I’m not the type of person who dreams big. But if there’s one dream that I’ve always had since I was a child, it’s to watch Eat Bulaga live at the studio. One might wonder: what’s stopping me from doing that? Well, I am a promdi (from the province) and Metro Manila seems to be a faraway place when I was younger. Two, I never found out how to watch the show at the studio. The nearest thing to being an Eat Bulaga studio audience for me was when our barangay was chosen for the Juan For All, All For Juan segment over two years ago.

And then, Sa Tamang Panahon happened. It was more than I could ever dreamed of, but it’s still not quite the dream I had. I wanted to experience everything they do at the studio on a daily basis for the past three decades.

Remember when I said that I seem to get lucky with everything related to Kalyeserye and/or Alden Richards these days? This is one of those lucky streaks. :smile: A friend from the Alden fandom invited me to join her at the studio on Monday, November 2, 2015. Of course, I would never say ‘no’ to that. My childhood dream is finally coming true! :cheer:

Good morning! 😀

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I am supposed to post my already-delayed blog entry about my dream-come-true moment last Monday. However, I was so floored by today’s epic Kalyeserye episode that I will be writing about this instead.

In the words of Alden Richards when he received that surprise call from Maine Mendoza at the DJ Bae segment of Sunday PinaSaya: “Hindi ako na-orient!!!” (I wasn’t informed/oriented beforehand!)

On today’s Kalyeserye, the Zobeyala sisters’ aunt named Tia Bebeng made a visit to the barangay to meet them. The show has been hyping this since Monday and there had been various guessing games as to who exactly will play the role of Tia Bebeng. The obvious guess, of course, is that it’s going to be anyone among Jose, Wally and Paolo. #QuickChangePaMore Or it could be Maine, or Alden. Or anyone from the EB Dabarkads (the most popular choices are Michael V and Julia Clarete).

Did anyone expect that Tia Bebeng will be played by no other than Ms. Gloria Romero??? :whoa:

I certainly didn’t. I literally picked my jaw off the floor. :shock:

It was sheer brilliance. Ms Romero jelled extremely well with the rest of the Kalyeserye cast. I know she’s a great actress; I mean, it’s the Queen of Philippine Movies, for cryin’ out loud. But her improv skills were just fabulous. It’s like seeing Tita Minerva from Palibhasa Lalake again, only much more awesome because this gig hardly has a script.

Events like these usually happen during Saturdays, but trust Eat Bulaga to come up with something that will keep its audience at their toes. :clap: :arrow:

PS: When Tia Bebeng (Ms Romero) inquired about Alden, Lola Tinidora (Jose Manalo) remarked that Alden is just like her late husband, former matinee idol Juancho Gutierrez. Instantly, I Tweeted that it was on point: Mr. Gutierrez really does look like Alden Richards. (And instantly, I got bothered at the thought that I knew about this. :hihihi: Hey, classic Pinoy movies was a TV staple every afternoon when I was a kid! I don’t know why am I making excuses yet I am still dating myself. :slaphead: )

Behold, the evidence.


On to other, related things…

I chanced upon random tweets from people who were bothered that Alden addressed Maine as ‘Yaya’ on this episode. You see (for the uninitiated), Alden has not used the name ‘Yaya Dub’ for the longest time. Lately, it has always been ‘Maine’ or ‘Meng’. For some people, it’s an indication of something else. Whatever that ‘something else’ is.

First of all: STOP OVERTHINKING. It ruins the fun in everything. I learned that the hard way in my previous ships (for which I was reminded of again because of a comment that’s two years too late :bop: ).

Second: Did it ever occur to you that Alden had to use ‘Yaya’ on this episode because they have a guest who might get confused if he calls her ‘Maine’?

Third, and the most important: When Alden was giving his 16th Weeksary message, he said his message is for Maine. Watch it again if you missed it.

Seriously. Why are people fighting over the most trivial things?

Due to its immense popularity, I kinda expected to see people wearing Kalyeserye-inspired costumes for Halloween. What I didn’t expect is walking through a government office and being welcomed with Kalyeserye-inspired Halloween decor. :shock:

The Municipality of Marilao, Bulacan held its annual Trick Or Treat event yesterday where one of the highlights is a Halloween decor competition among its various departments. Decors vary from the downright scary (zombies, ghouls, cemeteries) to the not-so-scary (Hotel Transylvania is a popular theme).

And then, there’s the Office of the Local Civil Registrar (LCR).

(c) Agent P

(c) Agent P

(c) Agent P

(c) Agent P

(c) Agent P

(c) Agent P

What’s more amusing – and brilliant – is that they placed Alden and Maine’s standees right in front of the marriage notices. :hihihi: In fact, in between the standees is the sample form for Notice of Intended Marriage. :naughty:

(c) Agent P

If Halloween is always like this, I wouldn’t mind celebrating it every day.

Aftermath Report: Alden Richards ‘Wish I May’ Album Tour
Market! Market! – 23 October 2015

Yep, this blog is fast becoming an Alden Richards blog. Is there anyone complaining? :blink:

Before Sa Tamang Panahon, I had the opportunity to cover the first day of Alden Richards’ “Wish I May” Album Tour at Market! Market! last October 23, 2015 for Alden Nation. Unlike the album launch, this one was quite a challenge for a number of reasons: (1) it was a weekday and I even had to attend a staff meeting at work, where I had difficulty concentrating because, guess what! At some point in the meeting, we were discussing the difficulty of getting a ticket for Sa Tamang Panahon (wut??); (2) Market! Market! is not as accessible to me as SM North EDSA (#PromdiProblems); (3) it was a Friday night, and you know what happens to EDSA on Fridays; and (4) I had to get up early for Tamang Panahon the following day. But hey, all for the love. I’m even seriously considering attending the next few album tours. It’s not like I’ve never traveled to the other side of Luzon during my bandstalking days, or literally flew out of the country on a whim during my Rain days…
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Aftermath: Eat… Bulaga! “Sa Tamang Panahon” Thanksgiving Concert
Philippine Arena – 24 October 2015


All I ever dreamed of was to get the chance to watch Eat Bulaga! live at the studio. What was given to me, like all other things given to me that’s related to Kalyeserye/AlDub, was something much, much, MUCH better. Something I never dreamed of getting.

I was stuck at Alden Richards’ album launch when they announced the Tamang Panahon event at Eat Bulaga. I only learned of the event because I was monitoring the show through live chat. I quickly messaged a fellow Alden (and Menudo/Ricky Martin)-fan friend, who had the quick-sense to call her friend who’s at Trinoma at that moment. Needless to say, we were one of the first people to have luckily purchased VIP tickets before it got sold out some 20 minutes later. (Tamang Panahon tickets became like Holy Grail after that.) At that point, I was already quite happy that I will get to personally witness the culmination of our Kalyeserye journey with the rest of AlDub Nation.

Then, for some reason, I seem to be destined to get extremely lucky when it comes to anything AlDub/Kalyeserye. (Someday, I will be telling you all about this in detail because everything has been just amazing, so far. Unless I get lazy and/or sidetracked again.) Another fellow AlDub-fan friend, this time from Cloud Philippines, offered me something even more awesome than VIP tickets: VVIP tickets. :whoa: Of course, I will not refuse. Why would I refuse a blessing that I didn’t even ask for?

And so, along with two friends from Alden Nation, I went to Philippine Arena on 24 October 2015 and became part of HISTORY.

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