I came across this video sent to Alden International’s founder by Ogie Diaz who had breakfast with the people from Philippine Foundation for Breast Care, Inc. the day after our block screening (Agent P’s note: before anyone comes in with their network-rivalry hanash, I would like to inform all of you that Ogie Diaz is a member of the Board of Directors of PH Breast Care and is our contact person for the foundation). Dala-dala pa ng mga taga-PH Breast Care yung souvenir mugs ng IYAM sa mga bag nila. :smile:

I think everyone is aware that Alden International’s block screening was free, right? We did not sell tickets. We had generous members from Team Abroad who acted as major sponsors in order to allow our beneficiaries to see the movie for free. Some of us contributed a small amount (equivalent to one movie ticket) to cover for everyone’s snacks and giveaways for our honored guests from PH Breast Care, Inc. Nakakatuwa, kasi sobrang na-appreciate pala nila ang munti naming regalo sa kanila.

Alden’s statement per Ms Aubrey Carampel’s interview at Chika Minute was so on point. A small gesture can mean so much for people like the cancer survivors who only want a small reprieve from what they are going through.

Here’s a little behind-the-scenes chika about our block screening:

As soon as the details of the BS were confirmed – which was what… a few days after the release date of Imagine You & Me was announced? – we sent out formal invitations to Alden and his management team. That’s already a given. But here’s an amusing story of how Daddy Bae and Cousin Bae ended up attending the BS, as well.

The night before the BS, our representative from Team Canada sent a private message to Daddy Bae to inform him of our block screening. At first, Daddy Bae was not sure as he had a few appointments that day. At the last minute – and when I say ‘last minute’, I meant just before lunchtime of Friday, July 15 – Daddy Bae confirmed his attendance, but said that he might stay only for a few minutes (which was more than perfectly fine with us). He arrived at exactly 5:05pm, went straight to the photobooth and took photos and had chit-chats with our beneficiaries.


The ‘few minutes’ that Daddy Bae has promised eventually turned into watching the full movie with us, plus the meet and greet after the movie. We totally did not expect that. Thank you po, Sir Richard! :hug:

As for Cousin Bae April, we had sent an invitation in advance, but she also did not confirm until that very same morning that she will join us at the BS. She came in halfway through the movie because of the traffic, but she also stayed until the meet and greet. She even donated ‘bibi’ pouches for the raffle. Thank you, Ms April! :hug:

Love these bibis. ❤🐣🐥 @8acp @aldenintl #ALDUBFindingLOLA

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And as I’ve mentioned on my blog entry about the screening, Alden came in at the last 30 minutes of the movie. We had a short program where he gave an inspirational speech, then he saw the last 30 minutes of the movie with us, and then had a photo and Meet/Greet session with all of the attendees. Thank you, Alden! :hug:


I should mention that nearly all of those who were at the BS had no idea that Alden, nor Daddy Bae, nor Ms April, are coming that night. Only the admins knew that Alden has confirmed (although, with the traffic situation and the knowledge that he has a full schedule that day, we’re still not sure until he actually showed up). And as I’ve written above, Daddy Bae and Ms April did not confirm until the very last minute.

Actually, the fact of the matter is, Alden had no idea that his dad and cousin are coming; Daddy Bae also had no idea that his son and niece are coming, and April had no idea that her uncle and cousin are coming. It was one big surprise family reunion. :lol:

Nakakatuwa lang na nagkagulatan silang tatlo na pare-pareho pala silang nandoon. :hihihi:


It was truly a one-of-a-kind night to remember and to treasure in our hearts.


At the risk of being bashed for saying this, I feel that I should somehow say something.

This is not an official statement, whatsoever, from my group. I am writing this in my personal capacity as a blogger and a supporter of Alden Richards.

I came across some posts/comments from Alden’s bashers, accusing him, his family and/or his management of being ‘mahigpit ang pangangailangan’ kaya raw pala attend nang attend ng block screenings. He came to both of our block screenings without receiving anything in return from us, so parang may mali, somewhere?

I am reacting because, as far as me and my group are concerned, THAT ACCUSATION IS TOTALLY NOT TRUE.

Alden came to our block screenings – both the one by Team Sanfo last July 13 and the one for the cancer survivors last July 15 – out of his own free will. He stayed for nearly an hour on both events and conducted Meet and Greets with no compensation whatsoever. OK, baka sabihin hindi na naman naintindihan kasi English, kaya Tatagalugin ko na po.

LIBRE PO ang pagpunta ni Alden sa block screenings ng Alden International. Tigilan n’yo na po ang pamba-bash sa kanya dahil wala po syang ginawang masama. Gusto lang po n’yang magpasaya ng mga tao, na tunay namang nagawa at nagagawa pa n’ya. He doesn’t deserve all your mean comments.


