I’ll never be hungry with Filipino food.

I’m currently at a point where I’m not happy at work, and I’m not happy with my diversion from work (read: fangirling), and I have near-zero social life. Basically, the only thing that makes me smile nowadays is FOOD.

Yeah, it’s sad, grim and pathetic, I know. :sad:

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Still Alive.


Today’s Mystery of the Universe: What is it about TOP that he literally just walks across the stage and says, “Boom shaka-laka!”, and everyone in the audience goes nuts? :shrug:

Not that it’s an issue or anything. I’m just amused by it. :razz:

A special edit of Big Bang’s Galaxy ‘Alive’ Tour was shown in some local cinemas last weekend and I saw it with some Voltes friends. We caught the final screening at SM Megamall. It’s interesting to note that despite the fact that it’s not a live show, people still queued up at the cinema to get the best seats in the house. The best seats being, not too close to the screen and right smack in the middle of the row. I think we’re already way past the queuing stage (and the fact that we’re almost late), so we just took the best free seats still available. Which turned out to be still not bad at all. Side note: I couldn’t help but take note of the ticket attendant’s bewildered voice when she asked me if I’m claiming tickets for Big Bang. Like, “really? You’re watching Big Bang??” :kilay: Why? Is there a rule that only people aged below 30 are allowed to watch a K-pop act? Hello, we’re the ones who can afford the VVIP seats, noh! :nono: (Sorry, affected lang.)

Anyway… we saw the live version of this show last 2012, so it was nice reminiscing the experience. For me and Thet, it was nice to finally see what the opening numbers looked like, given that we missed the first 15 minutes of it before. The BTS clips ranged from adorable to downright hilarious (Taeyang trolling the birthday surprise for Seungri was both evil and funny :evil: ). I just wish there were more BTS clips from the Manila leg, but one can’t have everything…

This is also probably one of the few times where the audience can freely discuss the ‘movie’ without anyone shushing them out. :hihihi: It’s quite funny seeing the fans screaming and doing the fanchants – with lightsticks, to boot! – even if we’re not watching a live show. But we’re all doing it, so whatever.

Watching a Big Bang concert in a movie theater only intensified our longing to see the boys again, live. I wonder when will the next concert be?

He’s got us hypnotized.

This is one of those moments that just has to be immortalized on this blog.

Last March 9, a friend made this photo of Kim Soo Hyun as her cover photo on Facebook:


Naturally, there was much teasing (because someone finally dislodged her long-time cover on Facebook :hihihi: ) and swooning at that handsome face. We were so entranced that it took almost three days before someone asked if Kim Soo Hyun was reading that magazine upside down. :shock: :lmao:

To be perfectly honest, I was one of those who never noticed that the magazine was upside down until someone pointed it out. :oops: My Agent P senses need some sharpening…


In related news, er, “news”, this Buzzfeed article about You Came From The Stars is just cray-cray:

An Insanely Popular Korean Drama Is Ruining Lives In China


I haven’t been blogging lately because it’s peak season at work and I was given additional assignments, so I pretty much have no time to do other things. Despite that, I was able to spare a couple of days to spend a weekend in Hong Kong and Macau with Charity and Sookyoung 이모. I’ve been to HK and Macau lots of times, but this trip proved to be a brand new experience because we visited a number of places that we haven’t explored before.

For most Hong Kong visitors who come for the food, Hong Kong = Dimsum (although for me, Hong Kong = roasted goose :P ). Therefore, it is a must for us to have at least one dimsum meal in Hong Kong. I’ve been seeing this place called Dim Dim Sum being recommended in PEx’s Hong Kong thread. This dim sum specialty shop has become quite popular after it bagged the Best Dim Sum Award by Time Out Hong Kong in 2012 and was included in Newsweek’s 2012 list of the 101 Best Places to Eat In The World. Such accolades, plus the reviews which said that the prices are quite cheap vis-à-vis the quality of the food that they serve, naturally piqued our curiosity. Thus, after a tiring exploration of Temple Street Night Market, a dim sum pig out is in order at Dim Dim Sum’s Mong Kok branch.

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Alien invasion.

WARNING: this post may include SPOILERS. Don’t read if you haven’t seen the drama yet and you don’t want to be spoiled.

How do I blog about You Who Came From The Stars? The experience is proving to be too difficult to put into words. (Or maybe it’s just my brain currently wired towards writing audit reports, hence, it’s too difficult to switch to blog mode. Proof: I used the word ‘hence’.)

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