The single greatest moment of my fangirl life.

I’m supposed to introduce Alden Richards’ newest official fan club to you on this blog. However, I’m too busy with work-related matters but I just have to tell this latest installment of Agent P’s Life As A Fangirl now or else I’ll never live in peace. #naks #OAsaOveracting

I’ve always said that the only thing I wished for was to see Alden Richards in person. I guess God has other plans for me and I was destined for something more.

The last time I had a close encounter with Alden was on January 31, 2016. Although I’ve known him to have a very good memory when it comes to remembering people’s faces and/or names, I never really expected him to remember who I am as I haven’t really had that many close encounters with him (three, to be exact) and those encounters were just short moments. Thus, while waiting for him to arrive at the launch last Saturday, I had been practicing this opening spiel in my head:

“Hi, Alden! Nag-meet na tayo before.” (We’ve met before)

And then if he asks where, I will tell him where and when.

Never in my wildest dreams did I even imagine that this would happen:

Alden walked into the room, scanned it, made a beeline towards me, gave me a ‘beso’ and said, “Hi, Ms Pau. Kumusta na.” (Hi Ms, Pau. How are you?) :stretcher: I didn’t even need the spiel that I’ve practiced. My brain froze right there that I didn’t even remember hearing those words from him until I saw the video. Thank goodness there’s video! Thank you, Jho, for capturing it!

And then, just as he was about to move on, he saw the photobook at the table. It was my copy of Photobook No. 4: Alden at Sunday PinaSaya. He pointed at it and said, “uy ayan na naman!” And because I was still reeling from the unexpected greeting and I am Agent P who says stupid things in front of famous people, I said, “uh, hindi yan yung sa ‘yo.” (uh, that’s not yours) :lmao: I said it softly, though, so I don’t think he heard me. I hope. :pray:

But wait, there’s more! (Actually, there’s soooo much more.) Later on, without being prompted by anything or anyone, Alden himself said these magic words:

“Nasan na yung photobook ko?” (Where’s my photobook?)

I ran and got his copy. Fortunately, my clumsy feet didn’t fail me or else I’ll die of embarrassment right there.

As a fan, a photographer and an obsessed photobook giver, there’s nothing more awesome than seeing your subject leafing through your precious gift and thoroughly enjoying it.

(c) Agent P/Alden International

(c) Agent P/Alden International

(c) Agent P/Alden International

I just find it really amusing that the moment I got formally introduced to his manager and they were told of my day job, I got asked about vehicle license plates. :shrug: Fortunately, I was aware of the issue and was able to give a response that’s not “sorry, di ko hawak ang LTO.”

Anyway, I will be blogging about Alden International as soon as I have the time. I just have to go back to being an auditor first.


Just a few things I want to say:

1. A few people have told me how I seem to be really close to Alden based on the photos that I’ve shared on social media.

Just to clarify: I’m not close to Alden. I use zoom lens. Like, 30x zoom lens.

2. I get a lot, and I mean A LOT of requests for fansigns and video greets since I’m ‘close’ to Alden.

I don’t mean to offend anyone, but I’m sorry, I can’t grant your requests. One, as I’ve said, I’m not that close in the sense that I don’t park my buns backstage just hanging around with him. I don’t have that kind of clout (yet), and frankly speaking, backstage is pretty boring. :sleep: Five years of being a bandstalker has given me that experience. Two, I’m too busy covering his events to lug around magazines and fansigns and worry about video greetings. Three, personally, I don’t even ask those things for myself, so how can I make a request for other people?

I have a solution for you: Join Alden International, and make your request to Alden himself. :smile:


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  1. I hear ya agentP! Ang bait talaga ni Alden…Unintentionally, when I watched the video bigla lang lumabas yung memories with Rain and how hard, or should I say, impossible, for you or me to experience that from Rain. Recognizing his fans and being sincerely grateful and all that. I think this goes without saying that you and Alden might not just be fan and idol but good friends in the long run. He’s really so nice. :dream:

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