Late reaction.

I’m back! And I’m SO late for everything. :slaphead:

Let’s break this down into separate topics…

1. AI Finale – YAY! Kris! :cheer:

Thursday morning around 10:00am PH time, I sent this message to some friends:

I’m @ Pearl Farm, nagpaiwan ako sa island hopping (I didn’t join the island hopping) to watch AI. So worth it!

This was immediately after Kris Allen was declared the winner of American Idol Season 8. :thumbup:

I don’t have anything against Adam. I wouldn’t mind if he won, although I probably wouldn’t be as happy because (1) that’s totally expected since the beginning, anyway; and (2) as I’ve mentioned before, Kris has become my Blake/Jason for this year, that is, someone who isn’t as vocally good as the other contestants but have shown so much artistry (tm Kara “Bikini Girl 2” DioGuardi) and not to mention so good on the eyes, too, that I ended up rooting for them by the middle of the season. Actually, I’m more like on the Anybody-But-Gokey-And-Lil-Rounds train. So while I’m perfectly fine seeing Adam walk away with the title, I couldn’t help but scream and jump around our private cottage like crazy (I can do that since I’m all alone in the room, anyway) when Kris won.

I told Rizza the previous night that I had this weird feeling that Kris will pull a major upset over Adam. I dunno, it just felt that way. I think I saw something on Simon’s face after Kris sang Ain’t No Sunshine. As I’ve told Rizza, I think the judges – Simon in particular – used the same tactic they used on David Cook last year, but maybe for different reasons. But it was so obvious both on Performance and Finale Nights that the producers have long prepared for an Adam-Gokey finals. The proof:

(1) All of Kris’ performances did not have any production value whatsoever, which turned out to be advantageous to him because the focus was all on him. Although if he messed up, that could also be his downfall. Adam was able to cover up the little pitch problems here and there in his Mad World performance because of the entire trenchcoat-smoke-effect-blue-lights-fake-eyelashes extravaganza. When he sang No Boundaries, that’s when all the weaknesses in Adam’s vocals and artistry came out. Meanwhile…

(2) Kris had to make do with a song two keys higher than what his vocal cords can reach. :ayaw: Right there and then, I knew that the production had anticipated Gokey in the Final 2 and they didn’t have enough time to make adjustments. Heck, even the lyrics of the coronation song is perfect for Gokey. I was literally :lmao: when the judges were frantically trying to tell the viewers never to judge Kris based on the 3rd song because the key was too high for him. That’s the type of thing they’d only say about Gokey to cover up his ineptitude as a performer.

These two things became more obvious during Finale Night, when Gokey’s and even Allison’s numbers have more production value than Kris’ (don’t even mention Adam and KISS with those Spice Girls boots), and when Kris had to struggle to reach the key to We Are The Champions. He did surprisingly well, though. Speaking of which, is it just me or Brian May (guitarist of Queen) had more chemistry with Kris than with Adam? He seemed to like jamming with Kris more.

Other random AI stuff:

1. Can somebody explain to me why Anoop and Matt didn’t have special duets while Lil has one?

2. My favorite among the duet numbers: Allison with Cyndi Lauper. My least favorite: are we counting numbers that I didn’t even bother to watch? (read: Gokey and Lionel Richie)

3. :hihihi: David Cook was wearing the same outfit that he wore at his Shangri-la presscon with Archie. Dude needs more clothes.

4. I know Jorge is friends with Kris and he probably was just too happy for him, but dude… quit hogging the camera! Also, isn’t it depressing that Jorge is Latino and he can’t even sing a Santana song decently?

5. Anyone still remembers Jasmine Murray? No? I almost forgot about her, too.

6. Can I just say: whoever it was who choreographed the numbers should be patted at the back for making Scott McIntyre dance. Hey, I bet it’s not easy teaching a blind guy do choreographed group numbers (ok, granted that Scott isn’t totally blind, but still…).

7. If we do this the Randy Jackson way and make AI strictly a singing competition and vote only for those who could really, really sing, then Anoop should’ve won this. The guy can REALLY sing. Kinda flat stage personality, though.

8. I think AI is trying REALLY hard to downplay the fact that Kris is married. :nono: They always try to focus on the parents even if wifey is there, which is kinda odd considering that they never hide that fact on Chris Daughtry or any of the married female finalists. So when the end credits rolled with Kris giving his pretty wife a big hug, I was like, YAY! :clap:

2. V.I.Pfft…

Everything was said regarding all this Japan fans package tour for the Hong Kong show whatnot on the entry prior to this one (which was totally unrelated to the main topic of that entry), so I don’t know if I should still comment on it. But whatever, I’ll say something, anyway.

Rizza had posted there that I was pissed off. Actually, I’m not. What I really felt was (1) I felt sorry for the Hong Kong fans because I know what kind of shyte they’ve been getting from both the Hong Kong producers and J Tune as regards this show and yet they were not granted this kind of privilege (of course, this was prior to the knowledge that the aborted Japanese fans tour will only have lousy concert seats and a class picture with Teacher Rain); and (2) I felt sad for Rain because his company is ruining his career.

