Blogging for no reason at all.

Aside from the fact that there has been absolutely no activity on this blog for more than 24 hours now.

But the problem is… what shall I write about?? :shrug:

Ok, here’s one: Technology is failing me.

(1) The spam bots at the CPH forum is driving me nuts. :wall: Nowadays, there are two sites I have to visit regularly aside from my blog: rain-cloud and CloudPH forum. And I always dread clicking on these sites. Spam bots are currently plaguing the CPH forum that I am personally getting sick and tired of deleting the posts and banning them (which doesn’t work, anyway). :aargh: At rain-cloud, I only visit the Masters Room (nevermind the English talk, because it has officially turned into Love Letters To Rain and J Tune Talk) and I always dread going there, too, because of all the Korean talk that makes me look like any or all of these – :?: :wall: :aargh: :asar: It’s a good thing that the current subject that’s being talked about almost entirely in Korean is the fanmeeting. Since I’m not attending, I couldn’t care less what the heck they’re arguing or deciding about in that one. :hihihi:

(2) My laptop has been showing signs of failing since Macau, and now it has officially died on me. Which is so sad, because I haven’t even paid for that in full yet. :cry: It still has a warranty, but the downside of buying something from a mall which is soooo far from where I live is that I have to lug that thing to the store just to have it repaired. Right now, I’m trying to use the built-in Recovery Manager that the laptop has, but it’s been three days and it’s still stuck at 46%. I take this as a sign that I should unplug the darn thing and take it to the shop.


Things I did yesterday:

1. Went to PRC to get my CPA license. Was informed that it’s not ready yet. :bop:

2. Went to EDSA Shangrila Hotel to meet our AFRM-Japan friend Toshiko who’s in town with her half-Pinoy son for a vacation. They are to have lunch with myself, Rizza, Mavic and Mavic’s boyfriend. Rode an FX from Recto to Megamall, only to find out later on that I can’t – make that I didn’t know where to – disembark anywhere near Shangrila, so I had to walk all the way from Megamall Building A, to Megamall Building B, got out of EDSA, then crossed Shangrila Plaza parking lot to Shangrila Hotel. :stretcher:

3. Went to Greenbelt 2 to eat at Italianni’s because Toshiko’s son wants to eat pasta. Why we had to go all the way to Greenbelt 2 when there are loads of Italian restaurants right there at Megamall and Shangrila Plaza is beyond me. If it’s because of the shopping, well, what do you call Megamall and Shangrila Plaza?? Anyway… we had late lunch at Italianni’s, and the total bill was only a couple of hundreds away from the entire food budget of the latest Voltes Overnight at Chie’s house. :stretcher:

4. Went back to Megamall to meet Tita Remy. Mavic didn’t know where to drop us off, so Rizza and I ended up being dropped off at Santolan-Annapolis MRT Station where we had to climb all those stairs to cross to the other side and ride the MRT back to Megamall. :stretcher:

5. Met up with Tita Remy, had dinner at Food Court because Rizza and I couldn’t get over how much we paid for our lunch. Rizza and I had a small nostalgia trip and ordered at Pinoy Toppings, a fast food joint that basically saved our college lives. Didn’t realize until now how much rice they put on their rice toppings. No rice shortage there, that’s for sure. For a mountain of fried rice, beef tapa, two sticks of pork barbecue, a fried egg, a cup of the classic Knorr Beef Cubes with spring onions soup, half a piece of fried banana for dessert and a large cup of root beer, I paid php125.00. I wasn’t even able to finish all of it. Now I feel bad about Italianni’s all over again. NOTE: Don’t get me wrong, the food at Italianni’s tastes great. I just couldn’t get over the price.

6. Went to Surplus Shop because I finally decided to buy that brown hoodie sweat jacket that I saw last Saturday. It’s not there anymore. :sad: Moral of the story: If you find something you like, grab it at once. That’s what credit cards are for.


I just want to say this:

I don’t care if everyone thinks Rain is so darn cute in those new Six To Five photos that came out in Elle Magazine. I only have two reactions to those: (1) he looks sick in most of the photos; (2) the sleeping pic, while a good piece of photography work, is creeping me out. :nailbite: The fact that several weeks ago I dreamt that Rain did a Michael Jackson did not help at all.



  1. :offtopic: I just saw Rain’s photos for the Man U match thing. He is looking mighty fine there. :cheer: hahaha. Although some pics made his thighs look big, but he’s definitely looking much much hotter than his six-to-five photos.
    Anyway, here’s a trivia. Do you all know that Park Ji Sung’s ideal girl used to be Song Hye Kyo? lol, yea, the Park Ji Sung from Man U. Not sure bout now, but yeap, he mentioned before in his interview if I’m not mistaken. hehee. :glee:
    I wonder how’s the meeting between him and Rain? :naughty:

  2. sgfan: I know, it didn’t have the same “OOMPH!” factor like the Spring/Summer Six To Five photos, ‘no? Or maybe I’m just biased because those were taken here. :hihihi:

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