My XXth year in existence can be summed up by what this guy said on his video greeting for me.

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Flashback to what I was doing on July 17, 2015: I celebrated my birthday through a staycation at a hotel with my Voltes friends, and I was telling Charity – who happens to be the original Alden Richards fan among us in Voltes, as in dates back to Alakdana days pa – that her ‘anak’ (she calls Alden her anak-anakan) was trending on social media because of something wonderful that happened at Eat… Bulaga! the previous day. At the time, I was already on fangirl retirement. I had no idea that from that point forward, I will find myself being plucked out from that self-imposed retirement and be sucked in deeper and deeper into the Alden Richards fandom.

One year ago, I had no idea that I will be spending my birthday week attending four – yes, FOUR – screenings of his movie; three of which in his presence, and two of which in super-close proximity. It would’ve been four out of four, pero sabi siguro ni Lord, “hoy Agent P, abuso na yan. Give chance to others.” :hihihi: I was feeling a bit down that I didn’t get to celebrate my actual birthday with Alden when he didn’t make it at the PEXers BS, but then something wonderful happened: I won something at the raffle, and that something happens to be something that I really need for my Singapore trip next week: a small luggage. Not to mention that I had so much fun at the BS. Not bad. Not bad at all.


One year ago, not even in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I will be receiving two video greetings from the guy. What the heck; a week ago, I was just thinking, “meron kayang magmamagandang loob na humingi ng video greeting kay RJ para sa birthday ko?” :think: Whadya know, all I asked was one. I was given two, and it was super-personalized. And one of them was given in my presence. I should not complain, at all.

All of this happened because I took his photos. That’s it. Amazing, right?

Thank you, Lord, for this wonderful year. Here’s to a more fruitful, enjoyable and sana, hanash-free year ahead. (Pero asa pa sa last part; abusado ka na, Agent P!)



To be given an opportunity to share happiness to those who need it most is a wonderful blessing.

Last Friday, Alden International held its special, exclusive block screening of Imagine You & Me for the benefit of breast cancer survivors from the Philippine Foundation for Breast Care, Inc. The event was made possible through the generosity of AI Teams from abroad, with the cooperation of AI Teams from the Philippines. It was free and exclusive; meaning, there was no ticket selling and no corporate sponsors. It was organized simply to let the cancer survivors, whom we have discovered to be fans of Alden and Maine in an earlier outreach program, to enjoy the movie and, hopefully, ease the difficulties of dealing with their condition.

(c) Agent P / Alden INTL

Alden Richards took time out from his very busy schedule to join us at the screening. He gave a short but heartwarming speech about how his position as a celebrity can help bring a little joy to those in need.

(c) Agent P / Alden INTL

Alden and his team also sat down and enjoyed the last 30 minutes of the movie with the cancer survivors, AI members and guests. His father, Richard ‘Daddy Bae’ Faulkerson, Sr. and his cousin April Peñaranda also graced the event with their presence. Ms April even donated some specially-made ‘bibi’ pouches which we raffled off after the screening.

(c) Agent P / Alden INTL
(c) Agent P / Alden INTL

After the movie, the ever-kind-hearted Alden stayed some more to take photos with the cancer survivors and all attendees.

(c) Agent P / Alden INTL
(c) Agent P / Alden INTL

Ms Aubrey Carampel of GMA News and Public Affairs covered the event (and – dare I say it? – she cried at the more dramatics parts of the movie :hihihi: ) and conducted a short interview with Alden.

(c) Agent P / Alden INTL

Everyone went home with huge smiles on their faces. Those two hours spent enjoying the movie, coupled with the nearly one hour spent with Alden Richards, will truly be one precious moment that the cancer survivors will treasure in their hearts. As for us at Alden International, we are truly blessed that we were given this opportunity to pay forward the kindness that Alden has shown to us, his loyal supporters.


Ang haba ng title. :lol:

Aftermath Report/Mini-Review: Imagine You And Me Grand Premiere Night
12 July 2016 – SM Megamall Cinemas 9 and 10

#IYAMTheGrandPremiere First time, big time. 😊 @aldenintl @aldenrichards02 @mainedcm

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This is going to be a super-lame recap, because it’s photo-less. Why? Because some @($%)#_%_!!!!! out there stole Blackie Lou, my trusty Canon camera, as we were going out of Cinema 10 after the movie. :flaming: I mean, who would’ve thought that there’ll be a thief amidst a cinema full of celebrities, fans and industry people? I actually don’t feel bad that I lost that cam, because I can always replace it. #oomaypambiliakobakitba It’s the memories that come along with that camera that made me sad. We conquered many SPS episodes and AlDub/MaiChard events together. Also, I browsed through it before the movie started and I know I took quite a number of really good ones last night, despite the, uhm, challenges. :kilay: (Will rant about that later. Oh yes, I will rant. Ngayon pang mainit ang ulo ko?) And now they’re gone. :cry: Pero pag bigla kong nakitang naka-upload sa kung kaninong IG o Twitter ang mga pics na ‘yan, #alamna. Sana ikasikat mo yan, ha?

