Pops in Seoul’s 1,000th.

Aftermath: Pops In Seoul’s 1,000th Episode: K-pop Party In Manila – July 5, 2008

Things I learned while attending ArirangTV’s K-pop Party for Pops In Seoul’s 1,000th episode:

  1. Majority of Filipino K-pop fans do not stick to just one favorite artist. Everytime a boy/girl band appears on the big screen, they scream like crazy that you get confused as to who they are really rooting for. Interesting to note, though, that the exceptions are mostly those from Cloud Philippines.
  2. Filipino K-pop fans are not like their Korean counterparts who can wave glowsticks, banners, etc non-stop all throughout a show, no matter how long a show is. I personally witnessed this when I got seated right smack in the middle of the SS501 fans section in a variety show in Seoul. Those girls held their thumbs-up sign all throughout the three-hour show, from start to finish. That’s determination for you! At the Arirang fanmeet yesterday, Pinoy K-pop fans would just wave their fan paraphernalia whenever they feel like it.
  3. Cassiopeia PH is one heck of an awesome fanclub. :thumbup: If ever I become a DBSK fan – I’m sure that won’t happen because I already had my one month DBSK phase some three years ago and that’s that – I won’t mind joining this group. Too bad the event hosts seem to ignore them almost completely. I mean, what’s with the constant mention – with emphasis, if I may add – of Super Junior?? At least acknowledge the fact that more than half of the audience is covered in red and that the Pinoy K-pop community won’t even be aware of this fanmeet if not for the Cassies! By the way, FYI, NOT EVERYONE WHO WORE BLUE AT THE POPS IN SEOUL EVENT ARE SUPER JUNIOR FANS. :scholar: I also don’t appreciate the fact that they’d only mention Super Junior, a little of Dong Bang Shin Ki, and that’s about it. So many fan clubs of different K-pop artists are represented in that event; if they can’t acknowledge everyone’s presence, then don’t acknowledge anyone at all.
  4. Filipinos will give loooong boooooring speeches that basically no one cares about if given the chance to give one. :sleep:
  5. The older the fans are, the more difficult it is for them to keep a queue straight.

To be honest, I did not fully enjoy the K-pop party yesterday. Number one, I cannot relate to all those boy and girl bands that everyone was screaming their lungs out for. Call me old, but I really prefer my idols to have real talent. :shutup: I mean, I know Evan is cute and all, but I’ll take Kim Jong Gook or MC Mong over him any day of the week and twice on Sundays.

Number two, it was damn hot inside the theater. :flaming: Side note: I think the Film Center ghosts took a day off yesterday because they can’t stand all the screaming. I didn’t feel any goosebumps at all (my friends who can ‘see’ did not feel anything, either). Normally, when a spirit is present, I would feel an eerie chill all over me. I didn’t feel that at all yesterday.

Number three, I only barely tasted my lunch because some CloudPH people arrived early and started texting/calling me asking me where I was. Hello, I said 1:00pm and it’s only 12:40!!! :flaming: I’m on a self-imposed starvation diet as it is, but please give me a chance to at least enjoy the little food that I have!!

Number four, they only showed Rain for about 3 seconds. :kilay: What’s up with that? That’s just about the only time the Cloud Philippines group showed some signs of life. The rest of the two-hour show, we’re just catatonics waiting for the agony to end. Although I understand that Rain was not in Korea for the longest time so even if he wants to, there is no way he will be able to film a greeting for his Filipino fans. I was telling Cha, Thet and Flor, who joined the Shinhwa Philippines group for this event, that at least they (Shinhwa PH) got a greeting from Jun Jin. For which Flor replied, “yeah, but did we see him??” Good point. You see, during this segment, the projector was blocked by I don’t know what and their tech guys did not even bother to fix the problem immediately, so basically, we heard Jun Jin give a message but we didn’t see him.

Number five, and this is the one that totally ruined my day: Cloud Philippines lost its seat allocation. :angry: I already had felt some bad signs when we were still lined up outside the Film Center. Lou, who was our designated usher for CloudPH, was telling me that we will be seated at the back because, despite CloudPH being one of the first fan clubs to respond to their invitation and give a headcount, they prioritized the seating to the other FCs. Reason given: CloudPH is a big group. :kilay: Yeah right, and you call Cassiopeia and the four or five SuJu FCs what? However, I let that pass. In the first place, CassPH organized this so they deserved the best seats possible. Secondly, CloudPH basically was just there to show support as Filipino K-pop fans, so it’s ok if we get seated at the back. It’s not like we’re gonna scream our lungs out for VJ Isak and Evan, anyway.

