Shine bright like a diamond.

For someone who’s admittedly not a singer, this guy has truly gone places. :clap: Congratulations, RJ! I’m proud to say I contributed about 10 units to that award. hahaha! Kidding! :lmao: Here’s to the next Diamond!

Speaking of the next Diamond…

Yesterday, Alden launched his 3rd album (his second under GMA Records) entitled Say It Again. And yesterday was one of, if not the most surreal moment of my life as a fan of Alden Richards. Yes, even more surreal than the single greatest moment of my fangirl life.

Last year’s Wish I May album launch basically also launched my “career” as an active fan of Alden Richards. It had a lot of ‘firsts’: my first time to see Alden in person, my first time to cover his events, my first time to cover an event seated on a Lazy-Boy chair. :hihihi: That sort of thing. I had hoped to experience the same thing this time at the Say It Again launch; unfortunately, things were a bit bleak in the days leading to the event. For one thing, the venue is different and the new venue has no Lazy-Boy chairs. :P Secondly, I didn’t have the same contacts then as I have now. We had very little time to build connections, so we ended up doing it the hard way: by lining up just like everyone else.

Or so I thought.


I had lost hope that I’ll be able to take decent photos at this event. For one thing, what is up with those high fences na pang-concert sa MOA Open Grounds? For some reason, they divided the audience area into blocks, and they used these high dividers to separate the sections. I would understand the need to have a divider for the VIP area and possibly for the senior citizens and PWDs, but for the rest of us who basically bought the same CD regardless of where we were seated… why? :shrug: I really don’t get it.

And then, there’s the LED board issue. :hopeless: I’ll be dealing with that later. Good vibes muna.

Long story short, it turns out that I might not have the same contacts then as I do now, but my current contacts can deliver the same goods. And more. Long story short, I found myself being seated here:


Yup, you’re looking at the backs of the heads of Alden’s family. I was seated behind them. I don’t know how it happened – wait, I do know how it happened, I just never even dreamed that it would happen. What happened was, a friend called a friend, who gave us access to the VIP area but not on those seats. Then me and another friend decided to make a courtesy call of sorts, and someone whom I spent so much time with during the Wish I May tour just happened to be seated there with Daddy Bae and the rest of his family members. Apparently, she has been looking for me all afternoon and when I finally appeared – by sheer coincidence, if I may add – she was like, “there you are! Here, take this seat. I’ve been reserving this for you!” :shock:

And that, ladies and gents, is how I somewhat found myself covering the launch in the company of Alden Richards’ family. It still hasn’t sunk in until now.

The thing is, earlier on, I even posted a status message on Facebook that I might not be able to take good photos of the launch. Because of this totally unexpected blessing, I ended up taking more than a thousand really good pics. God really has a wicked sense of humor, ‘no?

However: lots of good pics = tons of pics to sort, resize and watermark. And I have very little time to do so because I have an early meeting later. So I’ll just post a few now and upload the rest later. OK? :thumbup:

Just a few notes about the launch:

1. Before Alden’s set, they first showed the lyric video for his single Rescue Me. One word to describe it: CLASSY. It’s really, REALLY good! Alden and his producers have scored a jackpot on this one. An excellent music video to match an equally excellent song.

(c) AgentP
(c) AgentP

2. They played the songs on a loop while we were waiting. Truthfully, the only song from this album that I’ve listened to prior to the launch was Rescue Me. I was pleased to learn that all the songs on this album are well-produced this time (walang tunog nagbibinata). Although there’s this one song that I ended up mash-upping with Justin Beiber’s Sorry, which is not necessarily a bad thing because I happened to love that one.

3. And speaking of walang tunog nagbibinata… has Alden been having voice lessons lately? His singing was on point yesterday. To think that he hasn’t had a proper rest since arriving from London as he had to shoot for a couple of days in Bohol immediately after that. Those who know me from way back are aware that I’m very particular when it comes to singing on key and stuff like that. I have absolutely no complaints yesterday. Good job, Alden! :clap:

(c) AgentP
(c) AgentP

4. Alden called on Ms. Agat Obar-Morallos, the songwriter behind Wish I May and Rescue Me (she also did the featured vocals on this one) to share the stories behind her songs. She revealed that Wish I May was not actually a romantic-love song but more of a worship song. No wonder our assistant parish priest sang it at the worship concert at our parish a couple of weeks ago. And here I thought he sang it because he’s an Alden fan. :lol:

(c) AgentP
(c) AgentP

5. It was so nice to hear Alden acknowledging not just all the fan clubs, but also the ‘no-groups’. :thumbup: I was reminded of that lil’ rant I wrote on my blog entry about the Wish I May launch. And this rant masquerading as Random Thoughts which I wrote early this year. Glad to see that he’s initiating changes in the fandom.

6. This is the part where I will do a little bit of ranting. :neutral:

(c) AgentP

Those lightboards make for a pretty picture, right? They’re so nice to look at. Unless…

(LED board pic credit to Angelie of AI)

…you’re behind them and you were not able to see the artist you came for because he was totally blocked by those pretty lightboards. :nono:

I mean, REALLY. Why are they even allowing this?

I came from the K-pop fandom, where LED boards are as common as the common cold. If you do that at a K-pop concert, you will get literally thrown out by your neck. I’ve witnessed that myself.

I didn’t personally witness this as I got lucky, but I’ve heard complaints not just from my fellow AI members but from some of the others who were hopelessly blocked by these boards. They said that some of them went as far as standing on their chairs just to get a view of Alden – not even a GOOD view but just a view, period – and they were reprimanded by the guards. When they complained about the LED boards, the guards just ignored them. Where’s the justice in that?

The thing is, most of the people at the back are fans who hardly were able to attend Alden’s events. Some of them are probably seeing him in person for the first time. If you’re one of those who are present at 90% of his events, maybe you could be a little considerate and allow the rest to see him unobstructed, even from a distance?

It’s not even about being considerate. It’s plain and simple GOOD MANNERS.

Incidentally, aren’t LED boards supposed to be created so that they can be seen even from a distance? If you’re right there in front, why the need to flash those lighted things?

I’m writing this because we probably won’t be seeing any throwing-them-out-by-their-necks here. But that doesn’t mean we can’t speak up about it.

Oh well… I’ll just post this pretty picture so that this entry will end on a high note. :smile:

(c) Agent P


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  1. This is such a nice blog Agent P. After a year still Alden is doing well in his singing career. BUT it is gruelling thing to see those led boards I bet not just your FC members but other fans as well who were there to watch the launching.

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