The MEN ruled ‘My Girl’!

Whadya know, after several weeks, I FINALLY reached the last three episodes of My Girl. I’ve been trying to finish this series but I’ve been stuck at Episode 3 for the longest time (no thanks to a certain pair of Korean stars… ;) ) because I can’t seem to find the drive to finish it. The story seems to be good, the dialogues are funny and the acting is ok… but for some reason, I can’t finish it. And the only reason I can point out is this:


Sorry to all those LDH fans, but I just can’t seem to like her at all. Everytime she does this facial expression that resembles a mouse, I immediately zone out and I turn off the DVD player. It’s just too bad coz her character of Ju Yoo Rin is actually very good, although not too original (it’s a combination of Han JiEun in Full House and Kim Ha Neul’s character in Too Beautiful To Lie), but I just don’t find LDH loveable enough. She did well on her crying scenes, though (and according to Rizza, it’s actually a vast improvement from her previous works where she would cry buckets, but the audience just wouldn’t).

But the men in this series… OH MY.

Lee Jun Ki… yes, he looks like a girl, but his voice gives that away and the character he played is so dreamy. A playboy who suddenly becomes a changed man because of love… not too original as well, but he played it so convincingly that even if he looks prettier than LDH, he still came out a heartthrob (for girls).

…And of course, Lee Dong Wook. I’ve always been partial to not-cute-at-first-sight guys (read: Bi, Hyun Bin, Eric Mun), and he fits the bill perfectly. Although sometimes he reminds me of Filipino actor John Lloyd Cruz (which is a bit weird coz I’ve never watched anything with John Lloyd on it), I just… loved him. Especially whenever Gong Chan (his character in My Girl) falls victim onto Yoo Rin’s lies, I just wanna pinch him and punch him at the same time. He did a great job there (although he could use some additional lessons on How To Cry On Screen And Still Look Good, preferably from Won Bin or Kwon Sang Woo).

I also love that guy who played Yoo Rin’s friend, the one who’s badly smitten at Gong Chan’s secretary. He’s such a dork, but loveable. I just hate it when they decided to give him a ‘model’s hair’ by ruining his straight locks. Gong Chan’s grandpa is funny, too. Actually, all secondary characters in this series are good, be it men or women. It’s what made me watch this till the end – well, almost. I’m still on Episode 13.

All in all, I’d still recommend this series to anyone who would want to kill time by watching a new K-drama. In all fairness, the story and the entire production is good. And for all I know, I am the only sore thumb here who’s annoyed by the lead actress.



  1. Pau!!! Oh my, we are on the same wavelength. Hahahah. Sorry, labo ba? I just finished MY GIRL last night. I must say, I like the story. Lee Dong Wook is HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT. I love him! I found LDH very pretty but she was so “pa-cute” at times. LJK, I don’t get why people like him. (No offense to his fans!) I also love the guy who likes Gong Chan’s secretary… the sub-plot is cute!

  2. I’m on Ep 13 now… the spoof on K-dramas was downright HILARIOUS!!! :lol: At least they know how to ridicule themselves… oh, and I love the treatment they did on the two male leads. Very unconventional for a K-drama.

  3. Have fun Pau! I actually love episode 13. I was so touched when Yoo Rin teared up when she sang for Gong Chan to cheer him up. I watched that part three times. Wala lang, i just love it.

  4. I already have my copy last friday (thanks rizza) but I’m still holding back after just 2 episodes. I can’t seem to get the momentum to go and finish it. Should I blame it on my Goong addiction?

  5. Pau, let me know what you think of the kissing scenes. Grabe, I watched them over and over. I love how Lee Dong Wook kisses. Pinapakilig ako grabe.

  6. Kissing scenes… well, better than Full House. hehehehehe.

    yeah, Lee Dong Wook sure can kiss…

  7. all that i can say lee jun ki rocked my world and i just finished the 3rd rereun ok ok edited..3rd scanning of lee jun ki parts of my girl! I love him in that series and sometimes i cant help but be mesmerized by lee dong wook!

    Kiss? Wow! LDW sure is a good kisser!

    TET!!! I just finished ep 14 (yhanks pau!) And rushed into a net cafe to watch the succeeding episode at you tube! Thank you you tube for removing goongs episode huhuhuhu!

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