Dream come true.

I’m not the type of person who dreams big. But if there’s one dream that I’ve always had since I was a child, it’s to watch Eat Bulaga live at the studio. One might wonder: what’s stopping me from doing that? Well, I am a promdi (from the province) and Metro Manila seems to be a faraway place when I was younger. Two, I never found out how to watch the show at the studio. The nearest thing to being an Eat Bulaga studio audience for me was when our barangay was chosen for the Juan For All, All For Juan segment over two years ago.

And then, Sa Tamang Panahon happened. It was more than I could ever dreamed of, but it’s still not quite the dream I had. I wanted to experience everything they do at the studio on a daily basis for the past three decades.

Remember when I said that I seem to get lucky with everything related to Kalyeserye and/or Alden Richards these days? This is one of those lucky streaks. :smile: A friend from the Alden fandom invited me to join her at the studio on Monday, November 2, 2015. Of course, I would never say ‘no’ to that. My childhood dream is finally coming true! :cheer:

Good morning! 😀

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With my niece tagging along, we arrived at the Broadway Studios at precisely a quarter before 8:00am. Too early for a noontime show, yes, but we were scared of Monday morning traffic after a holiday. :nailbite: Also, it’s our first time and we wouldn’t want to be late for the 9:00am calltime. We met up with our companions, lined up at the designated area for those who made advanced reservations that included ‘excursionistas’ and OFWs/Balikbayans (we belonged to the ‘OFWs/Balikbayans’ group), and waited for our group to be called. Everything was done in an organized and orderly fashion. Or maybe, we just got lucky that there were no pasaways around. It’s a Monday, so there were few ‘chance passengers’, so to speak. The situation might be different on Saturdays and special episodes.

The gates were opened a few minutes before 10:00am. Our group was called on the queue, and our arms were stamped like so:

(c) Agent P

Notice that there’s a ‘Mon’ below the Eat Bulaga logo, so if there’s anyone who’s planning on not washing their arms so that they can come back the next day, forget about it. You can do that if you can stand not washing your arm for a week.

We went up the stairs, and lined up again for the bag inspection. The following, among the usual others like deadly weapons, are prohibited inside the studio:

– food and drinks, including candies;
– ballpens
– fans (pamaypay); you won’t need it inside the studio, anyway, it’s freezing cold in there
– umbrellas

These will be asked to be checked in at the baggage counter, so if you don’t want to go through all that hassle, just leave them at home.

In case you’re wondering: yes, cameras are allowed, including DSLRs. They will just ask you not to use flash inside the studio (and really, it’s super well-lighted, so why would you use flash?). Cellphones are allowed, as well. In fact, you would need it in case you get picked as judge for their Bulaga Pa More! segment.

Anyway, I got super-excited when I saw this:

(c) Agent P

It just made everything seem more real, you know?

Finally, we’re inside the studio! :cheer: We were led to our designated seats (you can’t choose your own seat, so huwag nang magpumilit kung di mo type ang upuan mo; pag nag-inarte ka, maraming naghihintay sa labas para pumalit sa ‘yo) (bakit ako humuhugot? :lol: ) and waited while the others are getting seated. The studio is very well-staffed with security personnel and ushers who will be more than willing to assist the studio guests. Once you’re stamped and was given your designated seat, you still may go out to take a bathroom break or to grab a quick bite as long as you do it before the show starts or during (loooong) commercial breaks.

While waiting, we were able to watch the That’s My Bae guys and the Gaya Gaya Pa More and Spogify contestants rehearse. I’ll… just leave it at that. :shutup:

Once everyone has settled down, the audience jesters started giving instructions and we were handed our numbers for the raffle in case the ATM With The Baes contestants fail their jackpot round. This is one of those simple things that excited me. Look, I have an Eat Bulaga number! :hihihi: Shallow, but hey. Wala kayong pake.

(c) Agent P

Come 11:30am, all activities stop at the studio so that we can watch Princess In The Palace. Well, all activities except these two cuties running around the main(e) stage:

(c) Agent P

Baste is just too, too adorable for words. :drool: He ran around like the studio is his own house and he had to be carried off the stage as the dancers are already positioned for the opening number.

