For the benefit of my non-Pinoy readers:

“Kaladkarin” is a verb meaning “drag”, but when used as a noun, it means “always on the go”. For purposes of this blog entry, I’m using Kaladkarin as a noun.


Just by perusing the contents of this blog from the beginning, you would know that I’m a true-blue kaladkarin. If given the chance, I would be willing to travel at great lengths – sometimes, even fly to another country – just for the sake of fangirling. I have somewhat retired from it for a while, but now that I’m active in the Alden Richards fandom, my kaladkarin nature has come back.

Last night was no exception.

Around 3:00pm, our AIFC head messaged me if I want to do a set visit at Alden and Maine’s filming location with some of our members. Of course, I said ‘yes’. Kaladkarin nga, ‘di ba. However, she was later informed that the location is at a hospital, hence, security is pretty tight and only a few people will be allowed within the premises. Thinking that it’s settled that we won’t be going anymore, I just shrugged it off.

Later that night as I was just getting started with dinner, another AIFC admin informed me that (1) some of our members are already at the filming site (Alden and Maine have been there as early as 5pm); (2) said filming site is about 15 minutes away from my house; and (3) another member is still on her way from faraway Makati, so if I feel like going, I could still make it.

Here comes the dilemma: (1) I was just about to start dinner, and I wanted to really savor it (sinigang na baboy, inihaw na tilapia, green mango salad at ice cold Coke kasi, teh!); (2) it’s already past 8pm; (3) after dinner, I still have to do the dishes, get dressed up and grab whatever photographic equipment I could carry at the last minute. What if Alden and Maine have already left by the time I get there? But my AIFC friends were like, “Ate Pau ang lapit mo na, chance mo na ‘to!” (Ate Pau, you’re already near the venue, this might be your chance!) I’m also deliberating on whether I should bring the photobooks for Alden and Maine, but I was told that according to on-site updates from our members, there were already quite a number of fans waiting at the hospital parking area and most of them are Maine fans. Since my prime consideration is how to give the photobook to Maine (I have more opportunities to meet Alden), I figured that I probably wouldn’t be able to squeeze myself into her throng of supporters. I realized later on that I should’ve brought Maine’s photobook, at the very least. I’ll tell you why later.

After a quick shower, I grabbed Blackie Lou and stuffed it in my bag, told my mom that I’m going out for a bit (at the ungodly hour of 8:30pm) without telling her the details, and went straight to the filming location. Which should’ve been 15 minutes away, but freakin’ traffic at Meycauayan intersection cost me 30 minutes additional travel time (seriously, whose bright idea was it to add a 2-feet wide island on an already narrow highway??? :chair: ) and I got seriously stressed. :aargh: What if shooting is over before I get there? With my luck lately, it just might happen.

Luckily, it didn’t. They were still filming when I reached the site.

So we waited. And waited. We were given a choice: go up the actual filming location and get a short meet-up with Alden, or wait ’til it’s over and get a longer meet-up? Care to guess what we chose?

The waiting time wasn’t too bad, though. We were loitering around near Maine’s van when her brother Dean got out. My AIFC friends said ‘hello’ to him; he said ‘hello’ back. Then Jaja of AIFC was like, “Dean, si Agent P oh” and I was like, no way I’m getting introduced to Dean Mendoza this way. :whoa: You see, I was exchanging messages with Dean last week because of this photo from Sunday Pinasaya that I posted on Instagram.

#ALDUBSecrets Dean Mendoza on SPS Kantaserye @DeanMendozaa

A photo posted by Paulette Agent P (@agent_pau) on

He was asking for the untagged, unfiltered copy, which I sent to him along with a few other pics from that same show. He posted one of them on his own Instagram.

I'm watching you…. (c)@paulette espiritu

A photo posted by DeanMendoza (@deanmendozaa) on

So when Jaja sort of made the introduction and I saw that Dean was like, :ehh: I swooped in and said, “ako yung nagsend sa ‘yo ng pictures the other day” (I was the one who sent you those pictures the other day). That’s when he realized who I was and said, “ang gaganda po ng pictures n’yo” (your pictures are good). I swear, gusto kong sumarabe. :rotflmao: We chatted some more about how he’s probably getting bored waiting for his sister (hindi pa naman daw) and his own “career” at Sunday Pinasaya. He even told us about his PopTalk appearance and his experience filming it. He’s such a nice kid. :thumbup: It was a very casual chat that I didn’t even attempt to ask for a photo-op because it would ruin the mood. I kinda wished that I brought the photobook to give to Maine through Dean, but who would’ve thought that we’d get to chat with him oh-so-casually for a long-ish time?

