Where did *that* come from?

Tonight on American Idol Season 8: It’s the Top Three. People have expected a Kris Allen Gets Thrown Under The Bus incident. And then he sang Kanye West’s Heartless, and everyone’s like… where the hell did that come from? :shock:

Try watching the replay or the uploaded clips at YouTube or wherever. Check out that shot of the judges’ table after Kris sung his second song. All four of them had this, “oh no, we’re screwed!” look at their faces because Kris had just out-performed The Anointed One Danny Gokey.

Overall, I am very disappointed at this Top Three. In past seasons, this is the time where the most memorable performances would come out. Tonight was just “meh”. Even the ever-reliable Adam wasn’t as good as he usually is. In fact, by the middle of his Cryin’ performance, I turned the volume down because his ultrasonic high notes were giving me a headache. :aargh: As for One, I am really, REALLY disappointed because it happens to be my most favorite U2 song (and one of my all-time favorites). The key points to One are (1) the lyrics; and (2) the emotions that Bono (and Mary J. Blige) have put onto singing the song. Adam tried to incorporate both U2 and Mary J’s interpretation into his version but it came out too fake. The right emotions were not quite there. And the vocal acrobatics in the end were absolutely unnecessary. In fact, it basically ruined the entire thing. Technically speaking, his vocals were spot on, though.

As for Mr. Gokey: Vocal master class??? Excuse me, Simon. Danny’s Pinoy diva-esque rendition of You Are So Beautiful (I swear, I think they hired Martin Nievera’s arranger for this) is hardly in the same level as Elliott Yamin’s A Song For You which Simon only described as a vocal master class “in parts”. :rolleyes: Danny is good, but not Top Three good. And he really is channeling Taylor Hicks, except that Taylor is actually entertaining.

It would be interesting to find out who will eventually face Adam in the Finals. :glee: (Oh c’mon, do people still doubt this?) Would the pimping still work, or would they opt for the late Top Four-Now Top Three Shock Boot of the Season? Current trends as to voting via phone calls show that Kris is slightly ahead of Danny, but it will all boil down to text votes. Then again, Kris is said to be the King of Text Votes. Danny could be – finally – in danger, then.

PS: I might not be able to watch the Live Telecast of the Finale next week because I’ll be trying to avoid the sun in Davao. Could anyone please text me the results? Thanks in advance!



  1. Don’t like Adam’s performances tonight. He screamed too much … and his screams are not very pleasant (although they still beat “he-who-must-not-be-named”‘s screams). Yea, but Simon was still pushing for him (he even endorsed him on Oprah!) until the end – by reminding viewers to vote.

    I didn’t know whether to laugh or :yuck: when Ryan Seacrest imitated this girl’s expression when he announced the song “he-who-must-not-be-named” was gonna sing. I look at him and sure, my knees go weak too – from all that :yuck: :yuck: :yuck: .

    Kris’ second song was great! It was my favourite of the night. :cheer:

  2. Ryan’s face was priceless, and the judges too, they were more entertaining than the contestants themselves.. :hihihi: I agree with you, Adam last night was just meh..”One” is also one of my favorite songs but I think he didn’t nail it the way U2 does..and Gokey, no comment..I have to give it to Kris though :arrow: He sang two of my favorites, apologize and heartless, but his heartless version was the bomb!! Why do I get the feeling that we’ll be surprised later.. :nailbite: I hope I’m wrong..I hope its Gokey..Then it will be Kris vs. Adam next week.

  3. It’s Gokeyy????? Yehey!!! :whee!: Now I’m more excited for the finale..Speaking of AI, David Archuleta was in Sis this morning..He’s a very sweet kid :thumbup: , his parents(dad) must have raised him well. He’s still stoked that his fans go ga-ga over him..And he even looks more approachable than Jomari Yllana.. :kilay:

  4. Yup, the “Go” has already been put on “Gokey”. :party:

    I didn’t see SiS (I totally forgot about it) but I saw Eat Bulaga. Since when did Archuleta become that talkative in interviews?? I remember in their post-AI interviews (specifically with Larry King) Archie would just go “oh my gosh” and can barely stitch a good sentence together. It became more obvious because Mr. Word Nerd (Cook) was – is – always so eloquent. But Archie is soooo cute. And he sang very well. (Geez, I’m starting to sound like an Archutard now. :boinkself: )

    I’ve read in his thread at PEx that some fans went to the EB studios as early as 3am because they will only allow 500 people as walk-in (the rest are the usual “excursionistas” who make up more than half of their daily studio audience). At around 5am, they were told that they can’t be allowed inside the studio anymore because the hosts brought so many guests to meet Archie. :kilay: On the other hand, per the Cook thread, at this very hour the SM Amphitheater is not yet full. Which means, I could’ve gotten myself a good seat if I decided to go to the Meet and Greet. Howell, I’m not really a fan so it’s OK.

    Anyway, me and Charity will try stalking at their hotel tonight. :hihihi: Practice session for Macau next month. hehehe

  5. Hehe. I didn’t watch EB because I’m Wowowee-er, but had I known, I could’ve switched channels.I think David A. has more appeal to us than Cook is. Goodluck AgentP, have fun :dream: (I like that thought of stalking btw, hehe)

  6. I had a few happy moments this morning :hihihi: – when I found out that “he-who-can-now-be-named” was voted out :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: .

    Good riddance!! It’s long overdue. :soju: :soju: :soju: .

    Apparently, less than one million votes separated Kris and Adam. So the prize is still up for grabs – by either one. I don’t mind if Kris wins. Hokey Gokey has been sent home :glee: .

  7. I’m here @ the lobby of shangrila now, waiting for any of the Davids to arrive. Ü Lots of fans waiting. Lots of press, too.

  8. Ok, the Davids have just passed by on their way to the presscon. Archie is so small. :hihihi: And so white. Cook looks the same. I tried taking pix but everything went by so fast I only got blurry shapes.

    Miguel Mendoza of PhiL idol/PDA is also here. Dunno who he’s fangirling for. :D

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