A.k.a. New additions to the list of moments where the universe plays a cruel prank on Agent P.

A. How I stole a seat at Adrenaline Rush.

True confession: I stole my seat at the Adrenaline Rush concert. :razz:

It’s kind of a long story that involves ticket swapping and all that jazz so please excuse my rambling. My original seat was supposed to be at SVIP right, Row 11. Which, as I have discovered on concert night itself, was at the same section as Alden’s extended family from Santa Rosa, Laguna. Then, I helped a couple of friends from my former FC to buy three SVIP tickets for them. What I got were three seats which were not together, ie., two at SVIP left and one at SVIP right. It became a problem for the one who will eventually be seated alone at the concert. However, one of them cancelled – which automatically solved the problem of not being seated together – so I had an extra ticket. I eventually gave away my original ticket and took the lonely one on SVIP right because the seat was nearer to the stage, hence better vantage point to take photos.

Concert night. I made a beeline towards my seat and got weirded out when some of my seatmates were giving me this look that said, “Do you belong here?” :kilay: I quickly checked the row and seat number and it matched the one written on my ticket, so I confidently took that chair and sat down. One quick look around me and I immediately realized that I was seated right smack in the middle of… them. :neutral: That side of the fandom. The one that’s not too friendly with me. And I’m the only one who does not belong there.

Gee thanks, universe. I’ve just been punk’d.

I didn’t really care, though. As with recent Alden events, I automatically turned on my personal shield as soon as I arrived at the venue. I can manage to enjoy this concert without caring about the people around me. I’ll just have to exercise my poker face, lest I read outrageous anecdotes on social media again (“katabi namin yang ahenteng ‘yan, grabe pagka-bitter nyan kay XXXX!” :rolleyes: ) After a while, my face kinda froze and I had a monstrous headache. The concert hasn’t even started yet.

Finally, the show started. Alden entered the concert hall from the back and everything at the audience area went chaotic. I spotted a few vacant seats at SVIP center which were reserved for VIPs/special guests, sponsors and the media. A couple of bloggers were seated at the end of the row, but the center seats were unoccupied. I don’t usually break the rules because I’m just too much of a wuss to do that, but I think my entire being was just begging to be rescued. I quickly grabbed my bag and ran towards the vacant seats before other people beat me to it. I took the unoccupied seat right smack at the center, almost directly behind Ms Gigi of GMAAC. The seat beside her was vacant, hence, I have a fully unobstructed view of the stage. :clap:

Hey, it’s not like I totally do not belong there. I’m a blogger, remember? (Pwede ring VIP or Alden’s special guest. Charot!) I figured, if the actual ticket holder arrives, I’ll just gladly go back to my original seat. At the same time I sent a silent prayer to the Lord to please, pretty please, not to let that happen. :pray: :razz: The concert went by and no one arrived to claim that seat, so I finished my coverage of Adrenaline Rush without any hitches, whatsoever.

What’s more amusing is the fact that midway through the concert, the entire row in front of me was vacated to give way to… the Faulkersons. :hihihi: It’s total deja vu from the Say It Again album launch where I just found myself seated behind Alden’s family.

So yeah, universe? Nice prank you got there. Thank you. :smile:

B. That moment when I aged 10 years and almost had a heart attack.

I was checked in at a hotel for the concert and I didn’t bring my laptop, so I didn’t get to tackle my photos until I reached home the following afternoon. Prior to that, I had this wonderful idea of viewing my pics on the hotel TV using Ama, the Sony point-and-shoot, as card reader. Side note: I used GD-Tam the Canon DSLR to take pics, which means my SD card was formatted for Canon. (Side note 2 for those who are new here: I give names to my toys. :P ) However, me and my friends were able to view the photos using the Sony cam without a glitch and we even had the time of our lives swooning and screaming at the… not-so-fit-for-public-consumption pics. :hihihi: When I was about to eject the card I got a prompt that said something along the lines of “create new database blah blah blah”, and I made sure I clicked CANCEL on that one.

When I finally got home, I took out the card from GD-Tam and inserted it on my laptop. This is what came out:

Wait… what??? :whoa: NO!!!!! I took more than a thousand photos last night. Where are the rest of the photos???

I swear, I cried even more than I cried the night before. I kept on ejecting and re-inserting the card on my laptop and nothing happened. Did the Sony cam format my card? Did it get corrupted? I even thought, I was not given that blessed seat at the concert only to have my efforts deleted the following day. Is this my karma for taking a seat that’s not mine??? :cry:

Calming down a bit, I asked Manong Google for a solution. He suggested a recovery software for accidentally deleted or formatted SD cards; unfortunately, the trial version only allows recovery of files up to 2GB (!!!!!). That’s not even enough for one photo file. :wall: For me to recover everything, I’d have to shell out USD69.99. I don’t care, I just want my precious work back!

I downloaded the app and tried scanning the card for errors. At the same time, I loaded the payment page to get the full version. Fortunately, just before I entered my payment details, I took a quick look at the ongoing scan and saw that what it found were video files. :think: Wait… it was a new card and I never used it before. And even if I used it before, I don’t take videos using the camera. Where did all those video files come from?

It suddenly hit me: the Sony cam was used by Jaja the previous night to take videos of the concert. Could it be that the one I’m scanning now – and crying over it – was the card that Jaja used? Could it be that I just inadvertently switched the cards when I returned them to their respective cameras? Oh, did I mention that I used IDENTICAL SD cards that day? :boinkself:

I immediately grabbed Ama, took out the card that’s in there, inserted it on my laptop’s card reader and said a little prayer.

HALLELUJAH! Praise God! :pray:

And yeah, Agent P. You’re such a dumbass for panicking over nothing. hahahahaha!

Seriously, though. I felt like I aged 10 years on that one. I got punk’d by the universe for two consecutive days; it’s not good for my health and well-being. Fortunately, I realized that I was scanning the wrong card before I became USD69.99 poorer. Otherwise, that would be really, really stupid.


Also, check everything first before panicking.



  1. Hahaha.while I was reading I felt the emotions Ate Pau.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜€πŸ˜‚πŸ˜€
    Thank GOD it was a mistaken SD card.

  2. Thank goodness you found the missing photos!!! I bet you they were just checking to see if you were paying attention πŸ˜†βœŒοΈπŸ˜†

    I love the β€œmusical chairs” πŸŽΌπŸ›‹πŸŽΌ adventure 😊😊😊

  3. Yung napaluha din ako nun sa panghihinayang sa magagandang pics na pinagpiyestahan natin pag balik sa hotel…

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