Around 12:00mn, Maine’s shoot was over and she left before Alden. We didn’t bother her anymore as we were told that she’s not feeling well. Besides, the throngs of her fans were already surrounding her.

We were told that Alden still has one more scene to film so we waited some more. So did the throng of fans, who apparently, aren’t just Maine fans. When he finally finished and it’s time for him to go, he was still surrounded by a very persistent crowd. Not to mention that he’s already super-tired so the planned longer meet-up didn’t quite happen.

(c) Agent P

We stood from a considerable distance and waited for him to finish taking selfies with the crowd. When he started walking his way towards his car (with the throng still around him), Mama Ten saw us and was gracious enough to guide Alden to the side so that he can meet Alden International properly. But the throng still followed him so yeah, that’s not gonna happen. :hopeless: Our members did manage to take a few selfies and asked him to sign our tarp. Oh, but before that? Here’s what happened.

AIFC approached Alden, and in the process I got blocked by someone who’s not with our group. :kilay: I was like, hell no, you’ve already had your time, this is OUR time. I dodged around her but Alden already had turned the other way to take selfies with AIFC members. Then he saw me, so he turned around again, made beso to me and said…

“Uy, Agent P.”.

Why is it that I get extremely nervous whenever he calls me “Agent P”? :err:

(Actually, this is the first time he called me “Agent P” to my face. But I gathered from my AIFC friends who had a chance to meet him in previous weeks that Alden referred to me as “Agent P” when they talked to him. Medyo scary talaga ha.)

So he took selfies, signed the tarp, then Leysam was like, “thank you!” (euphemism for “it’s time to go!”) and I still haven’t got a selfie yet! :nailbite: Oh. hell. no. :nono: I did not wait until almost 1:00am to get nothing! (Well, not entirely nothing; he made me beso and called me Agent P, for chrissakes) In true Agent P fashion, I said something really stupid again in the presence of a famous person. He was about to walk away, so I said:

“Ako, walang selfie???” (I don’t have a selfie???) – with pout, for full effect. Chos.

He turned back – again! something that I made Alden Richards do twice in a span of 5 minutes #proudmoment – and said:

“Siyempre, meron!” (Of course you have one!)

He took my phone, angled it properly (we were against the light) and took a couple of selfies with his arm around my shoulders.

Sometimes, tactlessness has its benefits. :hihihi:

I still think that the highlight of my night was the chat with Dean, but when I looked back at this whole short but sweet moment with Alden, I think we have a tie.


Just a side note:

I sometimes chuckle at how Alden International is very different from all fan clubs that I know, my previous FCs included. We would go to events, but we don’t go gaga over making our presence felt. Hindi papansin, to be exact. Our mantra has always been, “that’s what zoom lens are for.” (Wait, that’s just my mantra.) If we get a moment with artistas, fine, thank you very much. If we don’t, we just shrug it off and move on.

The above story of how we patiently waited for our turn is a good example. This one is the other:

(c) Agent P

This was from last week’s taping of Sunday Pinasaya. While waiting for the next segment, the artistas decided to roam around the floor to take selfies with the audience. Some of the fans who were at the bleachers ran towards the stage. Alden International? Stayed seated and just watched. :hihihi:

Maybe it would be different if Alden was still there, but it only shows how “choosy” this fan club can be with the people we want to take selfies with. :lol:


Yesterday, I was at Sunday Pinasaya on short notice. I’ve been watching this show at the studio on a semi-regular basis and has had some pretty amusing experiences, but yesterday was one for the books.

Under totally unexpected circumstances, I ended up being seated here:


To illustrate more clearly (something that I seem to be consciously doing since… you know), here’s a wide shot, courtesy of Manilyn of Alden International:


I was the one on front row center, right inside that square in the middle of the extension stage.

However, the ones who were really supposed to sit on the first row did not show up, so they called on other people to fill those seats. And for whatever reason, the seats directly in front of me were taken by two… erm… not-so-small people. My super-perfect view turned into this:


You’d think I’d be pissed off, yes? No.

Trivia: The P in Agent P stands for many things; one of which is PAPARAZZI.

No, not really. :lmao:

Seriously, though. You’d think this small set-back will affect me in a negative way, but noooo…! I have Blackie Lou, and it has never failed me. Years of doing concert photography – and we’re talking Rock and K-pop – has trained me to make do with whatever situation I have, no matter how much it sucks. Thus, despite that set-back, I was able to take pics like this:

(c) AgentP

…and this:

(c) AgentP

…and the ones I’ve already posted (and will be posting) on Instagram. At some point, my lens being sandwiched between two shoulders even made for a nice framing device.

