Aftermath: Alden Richards ‘Adrenaline Rush’
21 September 2018 – Kia Theater

I had difficulty figuring out how to begin this Aftermath report. My blogging skills have been really rusty these days and the concert has so much feels, I don’t know where and how to start.

To warm up, I re-read the beginning part of my blog re: last year’s Upsurge concert. Guess what, the first paragraph basically said the same thing: I don’t know how I’ll write about the concert. :lol:

This is my overall takeaway from Adrenaline Rush: Alden Richards made a statement. That statement being: “This is me. This is what I want. This is what makes me happy. I will do things my way from now on, and I hope you’ll still be there with me and believe in me as I proceed with this journey.”
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Best. Prize. Ever.

(This blog entry is a bit late. As usual. :hihihi: Sorry, reality got in the way.)

There’s nothing more awesome than receiving news that you’ve won a contest named “Meet and Dine With Alden Richards”. I mean, my current idol + Food. Nothing could get any better than that. :smile:

April 14, 9:15pm. I was startled by a phone call from a seemingly familiar number. I picked it up and got this message:

“Hello, is this XXXXX (my full name)? This is XXX from Cookie’s Peanut Butter. I’m sorry to be calling so late…”

Right then, it suddenly hit me why the number was familiar: it was the same number that I contacted to inquire about VIP slots for their April 22 event at Megamall.

Me, in my head: Shet. Naubusan ako ng VIP slot sa Megamall. Ibabalik pera ko. Parang Boardwalk event na naman ‘to.


The caller continued:

“I would like to inform you that you’re one of the winners of our Meet and Dine with Alden Richards contest.”

Me, in a very small, pabebe voice: “Oh. Thank you.”

:lmao: I may have sounded too funny because the person on the other end of the line laughed, as well.


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One fun day with one fine bae.

One Fun Day With The Bae at EK
Alden Richards’ birthday celebration with his fans

Enchanted Kingdom – 06 January 2018

Alden Richards is truly one of a kind.

How many artists do you know who would go to the extent of organizing a big birthday celebration that is open to ALL of his fans – not just the ones with fan clubs – at a huge theme park with unlimited fun rides the whole day, with the first three hours exclusively for the attendees; a buffet lunch – yep, you read that right!; a photo op with the artist; a souvenir T-shirt; and capping it all off with a free concert?

I honestly can’t think of anyone else who has done this.
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Anything is possible.

True confession: I only knew about Miss Possibilities Foundation, Inc. because of Alden Richards.

As soon as it was announced that he will be gracing the 2017 Pageant Finals and Celebrity Inclusion Fashion Show on December 2, 2017, I immediately visited the foundation’s Facebook page to inquire for tickets. It was there that I learned that Miss Possibilities is, to quote from their page, “A pageant for girls with special needs that will show their true beauty. This will help promote self-confidence and awareness for PWDs.” It is also the first of its kind in the Philippines, and possibly the whole of Asia. Although, to be honest, I purchased tickets mainly because of Alden, I didn’t hesitate to do it because I know it’s for a good cause.

Come pageant day, I was surprised when Alden immediately made his appearance at around the beginning of the show.

He was there to present the Inspiration Award to the Maxino family on behalf of Oppo Philippines.

I could’ve left after Alden’s appearance, but something told me that I should stay put. And boy, I’m glad I stayed.

Witnessing this pageant is one of the most inspiring moments of my life. When I learned that some of these girls are even pursuing double-degrees in college despite their condition, I was like… WOW. :whoa: I felt so insignificant after that. As one of the candidates has said in her Q&A: “I can do what you can do… and maybe even better!” And guess what, she did show on her talent showcase that she CAN do it better. It’s such a humbling experience. If being differently-abled means slaying a Mariah Carey song, then I want to be differently-abled, too.

That’s just for starters. Each girl showcased their talents to the best of their abilities. Some of the girls became shy at first, but once they were guided by their family member and/or chaperone, they quickly gained their confidence to show the audience what they’ve got.

There was a Celebrity Inclusion Fashion Show, as well, featuring celebrities such as Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo, Pops Fernandez, Carla Abellana, et al walking the runway with the special needs children. The kids and celebs alike fully enjoying themselves onstage was such a lovely sight.

It’s still a competition and there was a winner, but each candidate got an award and were given a crown, sash and bouquet of flowers. I don’t think the girls cared about what award they got; it was evident that all of them were super-happy that they are bringing home a crown. There’s no such thing as sore losers here. If only real life is like that…

My eyes were moist the entire time that the event was ongoing and I’m pretty sure most of it was not because of this eye condition that I’ve been having these past few days. What I took away from watching the Miss Possibilities Pageant and Celebrity Inclusion Fashion Show are these:

LOVE, in its purest form.


More photos from this event can be found at my Facebook photo album.


FYI re: Rise2Shine.

The following is a post from Araneta Coliseum’s official Facebook page:

So there you have it. The concert is postponed until further notice. Please refer to the above post for your inquiries and concerns. Thank you.


OK. After fulfilling my All Saints’ Day obligations, I finally was able to ponder more clearly on this new development.

According to the above notice from Araneta Coliseum and the producers of Rise2Shine, the concert was merely “postponed to a later date” (first quarter of 2018) and the artists line-up will be the same. However, per the notice from Rain Company (please scroll down to the notice dated November 1, 2017), Rain will not be participating anymore because (and I quote from the notice), “As the organizer; KO- Ph. has been dishonest in fulfilling the performance contract, we have come to the decision that it is impossible to go ahead with the performance. Our decision is therefore “not to participate in the performance”. The rest of the notice is basically telling people to claim refunds, which is tantamount to saying that should the concert pushes through in the future, Rain is out of the artists line-up.

Thus, people were more confused than ever. :shrug:

This is just my opinion, and my position as a consumer: I will claim my refund instead of waiting it out. If the concert subsequently pushes through next year and Rain is still on the roster, I’ll just buy again. I’m not rich enough to be putting my money on hold for something uncertain as this one. Sure, it might also mean I am donating my money for the beneficiaries – which, incidentally, includes the aforementioned KO-Ph :think: – but if I want to donate for the rehabilitation of Marawi, there are other ways to do so.

I just feel sad and disappointed for my fellow Clouds who have been waiting for this moment for seven years. :sad:


A random thought.

I’ve been seeing comments along the lines of, “the announcement of the cancellation was so last minute.”

I guess the ones commenting are new to the fandom? If you think two days is “last minute”, what do you call the events in LA where the cancellation announcement was made barely a couple of hours before the actual concert, when all the ticket holders were already queued at the venue? :rolleyes:

All other speculations are a bit off-hand, too. Like:

a. Kim Tae Hee just gave birth – ahm, her due date has been determined months before. He would know that by the time this concert rolls in, his wife would’ve given birth already. If it’s a factor to the decision, he would’ve not accepted the show in the first place.

b. He’s busy with The Unit/album comeback – same as (a). Those schedules have been fixed months ago, prior to the announcement of this concert. If those are factors to the decision, he should’ve not accepted the show in the first place.

Honestly, speculations (a) and (b) are not helping Rain at all and are actually making him look bad. If you’re a fan, stop saying those things. :nono:

As for speculations about ticket sales… well, it’s a benefit concert. I think ticket sales as basis for cancellation should be the least of their concerns. Again, that’s just making Rain look bad.

From what I heard from sources which are far more reliable than fan speculations, it’s really a contractual issue between Rain Company and one of the organizers. Nobody is lying in their respective official statements. Just take it as it is, for once, and let’s refrain from overthinking.