Aftermath: 21st Asian Television Awards
01 December 2016 – Suntec Convention Center, Singapore

I have been a blogger for almost 12 years, and a fangirl for about two decades. But never in my wildest dreams will I find myself covering an event of international magnitude, and that opportunity was made possible through Alden Richards.

A little back story: I actually got to know about Alden’s ATA hosting through Alden himself. (Yes, I will be gloating. :P Bear me with me.) It was on September 20, 2016, when Alden International hosted a dinner/meet-up with him. As soon as I greeted him by the door at Concha’s, he made beso and said, “Ate Pau, Singapore ako uli sa December, host ako sa Asian TV Awards” (Ate Pau, I’ll be coming back to Singapore in December to host the Asian TV Awards). And I was like, “whoa!!!!” :whoa: followed with this thought: so what are you telling me, exactly? :hihihi: Of course, the next immediate thought was that I will do everything in my power to be there. It’s a milestone event in Alden’s career, and I needed to go back to Singapore, anyway, because I wasn’t able to tour much the first time I was there in July. I just never thought that it would be this soon.

The formal announcement was made about two weeks later, so you could just imagine the amount of effort we had to exert in controlling ourselves not to blab about it in public. :grin:

This is it! Go, Alden! #AldenAtATA #ATA2016 #21stATA @aldenrichards02 @aldenintl

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Be careful what you joke about. It just might happen.

Pila naaaa! #ALDENSayItAgain at Marquee Mall, Angeles City, Pampanga @aldenrichards02 @gmarecords @aldenintl

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Saturday, around 2:00pm. We were lining up for the Pampanga leg of Alden Richards’ Say It Again album tour at Marquee Park in Angeles City. The guidelines said that only 400 CD buyers will be given ‘seat stubs + photo op stubs’ for the show. The rest can still buy a CD and get a photo op, but they won’t have seats. The line was already quite long when we got there, so somewhere along the way I joked that, “what if it’s finally my turn to get the CD and they tell me, ‘sorry ma’am, we’ve already reached the quota and you didn’t make it’?” I swear, there will be bloodshed! :flaming:

A few hours and much chaos after that: Me and a few other people from various Alden fan clubs (among them members of Alden International, Alden United and Aldenatics Taguig, around 20 people all in all) were lining up for the photo op with Alden. Just as Jho from my FC was about to enter the stage area, one of the guards blocked it off and said the magic words: “admin po muna” (the mall admins will have their photo op first). After the mall admins had their photo op, we saw Alden being led down the stage, meaning that the photo op is over.

Now waitttt a minute. What the hell was that??? :kilay:

Look. We did everything that their rules told us to do. We queued early. We bought the CD. We silently took our designated seats even if it’s already far from the stage. We endured the rain. We were promised a photo op for the simple reason that we bought the CD and we got it early enough to be included in the magic 400. Why were we denied of our right to have our photo taken with Alden?


It’s just a few people left, just enough for last two batches. We heard someone say that the fans were getting wild so they had to stop the photo op, but they were already wild much early in the night and security did not do much about it. In fact, at some point I found myself right there on front row center because nobody bothered to control the people at the back from approaching the stage. The queue for the photo op was about to end, and only then did they decide that the crowd was getting too wild that they have to halt the proceedings?

Give me a freakin’ break. I’m sorry, but that was totally unacceptable.

Some people might say: “hey Agent P, it’s not like you people haven’t had a photo taken with Alden before!” That’s not the point. We are PAYING CUSTOMERS. As paying customers, it is our right to demand what we have paid for.

Midway through the photo op, the event host even announced that those who still haven’t bought a copy of the CD can still do so and they can still join the photo session. If they’re going to make announcements like that, they have to make sure that they will accommodate EVERYONE. The thing is, they haven’t even finished taking photos of the Magic 400 and yet they are inviting more people who, apparently, will end up getting a false promise, anyway. Just like what happened to us.

It’s only fortunate that the ones who got this bad end of the deal are FC members who are smart enough to know that it’s not Alden’s fault that it happened and he shouldn’t be blamed for it. Imagine if among us were fans who will be seeing Alden for the first time. I couldn’t fathom how disappointed they will be.

I’m probably the only person who will be noisy about this incident. But I am blogging about it not only because I want answers but also because the people in charge should know. And hopefully, for Alden’s sake, they will avoid this situation from happening again.


Today, October 17th, marks the anniversary of my being an active supporter of Alden Richards.

Exactly one year ago, I plucked myself out of fangirl retirement to attend the launching of Alden’s Wish I May album. It was my first time to see him in the flesh, and also the first of many of his events that I covered for this blog and the fan clubs that I belong(ed) to. At the time, I never thought that things would come this far. In fact, I came across this post of mine on Facebook about my experience at the WIM launch that had me shaking my head and laughing in amusement. I was just looking for my group photo from the event, but when I saw the caption, I just had to immortalize the entire thing:


Note to my non-Filipino readers: basically, I was just telling on the caption that one day, I will have a photo where I’ll be beside Alden.

One year later, I attended the launch of his next album, and here’s what happened:


Yup, hindi ko pa rin siya katabi. Ang saklap. :cry:

So many things had happened to me this past year that I sometimes wonder if it’s just an ongoing dream. Last year, all I wanted was just to see him in person. All I wanted was just to take his photos in (relative) peace. One year later, I had exclusive access to some of his events; I’ve had one too many selfies beside him, with him; he already knows who I am and can even spot me from a distance, in the middle of a maddening crowd (me thinks it has something to do with my shiny forehead); I have random strangers on social media who hate me with a passion for no apparent reason (at least, at the Rain fandom, I know exactly why they hate me); and I’ve been branded so many names, from a delusional fangirl who has ‘hidden desires’ towards Alden (uh, excuse me, my desires towards him aren’t hidden; he knows exactly what I want from him, and that is to take his photos without having to battle it out with the crowd), to being branded an “OSF”, or One-Sided Fan. Which is not exactly a bad thing in the strict sense, but not to certain people in this fandom where OSF is synonymous to “basher of the other half of the loveteam.” :kilay: By the way, I still don’t get why I’m being automatically branded an A-OSF when there’s no clear evidence that I’ve bashed Maine on social media and on this blog. Unless you count the random critiques that I sometimes make, but criticism does not equate to bashing (unless you’re a super-sensitive fanatic who regard your idol as a god) and I do that to ANYONE, even my idols. Then again, even if I write lengthily about it, they’d stop at “A-OSF” and “basher ni Maine” and totally disregard the rest of the paragraph, so whatever.

Anyway, I digress.

One year of following Alden has allowed me to witness not just what kind of artist Alden is but also what kind of a person he is. He is pretty much the same in front of the camera and behind it, except he is 10000x more makulit off-cam. :wacky: Everything that I’ve written on this blog about Alden is a testament to his kindness, humility and sincerity. I am looking forward to the next days, months, years of documenting his journey.