And here I am going, “whoa!” :O

TOP finally going shirtless after years of hiding under turtleneck shirts and jackets:

…and Rain finally doing a legitimate love scene as opposed to just being on top of a bed and that’s it.


There are other “blink and you’ll miss it” goodies hidden in the trailer for the movie For Love Or Money (aka. Difficult Love) so just watch this and enjoy :naughty: (and try to ignore his dubbed voice).

These, on top of all the scandals and heart-breaking events that has been going on lately. What the heck is happening with Korean entertainment???

Where art thou, Song Hye Kyo’s friends?

I don’t want to judge. They’re probably busy with their respective schedules. But it deeply saddens me that Song Hye Kyo is known to have many friends in the industry, but only one of them managed to show up at the most important premiere screening of her entire career. :sad: (Note: I don’t really count Won Bin because he is Kang Dong Won’s best friend. It is more probable that he attended the premiere for KDW and not Hye Kyo.)

It breaks my heart seeing Hye Kyo looking sad at the premiere. I think she looked sadder here than at the media screening last week when she made her public apology. Maybe she never fully felt the effects of the scandal until last night, when nearly none of her showbiz friends – pun definitely intended – had the guts to throw some public support for her.

I would have given it a little bit more benefit of the doubt if I didn’t read the interview that Hye Kyo gave Joongang Daily earlier in the day. When asked about the reaction of her friends to the tax issue, she said:

Many scolded me. No one had any warm words for me. Many people around me told me to take full responsibility right away about what happened, even though there were ways I could have avoided the issue or tried to hide from it. I also think the issue isn’t something that could have been resolved if I were to avoid it. It’s a mistake I made, so I need to take all the blame.

At first I thought, maybe her friends are just like me who says things that should be said, but that doesn’t mean that I am giving up on her. But seeing that only one showed up last night (although I read somewhere that Jung Woo Sung always shows up at VIP premieres in the first place), maybe there’s more to it than just simply them being brutally frank?

I really should stop over-analyzing this. For all I know, it’s Hye Kyo herself who told her friends not to show up.

But with that face? I seriously doubt it.

My childhood is a lie.

Today’s big news: Hello Kitty is NOT a cat.

Wait, what??? :shock:


Despite what that cartoon looks like, she is said to be a human being by the name of Kitty White, who has a twin sister, and contrary to what we have always known that she is from Japan, she is apparently of British origin.

Ok, could somebody please check if Mickey Mouse is, indeed, a mouse?

Review (?): The Prince.


My review of The Prince, starring Jason Patric, Bruce Willis, John Cusack, 50 Cent, and Rain:

It’s like watching a Filipino action movie but with English dialog.

Here’s a spoiler: The Prince? Is Fernando Poe, Jr. :wacky: (You have to be Pinoy to understand this.)

For those who may be curious, Mr. Jung’s screen time here is approximately 9 minutes and 33 seconds, which is not too far off from my earlier prediction that his exposure here is 10 minutes, tops. So YAY! for my prediction skills. :hihihi:

Oh, how the mighty have fallen in Korea, part 2.

Note: While the blog has made it very clear that the articles and comments they post do not reflect the majority opinion of Koreans and are not to be taken as a whole, Netizenbuzz articles somewhat gives us an idea of what the sentiment is on certain issues involving Korean celebrities.

From one huge scandal to another, you begin to wonder what is up with the Korean government these days with all these issues involving top celebrities cropping up. It’s like news agencies are having a contest called, “Who can top the scandal we uncovered today?”

And it’s not just random XXX-and-XXX-caught-dating scenarios. We’re talking tax evasion, bullying in the army, and domestic violence. Issues that are too huge to pass on.

Although I still contend that Song Hye Kyo is being given an unfair judgment by Koreans and non-Koreans alike because of the netizens’ habit of only reading the headlines and passing judgment based on that (how many times do we have to repeat that she already paid the taxes that netizens are demanding from her?), and I think it’s unfair that they’re hating on Han Hyo Joo over an issue that, while definitely serious as it involves an actual death, it’s not her fault that one of the suspects is a member of her family. The Kim Hyun Joong issue is an entirely different story. He did admit to laying a hand on his ex-girlfriend. Regardless of how many times it happened, one incident of assault is one incident too many. :nono: As someone who was thisclose to becoming a Kim Hyun Joong fan because of the way he treats his fans, I simply cannot tolerate domestic violence. Goodbye, KHJ.

However, there are times when I’m totally bewildered at the sentiment of Korean netizens. If the entertainer got embroiled in a scandal of any kind and said entertainer chooses to be quiet in order to “reflect on his actions”, people will demand that he explain himself, bow his head and apologize. When the entertainer decides to explain herself, bow her head and apologize, people will say that she is a drama queen and is using her movie promotions to explain herself. What exactly do they want??? :aargh: I bet if she kills herself, people will still say that she’s selfish and only thinking of herself. Or, some will say that she has suffered enough and should be forgiven now. But what good will that do if the person is already dead? :rolleyes:

Ah, Korean netizens. You’re a case study in itself.

It seems that there’s still a way to overcome Korean netizens’ hate, though. (1) Donate an insane amount to charity (and make it very public); and (2) star in a Hollywood movie. :neutral: I find it so amusing that people are now all, “don’t hate on him for his image alone” when he has been called “trash” for more than a year. It’s still all about the image, isn’t it?

It’s the same with G-Dragon. After his marijuana scandal, he explained himself and then moved on with his life. Came up with new material, hung around famous Hollywood celebs, and donated insane amounts of money and made it very public. Now he’s cool and daebak in the eyes of netizens again.

Come to think of it, Psy was super-hated in the past, too. Then came Gangnam Style, and now he’s the representative artist of Korea.

So let’s not lose hope for Hye Kyo. She has been supporting worthy causes even before the tax issue (and super-shame on the holier-than-thous who look down at her charity work as a cover-up for her being a tax evader :chair: ), and she’s been doing good in China by working with only the best and most respected people in the industry. The world outside Korean entertainment doesn’t care about what she does in her personal life. I think she can still bounce back.

I can’t say the same about Kim Hyun Joong, though…