Agent P’s Note: This should have been the third installment of my Alden Richards Birthday Celebration blogs. But after everything that I witnessed yesterday, I feel that this one is the most important among the three, thus, it should be given utmost priority. :smile:

Yesterday, Alden Nation had its first outreach program for its “Alden Nation Cares” project at the East Avenue Medical Center for the benefit of the Philippine Foundation for Breast Care, Inc. The beneficiaries of the foundation are breast cancer patients. This served as our club’s sort of post-birthday celebration for Alden Richards who turned 24 last January 2.

I arrived quite late at the event because I still had my day job to take care of first (yes, I do have a day job; I am not just your resident photographer/blogger/bitch). To be honest, I sorta expected a laid back event because our attendees are cancer patients. I totally did not expect to find a roomful of highly energetic ladies who, despite the tell-tale signs of ongoing treatment, are more than happy and excited to see the official photographer finally showing up because they couldn’t wait to have their photo taken with Alden Richards.

Make that, Alden Richards’ life-size tarpaulin banner which one of our members thankfully brought to the event. :hihihi:

(c) Agent P/Alden Nation

The enthusiasm was comparable to the photo op portion of Alden’s album tours. I AM NOT KIDDING. The way these ladies behaved, one would think Alden himself was there. Some doctors and hospital staff actually passed by and asked if Alden was there.

When we had a Trivia Game, the attendees demonstrated their expertise on everything Kalyeserye/Alden/Maine to the extent that one of them was even feeding us questions like, “what is the exact date when Alden started showing signs that he has fallen for Yaya Dub?” (I seriously don’t know the answer to this question.) Do I still need to point out that all of them are avid fans of the show and of the AlDub tandem?

I didn’t know this because I came in late, but I found out from the closing remarks of the rep from the Philippine Breast Care Foundation that the beneficiaries actually didn’t know that the group who will be doing the outreach for the day would be Alden Nation. So when they entered the room and saw the Alden Nation banner and Alden’s tarp, they were ecstatic, to say the least. On the other hand, Alden Nation was also not aware that the beneficiaries are huge fans of the show. This was one of those ‘hindi kami na-orient!’ scenarios that turned out great for both parties. I can see from the huge smiles of the attendees that they were having so much fun. On my part, I drew inspiration from their strength and courage in battling with their illness. They participated in our parlor games with so much energy and enthusiasm, and they were so competitive! In between activities, they would even dance at the slightest beat of Dessert or Twerk It Like Miley or Fantastic Baby. I am not ill (or at least I hope I’m not), but I definitely cannot match the energy that they had. I just fed off all the good vibes coming from them.

(c) Agent P/Alden Nation

Later on, we were given a tour of East Avenue Medical Center’s Breast Care Center and that’s when we fully realized why the patients are so well-versed with everything Kalyeserye:

Apparently, the patients spend their waiting time during treatment and/or check-ups watching Eat… Bulaga! According to testimonies of some of the patients, Kalyeserye is their source of joy and AlDub is their happy pill. They forget about their illness whenever they watch Kalyeserye. Critics of the show always point out the shallowness of the concept and call us fans all sorts of degrading names, but how can anyone argue with the simple joy that it brings to people who are battling a terminal disease?

In the course of our event, the patients constantly asked us if we could help them with a simple request: an opportunity to watch Eat… Bulaga! live at the Broadway studios and see the EB Dabarkads (especially Alden and Maine) in person. I told them on my closing speech (I don’t know why I’m suddenly the club’s spokesperson along with being the official photographer and on-camera talent :wall: ) that we cannot promise anything – it’s still the show’s call, after all – but we’ll try. I don’t know if anyone from TAPE, Inc. will get to read this blog, but this is the internet so I’ll just throw this one out and hope that it will reach them. It’s a simple request, but I know that it will bring a ton of happiness to these ladies whose embattled lives become a little bit brighter because of Eat… Bulaga! and AlDub.

2015 has been one surreal year for me.

I thought it was going to be really boring. I mean, I was close to giving up this blog. I sorta lost passion in fangirling, in fact I had declared myself semi-retired. By ‘semi’, I meant I would still watch any Kpop concert that would still interest me, or attend events that I would find interesting. But to spend money, time and effort just for blogging purposes as I used to do? Nope.

Then July 16, 2015 happened. I did retire from Kpop, but got spontaneously plucked out of fangirling retirement by this phenomenon called AlDub.

In a nutshell, this was 2015 for Agent P:

I wonder how much closer would it get come 2016? :think: Your guess is as good as mine.

