Alden Richards at Market! Market!

Aftermath Report: Alden Richards ‘Wish I May’ Album Tour
Market! Market! – 23 October 2015

Yep, this blog is fast becoming an Alden Richards blog. Is there anyone complaining? :blink:

Before Sa Tamang Panahon, I had the opportunity to cover the first day of Alden Richards’ “Wish I May” Album Tour at Market! Market! last October 23, 2015 for Alden Nation. Unlike the album launch, this one was quite a challenge for a number of reasons: (1) it was a weekday and I even had to attend a staff meeting at work, where I had difficulty concentrating because, guess what! At some point in the meeting, we were discussing the difficulty of getting a ticket for Sa Tamang Panahon (wut??); (2) Market! Market! is not as accessible to me as SM North EDSA (#PromdiProblems); (3) it was a Friday night, and you know what happens to EDSA on Fridays; and (4) I had to get up early for Tamang Panahon the following day. But hey, all for the love. I’m even seriously considering attending the next few album tours. It’s not like I’ve never traveled to the other side of Luzon during my bandstalking days, or literally flew out of the country on a whim during my Rain days…

All throughout the day, I’ve been receiving updates from my friend Thet – yes, as in Cloud Philippines/Voltes Team Thet – who was at Market! Market! because she works in the same building. According to her, a long queue has already formed for Alden’s mall show even before the mall opened, and a good majority of those who queued are ‘nakakatanda’ (the, uhm, ‘young-at-heart’). :whoa: I validated this when we arrived at the mall later in the afternoon. Aside from those already at the seated area, one of the mall usherettes asked for my help as there was this sosyal mother-and-son pair who was asking if GMA Records/Astrovision would still replenish the supply because the CDs have already sold out as at lunchtime. My help was sought because, aside from the fact that I was wearing my precious GMA Records volunteer ID, the mother-and-son tandem spoke in straight English. :stretcher: My English wasn’t ready at the time, so medyo nosebleed. Anyway, I told them to wait as the organizers were still discussing if they will re-stock. I never found out if they eventually got a CD, though.

Anyway. We got to our seats, and I gotta say: Exactly what is it about Alden Richards that I always get lucky when it comes to seating arrangements? I mean, this was my view, taken using my cellphone with no zoom and no filter:

(c) AgentP

I think some of Alden’s luck has rubbed off on me. :razz: (NOTE: for those who are new to this blog, the blogger frequently gets delusional at random times. You’ve been warned)

That, or it’s because I bought the CD bundle. If you want to have the same experience, get a CD bundle at his mall shows. O ha, nai-segue sa plugging! :lmao:

The show was supposed to start at 6:00pm. This was the crowd situation as of 3:58pm:

(c) AgentP

A multi-level gathering has already formed, with more still purchasing the CD. I’m not even counting the random passerby who will surely join in once the show starts.

Around 6:35pm, screams erupted at the venue at the appearance of Richard Faulkerson… Senior. :hihihi:

(c) AgentP

I think it’s safe to say that Daddy Bae has become as equally popular as his son? Another side note: People at Pinoy Exchange usually call Alden ‘Gov’ because Alden looked more like a governor than a bodyguard during his one-day stint as a Rogelio. In real life, I think Daddy Bae is the one who’s more governor-like. :lol:

Alden appeared a bit late because he came in straight from Philippine Arena for his rehearsals, and I think he had to attend to other matters before going to Market!Market! (plus, the aforementioned Friday traffic). However, he was welcomed with the news that his album has officially reached Platinum status, so everyone was in high spirits.

(c) AgentP

Impressions on my second time seeing Alden in person: Well, he looked much better this time. He was a bit pale when I saw him at the launch. He probably was able to properly recharge after that super-insane #JapanPaMore week that he had, and maybe (#hopia observation coming up) the excitement of the following day’s Tamang Panahon has added to his brighter aura. Even his voice sounded much better this time, compared to the previous week.

(c) AgentP
(c) AgentP
(c) AgentP

Browsing at the pics, I noticed that he looked more ‘Alden’ and less ‘Aga/JLC’ this time. I don’t know why. :shrug: You can check them out yourselves at the photo gallery below (please click on FS to view the photos in its full resolution):

The event was generally well-organized, but I do have one slightly (‘slightly’? hahaha) negative comment. It’s this one:

(c) AgentP

I am adding this to my list of Concert Pet Peeves, along with big tablets (ooh, it’s present on this show, too), big banners being raised overhead and covering everyone’s view, and selfie sticks. Did these people go to the show to see Alden, or to take selfies with Alden as their background? :nono: Mind you, it’s not even one of those ‘I’ll take one shot and then enjoy the rest of the show.’ They literally parked their buns out there in front and took selfies nearly 100% of the time Alden was onstage. Oh, and this group was just a sample. There were about 20-30 other people who did the same thing and were fortunately spared from being immortalized by my camera (fortunately for them, that is).