The EB Dabarkads came out a few minutes before 12:00pm. I noticed how each and everyone of them tried their best to accommodate those who approached them for a selfie, a kiss/hug or even a handshake. At times, Ryan Agoncillo or Sam YG would even volunteer to take the selfie themselves.

(c) Agent P

Just as Princess in the Palace‘s end credits rolled, we were asked to stand up and get ready for the OBB. I danced along with everyone else, something that I very, very seldom do in my entire lifetime. Note: if you intend to just sit there and watch the show with your bitch face “I’m too cool for this shyte” thing, forget about it. I left my bitch face at home. One simply is never too cool for Eat Bulaga. The energy inside the studio was quite contagious, you would have to be set in marble to not feel it.

After the opening was the Bayanihan segment of J4A, then ATM With the Baes featuring these two handsome gentlemen. :dream:

(c) Agent P

OK, don’t get me wrong. It may be because I’ve been seeing Alden in person lately so the effect is not the same anymore. Or maybe because I made the mistake of checking my phone before the show started and I saw something that somewhat reduced my excitement even if Alden looked so fresh and gorgeous that morning (don’t even ask). :wall: But is it just me or Sam YG is super-hot in person that Alden somewhat pales in comparison with them standing side-by-side like that? :hihihi:

(c) Agent P

Wait… what was I saying? :hihihi: :wacky:

Maybe it was just my ruined mood that made me feel that way. Or maybe because I’ve been watching Bollywood movies lately and I’ve been well-acquainted with good-looking Indian guys. Whatever it was, I totally understand now why Sam YG is oftentimes labeled as a chick-magnet.

Oh, and he looks great with the equally gorgeous Patricia Tumulak, too. :naughty:

Anyway… here’s another lucky strike. We didn’t know that Alden will be given the Platinum Record Award for his Wish I May album that day. Alden Nation (and this blog) got lucky that we were there to witness and cover it live, in the flesh. :clap:

Congratulations, @aldenrichards02 !!! #ALDUBTheRing

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(c) Agent P

(c) Agent P

During (the looooong) commercial breaks, the That’s My Bae boys would come out to entertain the audience.

(c) Agent P

This would also be the time for your bathroom break, or if you want to eat/drink, or if you want to update your social media accounts with your “I’m on Eat Bulaga!” selfies.

For those who are wondering what Nicole Hyala and Chris Tsuper look like in person: I wouldn’t know. They did their Spogify thing backstage. It was nice seeing the EB Dabarkads sitting along with the audience where we could hear them banter off-mic, though.

(c) Agent P

As for Kalyeserye/Juan For All: first of all, I think we got lucky that Tito, Vic and Joey were present that day. Again, another dream come true for me to see all three of them at the studio panel. If only Allan K is present. Maybe this Monday? ;)

(c) Agent P
(c) Agent P

The thing about watching Kalyeserye at the studio is that, it’s just like watching on TV. Alden is doing his thing backstage, while Maine and the Lolas are on location. We only watch them through the big screens along with the hosts at the panel. At times, I would forget that TVJ was actually right there in front of us because my eyes were focused at the screen above them.

(c) Agent P

Still, the audience was very receptive with the jokes and AlDub kilig moments. I did notice, though, that the energy has somewhat waned after Kalyeserye, probably because most of us are already tired, hungry/thirsty and in dire need of a bathroom break by that time. Therefore, I have these few tips for those who may have the chance to watch Eat Bulaga at the studio:

1. Make sure you’re well-fed and hydrated before entering the studio;
2. Take advantage of the long commercial gaps for your bathroom breaks;
3. Just enjoy the show!

Here are some scenes from last Monday’s Eat Bulaga as captured by my camera. Please click on ‘FS’ to view the images in its full resolution.

Eat Bulaga - November 2, 2015

This might – will ;) – not be the last time I will be at the studio, so expect to see more blog entries like this in the (near) future.



  1. looks fun. :) are there still people staying outside the studio like how it was during the pre-Tamang Panahon days?

  2. oh, ok. i did see a couple of short vids of today’s episode and there are still a lot of people watching outside the studio.

    btw, i saw this video from last night’s Chikaminute that Heneral Luna wants another chance with Lola Nidora. hahaha, that would be so epic if they can invite John Arcilla in Kalyeserye.

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