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Alien invasion.

WARNING: this post may include SPOILERS. Don’t read if you haven’t seen the drama yet and you don’t want to be spoiled.

How do I blog about You Who Came From The Stars? The experience is proving to be too difficult to put into words. (Or maybe it’s just my brain currently wired towards writing audit reports, hence, it’s too difficult to switch to blog mode. Proof: I used the word ‘hence’.)

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New York, New York.

Interesting how random things somehow end up coinciding with one another.

Just this afternoon, I was chatting with my sister-in-law about our respective bucket lists and I told her that the number one destination on mine is New York. I’m probably a New Yorker in my past life because I’ve always had this feeling that I belong there.

Then I come home, logged on the internet and find that Rain has flooded Instagram with random New York pics.


I’m feeling a bit melancholic upon seeing these pics. Other people might find LA as their ‘special place’ for their ship. For mine, it’s New York. I think those who belong to the same ship as mine would understand why.

Speaking of LA… here’s something that’s sort of a mystery. When Rain spent a couple of weeks in LA (or was it longer than that? I can’t remember), save for the fan pics at the airport we only saw a grand total of two photos of him: the one with 50 Cent that he uploaded on Instagram, and the one with Mr. Kim the sports manager. He’s been in New York for a few days and both him and his companions (Baekga, his dancer) have been flooding Instagram with photos of their trip. There’s even a random sighting on the streets of New York – with photo evidence – which basically confirms that contrary to what a few people have been suspecting, he’s traveling in New York with an all-male entourage.


Compare this to the LA trip that’s teemed with reports of ‘sighting’ in various places like restaurants and theme parks yet there’s not a single photo or video evidence to support it … it’s kinda weird, don’tcha think?

What makes it weirder is one of the reported sightings was on a theme park. Don’t tell me that there’s not a single person who saw him at the theme park who’s carrying a camera at that time? It’s LA. It’s a theme park. The dude from the streets of New York is carrying a camera and had the guts to snap a pic (fortunately for him, Mr. Jung seems to be in a good mood and even smiled for the camera). We’re at the age of smartphones. Something doesn’t click there.

(There. I said it. I can go back to my report-writing in peace now.)


Watch it with closed captioning ON. :smile:

credits: LOEN Entertainment official YouTube channel

All I can say is… no wonder there were vehement denials. ;) Think whatever we like, right, Ji Hoon? :naughty:


Finally had the time to really listen to the song. Just like the rest of the tracks on the album, I really think this one’s badly produced. :ayaw: It sounds a bit ‘galvanized iron’-like (I don’t know how to accurately describe this in English… something like, his voice sounds like he’s one of the Chipmunks). I’m also not feeling the song. It’s just being sung, that’s all. I’m not getting the ‘proposal of a man in love’ vibe that the song is trying to convey.

Also, I tried mashing it up with Celine Dion’s I Love You (such a feat, because for me it’s the worst Celine Dion song there is, even worse than the Titanic theme song). There are many elements that are similar between the two songs. Maybe that’s why I didn’t quite like Rain’s I Love You. It had a bad precedent to me.

I could imagine him singing this while wearing a suit, Sinatra hat and an old-style microphone.

I Love You is slightly better than the other forgettable tracks in Rain Effect, but it wouldn’t dislodge Marilyn Monroe on the top spot.

The woman who’s aging backwards.

Oh, look who’s seen in public again after a long-ish absence.


It’s our lovely Song Hye Kyo (with Kang Dong Won) commencing the media play for their upcoming movie at the VIP premiere of Uhm Jung Hwa’s latest movie The Law of Pleasures held yesterday, February 4th. I didn’t bother to search for other news articles related to the movie, but it seems that SHK and KDW got a lot of media mileage from this appearance despite not posing at the photo wall and not sitting beside each other at the theater. For which I am deeply amused that they had to stress the ‘not seated beside each other’ part in the news articles :hihihi:

I do pity the guy who sat in between SHK and KDW and had to be cropped out in order to focus the news articles on the two actors. Poor thing. :sad:


Anyway, can I just marvel at how Song Hye Kyo seems to be aging backwards? :eek: She’s looking younger and younger every day!