Anyway… in the spirit of trying to keep everything spoiler-free, I will just post my review/recap of the night and the movie in random bullets. Just like how I always do it when I’m lazy or I don’t have much time to blog. (It’s past 3:00am and I have work tomorrow, er, later.)

1. As I have Tweeted earlier (which also led to my camera being stolen from my bag), throw away whatever theories you have developed based on the teaser trailers that were released. The trailer did not reveal much of the real plot and story. It’s full of surprises. Very pleasant surprises. It’s a simple story that was executed well. It’s something that you won’t hesitate to recommend to other people who are not part of the fandom. At least, I won’t hesitate to recommend it.

Siguro, ito lang yung masasabi kong accurate talaga sa lahat ng teasers na inilabas nila: Totoo yung KIT = Kilig Iyak Tawa.

2. The movie will cater to all sorts of “Teams” within the AlDub fandom. Yes, including #TeamAlembong, na parang ako lang ang naka-relate kasi… basta. :naughty: Abangan n’yo lang.

3. Como was pictured beautifully in the movie. As in. Sooooobrang ganda. :clap: The cinematography was excellent, especially in all the Italy scenes.

4. Corollary to that, Alden Richards also registered well on screen in the entire movie. Oh wait. ‘Registered well’ is an understatement. I lost count of how many times I heard the phrase, “ang guwapo ni Alden, shet!” in the entire duration of watching the film, and not all of them came from me. Ultimo batok at likod n’ya rito, guwapo. Kainis. :hihihi:

5. Nearly everyone who has seen the movie has said this, and I will join them in saying: kailangan may kasama kayong mahahampas pag pinanood n’yo ang pelikulang ito. This movie is the one that should have the tagline #KiligPaMore. It’s the first time that I saw a movie in theaters na bigla na lang may lumipad na mga kung ano-ano tulad ng tarp at lightboard dahil naihagis at naihampas sa sobrang kilig. That’s all I’m gonna say.

6. All of the supporting characters play a key element in the movie. Wala ritong random na maisali lang sa cast pero pwedeng alisin at aandar pa rin ang istorya. Even the cameos have something to offer to the story kahit pampagulat lang. Side comment: naaliw lang ako kasi there were two instances where Cai Cortez wore clothes that I happen to own, as well. :hihihi:

7. Now let’s talk about Alden and Maine’s acting.

Alden… what can I say. BRAVO, young man. :clap: :arrow: I’ve always known you have it in you but in this movie? My gol-ly. Pati ang pag-iyak mong mala-Nora Aunor, wala akong masabi.

Alden’s acting has so much depth. Direk Mike has mentioned on the primer that he purposely gave him something a little bit more challenging owing to his acting experience. Andrew is really quite a complex character and I believe Alden truly delivered, and so much more.

As for Maine… she excelled in the light and funny parts. For someone who’s new in this, she truly has shown so much talent especially in the field of comedy. Napaka-natural niya mag-deliver ng linya. :clap: :arrow: However, and this is just my opinion so please don’t bash me, she’s still struggling a bit in the dramatic parts. Medyo mababaw pa ang hugot sa ilang mga eksena at hirap talaga siyang umiyak, although aminado naman s’ya dun. Still a vast improvement than what she showed in God Gave Me You, though. :shutup: But she has shown so much potential and I think, with just a few more workshops and acting experiences, she can become a truly prolific actress in the future. There is one scene here where she managed to tug my tear ducts because the emotions she showed looked and felt so real. Parang kusang tumulo ang luha n’ya dun eh. I really wonder what her motivation was when they filmed that scene. :think:

8. The ending… is something that I won’t reveal, of course. :P But it made me think. I wonder if others had a similar theory/opinion. We’ll find out later, when spoilers are already allowed. :smile:


To end this recap/mini-review, I would just like to post this little rant because… seriously? Way to ruin the experience, guys.

Look. Lightboards are created so that your idol can see your banner even from afar. I really don’t know what is the point of placing yourselves right there in front, literally in the face of the artists, and effectively covering everyone behind you? :kilay: Lahat po ng nagpunta doon ay gustong makita sina Alden at Maine, hindi yung likuran ng mga lightboards ninyo. At sigurado po ako na gusto rin makita nina Alden at Maine ang lahat ng pumunta doon, hindi yung mga lightboards n’yo lang. Bakit kailangang lumagay sa harapan at takpan sila?

