Weekend with the Bae.

So this is what it feels like to overdose on Alden Richards. :think:

Nah, kidding. :grin:

Fresh from the Meet and Dine last Wednesday, I was all set to get my much-needed “beauty” rest :hihihi: on Saturday in preparation for the Cookie’s Peanut Butter Day with the Bae event on Sunday at Megamall. Much to our surprise, Oppo Philippines suddenly announced late Friday afternoon that Alden will be appearing at SM North EDSA Cyberzone on Saturday for their F7 Roadshow event. :shock: Naturally, my first response was, “I have to be at that event!” :scholar: It’s not often that Alden makes a public appearance anywhere near my location so I have to take advantage of it whenever I can. Screw the beauty rest; it’s not like it’s going to work, anyway. :lmao:

I got stuck with chores on Saturday so I didn’t have time to prep myself up. I was thinking, I’m just going to be at the audience, anyway, and since it’s a free event, I would most probably be all sweaty and sticky, fighting tooth and nail at the moshpit. I just pulled on a t-shirt and a pair of shorts, tied my hair in a pony tail and didn’t even put on lipstick.

And because I totally looked every inch a Palengke Queen, Alden decided to stand beside me during the show to take a groufie.

AAAAAARGH!!!!! :aargh:

I got really lucky here, though. I arrived at the venue around 3:30pm (Alden was slated to appear at 6:00pm); there were lots of people roaming around and participating at Oppo’s selfie activity but only a few had the bright idea of saving a spot at the moshpit for the show. I ended up at front row center. :whee!: And because I was at front row center with Alden being practically an arm-length away, I was able to take lots of close-up photos of him with no obstructions whatsoever. I barely even used my zoom lens for the most part.

And because I took too many photos, I still haven’t finished resizing and watermarking them until now. :cry: I was able to upload a few on my Facebook photo album, though.


The next day was Cookie’s Peanut Butter’s Day With The Bae event at SM Megamall Event Center.

The instructions on the poster said: (1) we have to register ourselves, presumably on a first come, first served basis from 10:00am onwards; (2) registrants will be given a wrist band with control number; and (3) seating arrangements and queuing for the photo op shall be based on the control number on the wristbands. Simple enough, yes?

I got there at around 10:30am, fearing that I won’t be getting a good seat anymore because I saw on Twitter that some fans and fan clubs have already lined up outside Megamall even before the mall opened. :nailbite: I reached Event Center; there were a few people inside the cordoned-off area and a short-ish line at the registration table. I presented my deposit slip (I bought my seat in advance through bank deposit directly to Cookie’s PB), they checked my name on the list, attached the wrist band to my arm and gave me final instructions as regards the activities for the day, eg., I can already use the free photobooth while it’s still not crowded. That’s it. :shock: They also allowed me to check my seat, which turned out to be a mere 7 rows away from the stage. Not bad for someone who didn’t literally open the mall. :thumbup: I asked if I can leave to do other stuff since I’ve already secured my seat, and they said it’s no problem. I just left an eco-bag to save my seat even if I didn’t really need to.

Simply put, those who were complaining about losing their seats to latecomers or the ‘first come, first served’ rule being not properly observed obviously did not check the procedures carefully. First of all, ‘first come, first served’ refers to the registration process and not to the seating arrangement. Fan clubs were registered as a group, and their representatives were there as early as 6:00am. Once you’re registered, your seat is secured by the control number on your wrist band, and thus, you’re not required to stay put. Therefore, it’s not a matter of “I got first dibs at this chair” kind of thing. If a registrant left after securing his seat and you took his seat because you’re there and he wasn’t (“first come, first served eh“), the seat owner has all the right in the world to kick you outta there.