However, I totally got pissed off when we got inside the Film Center and found out that we have no seats. :angry: Apparently, CloudPH was given three full rows but some fans who are not affiliated with any FC (and a certain FC which did not even contact the organizers to give their headcount) already took those seats which are supposed to be ours. At first, I was mad at the organizers because I have been in constant communication with them for the past two weeks, I and the rest of my group took the effort to invite more people to make sure that this event will be a success, I was always prompt with my replies to their requests and reminders, and now THIS is how they are going to repay us?? Hell, I did NOT slave myself for two whole weeks only to be treated like this! Just then, the ushers came in and told the people who took our seats to vacate them because those are already reserved for CloudPH. Most of them left; however, a group of about 8 people refused to budge, claiming they arrived first. Honey, I know you took the effort to arrive at the venue early to get a good seat, but me as representative of CloudPH has been making the effort to reserve seats for my group for the past two weeks. I did my job as FC head. Did you do yours?

CassPH has sent us their apologies, but it was totally unnecessary. It was not in any way the organizer’s fault. To be honest, it was something personal. The ghosts of the Manila Film Center may have taken a vacation, but the ghost of Cloud Philippines’ past stayed on, glued to its seat. I wonder: if the real ‘owners’ of those seats happen to be another fan club and not Cloud Philippines, will these ladies give in? Your guess is as good as mine.

Anyway, enough ranting. Let’s get on with the real Aftermath!

Cloud Philippines while waiting for the gates to open. The queue might look orderly at these pics, but it didn’t stay that way for long. Our usher (Lou) constantly had to tell us to keep the lines straight. Which leads us to the last item on the list I posted above.

Prior to this, the Pops in Seoul crew took some footage of us, asking questions and making us sing one of his songs (to which we ended up ‘singing’… Rain, go Rain, it’s raining, it’s raining! :hihihi:

I actually don’t know what this interview is for (I mean, if it’s for a Korean publication or for the Arirang website). The orange-haired girl on the left pic is actually a CloudPH member. Those siblings are our resident CosPlay artists. The girl decided to join ShinhwaPH (hence, the orange hair), while her brother stayed on with CloudPH and opted to wear his sister’s It’s Raining costume. Needless to say, the boy was a hit even with other fan clubs who asked to take a pic with him. I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes yesterday, though. With the heat and humidity both outside and inside the Film Center, that pleather outfit must be a killer. :stretcher:

Ok, we’re in! There were a couple of bulletin boards at the lobby; one is for an on-the-spot ‘sticker vote’ as to who is the best among K-pop’s Top 6 artists, the Top 6 being Lee Hyori, BoA, Shinhwa, DBSK, Rain and Se7en. Which could actually be answered even without the stickers. Why? Because about 70% of the audience was composed of Cassiopeians. This poll is one big, humongous DUH. :rolleyes:

So it should not be a surprise anymore that the end result looks like this:

That thing completely covered in blue dots is, of course, DBSK.

On with the show proper:

I don’t think I should go about it in detail because there is a strong possibility that I won’t be nice with the commentary (especially with the ‘special guests’… geez, I hope the Koreans won’t think that THAT’s best thing Filipinos have. :phew: Although Charice Pempengco might have erased that notion beforehand). But there is one part that I absolutely have to mention because it certainly cheered me up.

When Evan came out to render his song number, this is what I instantly blurted out:

“Omigad, it’s GMA Supershow! Kuya Germs, is that you?” :lmao:

I swear, with that stage lay-out and his shining shimmering splendid white suit? So spot on.

What’s even funnier was, I passed it on to Rizza who was seated beside me, then to Precious who was behind me, and next thing I know, that same message was passed on ’til the end of the row where CloudPH members are seated.

