Now I know why I stuck it out with K-pop.

Right this moment, the Annual Screamfest, that is, our barangay’s annual amateur singing contest is ongoing right next door. We’re on the 12th contestant, and right now my head is screaming murder, I just want to bang it on the nearest wall before my brain liquefies and starts oozing down my nostrils. :wall:

I haven’t listened to local radio nor stuck it out watching local Sunday noontime music shows for the longest time and this is the reason why. I am sick and tired of all the screaming that passes for “awesome singing” in this country. :aargh: Not a single one of these 12 contestants – now 13, the next one just went onstage – sung a low-key song that does not require (1) prolonging the end of each line unnecessarily, maybe to show that they can hold a note for 10 hours?; (2) doing runs on each line more than a roller coaster does; (3) doing a key switch an octave or two higher on the last repeat of the chorus; and (4) hitting a suuuuuper-high note in the end that only dogs, cats and mice in the vicinity can hear, and if the arrangement calls for it, they’ll hit not one, not two, but maybe three or more until the big vein in their throats burst and blood starts spurting everywhere.

Seriously, who the heck came up with these super-over-the-top, pang-contest re-arrangements of classic OPM ballads? I want to lock him in a room all by himself and make him listen to this crap that he came up with just to see how long he can take it before starts screaming for mercy. Some songs like the Joey Albert original Ikaw Lang Ang Mamahalin are best heard in their low-key originals because they’re supposed to crush our hearts, not our eardrums. Martin Nievera’s Ikaw Ang Lahat Sa Akin is a challenging song as it is because of its wide range (that “bukas na walang hanggan” line is tough to sing if you don’t have a solid low register), but the new version is re-arranged in such a way that every single note is sung on the high register, as if the only gauge of a singer’s competence is if he could sing high notes. Na-ah. :nono: The gauge to a singer’s competence is if he could sing ON-KEY. This is something that 90% of our present generation of singers don’t have. Most of them just belt and do runs. Very, very few singers can actually sing in tune.

This is why I am now hooked with K-pop (and J-pop, for that matter). K-pop is so straightforward. The melody is so simple, and the singers stick with it when they sing. K-pop and J-pop may be baduy (cheesy) to some, but it’s this inherent baduy-ness in them that makes them work. You don’t even have to understand the lyrics to be able to hum along with them. Yes, most Korean and Japanese artists can be trumped by any Filipino singer when it comes to voice quality, but at least Koreans and Japanese singers know exactly what kind of artists they are. They have no delusions that they have to break the sound barrier just to be called a good singer. And most of all, at least they sing original compositions.

That’s another wonderful thing about K-pop and J-pop. They still haven’t run out of ideas for original songs. Unlike in this country where I don’t even remember the last time I heard a hit OPM song that’s not (a) a remake/revival; (b) an adaptation of a foreign hit song (and most of the time, they don’t even bother to change the version up to make it fresh to the ears); and (c) a novelty song which is a rehash of an already familiar melody or theme. I think – and I can’t believe I’m saying this – this is why the Manny Villar campaign jingle (“nakatulog ka na ba sa dagat ng basura…”) became a hit. It’s an original song, it’s very simple and very straightforward. It’s refreshing to the ears.

I think we should stop calling songs recorded by Filipino artists as OPM. OPM stands for Original Pilipino Music. There’s hardly anything ‘original’ in popular music in the Philippines these days.


On to some good music…

I had wanted to blog about this a couple of days ago but I was sidetracked by my Full House – Pinoy version rant.

This is the YouTube version of We Are The World, and I am deeply impressed with this for two reasons. (1) All the singers who participated in this are really good; and (2) I cannot imagine the logistics involved in making this video possible. These singers literally come from all over the world and they probably just sent their parts in for the editors to stitch the audio and video together. The magic of technology in its most awesome form. :clap:


Is it weird that the only time I started having goosebumps while watching the We Are The World 25 video was when the rap parts came in? :shrug: I dunno, I think it’s because I am a child of the 80’s and the original We Are The World is one of the theme songs of my generation. I was more touched by the original than by this one. That is, until the rap parts started coming in.


