My thoughts on A Love to Kill Ep. 1 – The Tagalized version.

Last night was the premiere telecast of A Love To Kill on Philippine TV. Like most PH Biers, I was glued on my seat eagerly anticipating the local airing of Bi’s latest drama. Although I have openly expressed my dislike for IJUKSA, I still tuned in, basically because… I love nitpicking. hehehehe.

What the hey… they chopped off the entire first 20 minutes of Episode 1! They immediately proceeded to BokGu’s – I mean, Rainier’s (really, what a lame name for a badass K-figher) – kickboxing tournament scenes. Am I complaining? NOPE. I don’t think it would make a difference if they cut it off or not, anyway.

And then, on the 15 minute mark… came the scene where BokGu’s ex-girlfriend was telling him she is getting married the next day. Hey, that’s almost at the end of Episode 1! Can you imagine how much material ended up on the cutting floor?!

Next scene: BokGu singing the “Da Jung song” and MiSuk catching up to him to tell him they found his hyung. The first scene of Episode 2! And were still a good 10 minutes away from the allotted timeslot! Are they hurrying up to “kill” this series or what? Did ABS CBN suddenly realize that they got a bad deal by getting a bad drama with a bankable lead star or something?

I was exchanging text messages with some Voltes Team people and Charity made this interesting point: maybe ABS CBN jumbled the scenes to make it less confusing? Coz there is no way they will chop off the part about EunSuk and JoonSung’s scandal coz that’s where it all started.

True enough, when EunSuk/Kathleen made her ‘first appearance’ on the local version – the scene where BokGu and EunSuk were apparently riding the same bus but on opposite sides – it suddenly switched back to EunSuk’s intro scenes in Episode 1, where people like Cha Tae Hyun and Lee Byung Hun also made an appearance (wow, I just realized practically all of a certain actress’ leading men are sort of in this series. Well, she sorta made an appearance, too. :) ).

I usually nitpick to criticize, but for this part, I am going to say KUDOS to the ABS CBN editors for doing this. Now the drama made more sense. And less draggy. Maybe they went the extra mile and added a little more logic into the story, too? This I gotta see. Too bad they can’t do anything with the lack of chemistry between Bi and MinAh…

Other things I want to commend them with:

– The dubbing of DaJung (Kim Sa Rang)’s voice.
– The music scoring. I think it’s better than the original. ^^ And they didn’t use the local theme song! Great!

Last one: I swear, Bok Gu’s ex-girlfriend really reminded me of Eun Suh from Autumn Tale ;) … but with so much less acting chops.



  1. when i was waiting for the drama, my husband was watching the replay of game 5 of the nba finals so when i switched back to abs, i saw that it was already in the market scene, i blamed him and said that i missed the first part because of his basketball addiction (he already saw the live game that morning)… then i read that the bridge jumping was edited so sorry to my hubby… then i was confused coz i thought i remembered wrongly the sequence of the series but now i know i’m not hallucinating… they really changed the sequence which i agree with pau is a good move on abs’ part so that local viewers will not be confused… now, i wanna see how they’ll sustain the drama…

  2. just to add, i liked the OST last night especially in the market scene when BG and DJ were walking and collecing money… was it the original song coz if i heard it correctly it was korean but i don’t remember it from the series… hmm… must review my ijuksa cd…

  3. Good thing ABS did very well, very well indeed in editing ijuksa. first scene was boxer Bi…Good choice. Bi was HOT!!!

  4. djoching: Yup it was in the OST, though in the original episode, the BG music used was “Dream”. I liked that touch, too, it’s more fit to the scene.

    “Geu Rae Do, Sarang Ee Da” also made an apperance last night. We’re not supposed to hear that song ’til Ep. 6.

  5. ^^you know the songs for each episode eventhough you dislike the drama. wow! :D

    I was surprised too that they cut the beginning of epi one but im pretty sure that I saw that part on the teasers.

    I wonder how it did on its first airing day. On my part, its not that good. We were 15 or so when it was MyGirl but only 6 left when it was time for IJUKSA. And I dont think it has something to do with the start of classes today.

    insert: I hate their version of the “pang-pang song”

  6. Me, too. I hate the Tagalized version of the pang pang song. They should’ve gotten Charity to sing it. nyahahaha!

    The Tagalog version of the Cloud lullabye is kinda bad, too.

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