…me and my Alden Nation friends had the privilege to be seated at front row (thanks to the good people who made it possible; you know who you are!)

Front row seats today. 😊 #SPSLaughForLuck #AldenNation @aldennation

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…and this happened while we were waiting for the show to start. Alden and some of the other cast members were already on stage for the first segment, and I decided to start clicking away with Aqua the Canon SX270 point-and-shoot as we were informed beforehand that photo and video taking will not be allowed while the show is on-air. (The reason being most, if not all, of the people who take photos/video do not pay attention to the show anymore and it won’t look good on camera if the audience is focusing on something else.) At some point, Alden started waving at the fans, and he saw us with the Alden Nation tarp right there in front. He waved at us, and I totally failed to document it because I was dumbfounded and waved back instead of capturing that special moment on camera. :slaphead: But wait..! That wasn’t it. THIS is what happened a couple of minutes later.

*Alden was scanning the crowd…*

(c) Agent P

*Agent P spotted*

(c) Agent P

*Smile for the camera!*

(c) Agent P

:hihihi: Of course, for all I know he wasn’t really looking at me and posing for my camera. Never mind the above evidence. :blink: But since this is my blog and this thing is like, every photographer-fan’s dream come true, not to mention that Agent P is notorious for being delusional, I am going to say outright that YES, Alden saw me at the audience and smiled for my camera. Wala kayong pake at walang makakapigil sa ‘kin! :P

Anyway… it just sucks that I was taught by my parents to always follow the rules no matter what. I took the ‘no camera’ rule seriously and didn’t take footage of the first segment even if I had the most perfect vantage point to take good photos of Alden. :wall: Later on when Regine Velasquez sang, they told us to take out our cellphones and turn the ‘flashlight’ on for her number. I took that as an opportunity to use my phone’s camera to take photos in the guise of using my cellphone as lightstick for Regine’s number.

Regine!!! WOOO! #SPSLaughForLuck #SundayPinaSaya

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The Songbird at Sunday Pinasaya - 07 February 2016

[img src=http://www.bandstalker.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/the-songbird-at-sunday-pinasaya-07-february-2016/thumbs/thumbs_20160207_125736.jpg]270
[img src=http://www.bandstalker.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/the-songbird-at-sunday-pinasaya-07-february-2016/thumbs/thumbs_20160207_125753.jpg]00
[img src=http://www.bandstalker.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/the-songbird-at-sunday-pinasaya-07-february-2016/thumbs/thumbs_20160207_125809.jpg]10
[img src=http://www.bandstalker.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/the-songbird-at-sunday-pinasaya-07-february-2016/thumbs/thumbs_20160207_125816.jpg]00
[img src=http://www.bandstalker.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/the-songbird-at-sunday-pinasaya-07-february-2016/thumbs/thumbs_20160207_125817.jpg]00
[img src=http://www.bandstalker.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/the-songbird-at-sunday-pinasaya-07-february-2016/thumbs/thumbs_20160207_125832.jpg]00
[img src=http://www.bandstalker.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/the-songbird-at-sunday-pinasaya-07-february-2016/thumbs/thumbs_20160207_125844.jpg]00
[img src=http://www.bandstalker.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/the-songbird-at-sunday-pinasaya-07-february-2016/thumbs/thumbs_20160207_125846.jpg]00
[img src=http://www.bandstalker.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/the-songbird-at-sunday-pinasaya-07-february-2016/thumbs/thumbs_20160207_125857.jpg]00
[img src=http://www.bandstalker.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/the-songbird-at-sunday-pinasaya-07-february-2016/thumbs/thumbs_20160207_125901.jpg]00
[img src=http://www.bandstalker.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/the-songbird-at-sunday-pinasaya-07-february-2016/thumbs/thumbs_20160207_125911.jpg]20
[img src=http://www.bandstalker.com/blog/wp-content/flagallery/the-songbird-at-sunday-pinasaya-07-february-2016/thumbs/thumbs_20160207_125913.jpg]20

