventually (and it turned out, it was my fault coz I changed an option for aesthetic purposes :slaphead: ). However, as a result, I was not able to do anything related to my day job.

This is one of those moments when I wish I get paid for doing this blog.

2. When will people stop asking me about the restricted posts in this blog?

Again, for the 26098469546209th time: Unless you are Bi or SHK and can really prove to me that you are either one of the two, I AM NOT GIVING AWAY THE PASSWORD TO RESTRICTED POSTS. Maybe in due time, but not now. When? I don’t know.

Sorry to offend anyone, but put yourself in my shoes. You’d probably do this ==> ~X( , too.

3. When will I be able to finish all this work backlog??

Answer: If I stop visiting the internet, then I’ll probably will.

4. Who was the one responsible for choosing A Love To Kill for Rain?

This has been bugging me since Sunday. (Why Sunday? Let’s just say someone brought up a topic related to this with me.) Look, IJUKSA is either one of the two: you like it or you hate it. I hated it, but I watched it, anyway, because Rain is on it and he was awesome in it. Rain is said to be the biggest star in Asia. Assuming there are certain factors why the show didn’t rate as high as expected in Korea (such as, Koreans not liking tragic stories especially during winter)… how come it was also not successful in other countries like the Philippines (though I think it’s more because the network airing it is such a flop nowadays) and more importantly, TAIWAN, where, according to my Japanese friend who doesn’t really like Koreans, Rain’s face is literally everywhere?

I seriously need an accurate answer to this question. I am currently having this hunch (don’t ask me how I got the hunch) that Rain himself was not too keen on doing this project – as in he liked it, but he had reservations, but he did it anyway because someone else said it will be good for him. Ergo, the end results are not good.

Consequently, I also seriously need to know who decided on accepting Full House for him.

5. Should I stalk Lee Dong Wook at his hotel on Friday?

:think: I like him… but do I like him that much to stalk him at Dusit?

Corollary: Where are all those people with contacts at ABS CBN when you need them…

6. When did the words “rest and choose next project” become so annoying?

I guess when you kinda know she’s not really resting because she’s choosing her next project…?

7. Was Rain in Pusan yesterday?

Nothing. Just wondering.



  1. I would love to stalk LDW!!! Too bad I’m not over there… =(
    I love the “pulling off your hair” smile face. ekekke it’s funny!!!

  2. If you are reading this, you are delaying your work once again..eheh. Removing yourself from the Internet would not work, I’ve tried it. My mind just keeping thinking of returning to it and it makes it worst. I can literally feel myself twitching to go back online. Not a great feeling. Definitely have to go track down LDW..ehehe. Boy would love to see him too. Good luck with the password request. ^^

  3. hehehe.. pau message me if you wanna stalk coz my friends and i are planning to… remember cake_diva from soompi?… she got us tickets for the buzz and cristy fermin confirmed it to us that she’ll try to let us have our pictures taken with him… hopefully.. this will be my practice if by some miracle they can bring bi here… btw, i’m loving the large font in the comments box

  4. I love your new layout Pau!

    Re: Lee Dong Wook, I so want to see him in person but I cannot bring myself to line up just so I could watch him in Wowowee. However, if I did not spend all my money, I could hang out at Dusit’s lobby and just wait to catch a glimpse of him. Sigh. I heart Lee Dong Wook.

  5. Pau, I’m interested in question no. 4. ^ ^ I read somewhere that Edison was gonna to role as LYJ in FH, but for some reasons, Rain finally got the role. About Ijuksa, looking at its first show-up poster, I thought it will be a success, but too bad it isn’t. For me, I don’t like Bi-SMA pair-up. Bi looks very handsome, but SMA doesn’t look good (in fact, my friends said that she looks pretty in other drama/movie). Tragedy or tragic ending sometimes is okay with me… though I prefer happy ending. Hate/revenge & love plot is also fine with me. I just imagine if ES is roled by other artists,… perhaps it will be different …at least for me.

  6. Actually SMA looks quite pretty towards the end….but her acting failed to convince/touch me…..especially hated it when she cried.

  7. pau, i like the new layout, but no offense meant, could you add some colors to it?
    i also dont like SMA, but since Bi is in IJUKSA, i am watching it every night although i have a dvd of it. but other people (my officemates) who are not really a fan of Bi dont like to watch it, even those koreanovela fanatics, because they say, it is boring (unlike FH and my girl) and the airing time is very late.

  8. SangDoo-FullHouse-IJUKSA-Cyborg
    am i the only Bier here who like IJUKSA? :( eventho’ watched IJUKSA was tiring but i like it^^ im quite bored with k-dramas storyline so IJUKSA is some refreshing story for me..^^
    tho’ i dont like SMA… yes i prefer her in other movies/dramas…
    i like her in Beauty n the beast (?)
    what’s with quest #7? i dont understand :) hahahhahaha.. sorry..
    btw about password… thats oka Pau… if u dont want give me the password….later.. i wont beg u… hahahhahahhaha…

  9. ‘Rest and choose next project’…errr…is really kinda contradictory…if you rest you will not bother to choose next project…if you are choosing next project you are not resting…

  10. I am same with strawberry … i also like IJUKSA. I liked it’s suspense-drama story and the siblings love story between rain and his brother. And i already accepted the tragic ending of it coz i realized that Bi should only ends well to SHK… he, he, he .

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