Thankful, part 2.

(Agent P’s Note: Apologies in advance to my non-Filipino readers, as I will opt to use Tagalog in some parts of this blog entry. The ‘feel’ will be lost if I insist on translating everything to English.)

(Part 1 is here.)

The one thing that I have tried and tested in the Alden/AlDub fandom – actually, in any fandom – is the virtue of patience. Everything happens at the right time, for the right reasons. Tamang Panahon, if you will. You will just have to wait for it.

Some of us nearly gave up when Alden was not able to attend the first charity event. Don’t judge; having tampo is perfectly normal, especially for first-time fans (and in this fandom, there are a lot). They are not used to waiting for nothing, unlike veterans like me who have experienced the craziest stuff in the name of martyrdom, este, fanaticism. Actually, I am a veteran fangirl but I still had my share of frustrations in the Alden fandom (see: this rant masquerading as Random Thoughts from way back in January). I just stuck it out because, somehow, Alden always manages to pull me back hook, line and sinker. :hihihi: He is nothing like the other artists I used to follow. I’ve just learned to manage my hopia because, believe me, hopia is abundant in the AlDub Universe.

Last Saturday, hopia became the day’s tagline. The members were hopeful but not expectant because we knew how tight his schedule was that day and he has an early calltime on Sunday. “Baka late na s’ya dumating, ok lang ba?”, we were asked. I replied: we would wait until 4:00am if we have to.

Around 10:30pm-ish, at a restaurant somewhere in Cavite. (Ok, fine, sa Concha’s. No use hiding it, may pictures eh. :lol: ) The door opened, and in came Mama Ten, followed by Alden who’s looking super-extra guwapo in that while polo and a slight hint of that Yago look from Carmela. :drool:

Dead silence from our side, because despite the constant follow-ups of his whereabouts, no one really expected that he would actually come and meet us. :shock: You’d think we would be screaming our lungs out but nooooo…! This is Alden International! Chill mode lang palagi kahit nandyan na si Alden. :lmao:

Then he joined us on the table and got introduced to the members whom he haven’t met yet. Meanwhile, said members… averted their eyes and avoided looking at him.

(c)Agent P/AldenINTL

Anuba. Demand kayo ng demand ng moment tapos nung andyan na si Alden, ayaw n’yo namang tingnan. ‘Nlabo, mehn. :rotflmao:


A flurry of activity followed as Alden allowed us to take solo pics with him, followed by a groufie. Then he signed the Team USA tarp, AIFC ID cards, magazines, t-shirts, gadgets (!!!) and just about anything that could be signed. :hihihi: Thankfully, it did NOT include underwear. :err:

This is now my cue to allocate blog space for my own random fan accounts, because, it’s my blog after all. :P


I finally was able to give to Alden my latest project, ie., Photobook No. 5: Alden and Yaya Dub | RJ and Maine. He leafed through all of it right in front of us, which is one proud moment for me, of course. (Bubuhatin ko na ang sarili kong bangko kasi wala namang ibang bubuhat kundi ako. :grin: ) I know some of you are curious as to how he reacted to each page; to that I say: HINDI KO PO ALAM KASI NAKATALIKOD SIYA SA AKIN KAYA HINDI KO KITA ANG MUKHA N’YA. Hindi ko naman pwedeng i-assume based on his batok only, diba? Ayan, Tagalog na at naka-boldface at allcaps pa, ha? Pag may humanash na naman, naku naku naku. AIFC Rules be damned. Naka-ready na ang sako at cactus para sa inyo.

I can tell how the members reacted, though. Kinilig lahat, syempre. :hihihi: Especially on that one spread that had previously unpublished photos from The Maine Event. :naughty:

So that’s half of my mission, accomplished. I wonder how will I be able to hand over Maine’s copy of the book? :think:

(c) AgentP/AldenINTL

When we were about to wrap up, I remembered that I haven’t got my For The Exclusive Use of Alden Richards Pen back. I saw him holding three markers, and I was like, “uh, alin nga dito yung sa akin?” My brain has stopped working by that time so I seriously cannot identify which one was mine. Alden said, “ito” and handed me the smallest one. Yeah, Alden Richards can identify markers by its respective owners. Ibang klase talaga ‘tong taong ‘to.

There was much chit-chat, and I had wanted to ask a lot of questions that were fed to me by my friends on social media. But for some reason, I can’t recall any of them. :aargh: It was so frustrating. Pagkakataon na sana eh! The chat lasted for quite a while as he seemed to genuinely want to talk with us some more (nagkakasarapan ang kwentuhan, ika nga), until it was us who decided to call it a night because he has an early calltime the next day. Hugs and besos were exchanged, then he apologized to us for missing our previous events. And I was like, seriously? :shock: Who does that??? No one. Just Alden Richards. He profusely apologized to the manager and staff of Concha’s for giving them forced overtime, too.

And then he was gone.

When we checked the timer – yes, someone had the sense to set up a timer for the meet and greet :hihihi: – it showed that he spent a grand total of 57 minutes with us. The original plan – not that there was any – was only a few moments. Wow.

As we were packing up, I told my co-AIFC members: “aminin n’yo, nawala ang tampo n’yo, tama?” I received several quips of ‘yes’ in return. :thumbup:

Simple things. They really can bright up a person’s day. :smile:

(c) Agent P/AldenINTL

To that, I say:

Salamat, Ms Weng.
Salamat, Ms Carlites and team (Kakai, Mama Ten).
Salamat, Richard Faulkerson, Jr.



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