(c) AgentP

P is for Para-paraan. :naughty:

Also, since taking footage while the show is on-air is actually prohibited (there goes another meaning for the P in Agent P: pasaway), being covered by two big guys became an advantage for me as I was able to take lots of photos by stealth. :naughty:

Therefore, to whoever had that bright idea of letting them sit in front of me: thanks so much! :hihihi:


Warning: There’s a quite a bit of #DelusionalAgentP in here.

In the midst of rushing to meet my work deadlines, ignoring my niece who’s doing a marathon of Descendants of the Sun in the same room, and eating a bowl of lugaw with the works (tokwa, baboy, lumpia at itlog), I had some random thoughts. I don’t know why those random thoughts just popped in my head while I was busy carving meat off a pig’s cheeks, but they just did.

1. Rain trying to hide while dating his publicly-known girlfriend vs. Song Hye Kyo proudly posting photos of her friendly gatherings with people like Yoo Ah In and Song Joong Ki on her own Instagram only cements our past suspicions that it was Rain who didn’t want to reveal his real relationship with Hye Kyo to the public. He’s still hiding, and she is not. Yes, I still believe that they were in a relationship. Remember which blog you are in.

2. Hye Kyo has been open about meeting up with the guys she works or worked with, but can anyone recall if she had at least openly talked about her personal relationship with Hyun Bin before? :think: Because right now, I don’t remember anything of that sort. This also cements my belief that H2 wasn’t – isn’t – real. She never hid her relationship with Lee Byung Hun in the past, didn’t she?

3. Someone might point out that Hye Kyo also hid relationship (whatever it was) with Rain, therefore, BiKyo wasn’t real, neither. My response to that is: See (1). Also, she eventually revealed through interviews that she met up with Rain from time to time. She never had that sort of thing with Hyun Bin.

4. I haven’t really watched DoTS yet because I’m already late with my reports (to those people who tell me to ditch my reports in favor of DoTS: how about YOU finish my reports for me so that I can watch DoTS? :nono: Wag kayong ano). From what I’ve seen, so far, I seem to be more drawn towards Jin Goo instead of Song Joong Ki. As I’ve said before, I find SJK to be too pretty for my tastes.

5. For some reason, whenever Song Joong Ki smirks or does something cute on DoTS, I see Alden, the Kalyeserye character. It’s either I can see that Alden Richards is capable of portraying SJK’s DoTS character, or a sign that I have overdosed on Alden that I see him in almost everything.


This has got to be the randomest Random Thoughts entry, ever.


…to write about my (former?) Korean love. I know this will ruffle some feathers, but do you think I’d care? :rolleyes:

[AllKpop] Kim Tae Hee and Rain captured vacationing together!

cr: AllKpop

1. You’re a publicly declared couple that has been rumored to be getting married at least once every quarter for the past three years. WTF is up with all that hiding? Excuse me, “hiding”?

2. There’s media coverage of the airport arrival? Really? And from YTN KStar, the official Rain-KTH media outlet?

3. And this is news, why? :shrug: Do people really think a not-so-young couple who’s been together for three years that’s caught on a date is still news-worthy?

4. Jihoon, you’re in the middle of an Asian tour. You have projects in China. This is the only news that you can come up with in your homeland? What’s the matter with you? Where’s the World Star Rain that I used to love so much?

Yeah, yeah, I’m sure I will be bombarded (albeit, behind my back) with “here she goes again, jealous of his relationship with KTH, why doesn’t she just leave them alone” blah blah blah. Number One, this is my blog and I will write whatever I want to write, whenever I feel like writing. Two, I feel sad that this is all there is to it now for my World Star Rain. I refuse to accept that the only thing that’s keeping his career alive in Korea is his personal affairs. He deserves so much more than this.

Yeah, and apparently, I still care. Somebody slap me out of this. :wall: (Balik ka na kasi, Alden!)


I haven’t been checking my Instagram DM inbox until recently – basically because I’m such an IG noob even if I’ve been using it for years :boinkself: – so I didn’t know until now that I’ve been receiving several inquiries regarding what kind of camera I use for my Alden/AlDub photos. I don’t have a single answer to that question, so I decided to dedicate a blog entry for that and (hopefully) those who asked will be able to read it.
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