If there’s one thing that I never miss doing every year, it’s greeting Rain on his birthday. Even if I sometimes (‘sometimes???’ LOL) don’t feel like it, I still do.

That’s because if there’s one thing that makes me grateful to be a Rain fan, it’s the fact that some of my bestest friends now were met through our mutual love for this guy.

Ten years ago, the Voltes Team was created. We started out as friends who hung out on Friday nights ’til the wee hours of Saturday morning to exchange Rain news, stories and files. Those were the days when we would spend a good part of every day monitoring the Rain threads at Soompi to keep abreast with the latest about him. Soompi is so much different now. Nowadays, if we want a somewhat intelligent discussion about Rain – intelligent in our eyes, at least, because some people think it’s not – we do it at Facebook where we can limit our audience to people whom we are sure won’t talk trash about us behind our backs. Hopefully. :err:

Heck, nowadays I can’t even post on my blog about him. Well, I still can, but what’s the use? It’s just not worth my time and energy anymore.

I’m not sure exactly why I’m writing this entry. I wanted to pay tribute to the person who paved the way for me to meet some really great people, I ended up kinda dissing the guy in the end. :hihihi: Some things never change around here.

Anyway, Happy Birthday, Jihoon. Have fun whacking grass with your club, then hanging out at CDL afterwards.

…to cry, cry, cry, and be #TeamBahay. :cry:


With the current trend of concerts of international artists having insane ticket prices, why are VIPs (Big Bang fans) still surprised that it came down to this? :kilay: I see statements like, “yung Uppex Box ng Big Bang, VIP na sa VIXX/BTS/Epik High”. Uh, hello! It’s BIG BANG. Not the same level. Even EXO is not in the same level as Big Bang. *runs away from EXO fans* #keepingitreal #sorrynotsorry

As I’ve said: The current trend these days are insane ticket prices. Happee Sy has been hinting for a Big Bang concert since the end of last year (if I remember correctly). You’ve had plenty of time to save up. If you’re really a fan, you would’ve saved up as soon as BB left Manila after their Alive tour two years ago. I know some who did this, and are now glad that they did.

Secondly: if you can’t afford VIP seats, there are (relatively) cheaper seats that might fit your budget. There are people who just shrugged it off and chose cheaper seats. Why sulk and insist on taking something that you can’t afford? I saw their Alive concert from Upper Box because that was what I could afford back then (mainly because I also paid for my nieces’ tickets). I enjoyed the concert, nonetheless. It won’t be such a huge blow to your ego if you’re sitting at Mt. Everest if you’re really after the experience and not just seeing the pores on TOP’s face up close (that is, assuming you can spot a pore after all that BB cream on his face).

But if what you’re after is to see them up close, then you should’ve saved up.

The thing is, I’ve said it many times before and I’ll say it again: We can complain all we want about how unaffordable our idols’ concerts have become (actually, loving a Korean artist has always been expensive, but I guess a lot of people especially the newbies didn’t get the memo), but as long as there are enough people who will be able to cough up the moolah for expensive tix, our complaints will just be nothing but lip service. There’s a demand, so of course, the capitalists will, er, capitalize on it. :neutral: If you can’t keep up, well… :shrug:

That’s how unfair life is. Deal with it.

PS: I know people are just trying to grab whatever options they can to get the best seats possible, but please, please, PLEASE… if you’re not a Senior Citizen, please don’t use that as an option for you to get a discount. It’s a privilege given to Seniors, not for non-Seniors to abuse. :nono: Matuto naman po sana tayong mahiya.

Random thoughts from watching the entire first season of Asia’s Got Talent:

1. Seeing the marathon of the entire season (except the last episode which was aired just yesterday) last weekend reminded me of how diverse the talent Asia really has. There were so many acts who were so good but did not even make it to the semi-finals. And some acts who did make it to the semis but I kinda wonder why. :shrug: Well, it’s their call, not mine.

