Another year.

Another year in my life has passed. Another year to look forward to.

Last Wednesday, Ann mentioned something about what defines or what highlights her 34th year (oops, did I just reveal how young we are? :shutup: ). That got me thinking, what was the highlight of my 34th year? :think: This past year was kinda uneventful for me. Unless you count that thing that was the highlight of everyone else at the Voltes Team. And about dozens of others.

I received a few gifts, but the best has got to be… The Blog That Must Not Be Named has just been dissolved! Woo-hoo! :party: :dance: :evil: Of course, the kicked-out one will still continue to spread the ‘joy’ by opening her own blog – as all kicked-out persons do – while the one who kicked the other one out will still be continuing with the existing blog, but since she’s the less bitchy one it won’t be the same. Still, karma strikes, what do I say. Great birthday gift from the Cosmos.

And to cap off the uneventful 34th year, I spent my birthday being holed up at home immersed in tons of audit backlogs because we have to submit about 20 audit reports in two weeks. Good luck to me.

Looking forward, I can only wish that this coming year will be better and more eventful than the last. :thumbup:


Edit: A lil’ announcement…

My friend Ann (you know, the psychic) is doing her annual online reading as her birthday gift to me. She’ll be accepting questions on Friday and Saturday (July 18-19). Questions may be personal or about our favorite couple (individual or together). Those who want to ask personal questions may send their queries to me via email (unless you want to expose yourself to the world). Please enclose your latest – as in LATEST – photo. Make sure your face is clearly seen on the photo. Photos of people’s backs or side profiles are not to be accepted. :nono:

Please take note that Ann rarely does readings for strangers and she’s only doing this as her gift to me.



  1. i would like to inquire if this reading is for all? and if its for all, can i know your email add?

  2. Yes, it’s for all. I wouldn’t announce it here if it’s not. As for the email add, it’s in my Contacts page.

    By the way, just a caution. Ann is very frank and straightforward, so be very sure that you are ready to know the answer to whatever you want to ask. Some people tend to get offended (especially if the answer is not exactly what they wanted to hear) and pass the buck on Ann when all she did was answer what was asked from her. :bop:

  3. First question:

    Will Cloud Philippines be taking a trip this year? (This includes Pau and me) Is it going to be in Korea or somewhere else?

  4. :cheer: Happy birthday Pau and thanks to you and ann. You are both :angel:

    Q: What’s the real score between bikyo? Will they go public sooner ar later? :pray:

  5. happy birthday Pau, wishing you all the best.

    I think my question is already mentione so waiting for your answer Ann..

    Ps. Thank a bunch to you and Ann

  6. happy birthday!

    i know i don’t post often but i always come here to check out bikyo stuff. so, thank you for that. hope all your wishes come true!!!

  7. Those from Singapore….Hyekyo and WB will go to Singapore for 10days for their drama next month…..time for you gals to take action. :soju:

  8. Hmmm why can’t my favourite man drop by again? Oops better not. I’ll turn into raving lunatic :hihihi: .

  9. Winie Loi: Shoot!!! Why couldn’t they have been there during my visit last week? I had 2 free days when I could whatever I wanted without my cousins tailing me :mrgreen:

  10. been one of your “silent readers” for quite a while now but first time to post here… anyway, breaking the silence to greet you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY :party: … and to thank you for all the time and effort you give to CPH, to this blog, and to bi… i salute your passion and dedication and i admire your talent for writing… please keep it up… God bless you, pau…

  11. Belated Happy Birthday Pau….even if we are on our 30’s we should age gracefully.. :hihihi:
    oopppssss…can i ask for ann’s reading again???

  12. happy birthday pau :party:

    :offtopic: Kwon Sang Wo just announced his wedding date to Son Tae Young on Sept. 28. It is his Bad Love co-star (and our FH #2 guy) who introduced them…. wala lang.

  13. Thanks again for the greetings!

    I know Ann and I promised that she will give the readings on Friday and Saturday, but both of us had some stuff to do. Sorry about that. But she will try to make some time today to answer the questions.

  14. i’m surprised, really! :shock:
    some questions came from those who don’t believe me :roll:
    i’m having second thoughts on giving an answer :think: :belat:

    anyway, i don’t want to be accused of being a spoil sport. and i forgot to make a condition that i would only answer questions from those people i like :hihihi: :lmao:

  15. rizza

    let’s just say that there will be a trip that you guys OUGHT to have or else you would :aargh: :boinkself: :boinkself:

  16. tianared

    how public do you mean?? :think:
    i thought their actions were explicit to explain why there is BIKYO and to have a network at that :bop:

  17. What I meant is will they make an announcement about their relationship – engagement?

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