Quarantine viewing No. 5: 2gether, The Series.

I won’t be categorizing this as a review, because it’s not.

I wasn’t planning on watching another series after spending several sleepless nights watching Itaewon Class and Hyena. But this Thai BL (boy’s love aka. yaoi) drama called 2gether has been trending on Twitter for quite some time now, and I’ve been seeing some friends on FB who are posting about it. I’m familiar with BL, having watched some Thai movies and lakorns of the similar genre in the past. In fact, my first foray in the world of Thai entertainment – and my introduction to Mario Maurer – was the movie The Love of Siam, a film that is often cited as the first LGBTQ-themed movie that was accepted by mainstream audiences in Thailand. Also, the yaoi concept is quite common in J-pop and K-pop. Therefore, watching a rom-com lakorn where the main protagonists are of the same gender will not freak me out anymore.

Well, I’m not freaked out. I was actually amazed that the concept of homophobia is totally absent in 2gether. This is a world where genders are practically non-existent. Everyone is totally fine with boys getting attracted with fellow boys. Girls don’t get depressed when they learn that their crushes are crushing on someone who is not a girl. (Actually, I was told by fan-friends that this is exactly the reason why the yaoi concept is accepted by East Asian fangirls. It’s totally ok for them if their male idol is being paired with another male because they don’t consider a guy as their rival. They can still go on with their illusions that their idol is available because no way that he’ll fall over a fellow male. But once their male idol gets involved with a female, it’s game over. Of course that’s not really necessarily true in real life, but you get the drift.)

However, as a single female who recognizes the existence of the LGBTQ+ community, I got depressed seeing all these good-looking men getting involved with each other. I mean, c’mon, females have outnumbered the males 2:1. Do we have to compete with the male population over the man of our dreams, too? :cry: :lmao:

If you want your dose of kilig, this one’s for you. The two leads, Vachirawit Chiva-aree aka. Bright as Sarawat and Metawin Opas-iamkajorn aka. Win as Tine, will provide loads of it. Assuming that you don’t frown over the fact that they’re both men, that is. Make that REALLY GOOD-LOOKING men. With abs and all. :drool2: The story is quite simple. It’s typical teen-age romcom, except that the protagonists are of the same gender. But as I said, their universe seems to be gender-less so just try to grapple with that concept if you’re not familiar with it.

My only problem now is, I made the mistake of starting with this drama while it’s still airing. The latest episode is Episode 9 out of 13, and I finished all nine in literally an entire day. The next episode is on Friday. Waiting for it is torture.

While waiting for Friday, I aimlessly clicked on 2gether-related videos on YouTube. Big mistake. I chanced upon random clips of Bright and learned that, true to his Sarawat persona, the guy can play a mean guitar and that’s really his voice singing in the drama. Charismatic guy, and musically-inclined. Deadly combination. I must stop researching before I get hooked. :err: As for his sexual preferences, he said in a recent interview that he has never been attracted to a man but he’s not closing his doors to the possibility. Regardless of whether he’s straight or not is not an issue for me. Remember: I’m a Ricky Martin fan.


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