It was then that I realized that I could’ve taken photos from the beginning by stealth because (1) I am using a small camera = easy to hide by just folding my arms and acting nonchalant; and (2) I am an expert at multi-tasking. I mean, the reason for the no-picture-taking rule is just for better audience shots, right? Not to be bragging or anything but I have extensive experience in taking photo coverage of band gigs and concerts; watching the show intently for my coverage on the band’s website and later on, for my blog; remembering everything including audience reaction and participation; AND enjoying the show – or at least, appearing to have enjoyed the show – all at the same time. (See: This blog’s K-Pop Events Aftermath page for samples of my work.) I was able to take more than a hundred photos of the DJ Bae segment while relaxing on my seat and laughing along to the funny parts without my seatmates even realizing that I was taking photos in the process.

(c) Agent P

(c) Agent P

(c) Agent P

(c) Agent P

(c) Agent P

(c) Agent P

(c) Agent P

It’s all about multi-tasking, baby, and it takes years of practice to make it perfect. :thumbup: Huwag pong gagayahin. Pawang propesyonal po lamang ang nakakagawa n’yan. Joke! :lol:

(English translation, for my non-Filipino readers: It is, indeed, true that everything happens at the right time. From all of us at Alden Nation, thank you very much, @aldenrichards02.)

I posted the above Tweet only a few seconds after Alden Richards drove away from our event, leaving a roomful of people that was bursting with happiness. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

We at Alden Nation have been planning to give Alden a simple birthday celebration since around November of last year. Of course, the question has always been… “how???” Yes, not when, or where, but ‘how’. Ok, a little bit of ‘when’, too, because as we all know, Alden’s schedule has been nothing short of insane ever since this whole AlDub phenomenon came about. But we’re willing to throw a party for him for whatever reason, even if it’s not his birthday anymore. We just wish for him to be there even for just a few minutes.

But of course, he doesn’t know us. (I already devoted an entire rant, err, blog entry for this.) Hence, the question of ‘how’ to go about it.

I was actually getting tired of chasing after Alden for about a month with no favorable results. I was thisclose to giving up. Some of you might not understand, but if you’ve been carrying a not-exactly-small photobook and being pushed and shoved by hordes of people for about a month, and then the person you’ve been chasing literally flew right by you before you could even open your mouth to say ‘hello’, at some point, you would reach the limits of your patience and feel frustrated. (Or was that just me?) My ANFC friends would tell me not to give up just yet. Malapit na ang tamang panahon ng Alden Nation.

That ‘tamang panahon’ came on January 31, 2016.
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1. Tuesday, January 12. It was revealed on Twitter that guy and girl had a photoshoot together the day before for a popular magazine.

2. Saturday, January 16. They celebrated their 6th Monthsary on the show. Guy kept repeating the phrase, ‘seryoso ako’ (I’m serious) to the girl, coupled with a borderline terrifying serious look on his face.

3. Sunday, January 17. They filmed their latest TVC for McDonald’s. (I don’t know how this is relevant to the timeline, but who knows?)

4. The days following the 6th Monthsary, there was a noticeable change in both guy and girl. They looked extremely happy. The guy, in particular, was overly-hyperactive despite lack of sleep, and I personally witnessed this on January 19 (I waited for him at the artist’s entrance of the studio and witnessed him literally leaping from the stairs to his car). Meanwhile, the girl who used to hide her ‘kilig’ by doing her usual facial contortions is now openly staring at guy with a very loving look on her eyes. Also, they have become gutsier and didn’t hesitate to show physical intimacy towards each other both on-cam and off-. The things they did – from smelling armpits, sharing food that the other person already bit on, to things like this:

…are things that normal “friends” of the opposite sex would never do.

Also, I personally noticed from the guy that he never flinches nor feels awkward whenever he’s asked about topics related to weddings and marriage proposals. He was more tensed when he was asked weeks ago if he and girl are already ‘on’.

5. Yesterday, the magazine where they had their photoshoot last January 11 released the issue and they to have said these on their respective interviews:



For the benefit of my non-Pinoy readers and those who cannot read the screengrabs: basically, they both said that the one thing they wish the other person knew about him/her is their serious side. Because every time they say something serious, the other person thinks it’s still a joke.

