The letter.

On today’s episode of #KiligPaMore Kalyeserye: It’s AlDub’s 2nd Monthsary!

And to celebrate this milestone, Alden decided to go all-out and serenaded Maine – yes, MAINE, not Yaya Dub; not once did he mention ‘Yaya Dub’ in the entire duration of the segment – with his song, Wish I Maine, er, May while little kids from the barangay brought her flowers.

But! Before that, Alden reminisced about their first ‘meeting’ on July 16, 2015, and then read her a letter while highlights from their two-month ‘relationship’ were flashed on the screen. The letter was so touching that his voice broke a little while reading, and Maine teared up a little while listening to him.



For the benefit of my non-Filipino friends, I will (try to) translate the letter to English:

Hi Maine, how are you?

Only two months have passed but so many things have happened. There were happy times, there were sad times, there were painful moments. But in all of these, we have learned something. There’s nothing that we couldn’t do as long as we work hard and we love what we’re doing. If there are people who will believe in us, and are believing in us and loving us, why should we give up now?

Our lives have changed. So much. But there are also many things (in our lives) that will never, ever change no matter what.

You already know what I mean. And we both know that whatever paths we take, the right time will come.

AlDub you,

Here’s the video of The Letter, courtesy of Eat Bulaga’s official Facebook page:


I’ve seen many testimonies on social media, saying that they cried while listening to Alden recite that letter. They cried even more when they replayed the video (a minimum of 10 times, per my estimate), and while re-reading that screengrab I posted above. I think, paraphrasing what Alden said, it’s really not just Alden and Maine but the whole AlDub Nation can relate to what the letter said. We’ve been in this together for the past two months. (Omigad, it’s only been two months??? Wow!) We laughed together, we cried together, we got angry together, we died of ‘kilig’ together, we rejoiced in their victories together. Our lives have also changed a lot since AlDub.

As for Alden and Maine: many of us have speculated as regards the future of this couple, not just for reel but also for real. At this point, there’s still a blurred line between Kalyeserye and reality between this two. But one thing I know for sure is this: Alden and Maine’s lives changed drastically when they met. All the blessings they are reaping now, the fulfillment of their dreams, it came with the other person. Whatever happens between them from hereon, Alden and Maine are now part of each other’s lives forever.



  1. i salute Alden for not out-rightly saying he’s now in love with Maine. I can find enough satisfaction in decoding his actions, and, really, i dare anyone to categorically say Alden doesn’t feel even the slightest bit of attraction towards Maine already. When he intentionally bumped into her during last Saturday’s episode, I swear, every part of his body has awakened. :rotflmao: That’s the best start we can all hope for, and once they are allowed to interact normally, then we can watch them find out if the attraction can turn into something much deeper. i’m actually torn between wanting the Tamang Panahon to come sooner rather than later.. Anuber, ang saya lang kasi maki-feeling in love with Aldub!

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