Of course, if you’re not there and you’re a gullible fan or some troll who would just ride on whatever internet comment that is in your favor, you wouldn’t know that, won’t you. :neutral:

It’s funny how me, who complains a lot about how the FCs get better treatment than us No-Groups, has no complaints about this set-up. Actually, if you have attended similar events like this in the past (not necessarily an Alden event), you would be amazed at how extremely organized this one is. Medyo lume-level siya sa K-pop concerts with their standing-room-only, queue-determined-by-control-numbers thing. For that, I commend Cookie’s PB for coming up with that concept. One, because they totally avoided people literally fighting over chairs and stuff (being seated behind a huge banner/LED board is a different story altogether). Two, because the control numbers concept allowed us to be productive during our idle time instead of wasting it just for saving seats.

If there’s anything that I wish to be improved, it’s this: I wish fans who do not belong to any fan club will get equal, or at least improved, opportunity to get prime seats. Nothing against the FCs, they worked hard with assisting the company in organizing the event, thus, they deserve to be compensated for their efforts. It’s just that some fans who don’t belong to any group for whatever reason would also want to be part of the event. Don’t fault them – us – for not having FCs. We support Alden just the same.

Anyway… another thing that amazed me about this event is that the VIP ticket holders were so pampered with freebies. :whee!:

For hoarding P1,500.00 worth of yummy peanut butter, we got: 1. a solo photo op with Alden; 2. a pillow; and 3. a mug. And it’s not just some generic mug which I expected. There was a photobooth, and instead of a print out, we got a free mug with our photos printed on it. Awesome, right? Total value for money, right there.

Not only that, fans were treated to a cooking demo by Chef Anton Amoncio on the many ways we could cook using peanut butter, with free sampling of the finish product to boot. :thumbup: (You can tell it’s the free-sampling part that I love the most. :hihihi: Next to Alden, that is.)

We also got to witness a mini-concert featuring The Voice PH Season 2 contestants Bradley Holmes and Jason Fernandez, and – surprise! – top diva Dessa who reveled us with her powerful voice and hilarious wit. I particularly enjoyed Bradley and Jason’s sets because Bradley sang The Dawn’s Salamat and Jason did a Rivermaya set, and I shamelessly sang along with them. And then I asked myself if I went there for Alden Richards or to revive the bandstalker era. :think: :boinkself:

The show was hosted by the very pretty Dianne Medina, who carried herself so well especially during parlor games. :thumbup: And she’s really a great dancer, too!

Bashers have been belittling Cookie’s Peanut Butter for being a mere local company and even labeled this mall show as “cheap”. :kilay: Well, excuuuuuuuse me. :rolleyes: The CPA in me was calculating the entire time and this is nowhere near the vicinity of “cheap”.

As for the star of the show, Mr. Alden Richards:

Alden sang and danced, and after that he spent more than an hour taking photos with – I think – more than a hundred fans, making sure to chitchat with them whenever he can. I mean, I have witnessed this many times with Alden but I am still floored at what this guy does just to make his supporters happy. I couldn’t be more proud to be his fan.

As for my own “moment” with Alden: While I personally know some of the attendees, technically, I went to this event alone. We’re not allowed to use our cellphones/cameras during our photo op (amazingly, no one dared to violate that rule :shock: ), but other people in the audience were allowed to freely take footage. Since I don’t have any companions, I thought my own moment at the photo op would not be documented. Fortunately, someone sent me this video. My moment was captured, after all. :cheer:

Unfortunately – or fortunately, whichever way you put it – our conversation was not captured by the camera. I guess that part is reserved only to me. ;) Hindi n’yo kakayanin kung ano ang pinag-usapan namin. Ako nga hindi ko kinaya eh. :lmao:


PS: As I was writing this entry, I got distracted by some crazy fantard stunts that made my blood boil. :flaming: I was about to postpone publishing this one and post a rant on that topic instead. However, I checked the date and realized that today is my blog’s 13th Anniversary. :party: It’s just not right to celebrate my blog’s anniversary with a rant, you know? Although that would totally be in line with this blog’s usual theme, which is me bitching about anything and everything. :hihihi:

Anyway. 13 years. How did I last this long writing about nonsense drivel, I have no idea. :wacky:


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  1. Love this double blog entry Agent P.😍😍😍 More events more fun more blog to read from you.😉

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