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January 1st, 2020. It’s Day 1 of not just a new year, but a new decade. For me, it’s not just a brand new year nor decade, but a brand new life.

The year 2019 was one heck of a roller coaster ride for me. Everything seems to be moving smoothly, until it all came to a halt one fateful day near the end of September 2019. I had another hospital ‘staycation’ but this time, it was me who occupied the hospital bed.

I never really talked about this incident even on my social media accounts so I think it’s time to talk about it now. It was my first time ever to be hospitalized, and it was pretty serious. I was dizzy when I woke up, and spent the entire day being nauseated and throwing up. It turned out, I was on diabetic emergency. My blood sugar shot up to almost 400 and my blood pressure was 200/110. :stretcher: If I wasn’t such a prideful bitch and didn’t fight against losing consciousness to save face, I would’ve incurred massive brain damage. If not for the fact that a number of patients were on queue ahead of me, I would’ve been confined at the ICU. The hospital was on full occupancy at the time so I had to stay at the ER for more than 48 hours. Thankfully, the ER doctors and staff were able to control my blood sugar and BP levels right there at the ER. I didn’t incur any other complications. I still had to be confined for a week and was on total bed rest for another seven days. I’m also on insulin and maintenance meds now and had to control my diet and stress levels. Still, I’m glad to still be alive today.

On top of that: One week after I got discharged from the hospital, I got into a minor accident and had my right knee injured. How stupid of me. :boinkself:

I’m the type of person who never goes on annual medical check-ups. If I feel sick, I just sleep it off. I self-medicate. What happened to me that day was pretty much a case of self-medication gone really bad. I thought I was hypoglycemic (low blood sugar levels) when in fact my blood sugar was super-high, and I made it worse by eating something super-sweet. It almost cost me my life. So now, I always tell friends to never take your own health for granted. If you feel there’s something’s wrong with your body, have it checked ASAP. Don’t ever think it’s a waste of money, because once you do get sick, it’ll cost you more. Don’t be like me. Better be safe than sorry.


The bright side is, the previous year was also a good year to me in terms of my passions. I was able to travel three times last year, in countries which I either never went to before, or have been to before but it’s been decades since I last went there. It’s nice to reconnect with Japan and Thailand. My Taiwan trip was short but sweet, and I feel that I didn’t explore it enough. I really should come back when the opportunity permits.


I LOL-ed when I saw this on my Facebook Memories feed for January 1:

As they say, be careful what you wish for or you just might get it. You bet, I did. I’ve been fangirling hard since the second half of 2015, and last year was no exception. Alden Richards had an exceptionally busy year in 2019 with Hello, Love, Goodbye and many other things. As a fan, I am thankful that I still was able to actively show my support… with a walking stick and all. :grin:

2019 was also the year that I got “plunged into the Diamond Life”, as them Carats would say.

Seventeen launched their Ode To You World Tour last year. Manila is on the list of tour stops, but it won’t be until February 2020. My niece and I can’t wait that long, so we decided to catch it in Bangkok. I took that as another opportunity to revive my old passion to fangirl and travel at the same time. Despite having to limp my way into that trip as I was still recovering from both my diabetic emergency and my leg injury at that time, it was one of the best fangirl moments of my life. The concert was all sorts of awesome. Seventeen is AWESOME. I can’t wait to see them again here in the Philippines next month.


My takeaway from 2019 is this: It’s never wrong to love yourself. Take it one day at a time instead of living your life worrying about it. We only have one life to live, so live life to its fullest.

As for my personal wishes, I do wish that I’ll have the time, energy and motivation to write on this blog some more. :hihihi:

I wish you all a blessed and fruitful 2020.



  1. Just glad you are better! Always get an annual checkup missy! Stay healthy and wishing you the best for 2020!!

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