6. Go back to Item No. 2.

Did something akin to ‘leveling up’ happened between the two of them? Your guess is as good as mine.

NOTE: These are not figments on my imagination – basically because it’s supported by facts that are readily available with just a quick search on the internet – but rather figments of my overly-analytic and oftentimes delusional Agent P senses. I’m not saying you should believe me. In fact, I wish you wouldn’t. :P I wouldn’t wanna be accused of spreading false rumors, ya know. ;)

I missed doing this. :hihihi:

Random useless trivia: the last time I wrote a Random Thoughts blog was in 2013, and half of that blog entry talked about how I was having writer’s block and haven’t been blogging as often as I used to. :ehh:


I know I owe some of you a detailed blog entry on what I did the last two weekends. Instead, I decided to write a commentary that I had been keeping mum about since… I dunno, before 2015 ended? I’ve said before that Alden Richards has changed Agent P; I had been avoiding posting rants on this blog because the guy is all about the good vibes. However, recent off-camera events within the fandom has been annoying me and it was aggravated while Eat Bulaga was on air this afternoon.

Pardon me with my rambling. After this, I won’t be talking about it anymore. I hope.


(c) Agent P

The one thing that has been bugging me even before I became active in the AlDub fandom is this: why is it always assumed that all AlDub/Alden/Maine fans must be part of a group?

Yes, Eat Bulaga, especially Allan K. I’m looking at you. :nono: Please quit asking the, “saang grupo ka kasali?” question, or at least, re-phrase it. Are you aware that majority of AlDub fans are not affiliated with any fan club?

This is why I was so ecstatic that the person who asked the best question at the 6th Monthsary Q&A is not part of any fan club, be it AlDub’s, Alden’s or Maine’s.

Ironically, I am saying this when I am a part of a fan club, myself. However, I used to belong to the non-fan-club member category and I know how helpless the unaffiliated members of AlDub Nation feel.

Also, if anyone from Eat Bulaga is reading this: it is unfair that only fan clubs/groups get priority when reserving for slots as studio audience. Again, not everyone, in fact a good majority, are not connected with any group but are fans of the show just the same.


On a related note: I wonder if Eat Bulaga is aware that they gave slots to a bunch of bashers at the studio today? :think:


Before I start with the next random topic, let me just get this out of the way. I love Alden Richards, and I truly believe that he’s fair when it comes to treatment of ALL of his fans. My two close encounters with him has proven that.

Having said that: could someone please orient the guy on how to properly address his fans without risking the ire of those who will not be mentioned?

I think Alden – and to some extent, Maine, as well – is still not aware that his current status is not the same as it was before. He has a huge fanbase now, and not all of them are part of ALDENatics. (There, I said it.) OK, maybe some of you will argue that in Alden’s head, ALDENatics = all fans of Alden Richards. Which should be the case, and I’m pretty sure that’s what he’s thinking. However, it is the case IF and only if the particular group with that name will not claim that when he says that term, he’s referring only to that group. :neutral:

Is anyone going to argue with this? Because I can tell you right now that the number of Alden fans who gets disappointed whenever he mentions only a few fan club names is increasing every time he says it. And I’m not even talking about my own group (pero sure ako, walang aamin na iba dyan).

It’s not just Alden, too. At Eat Bulaga this afternoon, Maine also mentioned just a couple of fan club names. At Alden’s birthday bash last January 2, the show only recognized a few FCs when a good majority of them are outside the studio (Team Hagdan, as shown on the photo above), celebrating with him, as well. They also sent cakes/gifts, but they were not mentioned.

Some of you might say: Alden and Maine have so many fan clubs. Of course, they won’t be able to mention them all.

For this I will say: look at the other big and established stars. They always make it a point to enumerate all of their fan clubs whenever they get the chance.

And if they can’t, there’s always an easier and safer way: Just say ‘thank you to all of our fans’. Period.