But wait! Why should I feel sad for Rain? He’s the CEO, isn’t he? Don’t tell me he’s going to invoke the “I have people doing these things for me, and I am not aware that this is happening” excuse again. Ji Hoonie, you already lost a court case using that excuse, and it was even valid at that time because you weren’t managing yourself. You cannot use that when you’re the CEO of your own management company. :nono: When will you ever learn, huh? Oh shoot, I just realized that I have just turned into a fan in denial. By assuming that he doesn’t know about these things, I am refusing to accept the possibility that he really might be a money-grabbing opportunist. I’m being in denial only because my psychic has told me that he’s not. What he really is is a person who puts too much trust and confidence on the wrong people instead of following his own instincts. Please, Ji Hoon, I still like you. Both as an artist and as a person. Don’t disappoint me!

3. Et al.

1. Remember my post about this person who posted comments in Ilocano at one of my YouTube clips? Well, somebody who understood the comment (and who is a regular of this blog) has responded – the response is too harsh, actually – and of course, this girl has to fight back through a comment that doesn’t make sense some more. She should realize that the phrase “it’s my opinion and I’m entitled to it” is used only if you don’t have anything to back up your claim. Also, if you’re really not looking for trouble, then don’t post anything that might offend other people in the guise of an “opinion”. Simple as that.

2. Uh-oh… I didn’t realize until now that the issue within the band that I used to stalk is deeper than I thought. No wonder they want to keep it under wraps. However, they should realize that if they don’t want to make a big issue out of it, then don’t post anything, even not-so-subtle hints, on the internet. Even subtle hints can be twisted into something bigger. Geez, and these are people who used to censor everything I post on their old forum because they fear that it might become an issue. :hopeless:

I still haven’t visited the forums, so there might be other stuff that I should be commenting on. I’ll do that later after I get some much needed sleep.


Blog Advisory:

My webhost will have a scheduled maintenance on May 24, 2009 at 1:00am (EDT) and will last for about 1 to 2 hours. If you happen to pass by on that date and time and my blog is down, don’t assume that I have given up blogging and have deleted everything.



  1. Agent P,

    Hmmm now that you mentioned it, I think he also wore that same shirt (or something similar) during the 5th album showcase in Oct 2008 :hihihi: . I’ve definitely seen it before.

    I still think “Off” is more appropriate though :hihihi: ; judging by his behavior esp AFTER public events :rotflmao: :rotflmao: . Someone should make him a present of it :hihihi: .

  2. I dunno why fans should be happy that Rain is the highest paid Korean star now. Didn’t they know that we’re the ones suffering the consequences because high talent fee = high ticket prices? And then we wonder why his tickets cost so much. :bop:

    BTW, he’s the only person I know who asks for a talent fee to promote his own company. :chair:

  3. I realy don’t like the hype of Lee Da Hae being the model for 6 to 5 clothes. I even saw on some site that there was some speculation of them being a couple. I don’t know what time period they were talking about but it didn’t make me feel good and I guess I just wish it could be someone else that was gonna be the model for his clothes line. It isn’t enough that they specutlate about Hyori, now LDH? Boo!

  4. She is his artist and she has no job offer after she has joined JTune…so it’s sort of a promotion to take her along…like what he did for other JYP artists previously.
    He should be :chair: :chair: anyway from time to time to make his head clear.

  5. I was watching the vids on Sat morning when I noticed what’s written at the back of his shirt, I had to pause the video several times to make sure that I read it correctly. I knew Ate Pau that you’d comment on it! :hihihi: What a thing to wear at a university concert! :shrug:

  6. Winnie do you mean :chair: in the context of taking her on as an artist or his relationship with her or just other women in general?

  7. I forgot to add – if one supports him by sitting at the PC, surfing/posting news (does not travel for whatever reason) … it really doesn’t matter that his ticket prices are high :razz: .

    I read that he will be visiting 5 Asian countries for his fashion concert tour? Hong Kong is on 6 June, Macau is on 27 June (technically, that’s ONE country) … the rest would probably be :


    Japan is the worst. Tickets are all priced the same and you might end up at the back of the hall :chair:

  8. :chair: :chair: Bi has nothing to do with Miss Lee or other artists…just that Bi worth :chair: :chair: from time to time to make him heading the proper way in terms of his career and his love relationship. :naughty:

  9. sgfan: I think Bali, Indonesia was mentioned in news articles before. Although I think it all depends on the outcome of the HK-Macau shows if they should continue doing this or not. AND… if producers are available. :naughty:

  10. yea, I know but I am thinking it was more for the teddy bear shop.

    Oh well, producers are one thing. Sponsors?? I know those in SG are not generous :rotflmao: . I’ve heard of people who say, he’s going to HK, Macau, so when is he coming to SG? I’ll wait for him. :hihihi: .

    Talking about paying $$. In Seoul, the 6to5 show was free as he wanted to launch his brand. In HK and Macau, fans are paying for him to launch his brand :hihihi: .

  11. Two sad things:

    1. Clear shampoo is sponsoring the Pussy Cat Dolls concert here because Nicole is their current image model. Never happened when Rain was their model and he was in the middle of his WT.

    2. A certain big concert producer in the Philippines ignored Star M’s offer to produce the WT here because she doesn’t know who Rain is. Meanwhile, BOF has just started airing and she’s already inquiring about how to bring the boys over for a promo tour.


  12. Pau,

    Clear is sponsoring PCD because MTV brought them here. Since Unilever is not a concert producer, it needs a producer to bring Rain here.

    Moreover, the price of sponsoring PCD is relatively cheap versus the price that were quoted to us when we attempted to bring Rain here.

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