Have a great year ahead, my dear readers! :cheer: :party:

I really love how this AlDub fandom has given me lots of pleasant surprises in such a short time.

I had wanted to join all the major events related to My Bebe Love promotions but things just get in the way. Things like, personal schedules, and the need to preserve my own well-being. :lol: I was supposed to attend the Premiere Night – ok, I’m exaggerating; I was supposed to be at the lobby with the rest of the uninvited mortals :lmao: – but I was already booked for a trip to Tagaytay with my family from the 21st up to the 23rd. I am not about to miss some precious vacation time just to be pushed and squished by the crowd at Megamall. Of course, it would be a totally different story if I got an invite.

Then there’s the 2015 MMFF Parade of Stars. I was also supposed to be with the rest of AlDub Nation Unites for that special project we had (namely, the yellow balloons that flew just as the MBL float was about to arrive at Luneta Grandstand) but again, I’m booked at Tagaytay until the 23rd, the date of the Parade. The only chance I would get is if my family decides to leave Tagaytay early and I would be able to catch the Parade, wherever it may be by the time I reach Manila.

Then, my father himself decided to leave Tagaytay early because he also had a few appointments that he must attend to on the 23rd. Is that a sign?

So we checked out of our hotel after breakfast, did our pasalubong shopping and left Tagaytay at before 10:00am. Normally, that should be more than enough time to reach Mall of Asia before 1:00pm, the scheduled start of the Parade. You see, I was informed by one of my Alden Nation friends that the best vantage point to catch the MMFF Parade if one is allergic to crowds is at the starting point; in this case, at Mall of Asia. Since I am already allergic to crowds, I opted to follow her advice.

However, it’s two days before Christmas. You know what happens to Metro Manila during Christmas season, right?
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Aftermath: Alden Richards ‘Wish I May’ Album Tour
06 December 2015 – SM City Marilao, Bulacan

I thought it would be easy to write about this. Apparently not, hence, the late posting. :boinkself:

Alden Richards’ ‘Wish I May’ Album Tour only had four stops. Three of those are in the south (ok, to be more accurate: one at southeast and two at southwest). Only one was north of Metro Manila, where I live. And it had to be at that place where I live. You can imagine how I nearly cried when I was told that SM City Marilao will be the last leg of this tour. Finally! A mall show where I can literally walk from my house to the venue! (Wait… I also walked to Philippine Arena. But that’s an entirely different story altogether.)

This particular stop of the ‘Wish I May’ album tour was different from the others. This was the only stop where charity was involved. In order to get VIP passes for the show, SM Marilao required only one purchase: a CD bundle worth Php500.00 that includes the following:

1. A ‘Wish I May’ CD;
2. An SM Cares Bears of Joy for the benefit of SM’s Housing Project for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda;
3. A VIP pass for Alden’s “Wish I May” album tour;
4. Photo op with Alden Richards;
5. An SM Supermalls Eco Bag

Full mechanics to avail of this promo can be seen here. Note that there was no mention of it being an open-to-the-public event, and it was clearly stated that there will be no autograph signing and that it will be Standing Room Only. Therefore, you cannot blame me if I seriously wanted to strangle all those people at SM Marilao’s Facebook page who complained about things that they would have understood if they only read the mechanics, and if they had common sense. :aargh:

I personally found the SM Marilao mechanics eons better. First, it’s wayyyy cheaper than SM Rosario’s php1500 minimum purchase that still did not include the CD (and that’s per person/ticket). Second, the proceeds are for charity. Several people asked me to buy CD bundles for them even if they won’t be able to make it to the event simply because they like the thought that aside from being able to support Alden, they would also be supporting a worthy cause. Therefore, I find it extremely laughable when some guy remarked that ‘gusto lang ng SM Marilao kumita ng pera’ when in fact, the proceeds are for charity. He even compared it to another event which mechanics were purely for income-generating purposes. Funny how uninformed people tend to generate the most hilarious remarks. Anyway…

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Sorry for the late posting. Day job got in the way. ;)

Question of the Day: Why is it only now that Jose Manalo, Wally Bayola, Paolo Ballesteros and Alden Richards were given ‘stars’ at the Walk of Fame when these four (especially Jose and Wally) have been popular celebrities for quite some time? Especially since much lesser stars have been honorees in the past years?

Then again, Gabby Concepcion is also one of this year’s honorees. If there’s someone who should have been there a long time ago, it’s him.

I was able to catch this year’s unveiling of the Eastwood Walk of Fame where Team Kalyeserye, ie., Alden, Maine and JoWaPao were among the inductees. Unfortunately, Alden did not make it because he needed to rest (FINALLY!!!) but seeing Maine up close and in person for the second time (the first being Tamang Panahon) totally made up for it. Even if it means seeing her in person for just a few precious seconds.

