First time.

I put up a wishlist for 2019, and it’s been steadily happening, so far.

One part of that list say, ‘more opportunities to take photos’. Late afternoon of January 1, I received a notice saying that me and my friends were given slots at Eat… Bulaga! for Alden’s 27th birthday the following day. :eek: Man, that was quick. :hihihi:

It’s my first time to watch Eat…Bulaga! at the newly-opened APT Studios in Cainta, Rizal so I looked forward to the experience. Finally, something I can blog about! :lol: That’s another check to the wishlist, as well. APT Studios is a heck of a lot further from me than Broadway Centrum and there’s a lot of traffic involved, but it’s easy to reach via commute. I’d advise those who will watch at the studio to be there as early as you can even if you have reservations. I’ll explain further later.

I got there at a little before 9:00am, and there’s a line outside the studio. I’m quite used to that with EB and Sunday Pinasaya so it’s not a big deal. I have one concern, though, and it’s this:

The line is literally outdoors. There’s nothing to protect the queue from the elements. The weather was sunny but with a cool breeze that day, so it wasn’t that bad. I couldn’t imagine the torture the studio audience will go through once the summer months or typhoon season comes.

Also, it’s right beside the highway. Even if EB security staff are manning the queue, the risk that someone will be run over by speeding vehicles is quite high. Parking also seems to be a concern, so it would be better to either commute, or park your vehicles at the nearby mall and just commute the rest of the way. Or just ask your chauffeur to drop you off at the studio and pick you up after the show (how sosyal :grin: )

We have seat reservations so we didn’t have to queue outside. We made a beeline towards the audience entrance and got our arms stamped, just like before. As with Broadway studios, everyone has to go through security check. EB has leveled up, though, because APT Studios has an x-ray machine. :thumbup: Still, despite that, all our bags had to go through a final and more thorough examination to weed out the prohibited items, ie., pens/markers, food items (even candy is not allowed to be brought in) and fans (pamaypay). If you have those, just leave them at home to save time and effort queuing at the package counter.

Once inside, you make your way to the audience area and find your seat. I don’t know if that day was an exception because of the sheer number of people who showed up (it’s Alden’s birthday, after all), but unlike in the past where EB staff will decide where you will sit based on your reservations, this time we were told that it’s free seating. Meaning, if you go there late, you’ll be lucky to find a decent seat. Thus, it is best to be there as early as you can even if you have reservations.

Other observations on the new studio:

1. I’m not sure because I don’t have the actual numbers, but I think the audience capacity at Broadway is bigger?

2. It’s suuuuuper-cold at the new studio. Bring a jacket or shawl if you get cold easily.

3. I like that the studio seats are properly elevated. You can sit anywhere and you’ll get, at the very least, a decent view of the stage. (Unless there’s some kid who decides to stand on the benches and take fancams, effectively standing a full head above the people behind her and totally blocking the view. :rolleyes: ) The new studio has better lighting, as well.

4. The new studio has more restrooms. :thumbup:


I don’t know when did it start or if it’s a permanent thing, but Eat… Bulaga‘s usual audience jesters have been replaced by those lady DJs.

Seriously. Why??? Eat… Bulaga! has really good audience jesters who can pump up the required energy from the audience. These DJs… I actually haven’t seen anyone who likes them. Yet they’re still there, and they even got additional tasks. Why???

I guess the reason is because… they know how to get the favor of the loveteam delulus. :neutral:

I got annoyed at their off-cam paasa comments, but when I thought about it, I understood what they’re trying to do.

Before the show started, one of them said something along the lines of, “watch out for the kilig moments.” At the first commercial gap, which was after the Boom! segment with all those kilig moments, the same person said, “nagustuhan n’yo ba yon? Kinilig kayo, diba?” (did you like it?)

It hit me. They’re fishing for audience feedback. They’re telling us that it’s all for SHOW, people. Everything on that stage? It’s a show. It’s meant to bring in the kilig, to please the audience. The audience who’s after the kilig, anyway.

Nothing wrong with that, it’s business, after all. And some of those audience members who are after the kilig understands that it’s really just meant to please – or pacify – them. What makes it bad is when the bigger chunk of that audience whom the show wants to please actually believe that what they’re seeing on screen/on stage are real. Or at least, they know what’s really going on but they chose not to squeal and just let the rest of the “nation” believe what they want to believe. It’s business on their part, too, you know. :blink:

And the show is not doing anything to correct that notion, either. In fact, they’re still feeding on that fantasy even if reality is screaming otherwise. That, for me, is far from admirable.


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