Productive Sunday.

Rather than moping around and pissing myself off at the sad state of my being a Cloud, I did something productive today. :thumbup: There’s an English translation of the recent MBC mini-feature on Rain (MBC Every1: Stars Before & After) posted at the forums, so had this sudden urge to tinker with video editing again and added subtitles to the clip.

This not my first subbing project; the first one was the BiKyo interview of Jessica Soho, which was also my first – and only – translation project. This one is different from the first project, though. One, instead of using a subtitling program like Subtitle Workshop, I encoded directly using Ulead VideoStudio. I think it was much easier and much more fun because it’s WYSIWYG. And you have more options for formatting text colors, font face, etc.

Second, unlike the first project I used someone else’s translation work and since my Korean is limited to nil, I cannot vouch for the accuracy of the timing and translation. I think most of the time the original transcript just described the gist of what was said. There were several parts on this clip where there’s about 5 minutes worth of footage and only one or two sentences were provided on the transcript. :shrug: That really got me scratching my head, but that’s all that was given so let’s just make do with that. I did took the liberty of altering some of the translations for grammar and clarity, but the general text was there.

So here it is: my second subbing project. Enjoy!

To download the MQ version, click here.


Original clip: Mazingga/Benamoo
Transcript source: Benamoo
KOR-ENG Translation: rain bird @
Timing and Hardsubbing: Agent P for Cloud Philippines

(Please keep all credits when re-posting. Thanks!)


On the non-productive side…

I’ve been tuned in at the Kwon Sang Woo thread to monitor (hehe, monitor :hihihi: ) the news regarding his wedding. Gosh, I got dizzy seeing all those A-list guests. :dizzy: Literally the only legitimate male A-listers absent were Bae Yong Joon, who did not attend due to a prior commitment, and Rain who, I think, was not invited. Speaking of invitations, is Song Hye Kyo really invited to this wedding? I got a bit weirded out when I read at her thread that she’s on the guest list because as far as I can remember, she and KSW are not friends. At least that’s what KSW said in Hong Kong last year. Unless she’s friends with the bride? :shrug: Well, she didn’t show up anyway, so water under the bridge now.

Anyway… congratulations and best wishes to Kwon Sang Woo and Sohn Tae-Young! :whee!: May they live a happy and abundant life and I also wish KSW a successful career after marriage so that he can prove that married men can still be successful matinee idols and they have absolutely nothing to be afraid of. :phew:


Edited to add:

Charity has sent me this GIF she ripped from the Making of Full House DVD. It’s the part where Song Hye Kyo was coaching Bi on how to sing Gom Se Ma Ri. :hihihi: I really love this scene. :drool:

GIF credits: Charity (Cloud PH)



  1. thanks Pau for the subbed clip :thumbup: :whee!:

    :offtopic: do you know how we can access the rain-jihoon for The cloud member only area, cause when i apply for the cloud i didnt apply it with credit card, so i didnt apply it from the site but only with email.

  2. At 3:07,that’s his English tutor? I’m sure many would want to kill her and change places with

    Aww..he was so young then.He has been through a lot…Rain, fighting!

  3. shinta: :lol: My thoughts, exactly. When she said Rain “makes (her) feel inadequate” I wanted to add, “that’s because…YOU ARE.” :hihihi:

    I am so :evil: .

  4. Oh shoot, now we know his English-proficiency is not just imputable to him..Something has to be done..NA promotions will probably start soon..I have to devote longer time defending him in blogs by that time then..I’m really hoping he has improved already.. :pray:

  5. Nah… if you’re just gonna spend time defending him against people who laugh at his “I finally make it” line by posting a comment that’s even more gramatically incorrect, then you better just spend it on something more productive.

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