Teardrops in the rain.


This is the situation in our area right now, at 1:05pm.

Tonight is CNBLUE’s Can’t Stop concert in Manila.  The producers have already announced that the concert is still a ‘go’. How the band will be able to travel from their hotel to the Araneta with most major thoroughfares in waist-deep water is a mystery. Perhaps they will jetski their way from Ortigas to Cubao?

Because I enjoyed their concert last year, I decided to buy an SVIP ticket. Because of my current situation, I won’t be able to use that ticket. I have just given CNBLUE (or the concert promoters) a USD200++ donation.

My ticket came with a presscon pass, too. Which I wasn’t able to use because when we arrived at the venue, we were respectfully :rolleyes: told that we were not on the list and literally forced us out of there when they saw that we were not from the media. What they failed to consider is if included in those people whom they respectfully turned away is a Kpop blogger who may or may not talk about the incident on her blog. :phew: But whatever.

Lesson learned: I am never spending a single dime on CNBLUE nor any event organized by All Access Productions ever again.


I’ve been reading Tweets related to CNBLUE and I always see this statement:

“Kawawa naman ang CNBLUE. Konti lang ang makakapanood ng concert nila.” (I pity CNBLUE. Only a few will be able to see their concert.)

I’m sorry, but WHAT??!

The band will be paid whether they perform or not. And it’s not like the organizers will let them swim in filthy flood waters just to reach the venue from the hotel. They will be pampered and well-protected. Why pity them?

Meanwhile, there are fans who risked life and limb just to make it. There are people who literally wasted away some hard-earned money for their concert ticket but won’t be able to use it because the weather did not permit them to do so. Aren’t they the ones who should be pitied?

My gosh. I think it’s not misplaced fanaticism anymore for some people. It’s pure idolatry. Kung ako ang nanay ng mga yan pagkukukurutin ko sa singit ang mga yan.

Traversing that road again.

The universe must really, really hate me.

I am trying my very best to move on, so to speak. And then the local TV network suddenly decides (sudden, as in they only announced and started to promote it last week) to bring back Full House on our screens. :aargh: :wall: Why, universe? Why?!?! :cry: #OA #DramaQueen

credits: GMA Network’s Official YouTube channel

I have to admit. The kilig is still there. I hate it, but I have to take it. #wow #anudaw?

The great news is that this K-drama still holds a massive following among Filipino fans because despite the (1) extremely short notice; (2) sucky time slot; and (3) GMA-7 being not known for hyping its programs on social media, or anywhere else for that matter, the official hashtag #FullHouseIsBack still managed to trend No. 2 in the Philippines and No. 1 Worldwide. :clap: It’s been almost an hour since the episode ended and it’s still trending at No. 2 in the Philippines and somewhere in the top 10 Worldwide. :thumbup: Aja, aja, fighting, Full House!



Ironically (or is it?), fans have been trying their darndest best to make Rain or any topic related to Rain trend on Twitter. He finally trends at No. 1 worldwide, and it’s because of Full House. :shutup: Hey, just being real here.


On a somewhat related note: what is up with that duet version of Fallin’ that they are using as OST? The feel of the original version was lost in this version. I don’t know who the artists are, and I don’t intend to find out who. For their own safety. :shutup: #IbalikSiJanno

We need an explanation. NOW.

Yes, another Song Hye Kyo entry. Just leave if you’re already sick of this.

[AllKpop] ‘My Brilliant Life’ unveils special posters as it surpasses 1 million viewers within a week

To celebrate this brilliant milestone, the producers – CJ Entertainment, isn’t it? – decided to release some new, ‘special’ posters… without the movie’s lead actress. :kilay:


What are they telling us? That the only way this movie will be able to surpass Tazza 2 and Lucy at the Korean boxoffice is by pretending that Song Hye Kyo is not in this movie? (I’ll tell you why these two movies have outranked MBL: [1] because they have more screens/cinemas than MBL; and [2] sex sells, and MBL is not about sex. About half of Tazza 2‘s audiences are composed of Big Bang fans who just wanted to see what TOP looks like without his shirt on.)

Don’t tell me that the producers think that those 1 million viewers were brought in by Kang Dong Won and Jo Sung Mok alone? :kilay: If that’s their mentality, then they might as well just release a “very special edition” poster featuring Kang Dong Won with TaTiSeo. I know that lots of SNSD fans are interested in MBL because of TaTiSeo’s cameo.

I praised the producers for giving Song Hye Kyo a chance to explain herself through the movie’s promotional activities. I just might recall that praise because this is just… rude. :nono: Us SHK fans need an explanation. NOW.


I’ve just been informed that these posters have been out for quite some time. So the one that I have to :chair: is AllKpop and the news agency where the original article was taken from, then? :bop:

World class.

Yes, it’s another Song Hye Kyo post. I’m sorry, she’s so much in the news lately and her movie The Crossing looks awesome. :arrow: I smell another Oscars appearance a la em>The Grandmaster.

credits: lovehyekyo song at YouTube

Dear Universe, you are so wicked.

I have just received news that Rain’s Chinese movie For Love Or Money (aka. Difficult Love) will be out in cinemas on the same date as Song Hye Kyo’s Chinese movie, The Queens (aka. I Am Queen).

Dear Universe,

Why do you have such a wicked sense of humor?

By the way, both of them are confirmed to appear at the 23rd Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival in China on the 24th of September 2014. In order to avoid inevitable heartbreak, I am expecting that they will appear at the red carpet one and a half hours apart again. :rolleyes:

Seriously, though. What’s with China? :think: