Macau updates. Sort of.

My nightmare is over. I hope. But first, let me give you the gruesome details.

Picking up from where I left off: After learning that we will not be *invited* to the fanmeet/birthday party, we decided to just send the CPH gift via the hotel concierge. Tita Susan and Tita Gie did the task, only to come back with a grim face because the hotel concierge refused to send the gift to Rain’s suite. :kilay: Reason: Rain’s suite number is so confidential, even the hotel manager doesn’t know what it is. Tell that to someone who might believe, won’t you? :rolleyes: Anyway, even if we kneel down and beg, they still won’t accept it. So Plan B? Failure. However, they informed the Titas that the birthday party has been moved to Ballrooms A and B. Tita Susan was so excited, until I told her that it won’t matter because we’re not *invited*, anyway. We were able to secure passes for the pool party which, according to Venetian staff, is actually the birthday party, ergo, we are so confused because which one really is it??? See, I told you, it’s the pool party and nothing else! But again, it doesn’t matter because we were informed first hand by Rain that it has been canceled. Rain being, the name of the Venetian staff assigned at the pool area. :hihihi:

So anyway… gift still not delivered. We tried sending it to him via the Pinoy security people at the Cotai Arena, but they also are not allowed to even enter the premises. Suddenly, Mr. Kim came out and Tita Susan gave him a sort of signal that we have something for Rain. Mr. Kim asked them in a conspirational voice that we can give it to him once we’re inside the arena. I think Mr. Kim did not want to accept it in front of all those people (as far as I know, he doesn’t accept gifts from fans for Rain). However, we weren’t able to see him until the concert ended and even Rizza’s attempt to try and pass the gift to him during the end part of the show where we sang “Happy Birthday” for Bi (which, it turned out, IS the fanmeeting; more on this later) was thwarted by security people.

So how was the show, you may ask? Are you sure you want to know the answer to this one?

Let’s just say, the only thing I remember from watching the show are these: (1) Bi is so… heavy. Note, I DID NOT SAY HE’S FAT. (2) I hate his hair. Other than that, I still think that the concert is not worth the money I spent for my ticket. I didn’t bother to take pics because our seats were too far and I would just be spending most of the time trying to focus, so I just said screw it, I’ll just try and enjoy this very short show. I enjoyed some of it, but overall? Not bad, just… for that price, I demand more.

When Bi sang Harudo as his “last song”, I found myself in tears. All day I was frustrated and disappointed that no matter how much I tried just enjoying the show, I simply can’t. It’s like fate itself is going against us.

Last resort: try and pass the gift to him at the fanmeeting venue. Madalena tried to call her contact at the Venetian but she (the contact) was too busy to attend to us. She’s the one mainly in-charge of taking care of Rain, you see. When we finally got out of Cotai Arena after scavenging all those freebie Six To Five posters from the vacant seats, we were promptly informed by our BKF-HK friends that the bullshit fanmeeting… has been canceled. :evil: Oh, sorry, was I too happy? :phew: I am not even going to attempt being sympathetic because sorry, I am not. Someone from BKF-HK asked me, “so what did you do?” Me: “what did I do about what?” BKF-HK: “It is unusual for him to just cancel the fanmeeting at the last minute with no explanations whatsoever, when everything has already been prepared. What did you do?” :lmao: Well, aside from posting a complaint before I left for Macau, right after the list was released I also posted a rant on my blog and called the selection process as bullshit. They would not cancel the fanmeeting for that, won’t they? Or would they? :think:

Ok, so fanmeeting canceled, but the after-concert party that is open for everyone is still on. No Rain, though. One Venetian staff tried to look for a J Tune staff to help us with the gift, but she wasn’t able to find any. Hiroko then told us about Bi’s departure flight which is assumed to be at 2:00AM this morning. Ok, really last chance to hand over the gift! Off we went to the airport, where we and about fifty other fans waited for him patiently to arrive until the plane left and still, no Rain. It’s either he used a secret entrance to hide away from the fans, or he hasn’t left Macau yet. Hell knows.

Feeling really down, we went back to Venetian where Charity had this idea of looking for anyone at the Venetian who might still be able to help us hand over the gift to any of Rain’s staff who might still be there. I don’t know if this is fate’s hand working but… Charity, Lou and I (with the gift) were the first in the group to arrive at the hotel. At the lobby, our BKF-HK friend came running towards us and said, “Rain’s cameraman is right there! He can accept gifts! Go give him your gift, tell him it’s from the Philippines!” Oh my, how lucky are we? Charity and Lou hurriedly approached the cameraman and told him our request. At first, Mr. Cameraman was hesitant – after all, our gift was a bit heavy and bulky – but Charity begged him, told him that we’ve been to the airport and we can’t find Ji Hoon, so please help us. Mr. Cameraman said, “ok” and accepted the gift. Charity and Lou were so grateful, they both gave him 45-degree bows in return. :hihihi: Ah, finally! Gift mission accomplished! :cheer: Actually, it doesn’t matter to me if I don’t see him up close or if he doesn’t see my Agent P/BKFN banners, what’s more important to me is to give him the gift. While we are not really assured if Mr. Cameraman will end up giving the gift to Ji Hoon, it doesn’t really matter. The most important thing is, someone from his staff has accepted the gift for him and hopefully he will give it to Ji Hoon.

I still haven’t eaten dinner and everyone else has been begging me to eat, but I just have to type this entry up. Hiroko has some pics that I can share later on and if reports are correct, Rain is still here in Macau. So who knows, we might still have a continuation of this adventure.



  1. Rain being, the name of the Venetian staff assigned at the pool area. :hihihi:

    No way… :lol:

    He does look “heavy”. It’s obvious from the airport pictures. His face looks like munggo. :bop:

  2. haha I saw the presscon pics already. and YES, he really looks er, “heavy”.. :bop: I’m not digging his hairstyle too (in the presscon). Makes him look “heavier” than he already is. :shutup:

  3. I’m glad that the gift has been passed to his staff too! Most probably it will reach him. :smile:

  4. first time to leave message here….^^
    so sorry to hear that the fan meeting has been cancelled
    Rain is still in Macau…..

  5. Hahaha..and we all thought it’s the real Rain.. :hihihi: His hair… I just need to laugh it off. At the presscon he looks like Goo JoonPyo, at the concert he looks like Micky YooCheon. :lol: And yay for the accomplished mission! :cheer: I really hope he will hand it over to JiHoon… what will he do with the messages not addressed to him if he won’t. XD So he’s still in Macau… well best of luck to the gang!

    :offtopic: Someone has uploaded your Tagalog-subbed FO episode in his/her YT account without putting credits. :chair:

  6. I’ve heard that why the show started late is because Rain needs to entertain the Venetian VIP…having a small party, taking photos with them….Money talks ! :rolleyes:

  7. I heard Rain went off to the airport today morning.. Did you all go and see him? hehe..

  8. yeah…. Rain gained a lot of weight :grin: and honestly…i don’t like his hair also :lol:

    congratulations! mission accomplished :thumbup: hope Rain will like the gift..(what is it by the way?)

    take care guys….

  9. Is Harudo a song on his latest album? Sorry to hear that the concert ws not enough for you. By the way how much were the tickets in US dollars?

  10. I’m back!

    tianared: Harudo= Not A Single Day. My ticket cost USD250+, and it’s not even VIP. :hmf:

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