Here are some more pics of Evan and VJ Isak:

In all fairness to Evan, he sings clearly in English. He’s sorely lacking in stage performance, though. VJ Isak, on the other hand, has a good voice but needs a few voice lessons to improve her technique. While she was singing Christina Aguilera’s I Turn To You with all the flat notes and everything, I so wanted to do a Teacher Kitchie and run up the stage, hold Isak’s jaw and say, “relax your jaw! Collect some air on your gut before hitting the high notes! Massage your facial muscles!” But she’s a good host.

Ok, didn’t I say I’m gonna skip the details? :slaphead: I better :shutup: before I do some more damage.


Epilogue: I was contemplating the day’s events and writing this blog entry in my head while on a long bus ride towards home when something very familiar caught my eye somewhere in Muñoz intersection. Posted on the window of a big Korean convenience store on the corner of EDSA and Congressional Avenue is a huge promo poster for Vita500, when Rain was their model. :shock:

Epilogue 2: I got home, turned on the TV. I was channel surfing when I Rain’s face suddenly popped in on my TV screen. It was last year’s Daejeong Awards, dubbed in Filipino. :wacky: I was waiting for the Popularity Award which he won, but the show was cut short to give way to a religious program.



  1. Pau, I woke up this morning with aching arms and legs, and really, really tired body. As a result, I opted to stay home and rest coz I want to be in good condition for our Singapore trip this Friday.

    It was super, super hot hot yesterday at Manila Film Center, wasn’t it? I was not this tired after our SR event last May and we had more to do then, right? Yesterday was definitely not fun for me in more ways than I can count. I can only count two things positive: having the CPH members join for the event and knowing we can always count on their supports and having those interviews to further promote CPh. And that’s that. Better luck next time.

    As for the “pasaway” person…let’s just hope not to have an encounter with her and her friends anymore because I really don’t want to face her attitude anymore.

  2. We missed this event because of a very important reason, but I’m glad to see CloudPH is represented very well. :clap:

    Intriga: Who are those “pasaway” people? I have a very good feeling I know them, but I’m still not sure… :think:

  3. Rizza: You wish. It’s a small world after all, I’m sure we’re gonna cross paths again. I just hope she drops it and move on because my gah, it’s been two years! Geez.

    Anyway… can you believe it, I just woke up. I slept the whole day today because I have been dead tired for the last 2 weeks. But this is nothing like our previous events where all the fatigue and stress goes away after the event. On this one, which is not even our event, I was just tired, period. All the more tiring when I visit the forums and it felt like I was the only one who didn’t enjoy this.

    ja: I know you couldn’t possibly be there in the flesh but we know you and Tita Remy were there in spirit (well, not literally).

  4. hi djo it was nice meeting you :smile: hope we’ll see each other again !!maybe in coming events :soju:
    i’m currently watching daejong film awardi n qtv11 and our man is kinda cute here :hihihi: when was this shown in korea…
    i’m kinda frustrated because not even a single video of rain was shown.. :aargh: :slaphead:

  5. dang: That Daejong Film Awards show was from last year.

    Re: the event, I can understand the frustration. Some DBSK and SuJu fans are actually frustrated that there were no DBSK and SuJu MVs shown, but at least they got a video greeting from those groups and they get acknowledged every now and then.

    djo: Yeah, she really does look like Han Ga In. And some fans who got to meet her said she’s really nice both onstage and off. The same can’t be said about Evan, though. Although he did smile and wave and gave in to requests for autographs and photo ops, they said his smile disappears once all those are over. See how demanding Pinoy fans are? :hihihi: They got all those and yet they’re STILL not satisfied. If Rain comes over here in his usual grouchy self, CloudPH will surely be having a hard time defending him.

  6. Thanks for sharing this. :grin:

    i got interviewed too and they took a pic of me. I wonder if it’ll be published. The korean girl asked for my name and I had to grab her notebook so I can write it myself. :neutral:

    Looking at the blue dots for most fave artist, Rain is 2nd right? :think:

  7. The Kuya Germs comment again. :rotflmao:

    About those girls who didn’t leave, I swear if I was there, I wouldn’t leave them alone. nauna, my ass. :chair: That’s one of the things that I really hate.

    Btw, part 2 of Daejong was last night. The first award was the popularity award. I saw it on time. 8) Hehe. I think he left even before the show was over. The camera had a shot of PCW and their seats and he was not there.