The worse part? Mall security did not even ask them to leave or at least take their seats. Wow. :hopeless:

It’s not the fact that they also blocked the view of everyone at the VIP area. It’s the fact that they were out there in front and they had their backs turned against the artist the entire time he was performing. It’s just disrespectful and downright rude to the artist. :nono: I’m sure Alden didn’t mind because, it’s Alden. That doesn’t make the act right, though.

Anyway… good vibes! During the photo op, Alden once again demonstrated his impeccable fan service. Just like at the album launch, the organizers have set up the photo op as Alden behind a table and the four fans seated in front. I was waiting for anyone to chant, “no table!” once again just like at the launch, but nothing came. I didn’t actually see this because I was already queued at the time, but according to my friends, Alden frowned as soon as he saw the table. This one, I did see: Alden himself removed the table. :clap:

When it was our turn for the photo op, we placed the Alden Nation banner in front of us. The security people were like, ‘oops, bawal po!’ (it’s not allowed). Alden said, “hindi, ok lang yan” (no, it’s ok). I heard him say it because I was beside him at the time. Yes, I just used that opportunity to mention that I was beside Alden at the photo-op. :razz:

After that not-so-successful incident at the album launch wherein I was lumped with total strangers and I ended up being literally separated from them at the group shot, I made it my mission to sit beside Alden at all cost, just in case it will be the last time that I’ll be having a close encounter with him (which, as of today, might not be quite the case :pray: ). Therefore, I would like to apologize to the others at the queue when I insisted with firm conviction that I won’t be giving way. I just had to, sorry. Anyway, mission accomplished. You can have him all you want next time. :hihihi:

We had to leave the premises after our turn for the photo op, but I was still able to capture some touching moments from the third floor of the mall. I saw this lady on crutches whom Alden personally assisted and he even stood up so that he can properly take a photo with her.

(c) Agent P

There was also this child on a stroller who appeared to have cerebral palsy. Alden took a solo pic with her. When the child had to go, I saw her twisting her body on the stroller because she doesn’t want to take her eyes off Alden. I suddenly remembered Dahly and her encounter with Rain, and I couldn’t help but be deeply touched.

It’s witnessing moments like this that makes me want to personally experience more of Alden’s events. He constantly shows sincerity and genuineness in his fan service, and he goes the extra mile just to express his appreciation for the fans’ support. It’s a quality that’s quite rare for a popular celebrity. This young man still continues to amaze me, and right now I’m proud to say that I am already a fan. :smile:

(More photos are uploaded at Alden Nation’s official Facebook fanpage.)



  1. I agree AgentP, you can really see and feel Alden’s sincerity. Hindi yung plastic lang, I can see it in his eyes. Even during Kalyeserye one can observe his natural reactions, he really is a nice guy. I like him a lot. But I’m more of a fan of JoWaPao. Nakakatawa talaga sila, pangtanggal lungkot on gloomy days. All I do is just watch previous Kalyeserye episodes and I feel lighter. Hindi na ako masyado nanonood ng Showtime.

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience and those pictures. Galing naman, nakatabi mo na si Alden! Have you heard the news that he was offered big bucks to do a concert? Sana matuloy, kahit di muna ngayon na busy pa sya. I’ll watch definitely.

    Kakatuwa to hear stories about how nice he is. Hope he continues to be humble and that his popularity stays for longer, kahit pa matapos na yung love team nila.

  3. #RealTalk: I don’t want Alden to do a big concert this early. Or at least, he should get some proper and intense voice lessons first. :shutup:

  4. yeah, that’s how it should happen, if ever it will happen. hehe. basta, i’m excited and waiting. :)

  5. Yeah, I also read the news he was offered an 8-digit TF? :whoa: But yeah, maybe some refinement on his voice for the sake na rin of his career. But I think the producer was striking while the iron is hot? But given how Alden seems to be a hardworking person and also down-to-earth, I think his popularity will stay long. I was rewatching the TamangPanahon show and is it just me or I saw Rep. Neri Colmenares attend the show?

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