Ricky Martin is ALIVE!!!

Review: Ricky Martin’s new single, I Don’t Care

You’re probably reading this and say: What? Ricky Martin is still alive?!?!

Well, apparently, he is. I’m just as surprised as you are.

And I am doing a review of his new song. (To those who know me as a ‘rocker’, well, surprise! I do listen to Ricky Martin.)

First of all, let me put on record that long before this bandstalker business, I am a Ricky Martin fan. Eversince his Menudo days, I’ve always loved him. In fact, I am an officer of his Asian fan club (AFRM) which has chapters all over Asia, including Australia. I even went to the extent of going to HK to watch his concert and attend his exclusive press/fan meeting. But that’s not the crazy part. The crazy part is that we were billeted in TWO hotels the entire time. One, which is included in the Hk package, and another one where Ricky stayed. We were THAT crazy.

Having said that, here’s my review of his new song, I Don’t Care.


Ok, maybe not as sucky as, say, that godawful Holi-Holiday song from his second album (it was so awful that even Ricky himself hates it), but what made this song sooo disappointing is the fact that this is his comeback song after being away from the limelight in a long time. He’s supposed to come back with a bang. Well, this is more like a whimper. For one thing, where is the Ricky Martin trademark Latin beats? This is outright hiphop (he collaborated with rapper Fat Joe on this one) with a tinge of Arabian beats ala-One Night Man (aka. the ‘habibi song’) from Sound Loaded. Which was generally classifed by most RM fans as the worst track in that album. While it’s ok that he’s trying out something new… dude, not on your comeback vehicle! You should’ve stuck with the formula first! Or if you’re gonna try something new, at least pick one that’s actually good. I do listen to hip-hop, and sad to say, this is not good hip hop. And hip hop is so NOT Ricky Martin. I even thought something like this should be done by someone like Rain, not Ricky. I discussed this with Rizza, who retorted with: “I wouldn’t even let Rain sing this song!!!” That’s the founder and over-all president of AFRM, ladies and gentlemen .

(Side note: It might be weird that Rizza and I would be making comments like that when we’re supposed to be ‘fans’, but we’re that kind of fans. We don’t always praise our idols. We see them as they are. We give negative comments if we think what they were doing is not right. But that doesn’t mean we won’t buy his albums or watch his concerts anymore, coz we will. Opo, ganon kami ka-gaga. :) )

Another thing: regarding the lyrics. Here’s a sample verse from the song (lyrics taken from RMTEE forum):

You Promised me
You’d always be
You’d never let me go
You took the ring
And all the things
That came with being my girl
the tragedy
As I walked through that door
He had your feet
Up over the seat
All I heard was screaming

It was like a movie – too real to me
That just can’t be, my bride to be
I was shocked this could be
Never thinking
One day I’d take this blow blow blow
I was starting to feel like
I should kill everything that was moving
Never been in hell like this
Somebody wake me up!

Now is that a scene straight out of What Happened in Bali or what?!

All I can say is: Robi Draco Rosa, I miss you. He might have written puzzling, silly lyrics like:

She looks like a flower but she stings like a bee…

Shake your bon-bon Shake your bon-bon Shake your bon-bon (repeat to infinity)

Her lips are devil red and her skin the color of mocha… (and the last word of the next line is LOCA. Mocha, Loca. O di ba, rhyme!)

Talk like a gazombadam (what the hell is a gazombadam???)

… but at least, he’s poetic. And, musically, the guy’s a genius.

If you wanna hear the song yourself, you can download a radio rip from these links:

Good quality, but not complete:

Complete, but lesser quality:

Thanks to the good ladies of rmtee.com for uploading these files.



  1. It’s a very bizarre idea from the get-go. You’re totally right. Ricky Martin, as far as the pop world goes, is dead. To go from the blinding, flashy “She Bangs” to bizarre reggaeton… well, it’s just unexpected. I bet it becomes an “almost hit”, probably topping out just under the Top 40. We’ll see.

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