Dateline: September 17, 2017. Around 8:23 PM.
Location: Valet parking area, Solenad 3, Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna

The following is an eyewitness account from yours truly, Agent P.

So there’s this guy called Alden Richards. He was casually walking towards the valet parking booth of Solenad 3. A group of about 7 or so teenagers, all male, touting a cellphone attached to a selfie stick, approached him and asked for a photo op. He gladly obliged.

He reached the parking booth and waited for his ride. While doing so, the mall guards – again, all male – asked for solo photo ops. Then came the valet drivers. And a few other guys, some of whom are senior citizens, who were also waiting for their rides asked him for selfies.

Then came a couple of women. And a family. As in the entire lot. All requested for selfies, which he graciously granted.

It was an instant Meet and Greet session.

Before we knew it, a respectable crowd has already swelled at the valet parking booth. All vehicles that passed by had their windows rolled down, with the passengers flashing their cellphones to take a photo. This was on a Sunday night and Solenad’s parking lot was full. On my peripheral vision I saw other people from a distance – men, women, families of all ages – rushing towards the parking lot to have a glimpse of Alden. They probably heard from the others that he was there.

Unfortunately, his ride has arrived and he has to go. But not before stopping to grant a couple more selfies before boarding his car.

Today, I took a peek at posts on social media and saw some people calling him ‘laos’ (a has-been).

Well excuuuuuuuse me. :kilay:


This is not a review. I am not qualified to give a review because I was late in tuning in last night and didn’t see the documentary in full.

This is not a political commentary. I try hardest never to deal with anything about politics on this blog because I don’t think I’m intelligent enough to present arguments of the political kind. Also, my day job requires me to be neutral at all times. To save my ass from looking stupid, I stay away from that topic.

I am writing this blog because I want to express my thoughts on the performances of the actors.

Ms Gina Alajar is already a given. I mean, her acting skills are LEGENDARY.

True confession: there was I time when I became a Rocco Nacino fangirl, and that was because I religiously watched his GMA-NPA docu-drama Bayan Ko. For some reason, Rocco is the perfect actor to play political figures.

Bianca Umali. She’s so pretty, she’s so young, and she’s an excellent actress. I love that short footage where Boni Ilagan was telling Bianca about his sister Lina whom she’ll be portraying, and Bianca was listening intently and absorbing every word.

And of course, Alden Richards, whom I’ve always known and admired for his acting skills ever since I saw One True Love. (Yep, contrary to what le bashers are saying, I did not become a fan because he’s cute and I have HD on him. :rolleyes: ) He turned in a performance that’s on a whole new level as an actor. After that, there’s no way that he could go back to being pabebe anymore. He’s too good for that. #myopinion

The documentary, as a whole, was excellently crafted and there were many highlights. But there were two scenes that really made a mark on me: (1) That scene where Boni’s mother visited him at prison, and he was not allowed to get near her so he just unbuckled his pants down and showed her the bruises on his thighs; and (2) the next scene, he saw his sister Lina from a distance, and Lina just threw her fist up in the air to send him her message. In those two scenes, the actors did not utter any lines but were able to send a whole lot of messages across. That’s a Master Class in acting right there.

But more importantly, I commend these actors for having the guts to take on a project with a highly divisive theme. Most especially Alden, who did not let his ‘mainstream’ image hinder his choice to do this documentary and used it instead to educate and inform. This isn’t about politics. It’s about history. And I couldn’t be prouder of this guy and everyone else who are part of this documentary.


Can someone please check if pigs have sprouted wings again? Because last night, this was posted at Araneta Coliseum’s official Facebook page:

Yup, Rain is coming to Manila. Again. :shock:

I’ve been throwback-reading all the posts from 11 Days of September 2010, so when this came out, I was like… “can we still do this?” OK, more like, “am I still willing to do this again?” :hihihi: You really can’t blame me for asking if you know what happened seven years ago.

But one thing is for sure: I’m still going to watch. :thumbup:



Well, not really an update. Just more rambling. :lol:

We’ve been busy the entire day. I’ve asked a question this morning: do we still want to do this? The answer is, apparently, YES. The old CloudPH admins chatroom – aka. the Voltes Team group chat – was buzzing non-stop the whole day as we were brainstorming and trying to find whatever information we can from our various contacts. It sounded incredibly familiar. It’s very… September 2010. Please don’t tell me we’re going to be losing sleep over this again?

