On today’s episode of #KiligPaMore Kalyeserye: Ano ba talaga. Are we still watching Alden and Yaya Dub, or RJ (Alden’s real-life nickname) and Maine? :drool: :dream:

It’s not just a Kalyeserye anymore. It’s turning more and more into a reality series wherein the whole world is watching two people flirt on screen for real. Or at least, we hope it’s for real. #HopiaPaMore

I am so engrossed with this couple that:

– I haven’t been playing Anipang and Farm Heroes Saga for more than a month now because all my remaining free time is being spent reading up on AlDub topics on the internet;

– I basically just show up at the office to watch Eat Bulaga. :hihihi: Fortunately, we’re on lean season at work so it’s not like I’m neglecting my day job for this;

– Oh look. I’m dedicating another blog post for them;

– I was stuck at home today because of the flood, so I spent it catching up on Alden Richards’ filmography;

– I spent the day watching an Alden Richards movie that I totally missed the news that Mr. Rain and his beloved princess are embroiled in yet another round of marriage rumors, which his camp subsequently (and immediately) denied;

– I’m still recovering from all that kilig goodness of today’s episode that when I read the private message sent to me re: the marriage rumors, the usual panic feeling that I get whenever I see such rumors is noticeably absent.

OMG. Did I just stop caring and moved on? :shock:

Truthfully, ever since I got addicted to AlDub, I just skim all Korean entertainment posts on my social media accounts, especially those Tweets/Instagram posts that I don’t understand, anyway, because they’re written in Hangeul. Not that I minded before, but that’s the point. Nowadays, I don’t even bother looking at most of them.

That is how AlDub/MaiDen changed my life.


Before I close this entry, I just want to mention something that I’ve realized as I was researching on Alden Richards.

If Ricky Martin and Rain had so many similarities and parallelisms, Rain and Alden Richards also have one.

Both Rain and Alden Richards already have lost, and have dedicated their entire careers in loving memory of their mothers.

Aftermath Report: ‘Hitman’ – David Foster and Friends Asia Tour 2015, Manila
18 August 2015 – Smart Araneta Coliseum

One of the things I truly regret is not watching David Foster and Friends on the two occasions that it was staged in Manila. The last one was three years ago. You see, I have always been a fan of David Foster’s music. Useless trivia about me: the very first CD that I bought (this was way back in college when CDs became popular; yeah, feel free to trace back and calculate my age :oops: ) was David Foster’s ‘Rechordings’, released in 1991. Note to self: I should look for that CD in my treasure chest of memories.

Therefore, when I heard the news that the show is coming back to Manila, I made sure that I will be there to see it. What made me more excited was the news that Asia’s Got Talent‘s Golden Girl Gerphil Flores will be guesting. I kinda had a feeling as soon as David hit the Golden Buzzer for her that Gerphil will somewhat end up on a David Foster and Friends show; this was the fulfillment of that ‘feeling’.

As it’s been two days since I saw the show (sorry for the lateness of this post; I blame AlDub and intestinal flu for this), I will only post the parts that really made a mark to me that I still remember them vividly until now.
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On today’s episode of Eat Bulaga’s #KiligPaMore Kalyeserye, a bomb has exploded.


Yup, Alden wrote MAINE on his note. Not Yaya Dub. Although he did change it eventually when Duhrizz (Wally Bayola, in yet another amazing performance today in a dual role of Duhrizz and Lola Nidora) said that her full name is ‘Duhrizz Maine’ :lol: but Alden specifically enclosed “Yaya Dub” in quotes.

That was just for starters. After that came a series of note exchanges that I cannot even remember now because I was still reeling from that opening frame.

I am glad that I was alone when I was watching today’s episode. If I was at the office, I would immediately put Red Cross on standby because I might collapse, and the cause will be, “nasobrahan sa pagpipigil ng kilig”. :stretcher:

If you’re one of those who stopped watching the Kalyeserye because you got bored that the kilig scenes have somewhat lessened this week, well, this is what you missed. :nyenyenye:

Not only that, you may have missed some of the best Juan For All, All For Juan episodes of all time. :arrow:

Oh, look. Another #AlDub post. :hihihi:


This photo of Alden Richards and Yaya Dub – when they were still Richard Faulkerson, Jr. and Maine Mendoza – has been making the rounds on social media since last night. This was allegedly taken at Candy Magazine’s “Candy Fair” five years ago. The authenticity of the photo has been questioned because, obviously, it’s too blurry to make out if the guy is Alden or not. The girl, on the other hand, is obviously Maine when she was 15 years old.