(c) Agent P

I initially positioned myself at the main tent, but a friend called me up to say that it would be better if we watch the festivities at the place where the stars are (by ‘stars’, I meant the Walk of Fame stars, not the people/celebrities). This friend has attended previous Walk of Fame events and know how things will go (although she did also say that things were different in previous years; for example, in previous years, there were no barricades separating the stars from the audience). So I moved my butt from the tent – with a huge sigh of relief, if I may add, because I cannot take all the baseless chit chat around me any further :shutup: – and went to the place where the stars are. What I found? Was this.

(c) Agent P
(c) Agent P

Yep. They were still in the process of constructing the stars. :shock:

In fact, the honorees were already being presented at the main stage, and the Eastwood crew were still doing last minute touches to the stars:

(c) Agent P

You just know that this is a Kuya Germs event when you see a shining, shimmering, splendid veil being used to cover the stars.

(c) Agent P

A few minutes later, the honorees came in one by one. The first we saw was Eula Valdez, with Kara David and Harlene Bautista.

(c) Agent P
(c) Agent P

Then came the still-gorgeous Alice Dixson, along with Sunshine Dizon and Rocco Nacino:

(c) Agent P

More stars came in, and then… Bellestar Dancers! OMG, it IS indeed, a German Moreno show.

(c) Agent P

It just sucks that the Bellestars came in along with Gabby Concepcion, who was mind-numbingly handsome that I failed to take a decent photo. Argh! :aargh:

And then… without much fanfare, this lovely woman came running in like a playful child who outsmarted her guardians.

(c) Agent P

Wait… I think she did outsmart her guardians. It looked like she ran away from her horde of bodyguards because after the initial shock, all of a sudden she was covered by about a thousand burly men who totally blocked our view even if we’re behind a glass panel and we totally would never be able to do any damage to Maine. :bop: I learned from my friends who stationed themselves at the main tent that these bodyguards also formed a human barricade as she approached the stage. It’s like even Kuya Germs was not allowed to see her. (I’m exaggerating, but maybe not so much.) I know they were instructed not to let anyone touch her, but are we also not allowed to see her? WTH was that??? :nono: #MedyoOA ha.

So basically, when they removed the shining, shimmering, splendid cover to unveil the stars, this was what I was able to capture:

(c) Agent P

Well, I got a decent shot of Maine’s brother, at least.

Fortunately, I was able to spot her holding two trophies before she was buried under all that Rogelio. At least I got my ‘kilig’ fix for the night.

(c) Agent P

And even more fortunate, I was able to get one decent shot of the super-beautiful Maine Mendoza.

(c) Agent P

The very petite Maine wore a simple outfit, simple accessories, simple styling, but my golly, she SHONE brightly among the stars. There’s just something about her that draws attention towards her.

By the way, the horde of security was only for Maine (and, I assume, for Alden if he was able to make it). Maine left earlier than JoWaPao, and when she left, the battalion left with her. Although from what I gathered later on, it was quite understandable that they were given that kind of security. The crowd only reacts whenever Team Kalyeserye gets mentioned or makes an appearance. They nearly ignored the other honorees. I also gathered that nearly everyone at Eastwood was looking for Alden.

Which made us wonder what exactly were the other honorees thinking while being basically sidelined from all the rabid attention given to Maine and Team Kalyeserye?

You think I was kidding about the other stars being sidelined, albeit unintentionally, by Team Kalyeserye? Here’s one proof: when Maine’s battalion left, it was then that we realized that right in front of us was one of the super-popular young stars from the rival station: Enrique Gil.

(c) Agent P

He’s been there all along, and we didn’t notice. I actually thought he missed out on the Walk of Fame, being Kapamilya and all. Yun pala ayun lang sya sa harapan ko. Enebeyen.

After the honorees have left, the barricades were removed and the public may now take photos of/with the stars. That is, if you can manage to squeeze yourself in.

(c) Agent P
(c) Agent P

It’s like a scene straight out from The Walking Dead: the photo-opportunists are the horde of walkers and those two stars are the victims. What’s more annoying is that none of the horde wanted to leave in order to give way to the others who also wanted to take permanent residence at the Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza stars.

So permanent resident na kayo sa stars ng #AlDub, ganern? #aldubdejavulove #pasingitnamaaaan

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That would’ve been a really cool address, though. Alden Richards-Maine Mendoza Stars, Eastwood City Walk, Libis, Quezon City. :hihihi: (Beside Jhake Vargas. hahaha!)