So Alden Richards as Chef Boy Next Door did a pole dance at Sunday Pinasaya today. And I needed to be revived. :stretcher:

When I finally recovered, I realized that I kinda had my wish granted real soon. Yesterday, Alden sang Bamboo’s Hallelujah and I Tweeted this:

By ‘fandoms colliding’, I meant Alden sang a rock song. I used to be in the OPM rock scene (which explains why this blog’s domain name is ‘’). While he didn’t sing nor dance to a Rain song today, Alden did something that Rain used to do: pole dancing.

(credits: Rainrunway629 on YouTube)

Except that there’s a part that shocked me: Alden did it better, because he actually rode the pole. Unlike Rain who merely touched it. :hihihi:

(credits: MarcCT02 on Twitter; re-uploaded to YT because my blog doesn’t allow embedding of media from Twitter)

Whadya know. Rain is the legitimate professional dancer, but Alden one-upped him at pole dancing. :whoa: I never saw that coming.

This is not the first time that Alden reminded me of Rain, though. For example:


No wait, not that one. That’s just painful. Bakit ba kasi may bench at bike riding date scene, Direk Mike??! :cry:


As soon as I saw Alden in that black rolled-up sleeve made to look sleeveless shirt, that image of Rain at Fugitive Plan B immediately rolled into my mind.

Of course, let’s not forget this:


If we can only see Alden do a Rain on that one…

I’m perfectly fine seeing Alden “copy” Rain once in a while. Isa lang ang huwag na huwag mong kokopyahin sa kanya, RJ. Na-orient ka na siguro tungkol dun. :shutup:

Image credits: KBS/Eat Bulaga FB/CloudUSA


Oh look. A Rain post. For a change. :hihihi:


I can’t sleep last night because I slept the whole day yesterday, so I decided to finally watch Rain’s “The Squall World Tour in Hong Kong” which is available on Rain’s official YouTube channel. I haven’t been in touch with anything Rain lately; I only saw glimpses of his The Squall concerts on my social media streams and I never watched the fancams (basically because the fancams are mostly of him doing that Nan number again for the gazillionth time), so I saw this clip with practically no idea on how it goes.

Some random thoughts, because it’s past 4:00am and I have to go to work in a few hours:

1. Rain seems to be environment-friendly since Legend of Rainism. His theme has been ‘reduce, re-use and recycle’ since then. :shutup: Unless he’s going for the nostalgia feel, which is… still not fine. Shinhwa has been chucking out concerts with their same old songs, but it still comes out fresh because they try to come up with new arrangements and re-invent themselves. And Shinhwa is older than Rain.

2. The only part that’s fresh in this show are the Rain Effect songs. Which were still performed in the same manner as how he performed it when he was promoting the album. :hopeless:

3. To be fair, there were two instances which I really liked because I didn’t see it coming. First: Rain singing his cutesy songs Instead of Saying Goodbye, With U and Fresh Woman clad in a tuxedo. :dream: Brilliant, I must say.


Second was the Latin mix of La Song during the encore. Finally, a song with a different mix. :clap:

4. Whoever was in-charge of Rain’s make-up must be advised that foundation – or BB cream, whatever – should be applied not just on the face but on the neck, as well.


5. Hip Song still has the same effect on me as it did 6 years ago. It still makes me want to get up and dance. This song seems to be one of those numbers that Rain loves to perform until now.

6. On the other hand… I Do has a different feel now. I don’t know if it’s just me, but he performed it mechanically. The song lost its old charm because he was just going through the motions as if he didn’t want to sing that song anymore but he has no choice as it is one of his biggest hits.

7. Why does the mere mention of Full House on his concert made me tear up? :cry:

8. Rain looked gaunt at this concert. He’s too thin, and he didn’t have that sparkle in his eyes anymore even when he’s being cute. But I must admit, he still has that ‘IT’ factor as a concert performer. I think his dancing even improved over the years. He just needs fresh new material to work on.

9. What the heck happened to his choice of female dancers? :ayaw: When they were doing that couple dance for One and my reaction was, “Alden and Maine can do a sexy dance much better than Rain and this dancer”, it’s either there is something really wrong with the way they were dancing, or there is something really wrong with my eyes. :ehh: I’d like to believe it was the former.

10. And speaking of Rain and Alden:

I was watching this, and I suddenly blurted out:

“Wait. Those are Alden’s steps.”

Yep, I really need to lay off on Alden Richards once in a while. I see him on everything, including instances of Rain wearing skinny jeans. :lmao:


Aftermath: “Alden In My Own Words” Book Launch
14 August 2016 – Robinson’s Galleria Activity Center

Sorry this came in a bit late. I got flooded. Literally.

As I have written on the blog entry before this one, I failed to attend the Boardwalk event in my own province because of the flood. Therefore, when the weather kinda let up the following day, I took a deep breath and dared to go to Robinson’s Galleria for the Alden In My Own Words book launch. I personally feel that I shouldn’t miss this for the world because Alden International was mentioned in his thank-you notes on the book, therefore, we should be ably represented.

