Rubbing elbows with ‘artistas’

The Dawn @ Capone’s – June 29, 2005

Got text messages from both Jett and JBL that The Dawn will be having a ‘biglaan’ (unscheduled) gig at Capone’s in Makati on June 29, 2005. I was hesitant at first coz I wasn’t feeling well after a very disappointing Monday coz of some bad news involving a Korean and a HK trip (will tell you more about that later), but I figured, what the hell, I haven’t seen these guys in ages (well, except for Jett whom I saw at Beauty and The Beast last week) plus it kinda ‘touched’ me that Jett and JBL both texted me about the gig – which they never do – ok, not never, they don’t USUALLY do.

It turns out, the ‘biglaan’ gig for friends is actually the cast party of Beauty and the Beast. Which means, artistas galore! KC Concepcion! Karel Marquez! etc etc. I got surrounded by thespians, I don’t know exactly what I was doing there. Thankfully, Jett’s mom kept me company. Cindy O. also introduced me to one of the actresses – whom I can only remember as the ‘wine glass’ in B&B – and she was really sweet and nice. Calvin Millado arrived way after the gig and got teased by the entire cast. Pinky Marquez stayed outside the venue; I think she couldn’t stand rock music (or just not used to it). Everyone – and I mean EVERYONE had digital cameras and there were photo ops galore. Of course, me with my own digicam, could’ve asked to have a photo op with KC… but NO. I mean, WHY??? (yeah yeah, I’m a bitch) Several non-B&B cast members were also there, like Bernard and Mico Palanca, MarkEscueta of Rivermaya (who stayed with KC most of the time; they must be friends… wait, what band is Mark in, again? ;) ), Aiza Marquez (I think her BF is with the cast) and later on, Maui Taylor with friends, who hesitated to enter Capone’s coz “ang daming tao”. If she only knew the ones inside are artistas as well, more famous than her pa nga yung iba. hehe.

Oh wait, I was supposed to talk about the gig, right? Well, I really can’t say much. The Dawn basically ‘played’, coz they haven’t rehearsed in a while due to Jett’s hectic theater sched. OK lang, though, coz it was a party more than anything else. What really impressed me the most is the other band which played, Juan Pablo Dream. These guys are awesome! Bing Austria (formerly of Put3Ska) rocks! Well, anyone who can wear winter clothes and perform in a tropical country should be commended. Actually, I’ve always been fascinated by this band since I first saw their MV which features Tony Ferrer as Agent X44 Tony Falcon, complete with white suit and white shoes. Seeing them live only made me like them more.

Gosh, I don’t know how to end this blog entry. I just ran out of things to say. hehehehe.



  1. that’s cute, i was there that night… i probably saw you, but of course, i don’t know you ;) anyway, just hopped on by. the power of google (oh yeah i’m with the cast of beauty and the beast), ciao!

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