2. Off the top of my head, here’s a list of acts who did not make it to the semis but I wish they did:

D’ Intensity Breakers (the dance group with the burning hula hoops);
The dragon dance group from Singapore
The pole-dancing grandma
Neil, the beat-boxer from Davao City, Philippines
The other Filipina girl who sang and played the piano, who I believe to be better than Gwyneth Dorado #truth #sorrynotsorry
The boy who has autism but has awesome piano-playing skills

3. Acts who did make it to the semis, but I’m wondering why???

Bebop – Yes, I know they’re from my beloved Korea, but I think I know why they are not signed by any agency in Korea. (1) As David Foster had said, they are confused as to what they really are as an artist. They claim to be rockers but they play pop music, and they look like a generic girl group with musical instruments. AOA tried going towards that route, but they eventually gave up when they realized that it really won’t work if they’re not true to themselves. (2) One members’ answer when criticized about that weird keyboard arrangement, that she has been playing that arrangement for years and she just wasn’t able to show it off because of the 3-minute time limit. Girl, quit making excuses. If you’re really good, 3 minutes would be more than enough to prove your worth.

Gonzo – Sorry, I know he’s funny but really? Semi-finals?

Gwyneth Dorado – Simply because there are tons of other artists who are better than her. Fortunately, she took the challenge and leveled up at the grand finals. If she messed it up like what she did in the semis, I wouldn’t be able to forgive those who voted for her.

4. Acts who were robbed of a Grand Finals stint, in my opinion:

Oscar Chu, the multiple-harmonica player
Billy Chang, the dancer

Interesting to note that both of them are from Taiwan. Just a coincidence, though.

5. Who do I think have robbed them of the Finals stint? That will be Gwyneth, The Talento and Dance Thrilogy. Does that mean I am such an evil bitch towards kids? :err: I just think these kids have potential, but they’re still too raw for such a big stage.

6. For some reason, I have this affection towards Khusugtun. They’re in my Top 3 acts among the Grand Finalists alongside Gerphil Flores and El Gamma Penumbra. I guess I’m a good judge, then, because they also happened to be the Top 3 in the competition, though the actual ranking did not match my own. In case anyone’s wondering: my ranking would be Gerphil-Khusugtun-El Gamma. I’ll explain why later.

7. In case anyone’s wondering, my No. 4 act is Triqstar, though I prefer their semi-finals performance (same with Khusugtun, actually; I think their best performance was the semi-finals one).

8. Junior New System would have been in my Top 3, but I thought their Grand Finals performance was not even half-close to what they did in the semis which was just freakin’ EPIC. :arrow: Also, sorry, but I think they pushed the #PinoyPride thing too hard in the Finals and that turned off a lot of voters, including me.

9. To explain my personal ranking of Gerphil-Khusugtun-El Gamma:

To be honest – and I even posted it on social media – my original No. 1 was El Gamma Penumbra. They got my Facebook vote. I mean, that performance just tugged my heart, and it was technically perfectly executed, too. However, after watching the Grand Final performances over and over again, I just got more and more attached to Gerphil Flores’ simply impeccable rendition of Impossible Dream. It was just… sublime. The song choice might’ve been a bit cheesy, but the arrangement gave Gerphil room to show what she’s got. It started out strong, and ended even stronger. And that last note…! Bravo. :clap: I ended up giving her an SMS vote after watching her Grand Finals performance three times.

As for Khusugtun, I think they are the most ‘Asian’ among the Finalists. Their ability to present their own country without pushing too hard *cough*JNS*cough* and pique people’s interest about their culture is highly commendable. Although yes, I think I wouldn’t be able to listen to their music for two hours straight. Then again, I haven’t tried, so who knows?