Sana… SANA. Sa lahat ng tinamaan sa sinabi ko sa itaas: Matuto naman po tayong magbigay kahit katiting na pagkakataon sa iba dahil lahat naman tayo nagmamahal kina Alden at Maine. Salamat po.


Random conversations with myself, because Saturday was… eventful. :err:


– My gulay this first few minutes of Imagine You and Me – The Journey, recapping the history of AlDub. The feels! One year na pala talaga akong unproductive. :lmao:

Tamang Panahon! A moment I will never forget. 12,000 steps ba naman ang nilakad ko tapos kendi lang ang breakfast at lunch ko. Jusko.

Ayun ako oh! Dun, sa tabi ng second stage. Hindi lang nakita sa camera. hahaha #baliwbaliwan

– Seriously, though. That day was simply amazing.

– Wait lang. Alden is sporting the unshaven look. And he’s wearing blue. #TeamAlembong Himatey. :stretcher:

– I love how Direk Mike has acknowledged his actors’ strengths, especially Alden’s. One of the things I’m looking forward to with Imagine You And Me is seeing Alden do an acting piece again. It’s been a while, you know.

– May I just say, ang ganda ng rehistro ni Alden talaga sa movie ha!

– Good call on Kakai and Cai, Direk Mike. I love them both.

– My gaaad Como is so beautiful. :drool: Kelan kaya ako makakarating dun. Iponing muna! Kaso pano mag-iipon kung may fangirl duties? :cry:

Lupit talaga ng Team Abroad. :arrow: And I love how their efforts were rewarded. Hindi sila na-hopia kahit merong ilan sa kanila inattempt iligaw ng ilan. :kilay: Unlike dito. Naturingang nandito na lang nga ang AlDub, hirap pa rin ang karamihan na makita sila at malapitan. Oo, humahanash ako. Bakit ba, blog ko ‘to and I’m conversing with myself. Nakikibasa lang kayo. Cheret. :P

Jusko ang kilig ko. Hindi pa pala nawawala. :drool:

– “Si Alden ang naglinis ng kuwarto niya…” Ang OC lang. :lol:

– I love how not only did Direk Mike made them laglag. He also testified to the gentleman that is Richard Faulkerson, Jr. :clap: Ano na nga yung humanash nung isang araw porke’t may isang picture na si Maine ang may hawak ng payong sa halip na si RJ? Eh sa mas malupit na gentleman si RJ pag in private at hindi for show lang, bakit ba? Mas marunong pa kayo kay Menggay. :nono:

– (This one, I Tweeted) “Hindi ko sya ginamitan ng utak… kusa syang lumalabas galing sa puso…” Meanwhile, yung katabi nya ngingiti-ngiti na may meaning, ganern. :naughty:

– Who was that person(s) who said, “it could be any random cute guy na naupo sa Broadway, sisikat pa rin pag napartner kay Yaya Dub”? Ayan oh, si Yaya Dub na rin ang nagsabi. Crush nya si Alden kaya nag-react sya ng ganon, at hindi ganon ang magiging reaction kung hindi nya crush yung guy. Any Random Cute Guy nga pero di naman crush ni Maine, wala lang yun noh. Alden just happened to fit that bill. And the rest, as they say, is phenomenal history.

– Aah. Memories of Team Hagdan. Pero parang ano… yun. #ibettershutup :shutup:

Yung pagkatapos ipagbalibagan si Maine sa prod number, saka sya nalaglag nung mag-isa na lang syang bumababa sa hagdan. :hihihi: Meanwhile, people on Twitter were like, “akala ko tatakbo rin si Alden… tapos sabay silang madadapa.” :lmao: The Nation knows these two so well.

Sana may first anniversary celebration rin para kay Lola Nidora.

Mabuti naman at natutunan na ni Maine na iwasang mag-wacky face during prod numbers. :thumbup: Although apparently, most people like it that way. Ako lang ata ang may ayaw. :razz: Anyway, it’s just my view that at some point, Maine will have to prove that she’s more than just the wacky faces that she makes, which I also think was the point of her mini-concert yesterday. Kaya natuwa ako na wala na yung random wacky faces n’ya.

Teka, bakit ba ako nagpapaliwanag eh random thoughts ko ‘to.

Uhm… teka ha. I know it’s Maine’s anniversary special and all that, pero sana… SANA. People would keep in mind that the one that trended was ALDUB. Not just Dub. :scholar: Para kasing ano eh… afterthought lang si Al. :shutup: Wag ganun. That’s not fair.

– Parang biglang naawa naman ako ng bongga kay RJ. #SakoMe #wagkayonghumanashfeelingskoto #walangpakealamananngfeelings

– Buti na lang mukhang masaya naman sila in real life. :hihihi: :thumbup: Mas importante naman yun kesa sa mga hanash ng mga bitchesang netizen na katulad ko.