Do I still need to put a link on this? The news is everywhere. Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo are getting married this October. :clap:

And my poor BiKyo heart doesn’t feel bad at all. :hihihi: I mean, I’ve already made my peace when Rain got married early this year. Having Hye Kyo married, too – and to a man I “approve” of, no less (duh, as if they need the fans’ approval :lol: ) – is just the icing on the cake, so to speak.

Yeah, yeah, I do seem to remember that in my review of Descendants of the Sun, I mentioned that I only got buddy vibes from SJK and SHK. I guess it’s because I was on cautious mode then, having been badly burned by BiKyo. I tried my very best never to ship any onscreen couple since then. Yes, that includes AlDub, for which I am thankful now that I didn’t fully immerse myself in that pairing. I would’ve been a total nutter by now if I did.

Anyway, I digress.

Because practically all of my BiKyo friends have become KiKyo shippers after DoTS, I’ve been constantly updated with the latest happenings on Song-Song behind the scenes even if I’ve been out of touch with Korean entertainment these past two years. I should say that today’s big news came to no surprise to me when it broke this morning. We’ve been monitoring the events since the Bali issue and we sorta have seen it coming. We just didn’t expect it to be this abrupt.

It’s just so amusing that Rain and Hye Kyo had to get married (to different people) on the same year. Way to bookend the BiKyo Journey, guys. :thumbup:

Congratulations and best wishes to the most beautiful couple I’ve ever seen. :dream:


Aftermath: Boardwalk Shares ‘Shirt Up And Be Counted’ Event
30 June 2017 – Fisher Mall

Last Friday, I officially ended my hiatus of almost half a year from active fangirling. I actually thought that I’d be on retirement for good, as I suddenly have to do things on my own now. Apparently, the universe doesn’t want me to stop yet. So here I am.

It all started when Boardwalk posted the announcement for the Boardwalk Shares event on 15 June, around 10pm. I saw it about 15 minutes after it was posted. They said that we could join a promo where participants can get a chance to have a photo op with Alden, either in groups of five or a solo one-on-one pic with him. All we have to do is to make the required purchase.
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It’s been a while since I last wrote a commentary or reaction about things that interest me. Two reasons: (1) no time – surprise! I’m actually busy with real life, for a change. :lol: (2) I kinda enjoyed the relative peace and quiet I got from hibernating away from social media.

It took one topic that REALLY ticked me off for me to get out of hibernation. See, that’s the one thing about me. I get all pumped out to write when I’m pissed. :evil:

I haven’t religiously watched Eat Bulaga’s Juan For All (J4A) segment for the longest time. (Do I still need to explain why?) Nowadays, I only watch EB for Music Hero and Pinoy Henyo, and Broadway Boys on Saturdays, and whenever Baste is onscreen. The rest of the time, I only get to see bits and pieces of it. The June 24, 2017 episode of J4A was one of the rare times that I got to sit down and watch it in its entirety. I guess there was a reason for that, and I know now why.

At that episode, Alden Richards told a story about his shenanigans as a 16-year old boy living in that barangay where they were at for J4A. The gist is that, he stole money from his grandma – Php10,000 in total – which he used to pay for the school bus and to treat his friends at school. He admitted it to his Lola Linda when he was questioned about the missing money (they were the only two people living in their house at the time, so there’s no other suspect but him), which led him to being deported back to their hometown in Laguna.

As I was watching it, I admittedly felt that he will be bashed for telling that story. I mean, this is a person who gets bashed for things he did not even do. That shouldn’t come as a surprise.

When I checked for reactions on socmed regarding that episode, I was pleasantly surprised that save for the ‘usual suspects’ on Twitter and Instagram, EB’s regular viewers who posted comments on their official Facebook page basically did not care so much about him telling that story. Majority were more concerned about the continued absence of Jose Manalo from the show. :err: The few ones who did comment about that part even applauded him for telling this embarrassing story on National TV because it only proved that Alden, perfect as he may seem, is just human like the rest of us. They completely got the point.

It is utterly and completely disappointing that the PR arm of Alden’s home network are the ones who did not get the point. :nono:

The one I posted here is the latest Tweet/article regarding this topic. GMA’s official socmed account posted a similar Tweet and article yesterday that basically tackles on the ‘stealing’ part and did not stress Alden’s point: that what he did as an adolescent was not right and he was punished for it, so don’t emulate what he did. They totally missed the opportunity to impart the lesson behind the story. They composed a Tweet that’s just for clickbait without considering its effects on the image of their own contract artist. And to tell you frankly, posting stuff like that when they’re the artist’s official PR arm only gave more ammunition for his bashers to malign him. Thanks to that Tweet, Alden is now officially known to his bashers as a kleptomaniac. :hopeless:

Their Twitter admin deleted the tweet, but I guess they’re not done being a PR nightmare yet because just moments ago, they Tweeted that thing I posted above which sounded even worse than the one they posted on Saturday. :hmf:

Seriously, GMA-7. Why are you doing this to your most prized talent? Is he too “nice” for you (which, in PR speak, somewhat equates to being boring) that you just had to create trouble for him to be more click-baitable? It’s unbelievable that what was supposed to be Alden’s main defenders became the ones who handed out the bullets for his bashers to shoot him some more. Tsk tsk. :hopeless:


Here’s my take regarding Alden and his ‘kupit’ story:

So it turned out, my idol isn’t perfect. Surprise! He’s a normal person who makes mistakes, after all. :P

Seriously, though. Stealing isn’t right. It never was, never is. But what matters more for me is, did he learn a lesson from the mistakes he committed nine, ten years ago? Did he do anything to correct it? What kind of a person he is NOW?

I’ll leave those questions for you, my readers, to answer for yourselves.


Aftermath Report: Alden Richards “Upsurge”
Kia Theater – 27 May 2017

It took me a while to gather my thoughts before I was able to write this blog entry. I was contemplating on how I should write this: should I give a blow-by-blow account? Should I nitpick on the technical aspects? Should I be lazy and post my comments in bullets? Should I just post a photo gallery to be safe? :think:

As I was choosing the material that I will post on this entry – a task that involves sorting through 2,370 photos :aargh: – I realized that a blow-by-blow account nor a concert review will not do justice to the entire experience.

The concert that I went to on May 27, 2017 was not a concert. It was a testimonial. A testimonial to the life, so far, of one Richard Reyes Faulkerson, Jr., known to majority of the public as Alden Richards.
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I had a great Sunday.

It was one of those days where everything was just surreal, but really nice. I can’t share exactly what happened, for many reasons, but it was wonderful.

And then a few people attempted to spoil that wonderful day which diverted my focus from it.

I didn’t fully appreciate how wonderful that Sunday was until two days later, when I was getting bored on the commute to and from work. I killed time by recalling the events one by one, and realized how much I wasted it by allowing myself to get affected by those negative forces.

So many terrible things have been happening in the world lately. It’s getting more and more difficult to stay positive that those little happy things that we usually take for granted become more and more precious.

I am taking this as a lesson in life. If something good happens to you, never, ever take it for granted. Treasure and appreciate anything that makes you happy, no matter how big or small it was.

And never waste a precious moment by letting other people’s bitterness ruin it for you.