Jose Manalo (speaking as Lola Tinidora) nailed it at today’s Eat Bulaga when he referred to the fans as “AlDub Nation, fans ni Alden at fans ni Maine”. Maybe Alden and Maine could take a cue from him.


I am going to offend a few people with my next Random Thought, but whatever. I am so used to being offensive, anyway.

If you’re at the studio every week and especially whenever there’s a special episode, you basically have NO RIGHT to complain that you did not get a slot for one freakin’ day. How about giving chance to others for a change? Lagi n’yo na nga sila nakikita kahit kailan n’yo gusto. Pagbigyan ninyo naman yung iba.

Also, it is totally NOT TRUE that there were no AlDub fan clubs inside the studio today. Ano’ng tawag n’yo sa Global Maiden? Aparisyon?

Hindi lang kayo ang may karapatan sa AlDub. Hindi lang kayo ang fans nila. Mas marami sa kanila ang tahimik lang pero baka mas grabe pa ang suportang ibinibigay dun sa dalawa. Pero meron ding hindi kayang tumahimik. Kagaya ko.


There are two annoying questions that are most frequently asked to me since the start of 2016. The first one, I cannot post here. The second one is this:

“Bakit wala kayo sa Broadway/Sunday Pinasaya?”, tied with “Bakit hindi nababanggit ni Alden ang Alden Nation?”

I remember the time when we were basically just chillin’ out and doing our thing as quiet supporters of Alden. I don’t know when exactly did people started pressuring us to be visible on TV and teased us whenever Alden fails to mention our group.

To be honest, when you wake up in the morning and what you will see/hear is, “bakit hindi kayo binabanggit ni Alden/bakit hindi kayo nagsalita sa Eat Bulaga nung birthday nya” and anything similar practically every day, you will eventually lose your ‘chill’ mode and start questioning your existence in the fandom.

I am writing this blog entry so that I can release all the bitterness and negativity brought about by the pressure from people who demanded that we should be in the limelight. There it is, the word SHOULD. We are not the stars. We are fans. We are supposed to be in the background. After this, I am going back where I truly belong: behind Alden Richards. (Or in front of him, if I’m going to take his photos. :hihihi: )

Much like Eat… Bulaga!, my childhood until most of my adult life was centered around German “Kuya Germs” Moreno. My week won’t be complete without That’s Entertainment from Monday to Saturday, and GMA Supershow on Sundays. Heck, I can still recite the names of all sixteen original members of That’s until now. Thus, when news of his passing broke out about an hour ago, I was deeply saddened. He formed a big part of my life as a showbiz observer/fanatic. And then all of a sudden… it was revealed that he’s still alive! :shock: He was revived and was still fighting. And then at 3:20am, it was confirmed by his nephew that Kuya Germs has passed away. :sad: As always, trust Kuya Germs to come up with something spectacular and go out in style.

I consider it an honor to have seen Kuya Germs still up and about on his last public appearance before his untimely demise. It was at the live broadcast of Sunday Pinasaya last Sunday, January 3, 2016. As I’ve said on my IG caption above, who would’ve thought that my latest Kuya Germs sighting would be the last time we would see him? To be honest, I felt a bit scared when they asked him to speak to the audience before the show started and during commercial breaks. He was slurring quite badly, and his responses were a bit incoherent. He was still recovering from his stroke months ago, but being the dedicated entertainer that he is, he still opts to report to his show Walang Tulugan every Saturday and at Pinasaya every Sunday (he acts as consultant for all of GMA’s Sunday musical variety shows) and his daily radio show. He should be resting, but he simply didn’t want to. He is the consummate Master Showman, after all.

Kuya Germs, the star discoverer and mentor, will always be one of the pillars and icons of Philippine Showbiz. He will be truly missed.

As a tribute to the one and only Master Showman of the Philippines, here’s a classic one from 1985 featuring one of the many appearances of legendary Puerto Rican boyband Menudo at GMA Supershow. Then-12-year-old Ricky Martin has always been Kuya Germs’ favorite member, and you can see how he ‘teased’ Ricky with his usual giveaways on this clip. Credits to AFRMOnline for the video.