What a year we’re having.

Reading all the year-in-review articles for 2014 would totally blow our minds, especially with Korean entertainment.

We had scandals – as in real scandals and not just “dating scandals” – involving top Korean stars.

Dating scandals? Yep, we have that, too. Lots of it.

Many Kpop groups suffering from members suddenly deciding to leave, getting kicked out, or simply disappear.

And just now, a top idol from a top Kpop boy group has announced that he’s getting married before the year ends.

The year is not even over yet. Can we still handle the last three months?

“The Queens” poster +trailer.

Are you guys ready? Here’s the poster and trailer for Song Hye Kyo’s other Chinese movie, The Queens (aka. I Am Queen).

credits: Rachelrll1105 at YouTube

I wasn’t expecting anything as far as this movie is concerned, so I was pleasantly surprised that it looks glossy and sophisticated. :clap: It’s the directorial debut of Annie Yi, and it looks pretty good for a first-timer. I’m excited to see this!

Now I understand why Hye Kyo would opt to accept more movie projects in China. So far, all her projects in China accord her the utmost respect as an actress. At least, no one can say that she’s in China just for the money. No cheap projects for this lady! :thumbup:

It kinda bugs me, though, that this movie will go head-to-head against Rain’s For Love Or Money. I hope both movies do well at the box-office.

As for the numerous “SHK will have a bed scene/hot kissing scenes?? OMG! NOOOooo!” reactions… what, they’ve never seen Hwang Jin Yi? Or All In? OK, maybe they haven’t seen those as those projects are either old, or have leading men whom they do not ship with her, but what about Worlds Within or Love For Sale? Even My Girl and I had a hot kissing scene.


This is sorta :offtopic: but I just couldn’t help but drop one last reaction to the topic of SHK’s tax scandal.

[Netizenbuzz] Petitions to also out Song Hye Gyo from the industry surface online

I could understand the petition for Lee Byung Hun’s ouster. He’s had so many unforgivable scandals – yet the industry chose to forgive, forget and move on – that this last one is like the straw that broke the camel’s back. But I could never understand why people would go at great lengths to strip Han Hyo Joo and Song Hye Kyo of their livelihood when what they did – or did not do – is not nearly as despicable as what some others did. It was Han Hyo Joo’s brother who was at fault. Why should she suffer for it just because she’s related to him?

As for Song Hye Kyo, I’ve said this a gazillion times before and I’ll say it again: she has already settled her case. In taxation, the taxpayer is allowed to settle the case off-court because truthfully, no one wants to get embroiled in a messy and costly lawsuit. In her case, she not only paid her dues, she chose to pay EVERYTHING including interest and penalties, without any disputes. The tax agency has already closed the case. I think the fact that a lot of people, Korean and non-Korean, still thinks that she should be put in jail despite the settlement that the government has allowed and accepted two years ago only shows that a lot of people really do not understand how taxation works. But they have to say something, and the only thing that they can say that *somewhat* sounds like they know what they’re talking about is, “tax evasion is a crime; she should be put behind bars.”

What-ever. :rolleyes:

Also, no petition for Kim Hyun Joong? Really??? :kilay:

Today, in a nutshell.

Today, I went to the South Korea embassy to submit my visa application.

Travel time from my house to the MRT: approx. 45 minutes
MRT ride from North Avenue to Guadalupe: 30-35 minutes (surprise, no queue and the train is not packed like expensive sardines!)
Time spent looking for an FTI/Tenement/C5 jeepney: 25 minutes
Time spent before the jeepney was able to escape traffic at Guadalupe Market: 35 minutes (!!!)
Jeepney ride from Guadalupe to the South Korea embassy at McKinley Hill: 15 minutes
Time spent to have my document intially screened and get a queue number: 3 minutes
Time spent waiting for my queue: 1 hour and 5 minutes (with some entertainment on the side :naughty: )
Time spent at Window No. 3 to submit my application and get a claim stub: 10 seconds. Yes, SECONDS.
Taxi ride from the embassy to Farmer’s Market, Cubao: a little over one and a half hours
Time spent to grab a quick lunch: 20 minutes
Time spent at National Bookstore to buy books 2 and 3 of the Maze Runner trilogy: 37 minutes :grin:
Time spent waiting for a bus to go back to my office in Bulacan: 45 minutes :aargh:
Travel time from Cubao to Bocaue Exit: less than 40 minutes
Time spent waiting for the damn jeepney to move from Bocaue Exit: 5 minutes
Jeepney ride from Bocaue Exit to Bocaue intersection: 2 minutes
Time spent waiting for the damn jeepney to move from Bocaue intersection: 7 minutes
Jeepney ride from Bocaue intersection to Balagtas: 5 minutes.

I wasted so much time today. :wall:

Teardrops in the rain.


This is the situation in our area right now, at 1:05pm.

Tonight is CNBLUE’s Can’t Stop concert in Manila.  The producers have already announced that the concert is still a ‘go’. How the band will be able to travel from their hotel to the Araneta with most major thoroughfares in waist-deep water is a mystery. Perhaps they will jetski their way from Ortigas to Cubao?

Because I enjoyed their concert last year, I decided to buy an SVIP ticket. Because of my current situation, I won’t be able to use that ticket. I have just given CNBLUE (or the concert promoters) a USD200++ donation.

My ticket came with a presscon pass, too. Which I wasn’t able to use because when we arrived at the venue, we were respectfully :rolleyes: told that we were not on the list and literally forced us out of there when they saw that we were not from the media. What they failed to consider is if included in those people whom they respectfully turned away is a Kpop blogger who may or may not talk about the incident on her blog. :phew: But whatever.

Lesson learned: I am never spending a single dime on CNBLUE nor any event organized by All Access Productions ever again.


I’ve been reading Tweets related to CNBLUE and I always see this statement:

“Kawawa naman ang CNBLUE. Konti lang ang makakapanood ng concert nila.” (I pity CNBLUE. Only a few will be able to see their concert.)

I’m sorry, but WHAT??!

The band will be paid whether they perform or not. And it’s not like the organizers will let them swim in filthy flood waters just to reach the venue from the hotel. They will be pampered and well-protected. Why pity them?

Meanwhile, there are fans who risked life and limb just to make it. There are people who literally wasted away some hard-earned money for their concert ticket but won’t be able to use it because the weather did not permit them to do so. Aren’t they the ones who should be pitied?

My gosh. I think it’s not misplaced fanaticism anymore for some people. It’s pure idolatry. Kung ako ang nanay ng mga yan pagkukukurutin ko sa singit ang mga yan.