Stuff on TV.

I will begin this entry with a rant.

Dear GMA-7,

What the heck have you done to our Full House?? :chair:

(Agent P’s Side Note: For the benefit of non-Filipino readers of this blog, here’s a quick rundown of characters in the Filipino version and their Korean counterparts: Justin = Lee Young Jae; Jessie = Han Ji Eun; Luigi = Yoo Min Hyuk; Elaine = Kang Hye Won)

I was initially ok with the liberties they took with the characters and storyline since I understood that they had to adapt it to Filipino culture and tastes. What made me give up watching it is Richard Gutierrez’ bad characterization of the Justin character. The guy simply can’t act, period. He’s not even endearing. :ayaw: I get glimpses of a few episodes whenever it’s on because the rest of my family watches the show – why, I have no idea – but I feel like banging my head to the nearest wall every time I see it, so I gave up watching altogether. However, the series is ending tomorrow and I have this habit of checking out the first and last episodes of most dramas on local TV. Then I saw the teaser for tonight’s episode and I felt I really have to watch it. Not because it’s interesting or anything like that. It’s just that work has been too stressful lately that I felt that some good ol’ bad TV could make me forget about it.

When you read comments from people who are actually fans of this version of Full House and most of them say that they are frustrated with how things went with this show, you just know that the creators behind it did a pretty BAD job. :nono: The only ones who seem satisfied with it are blind fanatics of the lead actors.

You know what happened at the second-to-the-last episode of Full House, Filipino version?

1. Justin openly declared his love for Jessie while accepting an acting award. This was while Jessie was at the audience with her fiancee (!) Luigi because as we all know, Luigi is a movie producer so he should be there. Why Donald and Lisette (Dong Wook and Hee Jin in the original) had to be there, too, I had no idea. I haven’t seen enough of this show to find out what business do these two have to earn the right to have prime seats at an awards show. Side notes: On this version of the drama, Justin and Jessie somewhat became a couple, but Justin had no choice but to be engaged to Elaine because Elaine blackmailed him by using her illness (!) as the weapon. Meaning, Elaine actually forgot about Luigi and got obsessed with Justin. Meanwhile, Jessie ended up being engaged to Luigi. There’s even a part there where Justin, Elaine and Justin’s entire family had to migrate to the US to forget Jessie or for whatever reason I didn’t bother to find out because I feel like this is now an entirely different drama using Full House as a title. :bop:

2. After that open declaration from Justin, he disappeared (of course). Meanwhile, Luigi talked to Jessie and said he’s giving her up (eh?). After that, Elaine rushed towards Jessie looking for Justin (when the hell did Kang Hye Won became a psycho?!?!) and when Jessie was not able to produce him, Elaine grabbed a gun from a nearby security guy and… she shot Jessie! :eek: But Jessie was spared because… ta-dah! Super Justin to the rescue! He took the bullet for Jessie! :whoa: Omigad! What the heck did they do to our beloved drama?!?! :flaming:

3. Of course, they brought Justin to the hospital where Jessie was denied entry to the operating room (of course); Elaine was hiding from the police but Luigi found her (of course); for some reason Elaine was suddenly at the hospital and Jessie found her, there was a confrontation and… SLAP! Jessie slapped Elaine! OF COURSE. :wall: Then after Jessie left, Luigi came in and told Elaine that they have to leave because the police is all over the place and – of course – Elaine said she was the one who called the police. :rolleyes:

4. Next scene: Jessie went inside Justin’s room and found his staff and family looking solemn. She was told that she should talk to Justin before it’s too late and when she got to his bed, Justin’s dad – who, as we all know, is a doctor – was covering his son with the white sheets. Meaning, he’s dead. And there I was saying, “ugh, he’s not dead, they’re just pretending he’s dead so that Jessie will panic and declare her true feelings for Justin.” Which was exactly what happened next. :aargh: It was so damn predictable, even my adolescent niece was screaming, “ano ba, luma na yan, napanood ko na yan!!!” Although that shot of what seems to be an accidental boob slippage from Heart Evangelista (playing Jessie) was quite amusing. :phew:

5. Then they showed scenes from tomorrow’s finale and they promoted it as “kilig-filled”, but we were all so ‘MEH!’ about it. Geez, they already showed everything on the teasers, why should we still watch tomorrow’s episode? For Mamita (Halmoni) singing Fallin’ at the wedding? Uh, no thanks.

