Random Thoughts No. 88.

Warning: There’s a quite a bit of #DelusionalAgentP in here.

In the midst of rushing to meet my work deadlines, ignoring my niece who’s doing a marathon of Descendants of the Sun in the same room, and eating a bowl of lugaw with the works (tokwa, baboy, lumpia at itlog), I had some random thoughts. I don’t know why those random thoughts just popped in my head while I was busy carving meat off a pig’s cheeks, but they just did.

1. Rain trying to hide while dating his publicly-known girlfriend vs. Song Hye Kyo proudly posting photos of her friendly gatherings with people like Yoo Ah In and Song Joong Ki on her own Instagram only cements our past suspicions that it was Rain who didn’t want to reveal his real relationship with Hye Kyo to the public. He’s still hiding, and she is not. Yes, I still believe that they were in a relationship. Remember which blog you are in.

2. Hye Kyo has been open about meeting up with the guys she works or worked with, but can anyone recall if she had at least openly talked about her personal relationship with Hyun Bin before? :think: Because right now, I don’t remember anything of that sort. This also cements my belief that H2 wasn’t – isn’t – real. She never hid her relationship with Lee Byung Hun in the past, didn’t she?

3. Someone might point out that Hye Kyo also hid relationship (whatever it was) with Rain, therefore, BiKyo wasn’t real, neither. My response to that is: See (1). Also, she eventually revealed through interviews that she met up with Rain from time to time. She never had that sort of thing with Hyun Bin.

4. I haven’t really watched DoTS yet because I’m already late with my reports (to those people who tell me to ditch my reports in favor of DoTS: how about YOU finish my reports for me so that I can watch DoTS? :nono: Wag kayong ano). From what I’ve seen, so far, I seem to be more drawn towards Jin Goo instead of Song Joong Ki. As I’ve said before, I find SJK to be too pretty for my tastes.

5. For some reason, whenever Song Joong Ki smirks or does something cute on DoTS, I see Alden, the Kalyeserye character. It’s either I can see that Alden Richards is capable of portraying SJK’s DoTS character, or a sign that I have overdosed on Alden that I see him in almost everything.


This has got to be the randomest Random Thoughts entry, ever.



  1. when you are done with reports,do take some time to watch dots for the story plot and witty lines.

  2. just to get it straight, those 2 YAI, SHK and SJK photos at TMI, they were shown in SJH’s FM, Beijing stop, with all his fanatics down at the stage. When asked about their relationship by the MC. He answered that he was good friends with YAI since the drama. That’s all what he said. Very daring guy. He knows what he wants to achieve. As for Rain, up to this point, I think I have never saw he posted a photo of himself and his girlfriend :roll:

  3. I hope you finish your reports ASAP. Pali, join the DOTS craze. I can’t wait for your reaction and analysis. :soju: How is your niece liking the show?
    So all this time it was the guy who was secretive and I thought it was the girl that was wary. Her IG posts are really intresting. Her posts are awaited by many and scrutinized. Wait for June 3, anticipating a motherlode of reaction(that is if she will show up) .
    I missed your random thoughts so thank you!

  4. Please watch DOTS. SHK’s acting was impressive though she did not win the Best Actress award in BAA; but she and SJK were the stars of the night. I just have to say that for her to win the Popularity award for TV and the Global Star award (both popularity awards) with wide margins made my fangirl heart so happy after the hate-and-hurt she received a few years ago. I felt like crying now seeing SHK glow like this. I have never seen her so radiant, happy and joyful.

    I haven’t watched Rain’s Please Come Back, Mister though. But I wish for him to do another album. I miss him doing sing and dance.

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