Call him, maybe.

On today’s episode of Kalyeserye, it’s AlDub’s first phone conversation!

…well, first phone conversation that we know of.

I saw this episode at work today with a pretty bad TV signal, coupled with trying to shoo away a colleague who kept offering me ice cream (the hell, can’t you see I’m busy??? :bop: ) and others who were watching me watch TV and waiting for me to react (ang hirap magpigil ng kilig pag may audience, ha!). Still, despite all the distraction, I felt that Alden was way too relaxed at the prospect of talking to Maine on the phone. I mean, he was a bit nervous and tensed, but it wasn’t the same tension and nervousness that he showed in past episodes. This time, it looked more like he was nervous and tensed at the probability that something might inadvertently slip during the phone call. :think:

Based on what we witnessed on national TV today, it’s quite obvious that this was not the first time that Alden and Maine spoke on the phone. They looked (well, Alden, at least) and sounded too comfortable for what is supposed to be an unscheduled first phone conversation.

Disclaimer: Regulars of my blog already know that everything written under ‘Notes From Agent P’ is prone to certain delusions about the couples the blogger is shipping. Please take everything you read in here with lots of grains of salt.


On a somewhat related note: I heard that a certain fan group who just loooooves to blame Alden on anything and everything has been complaining about the fact that it was Yaya Dub/Maine who called instead of the other way around. You know, ‘coz girls aren’t supposed to be the one calling the boys. :rolleyes:

Uhm, I’m sorry, but are we watching the same show?

If I remember correctly – what am I saying, I replayed the episode before I wrote this blog so of course I perfectly recall what happened – it was Lola Nidora who offered to let Yaya Dub talk to Alden. Based on the plot, Yaya Dub was using Lola Nidora’s phone. It would be more logical (not to mention time-saving) to let Yaya Dub call the phone being used by the studio panel for the Sugod Bahay segment instead of going to all the nuances of giving the phone number to Alden so that he could place the call.

And c’mon. It’s Kalyeserye. Quit nitpicking.



  1. You are pretty right on the dote though.. so they not dating yet? Thought they were dating already?!

  2. I listened carefully to the audio, Maybe messages between the two are never direct but always through other people. They had a major slip up. Alden’s first words were a very unsure “Asan ka?” to which Meng excitedly replied “I-tetext kita” Alden had a very surprised look on his face, “Sa cellphone ko?” (really makes you think that they don’t exchange texts and calls on their personal phones. ) At this point, it was very audible to the audience. Meng sounded excited and replied. “Oo!” At that point Allan K hurriedly took the phone and tried to downplay what happened by saying “Lola bakit pumasok ang boses mo? Ang lakas! Magikera ka ba?” Allan is obviously signalling Maine that her voice could be heard very loudly. (Tito n Joey were a bit confused and was telling Allan that it’s Yaya’s voice and not Lola) Then the voice of a “director” giving instructions was heard telling them to first ask permission from Lola if they could broadcast Yayas voice. Here Allan spoke a bit louder, over emphasizing “I-Gentner natin yung call Lola pwede? Yung madidinig ng lahat?” (Gentner is a conference call sysytem) Allan K was again discreetly signalling Maine that she should now be careful because everyone will hear the conversation. He is likewise making the audience excited by telling them that they will hear Yaya n Alden speak to each other. Very smart move by AllanK. So for me, as far as Yaya n Alden communicating directly to each other, they are probably able to do so in very limited ways. But who knows! Love will always find a way! :) Mura lang ang SIM card hahaha.

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