Suffice to say, the only saving grace of this show is Chiqui, the snooping gossip reporter played by John Lapuz.

In between commercial gaps, some clips of “random people on the streets” were shown with everyone saying they will miss Papa Justin and Mama Jessie. I bet my ass that this is really the Papa Justin and Mama Jessie that they miss:


I know I miss them.

Also, they have clips of students singing the Three Bears Song. I’m sorry, but are they sure that these kids learned that from watching this version and not from the original, Tagalog-dubbed one? Because based on my Kpop Con experience, even really young people know the Three Bears Song in Tagalog, and at that time Full House Pinoy version was just starting. Don’t try to kid us that this version is a success because sorry to say, it’s not. The competition is even killing it on the ratings game.


On to another disappointment, that is, American Idol Season 9.

They promote this season as having the most talented bunch, and it’s probably true, but if we base it on star potential? I think it’s even more lacking than Seasons 5 and 6. At least Season 5 had Daughtry and Season 6 had Jordin Sparks. We’re already at the semis and I haven’t found anyone to root for yet. Usually, I would find someone by the Hollywood rounds, then it might change after one or two performances. It happened to me the past three seasons. Season 6, I was initially rooting for Melinda after she sang My Funny Valentine at the semis but later on changed to Blake Lewis because of his artistry. For Season 7, I liked Brooke at first but switched to Cookie, then Castro. Last year, I liked Anoop after watching his Clefhangers performances at YouTube, but later on I ended up rooting for Kris Allen.

This year, I kinda liked Andrew Garcia at his first audition and Crystal Bowersox during the Hollywood Rounds, but I’m not excited about them at all. The only one that made a mark with me, so far, is Casey James. He’s an eye candy, he knows it and he’s using it to the hilt. However, he’s just a guy who can sing although he’s a killer blues guitarist. Then again, this is a singing competition, not a guitar competition. And he’s definitely not going to win this one, not when the AI producers seem to be gunning for a female winner this year since the past two seasons have seen an all-male finale.

We’ll see next week if things would improve. But right now, I’m not rooting for anybody. Yet.


I’m just thankful that my other two favorite reality shows, Survivor and The Amazing Race, seem to be delivering the goods, so far. My favorite Survivor contestant, Rob Mariano, is back at Survivor: Heroes vs Villains and he’s still good ol’ Boston Rob. He was simply amazing at last week’s episode. It’s just too bad that early spoilers say that he will get booted before the merge. :sad: As for TAR, lots of dumb contestants this season and it makes for good TV. I’m enjoying it, so far.


This is what I’m really looking forward to: the second half of Season 1 of Glee. :thumbup:


The cranky-mood post.

I’m in a particularly cranky mood since yesterday. I don’t know exactly why, but I think it has something to do with the weather. We have officially entered the Summer of 2010 in this country. I don’t have air-conditioning at home so should we expect more cranky-mood posts at Twitter, Facebook and this blog from me?

Anyway, let that be a warning to you that this entry will be full of complaints and such, so don’t expect something as bright and sunny as Manila’s weather.

Random pet peeves:

1. This question: “can anyone recommend good places to go to in Korea?”

I’m peeved with this because there are a lot of great places to go to, and things you can do in Korea. Well, anywhere, for that matter. You have to specify what exactly do you want to do if you want a decent answer to this question. This is also something I’ve learned in my recent visit to Korea with a rather large group. Everyone has their own agenda and itinerary that if you insist on traveling together everywhere you go, you’re just asking for trouble (or at the very least, earn some grudges from your companions). So whenever I see this question, I always answer it with, “please specify what exactly do you want to do in Korea: Shopping? Tour? Clubbing? Dining? Nature tripping? etc If you want to tour, what do you want to see? Palaces? Museums? Nature/parks? Filming locations? etc” It irks me more when people ask you to draft an itinerary for them and they won’t even bother to tell you what they want to do there.

