In the spirit of the holiday season…

…I am going to refrain from posting any angry, frustrated, bitchy blog entries unless it’s absolutely necessary to do so until the holiday season is over. This means, no Rain, SHK or BiKyo entries for now because they seem to have become my source of bitterness for the past few weeks. As one of my friends would always say: “if our fan activities have been causing you stress instead of relaxation, then stop doing it.” That doesn’t mean I am prohibiting everyone from posting news or whatever about them; I’m just not going to react for now.

Anyway… I recently uploaded a few photos from my most recent road trip with Charity and Thet to Batangas (Lipa City in particular) and Tagaytay at my Friendster and Facebook accounts. Since I was supposed to blog about it anyway, I’ll post them here, too. Notice that there is no ‘Food Trip’ on the category. I’m not saying we didn’t pig out there because, hello, it’s Voltes. Food is essential in anything we do. It’s just that… we were so hungry at mealtimes that I totally forgot to take photos of the food before eating and when we realized this fact, the food is already gone. As in I can’t even take a photo of the leftovers, because there was nothing left over. :slaphead: You’ll see the evidence of that in one of the pics.

Our destinations were:

Lipa City Cathedral – we also went there on one of our previous road trips, but we decided to come back. Make that we had to come back. Main activities done: pray (of course), did a ‘Top Model’ thing at the churchyard, and then did some random reviews of the photos of soon-to-be-wed (or maybe by this time, they’re already wed) couples at the church bulletin board. I don’t have to tell you our reviews because I promised not to post anything bitchy.

Lunch at Hapag restaurant – it’s a simple resto, nothing fancy, but the food is excellent. And they have lots of clients! We ordered very simple dishes: chicharon bulaklak (pork innards fried to a crisp) which made me totally forget about my diet; ampalaya con carne (beef with ampalaya [bitter gourd]), one of the best I’ve had; and inihaw na pusit (grilled squid). I specifically asked Charity to order whatever is the restaurant’s specialty, preferably something we don’t usually have in the Metro. She was insisting on the grilled squid, and I was like, “we could always have grilled squid in Manila”. But she said their grilled squid is different. Seriously, how different could grilled squid go?? Believe me, Hapag’s grilled squid is different. They marinated the squid into a special sauce, and that made the difference. The squid is grilled to perfection, too. Soft and not chewy at all.

Then we did a super-road trip all over Batangas where we marveled at the diagonally positioned houses in one of the towns. I don’t know why those houses were positioned that way; must be the landscape or something. I swear, the line of houses and buildings looked like one of those traditional Korean poses where people line up and stand on a diagonal.

We had time to kill, so we went to Caleruega to do more ‘Top Model’ stuff. Caleruega is always a good place to practice my photography, as you will see on the gallery later on.

After Caleruega, off we went to dinner at Viewpoint restaurant in Tagaytay with yet another slightly foggy view of Taal Lake. Again, we were so hungry so I forgot to take pics of the food.

Last destination: Starbucks in Tagaytay where we froze our butts for 5-6 hours. It was also raining dinosaurs and elephants that night, so we were basically stranded there. You know what sucks? We were all covered in our hoodie jackets and we’re still freezing cold, yet on the tables beside us there were girls in mini skirts/shorts (paired with a hoodie jacket… weird fashion sense, I tell ya) or sleeveless tops, and they don’t seem to mind that the temperature has dropped to 14 degrees C (ok, I know some of you are going, “14?? That’s not cold at all”. Let me just remind you that we are living in a tropical country with temps that could go up to 30-40 on a normal day, so 14 is considered ‘cold’ already). We stayed at Starbucks until past 1am.

Here are the pics from that trip:



  1. I feel the same way Pau. I have been pretty bummed about the break up and how he seems to have just moved on and really is in love with his career. Nothing wrong about having a career but to have nothing else to put yourself into is kind of sad. Won’t go on and on about it but it’s a bummer.

  2. Wow I so like the 3rd to the last pic (the picture of the sky)..I’ve always love taking pics of sunset, sunrise, and the whole Horizon..I love calm..

    Merry Christmas everyone! Hope we’ll all have a fun-filled, peaceful year ahead of us and our families!

  3. It’s funny that we take shots almost the same way. But your pictures are, of course, clearer since I think you’re not using a digicam. :) What camera did you use? (too lazy to look for the properties. :) )

    Merry Christmas everyone! :dance:

  4. Merry X’mass and Happy new year everyone. Hope everyone will have a better year in 2009. :soju: :cheer:
    This time we need enjoy our holiday season, should not think about them :phew:

  5. Agent P: I’m using a Casio digicam. I think Canon Cybershot really is a better digicam.
    Or many be it dpends on the person taking the shots. Hehe. :)

  6. Yes, ultimately it’s the photographer that makes the difference. However, even the best photographers can’t do anything with a crappy camera. I’m not saying Casio is crappy, because my first three digicams were all Casio and my best band photo was taken with a 1.2MP Casio digicam. But based on overall performance, Canon is really the better digicam.

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