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Sorry for the delay. I got lost in India. :boinkself:

‘Big Bang MADE in Manila’ Aftermath Report, Part 2

When I bought my ticket for Big Bang MADE in Manila, I had wanted a seat somewhere in the center area where I can view the stage in full. I had wanted to see the boys up close, but I also wanted to see the show itself as I know that it’s going to be visually spectacular. I never saw any fancams prior to seeing the concert because I wanted to surprise myself, but since we’re talking about Big Bang, I know that it’s not going to be a run-of-the-mill show.

Unfortunately, prime seats were such hot items so we ended up grabbing seats on the first row of section 217, which is at the side of the arena, directly facing the bridgeway connecting the main and secondary stages. I had reservations about how good or bad my seat was prior to the concert itself, for two reasons: (1) the aforementioned desire to see the show itself rather than just seeing Big Bang up close; and (2) I am blogging about the concert, and since I am also this blog’s official photographer, a good vantage point for taking photos is a MUST.
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One week ago…

In my opinion, a great concert should have at least one of these qualities:

1.  Exceptional singing/dancing/overall performance;
2.  Jaw-dropping production values;
3.  Oodles of fan service;
4.  The experience is sooo good, I either blog about it in exquisite detail, or I couldn’t find the exact words to accurately describe it.

Big Bang’s MADE in Manila concert has all four.

The concert was sooo freakin’ good that it took me more than a week before I finally was able to blog about it. Up until now I still can’t find the exact words to accurately describe the experience. In fact, the introductory part of this entry was written a week ago while on the commute to Manila to watch Rak of Aegis. It just came into my head and I had to write it down on my phone before memory gap takes over.

The rest of it, I’m currently struggling to write now.

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Cue in: AgentP in Sawsawera Mode

I just want to say something about this thing that I saw on Twitter as regards the #NaBigbangKa topic:


First of all: I don’t know why she’s blaming DaraGon fans for this. Yes, there were a few DaraGon banners but there certainly were NO DARAGON CHANTS. At least, none that reached my ears that night. I was seated in front of a DaraGon fan group. They waved their banner whenever GD was on our side but nobody chanted ‘Daragon’. This person is just assuming there was, according to her sources. She’s not even there, how could she make such a conclusion?

People cheered for DARA’s presence, sure. Well, why not? Sandara Park remains to be one of the most popular celebrities here. What do you want us to do, remain silent when Seungri acknowledged her presence? That has nothing to do with DaraGon shipping, at all.

I think she was right about cellphones/cameras being at our faces, though. At one point, when Daesung was on our side, my seatmate Charity said Dae looked at her and waved as he seemed to be surprised that she (Cha) was not holding a phone or camera and just enjoying the show. I got that same vibe from GD, as well, because he made eye contact with Lou​ who was on my other side and was also camera/cellphone-less. He waved at Lou, then passed over me and waved at the next few rows and sections. I was documenting all of that on my phone, which may be the reason why GD ‘snubbed’ me. :lmao: I think they generally don’t like people taking photos/videos of them during the concert because they were thinking, how can we (the fans) enjoy the show if all we do is point our cameras at them? (Not true for all, though. I mean, ever heard of multi-tasking?)

This only reminds me of my own experience in September 2010. I cannot seem to fathom why this person (you know who) seemed to dislike me. Or at least, I get that vibe from him. Maybe because I’m already identified as that person who’s always holding a camera whenever he sees me? Never mind that I only take footage during official times, that is, during presscons and concerts, and ok, during his drama filming (I think it’s this last one that did it) and never during his down times. Once you’re caught with a camera in his presence, you will always be identified with it.

But… but… guys! You’re celebrities! Aren’t you supposed to be used to it? Or more accurately, you should be used to it because that’s what you’re getting paid millions for?

Anyway, this is just me blabbering about stuff just for blogging purposes. :hihihi: For all we know, it’s just TOP being clueless at Instagram and accidentally deleting his Manila post, or GD/Taeyang being too busy having fun in Manila to be able to compose a more lengthy message (as what Ms. Happee said). I still think that Big Bang MADE in Manila is one of the best concerts, ever (see my forthcoming blog about that, hopefully soon), and if ever they would come back I’d still watch. And say, “thank you!” :grin:


An open letter to YG Entertainment from an Indonesian fan who saw the Jakarta concert is currently going viral. Said letter listed down the various problems that Indo fans had to endure to see Big Bang’s MADE concert.