More photos and information were gathered, as investigated by AlDub fans who can put CSI to shame (and frankly, Agent P’s skills is nothing compared to them :razz: ). Popular gossip blog Fashion Pulis even picked it up, for Fashion Pulis’ Mike Lim has openly declared that he is an AlDub shipper himself. From their sleuthing, it was confirmed through Maine’s old Twitter posts that indeed, she attended Candy Fair five years ago, albeit for entirely non-Alden reasons (she was gunning for Daniel Padilla and Elmo Magalona at the time). Alden, on the other hand, was then an aspiring model under his real name, Richard Faulkerson, Jr. He didn’t become ‘Alden Richards’ until some time later. Therefore, it is really possible that both Alden and Maine have no idea that they have actually met before, especially Alden whose had photo ops with thousands of unknown females in the last five years. On the part of Maine, since she has taken a photo with then-unknown cutie Richard and might have recognized him later on as Alden Richards – the Kapuso actor, it only confirms the story that led to the birth of the AlDub Phenomenon: Maine has had a crush on Alden for the longest time. Five years, to be exact.

The entire point of this story is, no one really knew why the photo was leaked. The long-standing theory is that it is one of those things that was meant to discredit the AlDub tandem, specifically their claim that they have never crossed paths until now. It was supposed to disappoint the millions of AlDub shippers who are hanging on to that belief.

If that was the aim, it certainly didn’t work. In fact, it. just. got. INTERESTING. (spoken a la-Monica Geller para intense)

We have all seen this before, right? Specifically, in movies and dramas? Two people who met by chance when they were younger, then went their own separate ways, only to meet again years later having no clue that they have actually met before?

It’s a teleserye happening before our very eyes, complete with real-life evil villains (aka. the haters) and plot twists. Destiny, serendipity, that thing called tadhana. We, the fans, are just lapping it up even more.

Why am I blogging this? Because, as a longtime fan of onscreen couples, I find great pleasure whenever haters plot all sorts of schemes in an attempt to sink my ships, only to find their own bombs exploding right in their faces. :evil:

Now, if only my other ships are like that…


It all started with a simple joke.

Production staff discovered that girl has a crush on the guy. To tease the girl, they invited the guy to sit at the audience area during the girl’s remote segment in the show. Camera panned on the guy as the girl was doing her Dubsmash routine. Girl’s eyes caught the TV monitor on her end showing the guy watching her. Girl couldn’t contain her ‘kilig’, the show’s hosts noticed it, and started teasing her from thereon. Eventually, it evolved into a daily on-the-spot drama billed as “Kalyeserye” (kalye = street; serye = series) because it’s literally being done in the streets.

And the rest, as they say, is history. A phenomenal history.

And I am hooked. Line and sinker. :dream: Just like nearly everyone else.


I will not even attempt to analyze the phenomenon behind #AlDub. That’s the job of people who are much more intelligent than I am. I mean, how can you explain why we’re all going gaga over a loveteam that hasn’t even met up to this time?

What I know is that this ‘accident’, like the many ‘accidents’ that Eat Bulaga has stumbled upon in its 36 years of existence, is what made them stay at the top of their game for three and a half decades. The episode yesterday is a prime example of how brilliantly creative they are. Eat Bulaga did what most other entertainment programs failed to do: successfully stage a difficult endeavor such as a live drama series and lured the audience into a roller coaster ride of emotions, AND still managed to incorporate values education with it. Akala natin nung una, nagpapakilig at nagpapatawa lang sila. Akalain mo may aral din palang mapupulot dito.

Kudos to Eat Bulaga and the think-tanks behind Kalyeserye. :arrow: Mad props to the genius talent of its cast, especially Wally Bayola who’s simply brilliant in any character that he portrays (I saw him at Sunday Pinasaya; he played an entirely different character there and I never saw a trace of Donya Nidora nor Doktora TheExplorer in it). Jose Manalo, whose humor is always sharp and on point; Paolo Ballesteros (aminin natin, kulang ang Kalyeserye pag wala yung mga sundot na comment at ‘wak wak wak wakkkk’ nya), even the Rogelios are an integral part of the story. And of course, Alden Richards (whom I liked since his One True Love days but his appeal is so different now, parang biglang ang hot nya :hihihi: ) and the multi-talented Maine Mendoza aka. Yaya Dub, who are at the center of all this accidental madness. Their chemistry is undeniably natural. Ayokong maging hopia, pero sige lang, tuloy lang ang pagpapakilig. :drool:

Meanwhile, I will join the rest of AlDub Nation in anticipating what happens next.