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This photo of Alden Richards and Yaya Dub – when they were still Richard Faulkerson, Jr. and Maine Mendoza – has been making the rounds on social media since last night. This was allegedly taken at Candy Magazine’s “Candy Fair” five years ago. The authenticity of the photo has been questioned because, obviously, it’s too blurry to make out if the guy is Alden or not. The girl, on the other hand, is obviously Maine when she was 15 years old.

More photos and information were gathered, as investigated by AlDub fans who can put CSI to shame (and frankly, Agent P’s skills is nothing compared to them :razz: ). Popular gossip blog Fashion Pulis even picked it up, for Fashion Pulis’ Mike Lim has openly declared that he is an AlDub shipper himself. From their sleuthing, it was confirmed through Maine’s old Twitter posts that indeed, she attended Candy Fair five years ago, albeit for entirely non-Alden reasons (she was gunning for Daniel Padilla and Elmo Magalona at the time). Alden, on the other hand, was then an aspiring model under his real name, Richard Faulkerson, Jr. He didn’t become ‘Alden Richards’ until some time later. Therefore, it is really possible that both Alden and Maine have no idea that they have actually met before, especially Alden whose had photo ops with thousands of unknown females in the last five years. On the part of Maine, since she has taken a photo with then-unknown cutie Richard and might have recognized him later on as Alden Richards – the Kapuso actor, it only confirms the story that led to the birth of the AlDub Phenomenon: Maine has had a crush on Alden for the longest time. Five years, to be exact.

The entire point of this story is, no one really knew why the photo was leaked. The long-standing theory is that it is one of those things that was meant to discredit the AlDub tandem, specifically their claim that they have never crossed paths until now. It was supposed to disappoint the millions of AlDub shippers who are hanging on to that belief.

If that was the aim, it certainly didn’t work. In fact, it. just. got. INTERESTING. (spoken a la-Monica Geller para intense)

We have all seen this before, right? Specifically, in movies and dramas? Two people who met by chance when they were younger, then went their own separate ways, only to meet again years later having no clue that they have actually met before?

It’s a teleserye happening before our very eyes, complete with real-life evil villains (aka. the haters) and plot twists. Destiny, serendipity, that thing called tadhana. We, the fans, are just lapping it up even more.

Why am I blogging this? Because, as a longtime fan of onscreen couples, I find great pleasure whenever haters plot all sorts of schemes in an attempt to sink my ships, only to find their own bombs exploding right in their faces. :evil:

Now, if only my other ships are like that…



  1. And we can all imagine where the photo came from, right? haha. I also think this leaked picture (i won’t even argue the possibility that it’s photoshopped) has added even more credibility to what the kalyeserye is selling, which is that Maine has a crush on Alden. I admit to thinking before that it was all a setup. Well, i’m very much happy to be proven wrong now. I think the bashers behind all this miscalculated in thinking the appeal of Aldub is all in the “not-having-met-yet”, instead of, i believe, the fact that viewers related to Yaya Dub’s kilig when she first saw Alden watching her. The haters must be scratching their heads now seeing the opposite reaction to what they expected.

    By the way, i haven’t really enjoyed the last couple of episodes of Kalyeserye as much as i did the others. But i’m still very much an Aldub fan. I really wish the writers and producers can think of a way to sustain viewerers’ interest. Sayang naman kasi, I’ve been reading comments online from people like me who’s more into kdramas/jdramas before and are becoming interested in a local love team only now. i really really want it to last a longer time.

  2. I dunno. Maybe because I enjoy the show itself and AlDub is just a bonus, so benta pa rin sila sa akin until now. Yesterday’s Juan For All episode – from Kalyeserye to Sugod Bahay – is one of the funniest I’ve seen. Naiyak ako sa kakatawa sa kanila kahapon.

  3. Hey, just read your blog now because of the latest issue. Found the non-issue weird, but, what can we expect. It has been happening since the time you wrote this piece (this early na hindi pa ko KS fan). Bitter losers (business and otherwise) abound talaga.
    Kudos to your blog, and your being member of an A fc. I haven’t scratched the surface of your blog pero I was looking for a credible A fan, ung POV ba ng isang A fan and one who sees him now as part of the AlDub phenom.
    Keep the great blogging and God bless. Mababasa din kita pag may time na. =)

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