Rant and Review.

First, the rant.

Don’t you just hate it when people do not know how to credit their sources properly??? :evil: I’ve been roaming around some forums and Y-groups lately and been noticing that some people re-post articles and photos without properly crediting their sources. Most of the time, the scenario is like this: Say, I posted a video clip at soompi. Then Someone No. 1 will re-post said video clip at RainPh, for example, citing me as the source. Then Someone No. 2 will re-post that same clip at Tsinoy, but will cite Someone No. 1 and RainPh as their source, instead of the original one, which was me. Is that a bummer for me or what??? :mad: Because of this system, the sources will get buried deep in re-posts that he/she will end up losing the credit for all his/her hard work.

People, please try to give credit where credit is due. Uploading files, making transcripts/translations, looking for photos and clips to share, etc etc etc are not easy things to do. All you did is re-post; why not go the extra mile and add a couple of lines citing your proper sources? That’s not hard, isn’t it?

Just to be specific: Let me cite the much-reposted When A Man Loves A Woman MV with translations, for which a lot has failed to cite that the translations were made by wloi. I don’t care anymore if you didn’t include my name as I only added a couple of inputs to it, even if you just copy-pasted the entire thing verbatim from the SHK thread @ soompi or FROM THIS BLOG (I knew coz I re-phrased some of the words and those were the ones I saw on the copy-pasted post in some forums). But please credit wloi for it, as she was the one who painstakingly made the translations and first shared the MV at soompi, where I’m sure all of you saw it first.


Now, the review.

Perhaps Love

The first 10 minutes of watching this movie made me realize how much of an ignoramus I am when it comes to Asian Cinema. (1) I don’t have any idea about the cast, except for Takeshi Kaneshiro (and that’s just because Jeng mentioned in her ‘request’ that he is in this movie). So when Ji Jin Hee popped in on my screen, I was :shock:. ; (2) I have no idea that this was a musical; (3) I have no idea that this is a Hong Kong production; (4) I didn’t know that this was actually a highly-acclaimed movie in 2005.

It’s a very simple love story, one that anyone can follow even if they’re not watching it closely. I was constantly disturbed by my nieces while watching, but I was able to follow the story, anyway.

Things I liked about the movie:

1. The fact that it is not a musical in the traditional way. I mean, it’s not like your regular musical where the characters just burst into song (not that I have any issues about it; I am a fan of musicals myself). In Perhaps Love, they used a ‘musical-within-the-musical’ technique, where they made the scenes of filming a movie musical as the excuse for the musical numbers. As the plot of the movie-within-the-movie is parallel to what is supposed to be the ‘reality’ among the characters in this movie, you will not get lost at all. And I like it that way.

2. The visuals are nice. As this was filmed in Shanghai, some scenes just reminded me of a certain MV featuring a Korean hunk with hair extensions… somebody slap me out of this Pantech fantasy. Thank you. Where was I? Oh the visuals. One notable scene I loved was the kissing scene on the pool. Very erotic, very sensual, yet it leaves you with the feeling like, “is this a dream sequence or not?” Which, it turned out, was not a dream sequence after all.

3. The music. Could someone please point me to where I could download the OST while I’m looking for the original?

4. The acting. Xun Zhou as the female lead Sun Na is very effective. You can actually see her struggle just by looking at her face. The rest of the cast – Takeshi Kaneshiro, Ji Jin Hee, Jacky Cheung who is a big surprise to me as I only know him as the guy who had a duet with Regine Velasquez ages ago – were equally good. I think Ji Jin Hee was kinda wasted on that small role that he has. And I didn’t know he could sing! Unless it was overdubbed, of course, for which I will be terribly disappointed.

5. The not-mixed dialog. Seeing that the cast had a Japanese and a Korean on it, I was kinda expecting another confusing viewing experience where the characters would converse to each other in mixed tounges. Thankfully, all of them spoke in Chinese, although I don’t know if Kaneshiro’s and JinHee’s voices were dubbed or not (told ya, I’m an Asian Cinema ignoramus. Could someone enlighten me, please?) And the even bigger surprise was that both non-Chinese actors actually delivered their dialogs in Chinese. I was expecting a Magic To Win scenario, where Kris Aquino actually delivered her lines in English, then it was overdubbed in Chinese. I looked closely at the actors’ lips in this movie and they are in sync with the audio. Again, I just don’t know if their voices were overdubbed by Chinese dubbers, or if they delivered their lines the correct way.

6. Takeshi Kaneshiro is HOT. :oops:

Things I don’t really like, but not in a major way:

1. The musical numbers reeked of Moulin Rouge. I guess it’s because both had Bollywood themes? I dunno. Even that tango-inspired scene featuring Jacky Cheung reminded me so much of the tango scene in Moulin Rouge. I half-expected him to suddenly blurt out, “Roooooo…xanne!”

2. As mentioned, I felt like Ji JinHee’s talent was a bit wasted because of the small role. I feel that his character of Monty was also not well-defined. He’s supposed to be a narrator/reminder of lost memories, but he disappeared in most of the movie that you sometimes forget what is he there for.

3. This questionable thing: A tape recorder was left there for years. But when Sun Na pressed PLAY, it still worked! I wonder what kind of batteries Jian-Dong (Takeshi) used, I’d certainly would like to know…

All in all, despite the cheese factor provided by the musical numbers (or maybe it was BECAUSE of the cheese factor provided by the musical numbers), I enjoyed watching Perhaps Love. I’d like to thank Jeng for suggesting it. :)



  1. for takeshi, im very sure his voice was not dubbed bcos he can really speak mandarin very well. His dad is jap and his mum is taiwanese. He can speak fluent jap,mandarin and english.Ive watched his asia talk cnn in youtube and i was amazed by his fluency in english, i mean he is a jap ok. For jinjihee, i think his one was not dub also cos as far as im concern, most of the korean that acted in hong kong production literally learn mandarin, eg, the korean stars in The promise ( jang don gun) and The myth( i dunno the korean female name).

    Regarding the similarity with pantech, yes i think is the same location cos this is the famous shooting location in shanghai.

  2. Hey, Pau, just to let you know, I do not mind for not crediting me for those MVs and translation.

    But what I do mind, is re-posting my comments to other forums. As words will get transformed and then baseless rumors will be generated. Actually, I will be harsh when I saw my comments being re-posted elsewhere whether the poster has credited me or not. I will demand for a complete deletion. You may now wonder what kind of stuff that people are interested in re-posting.
    I am interested/quite good in Chinese astrology (not sure whether it is the right term to use) and I will from time to time post some of my analysis about my favourite 2 K-celebs.

  3. wloi, I know what you mean. Actually, I also feel that some people are taking the stuff I wrote on this blog on a particular topic (we all know what it is), and completely take it out of context that some people now actually believe that what I wrote here is gospel truth. When, in fact, I was very clear that those are just figments of my over-analytic mind. What I’m bothered about is that people would give hints about stuff that I wrote in password-protected entries. So now, I am wary of the people who ask for the password and have decided to stop giving it away, unless I really know the person who asked for it.

  4. You’re welcome Pau. Although the movie reminded me of Moulin Rouge, I loved the story-within-a-story element. The actors were great too. I also remember Jackie Cheung from Regine’s music video and I could not believe it’s the same person! Of course, Takeshi Kaneshiro is just right as the anguished and jilted lover. He is even more handsome now that he is older.

  5. I’ve seen this and absolutely loved it. Something nice and simple and to the point. Love the parrelle story of the actual movie versus their real life love story. Jacky Cheung coached JJH in each of this song so he sang them all himself. Quite impressive.

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