Whoopsies. I did it again.

I wasn’t supposed to blog about this – basically because no one would probably care – but I feel that I would implode if I don’t talk or at least write about it.

As always, my habit of dipping my finger on someone else’s business has backfired on me. :slaphead: The story: someone has created a topic on a certain forum asking about a certain Filipino band which, once again for the gazillionth time, had a line-up change. She was asking because she has noticed that the group has been performing with another guitarist, so this person was wondering if the old guitarist has quit the band.

Since no one responded and I know the answer, I replied. I quoted their mailing list as the source of information.

Now I don’t know what the big deal is, but their moderator suddenly posted this thread at their mailing list saying the “issue” has spread in another forum (she even identified my internick on that list to point at me as the culprit when I wasn’t the one who created the thread in the first place) and cautioned everyone, particularly lurkers, not to say anything in other forums until an official statement has been made by the band.

I read that, and I was like… HUH? :shrug:

Ok, so apparently, anything that was posted on the official mailing list by the artists themselves is not only confidential, but also not official.


I don’t know if I have become stupid, or somebody else has. Really. I don’t get it. It was one of the band members who made the announcement(s) on the list. So that’s still not official? Moreover, that’s supposed to be confidential? On a PUBLIC mailing list? What the f…?

In fairness to me, my reply was safe (and they did point it out on the list) and I didn’t mention anything that was not mentioned on the announcement made by the band’s founding member. Well, it’s not like I would know stuff that was not mentioned on the mailing list. I don’t have access to classified information on the group anymore, and even when I did, I was always careful with the things that I share on their old website.

I had been controlling my urge to de-lurk just to point out to them that if they want to keep that information within their “circle”, then they should’ve told the band that they should’ve confined the announcement strictly to the members of their elite “circle” only instead of posting it at their PUBLIC mailing list where hell knows who’s reading and fishing for info. :scholar: Even if they insist on telling everyone never to re-post, that’s not gonna happen. Someone is bound to take it out. Why? Because they posted it for everyone to read, ergo, it is assumed that everyone is at liberty to spread it. Trust me, it happens to me on this blog all the time. In fact, I’ve been slammed and laughed at for that Notice I have up there because people think it’s ridiculous that I am telling everyone never to re-post the contents of this blog somewhere else. It’s posted on the internet for everyone to see, therefore everyone is free to use it to their convenience. Well, it’s not the simple re-posting that irks me. It’s the fact that people re-post it and assume it as gospel truth even if I specifically said that it’s not, and then when things get out of hand they point at me as the source. Or when people, for the lack of a good argument, use what I wrote to fill up their lack of a point. That’s what bothers me.

Anyway. Going back to the topic…

If I post a reply then I’m basically glorifying the non-issue into the “issue” that they thought it was, so I just let them remain in their delusional universe. Trust me, peeps, contrary to what you think, there.is.no.issue.at.all. The thread has been buried on the forum already, and it’s not like it’s the first time that this group has changed members. Heck, they changed their line-up so many times, they’re like the local version of Menudo. And besides, there is no controversy behind it and they parted ways amicably, so why act like it’s a sensitive issue? As far as I can tell there is no issue at all.

I’ve just read a new reply from a member of the inner circle. Oh, I get it. They thought that if they keep mum about it, they can pretend that it didn’t happen. :slaphead: Aw c’mon. The group is already doing gigs with the new guitarist. They are not an obscure band, in fact they are considered living legends in Pinoy music. What, they actually thought nobody would notice? Shouldn’t you be glad that at least, someone out there is clarifying things for you instead of just letting people get false information through the grapevine? I really don’t get it. And I’m supposed to be dealing with people who are either my age or older. I guess common sense isn’t limited to a particular age bracket, ‘no?



  1. Re people who can’t think – no matter what age they are …

    I can totally relate to that. I always end up bemused at how “stupid/simple-minded other people are” – for lack of a better expression. Sorry! Some people may say “there’s no stupid people, only stupid questions”. Erm, don’t agree with that.

    Anything I can’t stand is … people who wait to be spoonfed eg. posting this kind of question on forums “can someone call so-and-so music shop to check if the CD has come in” or “what’s the number of so-and-so music shop”. Eh, find out yourself!

    Others include … people who don’t know the meaning of “personal responsibilty”. I sniggered when some citizens here suggested that subway station staff patrol the platform more regularly – to look out for people who may be suicidal or for some other reason, end up falling on the subway tracks. Hello. I think “looking out for people who may end up on subway tracks” is not part of their work portfolio. And if people really want to kill themselves, no amount of patrolling will help.

  2. sgfan: Funny you mentioned about the music shop thing. That’s No. 1 among my major pet peeves at CPH’s tag board section.

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