If there’s anything I would probably be adept with as far as drafting itineraries in Korea is concerned, it will be the Korean Drama/Movie Filming Locations and Entertainment Agencies Tour. I should state clearly, though, that a visit to J Tune Entertainment’s office will NOT be a part of that tour. :notalk: For the simple reason that I don’t know where the heck that office is, and I don’t think they want me to find it.

2. Any headline, clip title, caption, etc labeled, “Rain Bi” or “Bi Rain”. :wall:

:aargh: Seriously. His name is just Rain, OR Bi, OR Jung Ji Hoon. One of any, NOT all of them together. :nono: Please stop combining his names; it’s not just annoying, it’s also inviting ridicule. You do know that for majority of the universe, “bi” means “bisexual” and not “rain”, right?

3. People who boast of achievements that they did not achieve.

I’ll just say this: No one can just claim that they are “first” or they have done stuff “before someone else did” in anything. You’ll never know if someone else has done it way ahead of you.

4. The fact that everything on Six To Five’s catalog does not fit me.

Not that it’s entirely a bad thing since that would mean I won’t have to empty my bank account on Six To Five products, but consider this: A friend gave me a Six To Five Legend of Rainism cap and guess what? It’s too small for me. I’ve always thought that the only thing I could buy from Six To Five are caps, and even those won’t fit. :bop:

5. People who insist on bringing up old issues when the rest of us have already moved on to something else.

I think a lot MBLAQ fans have just recently discovered Google, started searching for MBLAQ and saw my entry about the “issues” surrounding them. I wrote that eons ago, yet they’re just reacting to it now, and very strongly at that. Uh, peeps, each entry has a DATE STAMP on it. You might want to check first when were those entries written?

Same goes with H2 fans who insist on saying that we keep talking about H2 when I can’t even remember when was the last time I wrote ‘H2’ prior to mentioning it now. Although I think on this case, they just miss me writing about them and they’re kinda fading into oblivion especially after the only chance of having a peek at their private moments was strongly denied by Hye Kyo’s camp :phew: so now they want to piss me off again so that I’ll give them blog space. Oh lookie, I just gave them some blog space. Woo-hoo, non-BiKyo people, today is your lucky day! :dance:

6. Not sure if this counts as a pet peeve, but it amuses me how Twitter Rain is now more active at Twitter when the real Rain is supposed to be super-busy with work. :phew: Rain can’t even get some decent sleep to the point that his sunglasses has been perpetually perched on his nose since… I dunno, December 2009? Yet he has time to Tweet regularly? Who is this guy on Twitter kidding? :kilay: (Apparently, more than 3,000 followers, so what do I know. :shrug: )

7. People who pretend they know the contents of this blog’s Restricted Area when in fact, they don’t.

I saw something that really amused me at some other website. This person was lecturing us about what is written on this blog’s Restricted Posts. Now I’m clearly convinced that this person possesses some sort of superpowers: the power to see what is not there. :idea: How the heck can you comment on something that you don’t even know what?

Here’s the thing: This person said that we do nothing but bash Wannabe Lolo at the Restricted Area. LOLZ. :lmao: Why the heck would I waste my precious Restricted Area on that when I can bash Wannabe openly at the non-Restricted Area? :phew: I think it’s a given that I don’t exactly like the guy now, so you don’t actually expect me to write nothing but nice things about him, right? Just being honest here.

8. People who ask the same old questions when the answers are literally right.there.

A little back-reading will go a long, long way, especially if the amount you will back-read is just literally a couple of posts up. :bop: Also, Google is your friend.

9. People who get pissed off whenever they see Rain wearing his Cartier ring.

I mean… why?? :shrug:

10. The Filipino version of Full House.

‘Nuff said. Although I kinda wish the original version had as many kissing scenes as this version. :blink:


CloudPH 2010 Party, part 2 (Important Notice).

(I am posting this here since I am aware that a lot of people check this blog more regularly than the Cloud Ph website.)


