Patience level: 0.

I’ve just written an inquiry at the Rain World community site (both English board and Q&A) asking the Cloud Master to let us know if there will be seat allocations for fans, especially foreign fans, at Rain’s 5th album showcase on Oct 9. It’s only 12 days to go ’til the showcase and until now, they still haven’t given us any straight answers if there will be tickets and how many will be available for the fans.

I think they are very much aware that there are foreign fans who are interested to go. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be posting the announcements in Chinese, Japanese and English. And I also think they know that not everyone can just book a flight a la Amazing Race to go to Korea. Or maybe they don’t since they have lots of money to burn on last-minute booking fees, but I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. Well, we’re not like them. We need time to prepare. We need answers and we need them now. I am personally sick and tired of reading nothing but “please be patient” from them because time is running out and my patience is already GONE. :asar:

So I told them, if we are not going to be given tickets, then tell us RIGHT NOW so that we won’t have to expect anything. I personally will respect them more if they are more upfront with us instead of leaving us hanging in the air and then scrambling for it at the last minute.

I’m probably the only bitcheroo in that site amongst the “I love Rain, I support him no matter what blah blah blah” messages there. I don’t care. I do support Rain; it’s his staff that needs a lot of :chair: . And since nobody is stepping up, someone has to do it.



  1. They obviously do not have the words “management,” “organization” and “efficiency” in their system. If the Cloud Master tried to THINK about what it’s like to be a fan, I know you guys won’t have problems.

    Now I’m beginning to think that they are discouraging fans to go and see the showcase at all. :aargh:

  2. It’s like the only ones who matter are the Korean fans (for obvious reasons) and the Japanese fans (the all powerful yen). Look at the “rich ladies” packaged tours ie. Mnet Countdown & Lotte concert – which have been arranged for the Japanese fans.

    I just hate how they are making Rain look bad. This is for his staff :chair: :chair: :chair: .

  3. Most of his staff are cross-overs from JYPE, right?

    JYPE was REALLY REALLY BAD at fan service. Then JiHoon hired the same people. What can we expect? STILL BAD SERVICE.

    I should’ve known that being a paid member of the Cloud is not enough. I still need MILLIONS just to enjoy it.

  4. …for me, being a Rain fan in the US I’m not sure is worth all the BS …I may just stick to buying an album and movie once in a while and not even think about all the other stuff. There’s just way too many last minute notice with most Rain anything. I want to believe the management is doing their upmost best but they seriously need some help ASAP…put some real english loving fans in to manage the site, and let them work from home. Let them ask questions to JTunes management if things don’t make sense, if anyone there speaks english to begin with. Challenge them to organize like they should be doing and communicate continually so problems are addressed at once so they don’t snowball into bigger issues and work as a team, not them against us. I really don’t know who is running the show but I know one thing, I’m very discouraged and not just buying up everything Rain anymore. I feel there is just so much unfair/unequal special treatment to fans in other countries, it boggles my mind especially in todays world, how they get around to keep doing it. I mean I don’t want to sound like a whiny kid but damn why do they keep doing this, hearing everyone complaining?

  5. rosskissme

    Welcome to the club :hihihi: . I’ve been disillusioned for 2 years. If not for my love (more like obsession :dream: ) for Rain, I would be into another artiste now :hihihi:
    Maybe that’s why his staff thinks they can continue to dole out rubbish … after all, we (ok, maybe I) continue to take it :neutral: .

  6. My sources say things are getting iffy as far as fans’ attendance at the showcase is concerned. So yeah, I give up. I’m not going.

    No thanks to you, J.tune. :chair:

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