10. For me, Asia’s Got Talent has the best set of judges in any talent show in the world. The four of them have the proper credentials; they seem to really know what they’re doing; they have amazing chemistry together; and they’re so fun to watch. Mel C with her cute accent and wit, the random quips of ‘Mabuhay’ and ‘Mahal Kita’ from the handsome Vanness whom some of my friends mistook to be Rain (they even insist on it and I’m like, what the heck???), the adorable Anggun with her mouth agape whenever she sees something amazing, David with his Simon Cowell-like comments but more brutal and makes a lot more sense. I wish to see them all again in Season 2.

11. I’ve always loved Marc and Rovilson, even way back Amazing Race Asia S2 days. Some people (mostly Pinoys) may not get their humor, but personally, I love it. Another stint for Season 2, please!

12. Notes from the Grand Final results show:

THAT SUPER-EPIC OPENING NUMBER. :arrow: The best I’ve seen in any Grand Final of ANY talent show, anywhere.

Charice, even without the ‘birit’, still sounds divine. :clap: I actually like this new style more.

The announcement of the voting results would’ve been exciting and nail-biting, if not for that major-bummer of a SPOILER that some news sites in the Philippines have posted even before the start of the TV broadcast on AXN. :chair: :nono: And Pinoys have, more than gladly, re-Tweeted and shared it on Facebook, never mind that some of us wanted to keep the suspense. Wala ata kasi silang cable sa bahay kaya keber. Kabwiset lang. :asar:

Seriously, was the source (Starmometer) and everyone else inside Marina Bay Sands not told that the results should be kept secret until the TV broadcast is over? Did any other non-Pinoy who was at the venue spoil the results on the internet, or it’s just the over-zealous Pinoys who did?

Also, if the winner was not Pinoy, would they still leak the results before the broadcast?

So Rain was at this year’s MET Gala in New York, and we wouldn’t know it if not for (1) fan posts from social media; and (2) the Chinese press.

There was a time when a mere invitation – which his official website announced in advance, by the way – would merit full coverage from Korean media. I mean, we know how obsessed Koreans are whenever their celebrities get invited to events in the USA, much more big events such as the MET Gala. Entertainment agencies would usually milk it for all its worth with extensive media coverage from the invitation, to the airport departure, up to the actual event itself.

Rain gets invited to the of the biggest events in Hollywood, and what did Korean media report about him as soon as he left the country? His father’s interview about his son’s wedding plans. Or lack thereof. And another friend’s account of how this fellow is dating very well until now. :neutral:

Seriously, am I the only one who finds this disturbing and utterly frustrating? What happened to our World Star?

I mean, we already heard the dating and wedding thing many, many times before. I think someone got very, very excited that the first wedding rumor trended in Korea, so they figured, what the heck, let’s do it again! Who cares if Rain has been doing something substantial as far as his career goes, right? :rolleyes:

Yeah yeah. I know that some people don’t care and would take anything as long as it has Rain’s name on it. I know that there are people who gets excited about BiKim news even if it has been rehashed over and over again as if they constantly need validation that yes, they are still dating. (We get it, ok?) But as a longtime fan of Rain, I feel so frustrated. I know he could do better than this. I know he deserves something better than this. Unless all he wants to do now is to just date?

Incidentally, has anyone noticed that wedding ‘news’ crops up in Korea every time Rain is overseas? The first one came out when he was in Macau for the China Music Awards. Now that he’s in New York, his father suddenly conducts an interview to tell the press the same thing that his son, through his agency, already said when he first denied the wedding rumors (well, except for the wanting to get married ASAP thing). Why does this always happen when Rain is not around? :think:

Incidentally 2, I think there is a big confusion as regards this interview. Except for AllKpop, English K-entertainment blogs reported it as Appa Kim who conducted the interview. But if you read the Korean source (and I was told, the Chinese versions, too), it was Appa Jung who said it. I tend to believe that it was Appa Jung because it was more ‘in character’, so to speak. :shutup:

Anyway, I do hope that by tomorrow, Korean media outlets would finally report Rain’s MET Gala appearance, or at least, say something about his selfie with Julianne Moore.