This review will be biased.

But no, it will not be biased towards the movie I am reviewing (even if Song Hye Kyo is on it), but towards the series where it was based on.

My Girl And I

I don’t know if I am fortunate or unfortunate to have seen both drama and movie versions of the Japanese classic Sekaino Chuushin De, Ai Wo Sakebu (Crying Out Love At The Centre of the World) before I saw the Korean re-make, Parang Jooibo (literally means Blue Alert, but was given the English title My Girl and I). I first saw the movie and it was just ok (the theme song was great ;) ). Then I saw the drama and it was awesome. Now I saw the Korean version, and sad to say, it suffered in comparison to the first two I saw.

My Girl And I took more elements from the drama than the movie. The high-school-friends-bonding element is there, which was dealt more in the drama. But the problem with My Girl and I is, they tried to cram 11 episodes of Sekaino in the less-than-two-hours running time that the side-stories became disjointed and pointless. Saku (the main male character in Sekaino)’s grandpa’s story was actually a pivotal part as it molded Saku’s views about love and coping with losing your love one. In My Girl and I, you can completely take out the grandpa’s story and it won’t affect the movie as a whole. The love angle between Su-Ho (Cha Tae Hyun)’s sister and the judo player was nothing more than comic relief (though it was effective to some point).

But the main issue I have with My Girl and I is that it wasn’t effective in presenting the Su-Ho character. In Sekaino (especially in the drama version), you can completely understand why Saku was not able to forget his first love and why he wasn’t able to cope with the loss even after a few years had passed. And when he got closure, you, as a spectator, also felt his release. In this movie, I had a lot of ‘huh?’ moments. So his closure was accidentally discovering what she wrote in her diary and seeing those seeds that she had planted (as written in her diary) had bloomed? Er… okay…

But in all fairness, this movie is not a total dud. If you haven’t seen any version of Sekaino, I think you wouldn’t feel as lacking as I did. I also have to commend the lead actors for a splendid job. Cha Tae Hyun, as always, is an effective comedian. His dramatic skills are not to be ignored, either. I think there’s something about comedians that once you see them crying, you’d end up crying, too. And of course, the very lovely Song Hye Kyo. Gosh, she looks absolutely breathtaking here. My only gripe about her looks is that her face looks like an 18-year-old, but her body isn’t (I guess we can blame her 34Cs? hehe). Of course, her acting is still as good as always.

The visuals are also superb, particularly the beach and underwater scenes (I’m not just saying that coz it was filmed in my country. hehe). The colors were marvelously captured.

I should also mention that I now know why a certain someone was close to chomping off his nails while watching this movie. ;)

All in all, if only for the main stars’ acting chops and the excellent cinematography, I’d still recommend this movie. Don’t expect too much from it, though, especially if you have seen the dorama.



  1. I wanna see ‘My girl and I’..

    And made me laugh on what you wrote about the Sunday noontime shows…I just wish we have PinoyTV (coz I think there’ll be more shows that I’ll Like) here instead of TFC..coz honestly I don’t like most of Abs-Cbn’s shows..all I lIke is PBB teen edition..(that is also however can sometimes be quite boring)…

  2. I really enjoyed My Girl and I more than other people have, because I haven’t seen the Japanese version at all, hehe. I read the novel after watching this remake though, and I notice a lot of similarities as well. I agree with you on the scenery!! It’s simply breathtaking!


    (And when I saw that kiss, I was like, “wow! this is more action than I expected from Song Hye Kyo!” Hahah xD.)

  3. If you have bought the Korean special edition of My Girl and I, and see the making of that kiss will find that the original kiss was even hotter (according to Hyekyo standard only) than the one you have seen in the movie. No blushing/embarrassment as compared to her previous kissing in drama and it seems her technique has improved a lot. wonder why …

  4. Oh really? I should see that Korean special edition, then… when I first saw the kissing scene (via LQ video clip), my jaw dropped. And the NG version was even hotter? Someone’s getting braver, eh? ;)

  5. Just remembered something (sorta) off topic: I just remembered the BTS clip of the kissing scene from IJUKSA Ep.4. The NG was also hotter than the actual thing (so when we saw the episode, it was anti-climactic). And we also noticed the vast improvement in Bi’s kissing technique…;)
    Just wanna point that out. hehe.

  6. hello!! i also want to watch mg&i but i cant find a copy from the vendors where i used to buy koreanovela.. anyone know where i could get hold of a copy? thanks..

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