Sometimes, when you thought you have nothing to blog about, things just fall onto your lap just like that.


Sometime in November 2005, my friend Marissa was asking me to research about a Japanese singer she called Ken Kirei. Which, of course, I later found that she was referring to Ken Hirai. She asked our common Japanese friend, Atsushi M., if he knows any “Ken Kirei” and naturally (since Marissa said the wrong name), he said he didn’t know him as he’s not familiar with new Japanese artists.

A couple of weeks later, Atsushi was briefing me about J-pop and sent me this mp3, which turned out to be Ken Hirai’s “Hitomi Wo Tojite” (Closing My Eyes). I really liked the song. It became part of my regular mp3 playlist since then.

Cut to end of January 2006. Rain was in Japan promoting his first Japanese single Sad Tango. He guested at this radio show, part of the transcript is shown below:

TOKYO-FM ”Hits from the Heart” interview
28 Jan 2006, [4.00pm to 5.00pm]
Credits: rainhk.com// jinlees@soompi//Rayndrop@sexybi
Jap to Ch Trans: Sorah
Ch to Eng Trans: Rayndrop

DJ: HITS FROM MY HEART. Today we have Rain choosing the songs for us. So, please introduce the song for us.

Rain: Aa, Ken Hirai’s “Closing both eyes gently” (Mixture of Japanese and Hangeul)

(DJ plays song)


DJ: HITS FROM MY HEART. Today we have Rain choosing our songs for us. He has chosen Ken Hirai’s “Closing both eyes gently”, and even introduced the song in Japanese. Thank you! How did Rain encountered this song? Let me ask him.

Rain: I overheard the song on the radio once. I thought the lyrics are very well-written, a really sad song about love. I remember feeling really deeply after hearing this song. Although I haven’t seen the original movie, but there was a Korean remake of the original and I saw that one. It’s really good.

I remember reading this at Rain International and even commented that I am thrilled that he chose the only Ken Hirai song that I know. That’s it.

Cut to today.

My Media Player was playing this song when it suddenly dawned on me… where have I heard this song before? I mean, before Sushi sent it to me.

Then it suddenly hit me. I re-read the interview transcript and realized Rain mentioned something about this song being the theme song of a movie, which had a Korean re-make.

I pulled out my copy of that Japanese movie and true enough, that’s where I heard it first.

The name of the movie: Sekai No Chuushin De, Ai Wo Sakebu. English title: Crying Out Love at the Center of the World.

The Korean re-make: Parang Jooibo. English title: My Girl and I.

Hah. :wink:



  1. OMO!!!! :D :D :D I don’t know how you can keep coming up with such minute observations but THANK YOU for sharing your discovery. When I read this I seriously can’t stop smiling! I am still smiling nonstop till this second actually hahahaha

  2. I have read this interview before but never really paid too much attention to it. Now it is so going to my fave Bi’s interviews archieve. I have reread this interview several times accompanied by idiotic grins this past hour hahaha.

  3. Pau, you are the best! How you find out these things is testament to your talent. :) May BiKyo PhD ka na.

  4. OMG Paulette… this entry definitely made my day. I love Ken Hirai’s song too but I haven’t heard that one.. I gotta check it out. dang girl.. your discovery is even more interesting than X-files or CSI.

  5. Paulette, i agree with my mom. She’s been telling me about how you’re keeping up with your degree in Bi-Kyology. You’re very vigilant! Your discoveries really make me think something’s up with those two…Hmm…*wishing*

  6. LOL!! Pau…when I read about what he said..”Although I haven’t seen the original movie, but there was a Korean remake of the original and I saw that one. It’s really good.”
    I thought of ‘My girl and I’ instantly..that made me smile already but as I read ur post till the end it made me smile more!! AWW!!..This made my day!!Thnx Pau..youo really are (my) our best source of anything BI-KYO!!.keep ’em comin’!!
    THNX! :D

  7. Pau, I downloaded the mp3 and I keep on playing it on my PC. :) I have very few mp3’s on my PC, but I “broke” my rule for this one. :)

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