  8. agent p, i dont think you’re the only one who did not enjoy the show. a lot of the cph members who went there were disappointed that rain was only shown once and only for a few seconds. we all could not relate with the show. one of us even said she fell asleep (with all the noise around her) because rain was not there!

    dang, it was also nice meeting you. hope to see you again in the next event.

    i always pass by munoz everyday and i havent noticed the poster. i got to go watch out or it tomorrow.

  9. One of our younger members texted me saying that PIS went back to the Film Center to shoot the closing program. Apparently, some Cassies stayed on and saw the show. Some clips were uploaded at YouTube. I told her, “didn’t they tell us to vacate the premises already??”

    Well, not that it matters, anyway.

    I was looking around the CloudPH area to take photos but I changed my mind when I saw practically everyone glued to their seats and waiting for the show to end. I can only recall one member – the young girl beside me – enjoying herself. At one point, a few of our *older* members seated behind me told her, “huy! Rain lang tayo!” :hihihi: No wonder some of our teenaged members opted to join either Cass or SuJu. They probably figured out that they can freely spazz if they’re with other groups.

  10. Regarding this – “One of our younger members texted me saying that PIS went back to the Film Center to shoot the closing program. Apparently, some Cassies stayed on and saw the show. Some clips were uploaded at YouTube. I told her, “didn’t they tell us to vacate the premises already??” ”

    I actually stayed at the venue with the rest so I was there when the closing was shot. Nothing really fancy though. We (the ushers) and some other Cassies were told to sit on the stairs (the one infront of the entrance) and waited for Isak and Evan to return. We were even told to say something like requesting one of Evan’s songs :err: and to keep silent (read: no screaming) once they arrive. :grin: As I understood from Isak’s spiel which consisted of maybe 5 sentences with one question for Evan, it was more like closing the whole event. They let us say “annyeong” to the viewers and respond “Yes” when Isak asked whether we enjoyed the show. That’s it! I guess it was even less than 5 minutes.

    Then, we were given the chance to line up for pictures and autographs with Isak (I have a pic with her :oops: ). Some had Evan’s autograph too but for me, I didn’t bother lining up anymore. :nyenyenye:

  11. And i don’t like how they chose the winners of the raffle :slaphead: Just think of a number from 1-500?? They don’t even know how many ppl came, and why wud they think? what happens to “tambiolo” days :roll:

  12. Do you gals ever think that there are still FH behind the scenes that you have not yet seen ? Well in the Japanese version of ‘Making of Full House’, 80% of it are NEW…never seen….time to pay for FH again.


    I will try to buy it while I am in Osaka next week.

  13. I already have a copy of this, but it’s still with Hiroko. Gotta claim it from her one of these days…

  14. According to the Korean clouds, it seems that Mr. CEO has disappeared since his return to Seoul….never return to Jtune…. :hihihi: people think may be he is busy with CF shooting or 5th album. :grin:

  15. Should I buy?? I am afraid it will be another “Road for rain”, after I bought the Japan version, they came out with a korean version (Cheaper!!!).

  16. Pau, I didn’t find the file of Kai’s shoes in my comp. I saw the pic you posted in your CPh anniversary entry, but the file is small so the shoes is not clear. Can you e-mail me the bigger file if you still have it, and also ask Cha the name of the shop again? I forgot to bring the paper where I wrote the info. I know the size=38 and the name of the shoes=Melissa, but I forgot the name of the shop where to buy it. I’ll make abono na lang, please tell Kai.


  17. The Korean version of Road for Rain doesn’t have the photoshoot DVD. Although it does come with English subs.

    I heard Road for Rain (the Japanese lookalike or Japanese version – I do not know as it looks authentic) is on sale in HK for like a fraction of the price. I do not wait for such versions though. :angel: As I want to get my hands on it immediately.

    There’s also a Sang Doo visual DVD (Japanese product).

  18. I don’t think there will be an international version of the new FH DVD (or at least, I hope there won’t be coz I will end up killing myself.hehe). The more probable one would be 24 Hours-The Day.

    As for Road for Rain: some of my friends were able to get a copy from Malaysia and Bangkok (during WT days) for a much, much cheaper price (as in about 1/10th of the actual retail price of the Japan version). It even came with the photobook. But I have to say, one touch at the book tells me it’s nothing but a poor imitation.

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