One very fine day with the Bae, part 2.

Out of all the photos I took in Singapore for One Fine Day With The Bae, and we’re talking more than 700 photos here, this was my most favorite.

(c) Agent P | Alden INTL

I love this photo because we can clearly see how happy he is, willingly and lovingly giving that video greeting for a fan. FOR FREE. :scholar: It’s one of the things that I truly treasure as a fan, as a member of Alden International, and as someone who is blessed with the opportunity of witnessing and documenting Alden Richards in moments when there are no other cameras around except mine.

(c) Agent P | Alden INTL

This was Alden giving my mother a video greet because I jokingly told him, “nagseselos na ang nanay ko sa ‘yo kasi mas mahal na raw kita kesa sa kanya.” (My mom is getting jealous of you; she said I love you more than her now.) For which he replied, “uy, wag naman.” He constantly reminds the fans that he appreciates our support but we should never neglect our own families/loved ones in favor of him. Clearly shows how family oriented he is, ‘no?

Side note on the above photo: I actually don’t remember taking a photo of him filming that video greet for my mom. I only realized it now as I was preparing the materials for this blog entry. I was like, “wait… that’s my phone he’s holding.” :boinkself: :lol:

And speaking of things that I didn’t realize until now…

(c) Agent P | Alden INTL

I was curious about that naughty smile/smirk that he has on his face while signing that book. When I moved on to the next pic:

(c) Agent P | Alden INTL

Yep. The cause of the naughty smile/smirk was the thing that he wrote on my copy of his book. :bop:


As a volunteer correspondent for GMA Pinoy TV, I was given access to cover his other official activities in Singapore aside from the concert. I missed the Meet & Greet because we came to the venue rather late – and because the Meet & Greet was held at the ungodly hour of 9:00am – but I was able to cover the autograph signing.

(c) Agent P | Alden INTL
(c) Agent P | Alden INTL(c) Agent P | Alden INTL
(c) Agent P | Alden INTL(c) Agent P | Alden INTL

I didn’t know what exactly the mechanics of the autograph signing were, but I noticed that one can put anything on the table and he will willingly sign it. At some instances, he would sign the shirt that the fan was wearing. It’s a refreshing sight to see an artist who has no particular rules as to what will be signed. Usually, they would require that only official merchandise (eg., the Wish I May CD, or the official shirt that came with the concert ticket) will be allowed to be signed.

(c) Agent P | Alden INTL

It wasn’t exactly a small crowd, either, but he willingly met with them all and signed their stuff. His energy never waned even if he arrived very late in Singapore the night before and his day started early. Mad props should be given to Mama Ten and Leysam, as well. They’re the ones with more tasks to handle but they do it all tirelessly. Also, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Alden Richards has the nicest support staff I’ve ever seen on any celebrity, be it locally and internationally (especially knowing which fandom did I come from). Minsan nga tingin ko kailangan na nilang magsungit lalo kung abuso at pasaway na ang mga fans. Masyado silang mabait.

(c) Agent P | Alden INTL

As I look back at that trip to Singapore, I’ve decided that despite the few bad things that came as a result of it, it was something that I will never, ever regret doing for the rest of my life. It not only allowed me to experience Singapore for the first time. It also allowed me to witness more of Richard Faulkerson, Jr., the person behind the screen name Alden Richards.

I’m glad that I came out of fangirl retirement for this. He is so worth it. :smile:

On that note, let me greet my Alden International fanmily a Happy 5th Monthsary! :party: We’re only at the starting point, guys. Looking forward to more months, years of friendship, love and charity, all for the love of Alden Richards.


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  1. waaah! nakakatouch naman yan Pau :cry: made me realize so many things to stay and keep supporting Alden… love you guys!!! happy 5th monthsary to Alden International… more years to come

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