Oh how the mighty have fallen (in Korea).

This news made me sadder than any other news that’s related to BiKyo. (Well, so far.) :cry:

[AllKPop] Song Hye Kyo revealed to be the top star investigated for tax evasion + issues apology

Three words: Kang Ho Dong. :sad: Although he was able to return to work after a long period of reflection, his career never took off the same way again because the ‘tax evader’ label was always attached to him.

While the facts of the matter are: (1) The case is purely a case of incomplete documentation that can easily be an honest mistake on the part of the taxpayer (truthfully, in my profession as state auditor, we still give chances to our clients to provide the necessary papers before declaring a transaction with incomplete documentation as fraudulent); (2) She immediately settled her back taxes as soon as she was assessed by the NTS; (3) even the NTS agrees that it was her accountants who were at fault; and (4) she took full responsibility for her actions, do you think the general public who either don’t know or don’t care (or both) about tax matters care? They are even questioning her charity works now. :hopeless: Seriously, giving money to charity as a tax credit is very common anywhere, not just in Korea. And it’s perfectly legal to do so. Even if they did it to increase their tax deductions, at least they contributed to a worthy cause instead of just buying stuff for themselves.

Tax avoidance. Google it. While you’re at it, Google the difference between that and tax evasion, as well.

Unfortunately, based on the reactions of K-netz (and even some I-netz), we can pretty much say ‘goodbye’ to her career in Korea. (On the brightside, she has China as a fallback position.)

It’s so sad that this news was revealed just as her movie is coming out in theaters. It’s like someone really hates Song Hye Kyo so much that they will do anything just to bring her down. :think:

OK, that last paragraph is just me spewing rubbish. Don’t take it seriously.


It seems the trend in Korea now is top stars getting involved in a single scandal that’s more than enough for them to get passionately hated in Korea. See: Kim Soo Hyun, Jeon Ji Hyun, Park Bom, and now SHK. What gives?


Edited to add:

To all – in particular, SHK’s fans – who say that it’s ‘not a serious matter’: actually, it is a VERY serious matter. Tax evasion is a crime, and in a country like South Korea where they’d rather die than live with a tarnished reputation, being accused of tax evasion is a fate worse than death for a celebrity. However, the circumstances surrounding how this matter was publicized only now and in a manner so degrading to Song Hye Kyo even if it is already a closed case is quite suspicious. :think: Someone must really, REALLY hate her to go to this extent.

That killer stare.


I saw this on my Facebook and Instagram feeds, and this is what happened to me afterwards: :stretcher:

I don’t remember if it was in 2005 or 2006 when I first ‘discovered’ Shinhwa through an old episode of Ya Shim Man Man. The members were asked by the MCs to show their respective ulzzang angles by first looking down and then posing at the camera at the count of three. The other five went for either the ‘cool’ or the ‘aegyo’ pose. Eric only looked up and stared at the camera.

And I found myself transforming to a puddle of goo.

Same effect now with that pic above. :dream:

RIP, Robin Williams.


It is a sad reality that the happiest people on screen/stage are the saddest people in real life.

Dead Poets Society. Jumanji. Mrs. Doubtfire. Jack. Good Will Hunting. The Birdcage. Man of the Year. These are just some of my favorite movies.

We say goodbye to one of the icons of my younger years. Robin Williams, the man of a thousand laughs. You will be terribly missed.

‘My Palpitating Life’ second teaser + presscon.

My Palpitating Life (aka. My Brilliant Life), the Korean movie starring Song Hye Kyo and Kang Dong Won, held their press conference today in Seoul and released their 1.5 minute teaser trailer:

credits: lovehyekyosong at YouTube

I don’t understand much of the dialog from the teaser but I already feel my chest tightening from all the feels. Can I handle this? Should I have a K-variety show at the side when I watch this?

Or maybe I should just look at Kang Dong Won’s presscon attire to cheer me up. :blink:


I’m sorry, I know it’s high fashion or whatever but… what is up with this literal head-to-toe Christmas lights ensemble???



I love looking at these marketing materials for the movie. They have this whole “lips are smiling but the eyes are sad” thing going on and the actors pulled it off marvelously. :clap:




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