One of the things she listed is that the rampant use of DSLR cameras and selfie-sticks at the concert.

Wait… I thought they kept their cellphones (and by extension, their cameras) in their bags or pockets? Oh wait. You can’t pocket a DSLR. And she never said that the cellphone is not covering her face because it was at the end of a selfie stick. :rolleyes:

Sorry ate, pero may kasabihan kami rito: ang isda ay nahuhuli sa bibig. :shutup:

Anyway, moving on…

[Agent P’s Note: I should be blogging about Big Bang MADE in Manila first, but I decided to post this one instead because (1) I still need to sort, choose, resize and tag the photos from BB concert; (2) PH VIPs are still on #NaBigbangKa mode (check Twitter to know what it’s all about) and I don’t think they’re ready to reminisce about last Thursday’s concert just yet. Assuming anyone will bother to read it, that is. :P I’ll try to squeeze it in tonight, that is, if I still have time and energy to do things as I also have lots of stuff to do that has nothing to do with blogging.]

I have always wanted to watch Rak of Aegis since its first run. No, actually, it was my father who really, REALLY wanted to see Rak of Aegis since he first saw Aicelle Santos and Isay Alvarez promoting the play at a noontime show. However, we never really had the opportunity to check it out for whatever reason.

My friend Charity saw it last year when her company sponsored a show and she saw it a few times more after that. She highly recommended it to us. Unfortunately again, the shows got sold out pretty fast. So when production has announced that Rak of Aegis will have one last run, I had to make sure that I will see at least one show.

It was by stroke of luck that I saw Aegis – the band itself – mentioning on TV that they will be at the August 1 show, and Charity was able to score tickets for the already almost-sold out date. :rakenrol:

Unfortunately (this is turning out to be a fortunately/unfortunately type of blog entry :boinkself: ), Lou and I got stuck in super-horrible traffic yesterday. It took us almost three hours from her home in Mandaluyong to PETA Theater in New Manila. No, it’s actually more than three hours from Mandaluyong to Betty Go-Belmonte Ave. in Quezon City which still 1.3 kilometers away from PETA Theater. As we were stuck on the same spot near the corner of Balete Drive and E.Rodriguez Sr. Avenue for nearly 40 minutes and Charity, who was already at the venue, texted that the show has already started, we just decided to walk the rest of the way. Long story short, we missed the first 30 minutes of the play.

Fortunately (see? :glee: ), Charity said that we walked in just as the main highlight of the story is unfolding and we only basically missed the character introductions. We still thoroughly enjoyed the show even if we missed a chunk of it.

My random comments:

1. Pansin ko lang, parang bawal ang hindi mahusay kumanta sa show na ito? Everyone in the cast are excellent singers. As in you can’t even rank them, they’re all really good. Whenever I watch musicals or concerts I am very particular about singing in tune. None of them missed a note. :thumbup:

2. I have always loved Aicelle Santos, even way back her Pinoy Pop Superstar days. I love the rich tone of her voice and the fact that she’s always on key even while dancing, running around, climbing stairs, etc. This was actually what impressed a lot of people when she participated (and won) Eat Bulaga’s #AegisPaMore contest. Seeing her in Rak of Aegis cemented my admiration of her. She’s one of those female singers who can ‘birit’ without making me grit my teeth in annoyance.

3. I’ve been hearing a lot about Jerald Napoles as Tolits (mainly from Charity who’s been #TeamTolits from the beginning), particularly how he manages to steal every show he’s in. I first saw him in Magsimula Ka! and re-reading that blog entry now made me realize that I had the same comment about him: he stands out in every show he’s in. He’s quite a nice guy, too. People were crowding all over him at the Meet and Greet after the show and he tries his best to give everyone a chance to take pics with him. Even if Cha had to literally grab his arm and pull him over so that we can take a photo. :hihihi:

4. The actress who played Mary Jane – Stella Mendoza, if I’m not mistaken – nailed the Barangay Captain role with precise accuracy. I work with Kapitanas on a regular basis; she looked and talked exactly like them.