That is, if you call getting photographed with my face covered as “ably representing” the FC. :lmao: I don’t know why I suddenly became camera-shy when I’ve always been the on-camera talent for Alden International and all other fan clubs that I’ve joined in the past. :ehh:

Anyway… I reached Galleria at around 11:20am and this was what welcomed me:

Yep, there’s already a queue even if officially, there’s no queue yet. Is anyone confused? :shrug:

Actually, I’m not. Yes, this is one of those instances where I will go against popular opinion and present a different view of the entire confusion.
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Yep, that’s me.

It’s very seldom that Alden Richards has a gig near my place. Most of the time, I’d have to travel down South just to see him.

After quite a long while, Alden finally lands a gig in my province. Albeit, still two hours away from where I live (three hours even, if you commute; I know this because I do it nearly every single freakin’ day because that’s where my workplace is) but at least it’s not on the other side of EDSA. I was so excited that I didn’t mind that I had to wait two hours before I was able to secure tickets for that event. The fact that the place where to get the tickets was almost across my office was a good enough sign for me.

I even broke my own principle when it comes to *using* my position at work and made arrangements for prime seats at the event. Hey, the venue is owned by my client. A little push won’t hurt. And besides, we do have tickets; we just needed to secure our place since some of us will be traveling from faraway places and might not be able to arrive early enough to get good seats.

Friday came. It rained incessantly. Weather forecasts predicted heavy rains for the entire weekend.

As expected, by Saturday morning main thoroughfares have already been flooded. My companions have already waved the white flag. Meanwhile, I was still hopeful that I could go because I took one look outside and saw that our street, which usually becomes flooded with the slightest fall of rain, was flood-free. :shock:


Therefore, when I received a text from an acquaintance at around 11:50am that she’s already on her way to the venue, I finally caved in. Never mind that every time I decide to go, it starts raining elephants and dinosaurs. I took a quick shower, dressed up, re-stuffed my bag to only include Changi the point-and-shoot camera (because it’s not wise to bring anything heavy – and expensive – at this weather) and went down the house…

…only to be welcomed by a startled family who promptly asked, “saan ka pupunta? At saan ka dadaan???” (Where are you going? How will you get there???)

My sister showed me her FB feed, where I saw these photos from MarileNews (the official newsletter of our municipality):

A photo posted by Paulette Agent P (@agent_pau) on


Barely an hour after that, this was the situation at our place:


Ow shit. It’s CNBLUE all over again.

For the benefit of those who are not aware of the story and are too lazy to click on that link: back in 2014, I had to forego CNBLUE’s Manila concert because our place was chest-deep in flood waters and I had the impression that it’s flooded everywhere, therefore, the promoters will not push through with it. Apparently not. The concert was a ‘go’, and I literally ‘donated’ USD200++ to the promoters because of my unused ticket. :cry: Only because I wasn’t brave enough to swim in filthy, murky waters to get there.

The cost of tickets to the Boardwalk event are not even remotely near USD200+ (it’s just php350 = around USD7.50) and Alden only sang two songs, so you probably think it wasn’t that bad. But that’s not the point.

It’s my pride as a fan who lives in Bulacan that’s at stake here.

We got fans from as far away as Calabarzon (down South) who made it to the event. Meanwhile, I am from Bulacan, and I wasn’t there. Yes, I’m from a place that’s two hours away (three, if you’re commuting and traffic is bad) from Baliwag, but still in Bulacan. People expected me to be there. Oweno ba kung pinost ko na nga ang pictures ng baha sa lugar namin, kebs! Dapat andun ako! Taga-Bulacan ako eh! Kung yung di nga taga-Bulacan, nakarating, ako pa ang hindi? FAKE FAN AKO! FAKE!

Buset. :asar:

To be fair, nobody really said that. That I know of. :razz: But I got those kinds of bullshitty comments back in 2014 for CNBLUE (“bakit si ano nakarating eh taga-Bulacan rin naman sya?”), so I kinda expect people to say the same BS this time.

To be fair to me, I seriously considered going. It stopped raining at our place at around 3:00pm. With the knowledge that Alden was still at SPS rehearsals and won’t be at the event until 6:00pm (he performed at around 7:00pm), I thought maybe I could still make it. However…


Kung may speedboat siguro ako, baka sakali. Teka… magkano ba ang speedboat? You know, just in case…

I totally feel like a loser fake fan right now. A loser fake fan who stayed dry and free from leptospirosis and other flood-borne diseases, but a loser fake fan, nonetheless. :sad:


I’ve never been to Singapore prior to this recent trip, and two things finally convinced me to go there:

1. One Fine Day With The Bae
2. Food

Let me give a backgrounder first, for the benefit of those who are new to this blog.

I’m not your typical traveler, that is, I seldom go to a place for reasons of doing touristy stuff. I’m not particularly fond of visiting all the known tourist attractions; just take me to the city’s signature tourist spot (eg., the Merlion in SG) so that I can take a pic, and I’m good. I’m also not fond of shopping, unless it’s on a supermarket and we’re buying food. The rest of the time, I’d rather spend sitting in one corner to observe the locals, or eating.

Upon arrival in Singapore, we just dropped our bags at the hotel (theirs, not mine; I stayed at AI Founder’s house in SG) and headed to our first order of business for the day: eating, of course.
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