This is regarding the Cloud Philippines 2010 Party that I announced on the entry before this one.

We have realized too late that we scheduled this party on the same date as the FT Island Manila showcase. I think it has something to do with the fact that when we planned for the event, we haven’t seen You Are Beautiful yet. We saw it immediately after that, and now some of us are in limbo because it turned out, we had wanted to see Lee Hong Ki in person, after all. (Yes, I am talking about myself and a couple other members of the CPH staff.) Although I think we’re not the only ones in CloudPH having this kind of dilemma.

We are now considering moving the date of the CloudPH party to March 13, 2010. Same time, same venue. This is to give all Cloud Philippines members who had wanted to attend the FT Island showcase, as well, to enjoy BOTH events. If you are agreeable to this move, please let us know ASAP, preferably within this week, by posting a message at the Cloud Philippines forum or sending us a PM there or email us at Please help us spread this message as well.

Thank you!


In other news…

Rain was featured at Cosmo-Korea and a couple of photos caught my eye:

Go Mi Nam, is dat chu??

Presenting… the newest member of C.N. Blue!!!

Seriously… I seriously want to strangle whoever styled Rain on this photo spread. He looks so… girly. :bop: In a not-so-good way. It’s kinda dumb on my part, though, that it was Rain who started this guy-liner thing in Korea, yet here I am comparing him to A.N.Jell who started wearing eyeliner one year after he did. :boinkself:

(Image credits: Memo Rain blog)


I saw the fancam of 2PM’s Nich Khun and BEAST’s Doojoon’s arrival at NAIA yesterday. I heard a voice over say, “Idol!!!” and I couldn’t help but laugh. :hihihi: That was so Pinoy. Although I think that fits someone like Pacquiao or Robin Padilla more than Khun.

From what I heard, fans have waited for Khun at the airport as early as Saturday because we didn’t have any details as regards this trip save for the arrival date. For all we know, he could’ve arrived at midnight. My gah, and here I thought only Korean fans are tenacious…


Edited a couple of hours later to add:

I’m currently watching the Yeoyumanman feature on LOR-Jakarta. Yes, I know I’m late, but I’m just the type of person who downloads everything, then forgets about it without watching it. :boinkself: Anyway… I saw that our Japanese friends Hiroko and Yuki were caught on cam during the ‘Friends’ segment. :hihihi: But I won’t cap it and post it here since they might not like it. In case anyone has that clip, it’s on the 57:14-57:15 mark.


CloudPH 2010 Party!

This shameless self-promotion is a bit late because I was busy preparing for our Korea trip. But better late than later. :oops:

CPH 2010party

What to expect from this party:

1. Freebies! :whee!: Which includes a special edition ref magnet and souvenir cards from Legend of Rainism in Hong Kong.

2. Games and raffle prizes! We brought home some limited edition souvenirs from Hong Kong and Korea to be given away at this event.

3. Auction of the Rain standee that we used for the K-pop Convention last December. Prepare your wallets if you want this!

4. Merchandise selling and membership sign-ups/renewals.

**All proceeds from this event, including those from the auction and merchandise selling shall be used to finance the projects and activities of the club, and the maintenance of the Cloud Philippines website.**

5. A chance to meet and party with fellow Rain fans in the Philippines!

For more details, please visit our website,


Some of you may be wondering why I’m promoting a Rain event when I was declaring my undying resentment towards Rain and J Tune in the past two blog entries I’ve written.

Answer: this event was planned before we even left for Korea.


In other news…

Nah. I’m just gonna sit back and watch. I’m thoroughly enjoying this whole SHK-getting-upset-at-the-news-that-she-spent-Valentine’s/Lunar New Year-in-Seattle “issue”. :naughty: :hihihi: I’m kinda wondering how could she go to China to discuss work when it’s common knowledge that nobody works in China during Lunar New Year, though. :think: Then again, if it was a cover-up and she really was in Seattle, why should they deny it, and very strongly at that? Spending Valentine’s with her boyfriend should be perfectly normal, isn’t it? :shrug: Unless she really didn’t fly to Seattle. Nor to China.

I’m gonna :shutup: now.