5. The story itself and the in-jokes are very Pinoy, which might explain why it’s so popular. I love that they manage to update snippets the dialog to match with what’s ‘in’ these days (eg., the mention of ‘Pabebe’). Also, mad props to that PA announcer who also brings in the laughs. I won’t go into detail in case anyone who hasn’t seen the show will read this. I don’t want to spoil the fun for you. :smile:

The show ends, and then came the post-show with Aegis band that made the night a million times more awesome.


Seryoso. Saan kumukuha ng taas ng boses ang mga babaeng ito???? And they’re not grating to the ears, huh! :whoa:

Special mention must be made about that ‘isa pa!’ (one more!) segment of Sinta where Aegis’ Juliet Sunot challenged cast member Phi Palmos (who fabulously played Jewel in the musical) to sing the chorus one step higher at every repeat. He tried it out four times IIRC, which means Phi sang it at least four octaves higher. If you know the song, you’re probably like this right now: :stretcher: .

Side note: It was such a delight to watch an audience that is composed mainly of people from the alta-sociedad, about a quarter of which are senior citizens, that unanimously headbanged and sang along with Aegis. :rakenrol: This band’s demographics are to die for.

All in all, I really regret not seeing Rak of Aegis sooner. I highly recommend it to anyone, that is, anyone who can still manage to score tickets for its last few play dates.

As usual, the one person who can quickly push me back into Blogger Mode is this guy.

Rumors came out yesterday that Rain will be releasing a new album by October of this year (wait… did they say it was for this year?), which was quickly debunked by his agency. Netizenbuzz posted the news item about the agency’s denial and its corresponding K-netizen comments, and it turns out, majority of the comments talk about the issue of his age. As in, Rain is too old to still pursue his singing career and compete with idols who are much younger and are presently more popular.

Err…Rain is too old to sing and compete with idols??? :shrug: Since when is age an issue when it comes to singers? Not even gonna talk about non-Korean singers, but what do you call the likes of Psy? Sung Si Kyung? K. Will? Park Hyo Shin? g.o.d.? Shinhwa? JYP? Cho Yong Pil???

These people are older than Rain, right? Yet they can stil manage to top the charts against the young idols of today.

The problem with Rain is not his age. It’s his choice of projects. :shutup:

Rain has already proven his point with Rain Effect. I just don’t know exactly what point it was, but you get the drift. If ever he’s going to come up with a new album, maybe he should consider getting other people to write the songs and do the styling and choreography for him? I mean, he had some help in putting Rainism and Back To The Basic together and it yielded some of his best work in his entire music career. Rain Effect was just so… polarizing. You’d either love it, or hate it (most of the ‘older’ fans hated it). The songs were so forgettable, I don’t even remember what comes after 30 Sexy and La Song. The only thing in that album that was memorable was the “la la la la” in La Song.

As for his acting jobs… how about accepting projects for its merits and not because he’s friends with the PD or the writer for a change? He’s approaching his mid-30s and he’s still doing the same old “knight in shining armor” roles. Heck, his protege Lee Joon is taking much more daring roles than him. Rain was much more daring in taking projects during the height of his World Star days. See: A Love To Kill and I’m A Cyborg But It’s OK. Nowadays, it’s either the romantic lead (Asia), or the typical Asian who kicks ass in hand-to-hand combat (Hollywood).

If Rain still wants to make a mark in the industry, he needs to strike a balance between experimenting on new ideas, but not too much to the point that it’s just trying hard. It will be such a shame to waste the “Rain” brand name by playing too safe and doing projects just for the sake of doing them. The loyal fans deserve much more. And I know that he is still capable of doing so much more. He just needs to pull his act together.

PS: I can’t believe that people still pull the “netizens are just hating because he’s dating what’s-her-face” card. Uhm, haven’t you read the latest netz comments about them? Apparently, that couple is already accepted in Korea (or at least, people have stopped caring to comment). Therefore, that theory is not valid anymore.