We still don’t have any definite details yet aside from the venue. But I received word that this concert is definitely happening before the year 2017 ends. Let’s wait and see.

I do know that my pocket is ready for this. I actually was saving up for Bruno Mars, but I failed to get tickets on both of his concert dates. Apparently, there is a reason for that and the reason is Rain. :hihihi: I’m more than willing to shell out good money for this. It’s Rain, after all. The last time I saw him live was 7 years ago here in Manila, and it was awesome. There’s no way I’m gonna miss this even if I haven’t exactly been a fan of the guy for the past… yes. Seven years. :neutral: I mean, c’mon. I shelled out good money for Nam Joo Hyuk tickets even if I haven’t seen any of his projects. Why can’t I do that for my No. 1 Korean idol?

I have no plans of welcoming him at the airport or doing a hotel stake-out, but I’m not ruling out the possibility. I just hope that the next time I chance upon him at his hotel, there’ll be no pillars around to disappear at.


Before I end this blog entry, I’d like to share this paragraph that I posted as a parting shot to my retrospect of 11 Days in September 2010 on this blog:

26. Hugs.

The one thing I will never forget about this whole thing are the tight hugs I exchanged with both longtime and new CloudPH members after the presscon and the concert. We can never say this enough: it was once an impossible dream, and it happened. And we were together in witnessing it happening. Will it happen again? Let’s wait together for another pig to fly, shall we?

I’ll be on the lookout for flying pigs starting tomorrow.


…are the ones not caught on video. That I know of.

I walked towards him for the photo op, with my phone-camera in my hand but not daring to take footage. Not just because it’s against the rules (yeah, me and my stupid habit of following the rules) but because I just wanted to stare at his face. This is one of the rare times that I’ll get to see him up close without risking my life and limb so I wanted to savor every moment instead of focusing on other things like sneaking in a selfie or two.

He saw my friend first, for she was ahead of me in the queue. Then I saw his eyes averting to the person behind her, which was me. His face changed from a simple smile to one where his eyes disappeared and his dimple sunk deeper. He slapped the table, covered his face with his arm and then extended his arms to give us a beso. His face was a mixture of happiness and… was that relief that I saw? :ehh: Like, “omigad, you’re here!” Which is totally weird, because… shouldn’t it be US who are supposed to react that way? After the beso, we took our places in the photo op while he greeted the other three people in the group. Then he turned to me (I stood behind him) and asked a question. THE question. I stared back at him, like this: :neutral: Then I gave him the straight answer to his question. His reply was a follow-up question, coupled with the most bewildered face like he was flooded with more questions on his head. Kinda like this – :kilay: but with the eyebrow lowered.

On the corner of my eye, I saw the photographer looking utterly frustrated because, hello, photo op! She was signaling him to face the camera. So we went on with the photo op with my friend still muttering out the corner of her mouth like a ventriloquist to answer his questions. After we’re done, he still wanted to continue the conversation but unfortunately, we had to go. I just told him, “someday, we’ll talk about this some more.”

Coming down the mini-stage, we chanced upon his mother-figure who asked us the very same question that he asked. And we gave her the same answer.

As we were leaving the premises, I only have one thought in my mind: I’m fine. We’re fine. :smile:


This blog entry is two-and-a-half months in the making.

2017 marks my 20th year as an active fangirl. Although to be quite honest, I’ve been fangirling since I was six years old (useless trivia: my first idol was ‘Bossing’ Vic Sotto). About 75% of those 20 years, I belonged to a fan club (FC). The only time I fangirled on my own was during the bandstalker era, basically because there’s no such thing as FCs in the local rock band scene. Well, that one time, and now that I no longer belong to any FC in my current fandom.

I’ve been seeing posts on socmed about fans suddenly losing their FCs (yep, can relate to that) or fans who have always belonged to Team No Group (sorta can relate to that, as well) and they shared their thoughts and experiences on which one is the better option. Since I’ve been in both situations, let me share mine.

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